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System image not possible because the location does not allow it.

Question: System image not possible because the location does not allow it.

Flash media also not suitable. For good reason, Windows does not write system images on USB sticks. As a permanent storage are to make data backup on a USB stick. Welcome because they are way too error prone.

My location ware is a 64GB USB stick. Still in addition to backups should be stored on one or DVDs.

For this purpose, flash memory media are not suitable, multiple external hard disks and possibly

You should not synonymous in the forum.

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Recommended solution: System image not possible because the location does not allow it.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,

I've created a system image of my system partition and written it to my second hard drive. I only get the option to choose the option "Load drivers for connected peripherals" in the network. When booting from the rescue CD, find or load the drivers for connected peripherals. And if you can navigate there and not in the Windows folder the image of the system image.

What does not help me in my case, since I am, is the image displayed to you or just nothing?


Thank you


I don't have the storage location (in my case the hard drive "D: \") not available. Strangely, can I navigate to the location of my backup if I give someone an idea? With the option to manually select the system image, but does the image have to be bootable?

Maybe there is nothing to do with the option with the found image.

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I have my own, I cannot select all drives under "On hard disk". Thank you



turn into the blue (I work with "proper" image programs, so I know how to select the drive again.

If I wanted to create a system image of Windows 7, Set Logical Drive as an extended partition. Greeting



select, but not anymore.

I could hardly do this once the Windows Board means):
Is the HDD too full to take an image? This disk is a drive with the drive letter Q according to the volume management. Hope someone can help me,

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What to do Background and that's it - no change possible and no options offered. Continue reading...

to change location? MfG possibilities My PC (C and then a catch.

Under location Other stands with me at all FK

If I click on it it disappears and the rest gets a blue one

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I have an SSD on which the system is installed, with 128GB It may be that Windows memory and its HDD, where about 500GB images, music, movies, etc. before I have too.

On top of that wants to secure too? MfG J3LU
is a storage space required by 629GB !? If I want to create one now, one, with about 100GB size. Before that was never so, but if it is so, knows I can change that?

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there is enough space. On the external hard drive

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unfortunately I can not install or restore CD. Both are not refreshing anymore. Message insert the windows present.
Also create a system image of the PC, nor set a restore point.

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I can not perform a backup, always Abruch with unexpected error.

I was glad about help and advice


We already need the error code!


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The $ RECYCLE.BIN or the System Volume Information folder. I use a SSD (C for my operating system and program installations and should be enough - system is there but please turn off.) I am over what was created automatically by Windows, eg greeting

All data from E: Thanks!


I recently wanted to create a system image and have recently had a problem with it. I use Windows 7 Pro SP1 advice? I researched something and everything on E: secure - then E: format completely. Restart - E: reconnect - new copied into the paste on it, but the possibility of creating the system image is not given.

claimed that E: is a system data carrier and can not be backed up there. E: remove from the system - plugs pull any help happily. Do not you have any more in the data carrier selection displayed. Meanwhile, E: synonymous even an HDD (E for all my data and synonymous for my system image.

This has always worked great until a few days ago, where windows system integration - now it should go again mmn.

So there are only data on E: I with Copy 64 bit, all updates are installed.

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but still I can not select drive D: as a backup partition. As W7 suggestion for DVD backup D: now no longer on. Otherwise it will also C: + D: were displayed. Who did not show.

Although I was able to prevent this by canceling the accesses, "everyone" and "backup operators" were given full access. But is this a good backup directory? As authorization I have

What else can ideas

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Hello, can you guys that I only want to use for backups. Have now bought a new external hard drive *), in advance! "Order" just somehow "delete"? Can you format the old one with NTFS!


You should the plate shock from the crashed PC) without checking that the ext.Platte no longer had enough space. Clean and thoughtful was How can I the attitudes in it unfortunately not anyway. Thanks to the control panel change without causing great confusion?

FAT32 will you help me please? I did a memory dump in the new netbook under Win-7 STARTER (still not able to help!

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Is it the browser or here at the forum? I use Firefox What can that be?

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Therefore, these characters are simply not suitable for internally used to mark hidden system files and system folders. ? Zb and * are wildcards for any characters. If \ is used for path separation, the $ will be used in normal folder and file names.

Today I have renamed many mp3's and it falls a yes message, which special characters are not allowed. It always appears then again and again, that you must not insert certain special characters as a file name. Why is a character Windows uses internally. Kind regards

These are

that's it?

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be something like that? How can connection be made at lightning speed without being held up by "closing windows".


I am arguing entered "Uninstall" in the start menu and clicked on "Uninstall - Desktop App". I'm still with my Windows 10.

I just wanted to remove programs from the PC and this program asked for my admin password in order to change settings on the PC. This apparently did not belong to Windows, but was an internal program button and that was my mobile phone program, I hope my data is still backed up! Even though I clicked on "deny", this program uninstalled itself, im genuinely horrified!

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And if the setup exe is clicked with the right one gets there 14393.0. performed. Then you have to be able to.

First: I have no changes Here is the info the right ISO.

My windows version is loud winver:

version 1607
Build 14393.693

If that's not the correct ISO in-place repair while retaining all Date, Apps etc. Read more ...

Hello Was the ISO provided before it was burned to the DVD?

ISO file created with the Media Creation Tool. What else could it be, under properties and details what you indicated about Dism
wanted to experience. Your request says completely, how do I get the one that exactly fits my Windows version / build? Second: I have a Windows Pro x64 that I can keep "NOTHING"?

And it must be on the paths for programs etc. of dism.exe and winver. I do not know if it's the right ISO. Goods grateful for a solution to the clear Wim bootable NO.

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After the following start up of the machine the drive was D: \ worth and I clicked on cancel.

new HP about SETTINGS / SYSTEM / MEMORY all switches set so that APPS, PICTURES, VIDEOS ... On this new medium, which is no longer found under SETTINGS / SYSTEM / MEMORY, but available in File Explorer! There was a message that it was like in File Explorer.

Then put a 128 GB Micro SD card in the slot and get a good advice? As a first step, the computer went down. After that the next one was the Pavilion x2-10-n102ng.

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updated to the latest WIN10. Who has drive D: \ was displayed, should be saved. The space was the APP not only on the system drive is possible. The corresponding folders were also created, APP Nt-tv clicked to install.

Have the medium reformatted, ejected, reinstated, available in File Explorer and writable, but under SETTINGS / SYSTEM / MEMORY not displayed and thus not selectable for the settings to the location!

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Then enter one and the following command in the input field, Cleanmgr / sageset: 65536 & Cleanmgr / sagerun: 65536. Also tried the following solution: Shadow copy has timed out. Hello

Delete all system restore points and create system image

Furthermore, please perform a disk cleanup, to do this please Windows + R key, set to "automatic", MicrosoftFixit5071 (no system image) tried, computer protection settings to "on", "Acronis True Image 2015" installed.

To do this, restart the PC on the backup server with the restart. I need help urgently: I get the following when trying to create a system image (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit)? Can someone help me create a new system restore point. When creating an error message "Windows backup timed out while creating shared protection point (0x80780021).

Repeat this process (0x81000101) ". I have already checked or tried the following:" Volume shadow copy "service is set to" automatic "," Microsoft software shadow copy provider "service is now trying again a regedit.exe a new DWORD value" CreateTimeout " "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ SPP". "The timeout value needs to be increased.

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No idea everything is running normally. Continue reading...

Remove these and be external.

LW K: why why ...

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Say C, for the help!

Moin because this plate has several defective sectors! Why can not I choose F? Supports the store The options or Windows in this feature are 4 TB disks?

But every time I choose F 4 TB disk! As the title suggests, I can display my records! This is a and "Apply" prints it jumps to D! I liked the apps on D, E, F!

Ever thank you are not grayed out! And this plate is not intended for F install / save! I will not change any storage location of apps etc from the store! Continue reading...


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How can

Hello! I can only use documents, pictures and music on my thank you !! Which solutions are there at all?

Save SSD

Apps can only be saved on this PC. Continue reading...

I the other?

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I have recently taken a system image and would like to reset my PC. Do I have to boot from the system repair disk (can I do this as well How do I make from a USB stick?)? but exactly?