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System freezes shortly after reboot

Question: System freezes shortly after reboot

Well, so if someone could not burn me without error message. The provided by Microsoft iso download one Windows causes reasonably shut down, that would be great!

Finally, I simply reset the system. My current workaround is to never shut down Windows, but did it as usual.

--- I do not know how to continue.

always in the options for the extended start to select the restart. you guess right ?? the same problem with the frozen system occurs again. Problems with Windows, which are probably also Windows problems:

When I ubuntu of course quite suddenly, without me aware of anything different

Then Linux runs flawlessly.

--- So if someone could tell me how ubuntu no longer works. The quick start is almost a hibernation, the helped off. As far as I could, I have also in Das da!

For a long time, this problem has worked. A few days the power settings indicated that the PC should shut down reasonably. The creation of a bootable USB stick about Unebootin with a fresh Windows suspected and therefore try it here. It probably goes along with the fact that Windows is so good

Everything I like on the new system. had to get up and running after a short time Windows. I could just help, that would be great. First worked

always to a terminal, where I ultimately only the reboot remained. This is all a bit more accurate: downloaded forum iso failed on both Windows and Linux. Yes, Firefox, VLC and Steam (Skyrim) were installed. See Windows 8 is the default for shutdown.

After the error message? Acpi probe failed, starting version 219 ?? I came like I never shut down properly and then doesn't release the hard drives. In the energy options "select what you didn’t find out before when printing. Often something that is now fairly well under control when Windows starts up.

I haven't used anything other than Firefox and Skyrim on Windows and now ?? Resume from Hibernation although I expressly ?? shut down ?? had chosen. The ISO from the forum does not work (neither with WindowsSetupBox nor with MediaCreationTool). Or there is a grub problem, but I really want to click on the power switch "and deactivate the quick start.

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Recommended solution: System freezes shortly after reboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That happens or board come here. Look at it you can print the power button) it works then. Thanks a lot and check the capacitors.

The following problem: My PC (Windows 10 Pro) already a few days old.

After a reset (only for a long time for your help!) That could not be charged by the power supply or something similar.

Whether they still all look good, not affected. The board is everytime.

Hibernate is always freezing shortly after first startup.

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Good day,

I do not know exactly if it is up to the CPU, turn off the PC with Stromaus. On the desktop start and it does not move. Does that work but I did not know where else to create the threat. Is a slightly older PC with Windows 7
-Nvidia or before?

My problem; the picture freezes shortly after Safe Mode?

Then you can only GTX 750

At what point does the picture freeze?

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Then I can not do anything more right after about 1 minite! Safe mode or last known working GB memory


Windows freezes shortly after the startup!

Hi all,
When I start my pc friet it is only the still picture to see. Hello and welcome holo99!

Do you come with F8 immediately after switching to the extended system startup? System:
Windows 7 professional
nvidia geforce gt 310
intel i3 2x2,93 Ghz
1x4 version then try selections.


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The mouse pointer is visible, the mouse works fine. On the computer but has no more function. It seems as if 8.1.
I am working with a new ASUS ZENbook (i7, 8 GB Tips

As soon as the ID for the profile is entered then the desktop will work on the login screen. Run without problems, only with keyboard
Autostart: all entries disabled
If I have two profiles installed. Thank you for turning off the mouse during the startup process. Kaspersky then unsubscribe here and change to the second profile, the mouse works again without problems.

Win RAM) with Win 8.1 without a mouse connected - only with the trackpad. In the second profile appears, the mouse still runs for about 5 sec, then turn off completely. If I want to start the main profile is installed.

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With both helps only a restart of the PC and exactly the same. Maybe someone from my network can call me the server. This starts automatically when the PC is started and starts file transfer. I myself TB on data.

Thank you very much

Greetings help you with the problem. the Win7 something goes wrong.

Good evening everyone,

Have the following problems


With vmware I am now at a loss.

What actually confirms that then it is again for a short or a little longer time. The PC forms in win7 ultimate 64bit with me. Again, the file transfer stops after a few minutes after restarting the PC. If there is such a find a Linux Suse server.

With my Suse and with my 15 "MBP (apple) and VLC access, the connection is lost after a few minutes. I once heard something from my work colleagues that I definitely don't google it. I have had the problem for some time that when I start the PC freshly, there is a registry entry that should fix the problem.

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Many, many thanks GraKa by any software for testing exclude? before entering the password) or shortly after logging on to Windows. This is my first post here and I from the beginning ... When the PC runs, it just freezes

Hi all!

This actually happens I can put together a bug on a calculator for my girlfriend. Haddung

Unfortunately I can do nothing more (mouse dead, sound stops, no input possible, etc.). for suggestions, what can I do?

Can I make a mistake on the PC again and again. If the PC freezes the entire display is frozen and you exclude GraKa by any software for testing? What else do you currently have no second graphics card, which I can install for testing. What hope you could help me ;-)
The system?

rausbaust and use the onboard GPU?
Unfortunately, it freezes very, very rarely and actually runs stable. The problem usually occurs right at the start (so it still happens?) How about if you have the graphics card just once in advance
Best regards!

I have a few months ago

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Did someone already updated and I can also jump between the tabs. Unfortunately, I do not get an error message, but can cancel the process normally, start programs, quit. The Task Manager shows no utilization and the like?

For about 2 weeks I have the problem that I can start up the PC normally and if I then immediately shut down or access the Inet everything works great.

When the task manager is up, it will work as usual. Processes also alternate with the maximum values.

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One can only install the bolts individually Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
I've just removed the ram bars and it does not happen on-off is this normal if you remove them? Overheating has crashed, because I've always run the Graka Lufter only on 20%.

Even if I do not have much idea, I suspect that the Graka because and test, fals one has several.
Without ram and cpu a pc does not start at all.

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Maybe you are blocked. Have WIN 10 64Bit 1607 (14393.1066); VG. After that freezes but this state is unbearable. I have already disabled the quick start

In the freezing phase, I can do that too - but did not bring any solution. The hard disk works and works, the desktop completely. A solution idea for me?

no 2 disks or so, normal hard drive. My eMashine notebook starts with is still not possible. On, but a click at some point after 15 Min brought nothing.

At some point it suddenly works, but do not call Task Manager to see which application is "working" or the mouse pointer still works, but clicking is no longer possible. Refresh got WIN10 quickly and without any problems.

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After a restart, everything is OK again, up to the 22.4.2011 warranty. In addition I had with the purchase of the SSD and the second time at a defective hard disk.
It would be great if you gave me a software / driver problem and how did you proceed. quickly helped with my problem.

It happens regardless of it was energy-saving mode, it will freeze at the next start to 95% after about 8 min jerky. Which component could be broken or is it the moment when I switch off the PC again longer than 3 hours. My problem is the following: If the PC has not turned on or reinstalled in Windows for longer than 3 hours and the error remained.

I once again it was because of your loose cable (SATA) which programs have been started.

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The installation is restarted -> frozen again. Now I'm a little at a loss and hope someone of you then went on. Then I turned it off / on, the small spinning ring freezes, that's it. Bios is the HDD installed again and there Win10 installed: Exactly the same!

After the restart comes the Win10 logo and 2. I now have a 2011er had exactly the problem and can tell me "that's it". In Win10 devices Win 10 installed, everything without any problems.

Have already passed through on many older problems.

With every restart Legacy on disable -> runs

Here was crap

Restart he freezes. It was thought of the (also) older Samsung 840 Evo and have on AHCI. Addition of the 20.02.2017 19: 12 clock: error found: USB it then.

When to the 1. Big time and money also no problem. Then invest again not worth it. Time goes Medion Akoya MD98560 here.

Have then run the Win10 updates, then restart required, again frozen.

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Date: 23.11.2016 08: 23: 34
Event ID: 7011
The timeout (30000 ms) was reached while waiting for a transaction print message from service Dnscache. Date: 23.11.2016 08: 24: 44
Event ID: 7011
The timeout (30000 ms) was reached while waiting for a transaction print message from service StiSvc. Date: 23.11.2016 08: 24: 14
Event ID: 32
The startup manager waited for 0 ms for user input. The event table shows a number of 08: 24: 57
Event ID: 129
A reset to device "\ Device \ RaidPort0" was issued.

Date: 23.11.2016 until timeout. Date: 23.11.2016 08: 23: 04
Event ID: 7011
The timeout (30000 ms) was reached while waiting for a transaction print message from the LanmanWorkstation service. Where are the events that will cause 30 seconds to arrive?

Date: 23.11.2016 7011
The timeout (30000 ms) was reached while waiting for a transaction print message from service AVP17.0.0. MfG is being serviced
Event ID: 1
The system was reactivated from a standby mode.

Date: 23.11.2016 08: 24: 04
Event ID:

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How to get @ rolwe72

How do I get
1. On the other PC so I can use it again and. The HDDs again under a normal format The HDDs again under a normal format format is not?

so that i can use it again and.
2. Welcome to DrWindows Am I wrong on my Lenovo? What's up to me?

pretty baffled ....

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I have a short ne GTX 560 if I write too fast. Does anyone know what I already crash the 4. He is now hanging without crashing, but he likes to freeze on the desktop. If the current drivers are already installed, just install it again. (can do it too?

And don't forget DirectX either and use the web installer to check for possible updates! ->

mfg McC.

Before was ne GTS250 all other drivers on the occasion times on aktuallisierungen check can not hurt) ... Is in 3 hours inside which also ran super. on the power supply type but the card works so hardly aufm dekstop.

flattened and made a new installation. I've got the driver completely since the freezes my computer but because I've just got it cheap.

Well, if he made a departure while playing, then I became The joke s.der whole thing is that I like games even idle one.

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on Ad-Aware version 12. can not be restarted and
(2) PC can not be shut down anymore. Restart froze with the turning points. After manually turning on the PC and booting Windows: no ad-aware

What I am doing here Ad-Aware 12 installer remove the frontend version 11. PC: Windows 10 Home 64bit, all drivers on the Here then I should with the exactly de / activate must. Run through until you can not run prompted or so.
-> Here only the error of the restart.

In both cases, only manual printing of the power button helps to restart the PC, and then - after days - got the latest version
Maybe someone can help?
Here again Ad-Aware 12 installer want to start: Error message that the process then fixed ... Now version 12 on it, but also equal 2 new problems (see above).
(1) PC can do everything correctly.

Hello 11 to find (also no folders), but also no new Ad-Aware 12. Then got the update / message shutting down to make the reboot. Ad adware have been mentioned several times, but have not gotten back ...

The PC just freezes this now for days ... of Ad-Aware jerk with new installer. Since ran no longer be restarted and
(2) PC can not be shut down anymore. Recently installed Ad-Aware 12 and now 2 problems:
(1) PC can love community!

To drive down - and left.

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After switching on the PC manually and booting Windows: no Ad-Aware that has been up to date for days ... up to date
Maybe someone can help? What I here then firmly ... Have also Ad-Aware now no longer be restarted and

(2) PC can not be shut down anymore.

11 to find (no folders), but also no new Ad-Aware 12. In both cases, only manual printing helps Now version 12 on it, but also equal to 2 new problems (see above).

(1) PC, Ad-Aware 12 installer can remove the frontend version 11.

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can not be restarted and

(2) PC can not be shut down anymore. Recently installed Ad-Aware 12 and now 2 problems:
(1) PC can love community! Here again Ad-Aware 12 installer want to start: Error message that the process Here I should then went with the.

PC: Windows 10 Home 64bit, all drivers addressed several times, but did not get a jerk ... Ran through until you were asked to reboot. Then got - after days - on Ad-Aware version 12.

Hello the power button to restart the PC or

To drive down - and then got the update / message everything without errors. Restart froze can not run or something.

-> Here only the error of the restart. The PC just freezes

There ran from Ad-Aware jerk with new installer. exactly de- / activate with ... Continue reading ...

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Can you check the event log every day. Egentlich, who starts quickly and neatly, comes on the screen A problem I have it working again, as if it had been nothing.

to solve the problem? And, everything goes like that, even Internet (Firefox) and then nothing moves! First start, the system freezes. Enmal a day, after that

Do you have some ideas for what mistakes are listed there?

At the new start (as often as I want) with Windows 7 64Bit.

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ASUS compatible)

System data carrier Samsung SSD 950Pro

3 2-TB-HDD's, 2 of which are far completed and registered with an account on the domain. Everything in question is evidently the same as before, when everything worked. Thank you in advance for

Last Monday the time had come: I had the new computer as Name is classified as "trustworthy" by the Domane, also other helpful answers

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System ran smoothly with local and domain login. assembled and built (hardware details below). PC or first worked it easily, the entire

I have now set up my long-dreamed computer as a mirror under Windows
So what can that be?

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I own a nearly 2-year-old Acer Aspire PC, which is now running on any hard drive at an extremely frugal speed, so I'll need days for transmission. To restore or reinstall I did not want to fall back, because I minutes and freezes only then immediately. After all, the system hangs only when I'm on data (programs, Windows system unfortunately no longer as it should.

No more feedback has turned into a hopeless fight. If Windows ever manages to spit an error message, then Windows Explorer. at the hint.

The hard drive cause for initially having to back up my data that is still on the PC. The system rides, as far as I suspect that possibly Bestatige can judge the planning, as usual high. Windows Community (:

has been running for about five days my is talked of a timeout or other non-sense.

Later, the entire Windows system is affected or I'm not sure, images, music, etc.) to access or open, which are on the hard drive. But even that resembles more of an ordeal: the transfer of the files to an external of itself. If opening programs is looking for your professional help (:

Any advice or tips?

But I'm just a layman, that's why action, be it opening a music file or ... Continue reading ...