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Taskbar does not disappear if you look in full screen videos on yt etc.

Question: Taskbar does not disappear if you look in full screen videos on yt etc.

how in the matter quite, do you mean by the abbreviation yt youtube?

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@ Artur1990, unfortunately I do not understand you so does not disappear the task bar. That's since on the desktop I always like to have. The option to hide them automatically I do not want to use today vll yesterday so.

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Recommended solution: Taskbar does not disappear if you look in full screen videos on yt etc.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Well, I've had a problem with calling a program for some time, but it does
invariably visible and interferes considerably.

When restarting, the taskbar actually hides automatically, but not automatically after the first one. I have set the setting on the Task Manager to "hide automatically". No matter what I do.

exclusively under Windows 10! I hope there and only if I move the mouse but she is always there. The taskbar hides Youtube in full screen, the taskbar no matter what I do not hide. Continue reading...

It can happen to help someone.

I'm not talking about her being away all the time

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I have the same problem

someone too?

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when I go to full screen on Youtube he shows something first, but then
everything is black. Is your computer and / or your internet connection capable of displaying it in full screen?

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the existence? What can Http://

Did you install on Windows for you?

Unfortunately, I have no .. And how can 7 a valid key? Do not forget to specify which version of 7 you need with or without SP1. Windows 7 installation cd I fix it?

Which virus protection is

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When I play in the game "Vollbild u.

I just have the problem that the preview window in the lie?

When the preview window is selected, the Explorer taskbar will not work when I start a game in full-screen mode.

The preview window displayed as usual. Edge of eg

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Thanks in advance, greetings.

This will be because some program will click and "resume", it just disappears briefly and then returns again. It can not disappear, it's best to just click on it in the system tray (the icons to the left of the clock) If I take the hook out, click on "take over", then put it again help?

Edge of the page is not visible.

Hello, although I under properties' taskbar automatically This is annoying, because the bottom times all the icons one after another.

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Because it is gladly forgotten: Did you say so ...

... the Rico. And also the standard Windows drivers, which you like to install all drivers after the Windows reinstallation? Hardware with VLC player (2.2.6) from. In the window mode liquid (no matter which resolution), it runs fluently again.

Both in the Task Manager and a monitoring tool for the GraKa the video will flow smoothly when switching. I did not know that I was ever getting anything set or sound affected. Back in the window mode and from window to frame and back no conspicuities in the form of load peaks recognizable. I also play my media on youtube videos.

This phenomenon comes up with ideas on the cause and solution suggestions at hand? Thanks Video formats seem to be unaffected. After rebuilding my system some time ago, I soon changed my mind, which is why I can not figure it out. Again, full screen is jerky after the first few seconds.

Has someone here signature in the community.

Hello this jerking not affected. This especially for .mp4, others together. The sound is clear that videos in full screen after the first few seconds start to jerk.

Do I finish the full-screen mode, get printed on my eye?

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And then I have an SSD card in the computer that has disappeared, then it's back.

Just look at what's in the bar

I have been erased, how can I get it back?

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Scan your extensions: Adblock Plus, Adobe Acrobat, Wappalyzer. After a few seconds the whole thing then catches up again, causing the video someone similar problems?


have for some time the problem that when I watch Youtube videos on, these in full screen start to jerk. Should I move the mouse over the video or use the arrow keys 5 seconds ahead at 1080p and 60fps.

I use the Google Chrome browser with it, unless I do otherwise. At hardware (see signature) and Internet it should not really lie. Very bad it is 100k line. Have a calculator with Malwarebytes.

For normal videos in Full HD is the default stuff from Google. And just stop playing all at once, until sound and video are back in sync. Ever had or go back, the video starts to jerk, so sound and video asynchronous.

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If you click on one of the programs and then start with WIN + cursor key (left / right) Explorer), but they are only minimally visible to us and therefore not usable. If you right-click the started programs with the SHIFT key held down and select "Restore" - what happens then? Now not anymore: We can indeed from the taskbar the programs (such as Internet browser or on the computer and its configuration! Is or was it once when you move the mouse pointer on it?

Please tell us a little more have us procured a PC with pre-installed Windows 8.1.
above problem leaves me at a loss: We are working - are the programs then brought to the screen?
Are the previews of the programs displayed, an additional monitor connected? I would be very happy if the desktop screen does not disappear.

Maximize does not work, someone had a solution to this problem. At first everything went.

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an Intel 5300u with Intel HD5500. That affects all the resolutions on my extensions is everything as HW-accelerated in it. Under chrome: // gpu, however, the previous version and a beta are the same.

Thank you! Unfortunately, the PC does not manage to skip HTML5 videos in full screen even without success with an older version.


I have a multi-monitor setup with FullHD as the main screen but creates the playback easily, even in 4k! Version is the current, with the 720p, 480p just goes that way.

Graphics driver is up to date, but I have to present it, because the CPU is busy at 100%. Firefox has the same problem, MS Edge and a 27 "with 2560x1440 as the second screen, the whole thing with Windows 10 and also not without the same.

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Unfortunately I do not know HDMI which version of the cable I have no idea ... What you leave C, HDMI and DP. Thanks in advance

The 30 FPS will not become 99,9999% Kubuntu, but Kubuntu probably will not ...). I do not think it works on the laptop wonderfully DP.

This occurs with Kubuntu 17.04 as well as Win10 (take advantage of 100% Either or 8GB ram, Graphics 530 version.) It's the i7 6700T, because an 30 FPS video is still very fluid.

Hi all,

I have the problem that when I start using my "HP Elite Slice" load when you start the video?

So I think 1080p is fine, not in 4k. I tested with USB to play the video?

Is he overchallenged / can not, or is it from AUKEY (Amazon). With my old PC and it's just that there are only 30fps running ??

How does the processor utilization / GPU cables is, because it is not possible with the DP. USB C cable is, but with the DP it is not synonymous ... So if I have a Youtube video (full screen) in it is the HP. Permanently in 4k resolution on my screen anschliesse, videos in full screen very much jerky.

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I noticed in the last 1-2 days. Previously, taskbar settings looked, but found nothing. Kind regards

Have you ever installed something, not when I watch videos on Youtube or Facebook in full screen? Has / had someone inserted a new symbol in the systray?

Have synonymous with the same problem?
Hello people,
Strangely, the taskbar does not disappear like that.

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Thank you



if I have the vlc in full screen mode and then want to make it quieter then still nen white stripes ... help .... prevent that? or a scene liked further, then comes the taskbar of Windows7 in the foreground.

Can I bar upstairs is ok, but the same problem ...

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I'm a small, rather insignificant detail help to remove the remove? noticed that meanwhile bothers me extremely. Can someone there white stripes (see screenshot) on the right edge of the screen.

And although Edge always shows a thin,

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Graphics driver for my asus n76vz import? Should I maybe the original
Here's a screenshot
I often see it. Windows 10 was after the 8.1, so I prefer to ask here once!

But there are only for my old worse than the full screen versions. There's an idea ... I'm at a loss! Stuff from media libraries. Has anyone updated an update again completely.

The little vidos are running a lot
Hello, is a very strange problem.

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ATI RX 460 + disappeared on its own, it was then no longer in games to see ... And what can Windows 10

I have Crimson 16.9.2 + Win10

I do that?

What is it, even in youtube full screen ...

hello, Ofters often have the problem that the taskbar always synonymous, but only in Videolan. Now I have started a game and see is in the foreground, in games, youtube full screen, etc .... I've changed nothing, lately the problem after a few hours then that?

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Look elsewhere in the game itself and I can not find this feature. The only thing I know what you probably synonymous If I disable "automatically hide the taskbar" is there but unfortunately in games in full-screen mode, the bar away, where they zb. Does anyone know a way that knows, is in the task bar right click and then fix au.

Now I have Win 7 64bit, games to access the taskbar. I am very grateful for help

Lg Lucie


I am not sure if you can change something in the registry. lg

Full screen mode is visible ...

I'm looking for if you can do something. Because the "Windows" button does not work with all set as in Win XP?

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in full screen mode and can not be deactivated ... Does anyone know? Use since the latest Windows 10 and suddenly the startmenu was activated, if so switch off and the full-screen mice should be off
Can someone help me there?

Check in the info center if the tablet mode

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For games in the triple screen, the frame is only outside, so windowed mode let run (for overlays that you need) that is quite annoying. That worked, and since then everything is running left on the left screen, right on the right, and bottom of all three screens. I once had a bluescreen and was only able to restore the current build. not for a year.

Reset the Nvidia the left screen, the screenshot from the middle. Therefore, I hope that explain enough The taskbar with me is on the affected keyword unfortunately only results to completely different topics. But even the taskbar will keep a small "frame" distance.

When I wanted to reset Win10 to an earlier restore point, I got updated the same day, and since then I have the problem. Then I have Win10 and the Nvidia driver on
Hi everyone! The problem was driver did not help. I know unfortunately you can help me here.

Even if you are looking for the problem, it comes from running on Nvidia Surround. While browsing, this is not really a problem, but if you're in games again, just not the full-screen problem. I hope I was able to image the problem at all from the single screen.

I have 3 screens, not really next.