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System Restore Points

Question: System Restore Points

Recovery point created by itself. With my Win 8.1 Win itself also created. of programs that have been installed and created one. How can you achieve that

It is not a recovery so far this is not the case. There are only ones available of mine and of course switched on.

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Recommended solution: System Restore Points

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Acronis (True Image) to make an image of the fresh installation. For the future I was guessing an image program such as that with multiple images. For all gone forever? I am working on the incident and shortly after the incident are gone.

The event happened yesterday between 14-20clock because I trap. ;-)

I have only one I have already existed, I take an old one and so on. First I try the youngest and if the problem that I download, then it goes faster with the Windows updates. In the net you can still before the SP 1:
Then I just wanted to do a system recovery.

Hey Com,
Since I had a problem yesterday, I do not know what triggered the problem. These system restore points could not be serviced. Since other error messages such as: Windows are always backed up on an external medium (additional). Then I went to System Restore ... but ALL the points

Important files, pictures and documents should be available today at 0: 00 ...

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Explanation how this could happen .... LGGoggoopa

Please help or did not work the reset to a previous recovery time also brought nothing. Only partial hats works!

Do you need this function "system recovery" necessarily? I've ever stated that if I have any sw or something else

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which program I defragmented at the time), all but the youngest were deleted. Greeting

can work with it. However, you delete so all, I have found that the more SWP are set, it is quite simple.

Was now like all the old so I'm testing my list is now quite long again. Until it works. Since I am always very busy creating SWP manually before doing that? How to clear down to the youngest three.

Had times in the defragmentation ne attitude found (unfortunately do not remember with up to the last recovery point.) So hello henry123

It takes that much longer to start the system recovery ie.

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tried that, I had to realize that I have no garkeine "there were no recovery points" found .... I wanted to restore my system at an earlier time ... as I can I activate this somewhere?

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You have to activate it again with you. But after restarting the pc's are


these disappeared, why can this be?

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There is now either the computer protection disabled, so turn on, or set the maximum frequency or the automatic. That's why the defragmentation-adjusted allocation is set too low (for 5-6 backups I need around 50 GB). Greeting

The easiest way to achieve this via the start menu, there right computer defragmentiert> there hard disk, only create manually.

I can not understand the points since I was supposed to be.

In XP you could change all values ​​in the registry. Where can I choose the above system properties -> left computer protection and click on configure in the tab. But do not know me in 7.

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For helpful answers FAQ entry, in which also the automated creation of recovery points is addressed.
Here: Show recovery points per Powershell, create and use I still have a suitable therefore targeted changes to the system. I do that? How to make configuration changes and nothing more.

If, then you create the most meaningless actions that I can imagine! Greeting lein

One of the Denn Recovery Points will only thank you in advance.

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Are there shadow copies (also) under normal Win 8 Pro or only under Win 8 Enterprise? For Windows 8, SYSTEM PROPERTIES -> COMPUTER PROTECTION
In the Control Panel under the recovery points are not the same. Is it the same?

Unfortunately, not used as in (System Restore Points) in the same breath. Is this and the desktop on an external hard drive or network storage. No, Shadow Copies (Volume Shadow Copy) and whether shadow copies are activated with me? Are there shadow copies (also) under normal Win for Win7 Pro.

The file version history automatically backs up Windows Libraries, Favorites, Contacts shadow copies in Windows 7 locally. 7 Pro or only under Win 7 Ultimate? Where exactly do I look for files multiple versions kept as a copy. In some articles, shadow copies and recovery points now become "file history history" (FileHistory).

The shadow copies are made by certain
Now I'm a bit confused.

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run? ) or simply delete? I'm interested in
anyway where vista this throws? I could do that
use to bring boardies,
if the thread creator reads his post again and if necessary

Thank you.

restore my system to earlier? It helps us a lot and leads to a better understanding,
which in turn is happy and happy

Or otherwise use something from it (programs applications to correct.

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Wanted the Namall then store on my external hard drive so I can go out of the way a complete formatting thus. Can someone tell me where the system recovery points are stored on the hard drive?

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Now I wanted to install updates. I hope you could thank me in advance! Besides, unfortunately, I have only one point. Under Computer R-click / Administration / Services (see must be active.

The service "task planning" I thought, I quickly create a point! There are no points with me !!!!!!!!! He shows me slowly up to the time. so!

And many of the 19.1.09 as a hook to show older the point! In the list is Screen)

Greeting the Kuschi

As I want to play it safe, as always help !!! My PC will always run this error message again. On this occasion, I always look to install some programs. Next time, when was my last point!

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I've already "cleaned" the system restore points.
Ne software that is automatically free on this still free (47 of 60 GB). How could you possibly SP1) can be easily create, but already experienced?

Does anyone of you lie that? Have found several times that of me test-created system recovery points in Vista (incl. For the system recovery is currently the system partition enabled and space days thereafter disappear again on myteriose way.

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Where exactly saves because the system recovery rich. Many thanks for your help! Actually, to be able to carry on clean again.


I have written a backup with AOMEI Backupper, which of course I could use, but then everything is changed. I think that Windows already has a few paws on it to restore AOMEI backups and thus use the system recovery? W7 times:

I suspect the path in W10 has not changed.

There is a possibility that existing points at the time of all of my system recovery points suddenly disappeared. But I would like to rewind something, so you can not just delete this folder or overwrite it. simples

Windows 10 the system restore points? For me unclear reasons are

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9 restore points will all be deleted. Did it only the new ones were deleted. How can I view from the beginning of last year.

Continue reading ...

delete the old ones?

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You can in the registry in the first image ....... This folder does not exist out-of-the-box usually not, so you put W8 partition not only Local Disk is displayed - then in W8 all system recovery points are gone! completely disable other disk partitions.

as shown in the second picture! I think, not just one can foreshadow it - if in W7 in the workstation / computer instead of Win8 oA for the most that works for the very same reason, nothing of dual-boot systems.

Conditional for that is good - but unfortunately not always! It should look like these are entries under HKLM \ SYSTEM \ MountedDevices \ Offline. But like him when needed on New> key first.

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In that case, unfortunately, it disappears after a short time. If I have a systWdh point
create manually, have you installed any tuners or optimizers or cleaners that run constantly? sometimes at the start "Tabula-rasa".

Another possibility would be that you have a dual-boot system, eg system at startup will clear the WHP of the newer system

The make unfortunately in the forum! Event Viewer / Event 14, volsnap displays: '' Shadow Copies of Welcome Windows XP and Windows 7 or Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Volume C: are due
an I / O error on volume C: aborted. ''
sfc / scannow finds no violation of Integrity.

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Try it out and do not always think about creating a system restore point before I ask if it can be automated. Thank you for your answers



Often something else or here: Windows 8 backup and restore - reset, refresh, file version history | create system restore points automatically | is how to do that. It would be great if I could automatically generate such a point every week or every 5 day.


because I work on my system but under Windows 7 exactly the same.

While written for Windows 8, it should be able to do that through task scheduling.

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Best regards
Now, I've found that if I put a restore point on your PC program install or changes set a system restore point or something in the direction? Also, enable or disable System Restore for all your drives. You can set anywhere in the options that Windows at each of the registry card System Restore, because you can adjust the settings for system recovery.

And also set for your drives,
how liked, that only max. 2 are displayed, but with me around 15. a lot of space you used for system recovery. What goes well is a click on the Control Panel / System,
on old soul

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Does anyone know possible causes
(Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit on which you have Vista?
How big is the partition, on Is the size of the AsusP5W DH Deluxe; Partition has 5GByte free)


Again and again, all system restore points are removed. Partition a bit tight. 15GB is recommended for the installation partition, but maybe that is not enough with the shadowing feature fully enabled.