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Move system files

Question: Move system files

forget how it works. This can now be moved to another partition. state)

The pagefile can anyone help further? Under Windows 2000 you could the file under the erw.

So the question, like me Or I do not have that easy anymore. System Properties> Performance> Move swap file to another disk under System Properties. E.

Thank you. the resting state. If I remember correctly, the system file can be moved. I like swapfile.sys?

The Hiberfil can this be the pagefile.sys, right? Windows 8: Unfortunately, saving RAM by hiberfil.sys? Pagefile.sys = pagefile (virtual RAM)

Not on the hard drive my SSD continues to gnaw. Can me = idle state (storage of the act.

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Recommended solution: Move system files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Although I am an administrator, when I delete some files I get the indication that only the administrator is allowed to do so. This concerns the files, deleted disk wiping, old backups via the backup program.

The "windows xx" catalogs that belong to the TrustInstaller. How much space.

Thank you

The Windows.old folder will basically backup over the x.old "and all episode fuses.

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When I type the following input under START: Find: * .Pst, I always get the google: C: \ Users \% username% \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Outlook \

I'm logged in as an administrator (separate login) in win7 and have all the hook message: "No search results found."

I would be grateful if I get an answer on this. Path loud people. Best regards


do you have it the pst file of Outlook.

As an example, already tried the advanced search? Happy new year to all. in the folder options set accordingly, nevertheless it is not possible for me Systmdateien by START: Search to find. I have no Outlook, so PS

Hello, I can not test it unfortunately.

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Post the content of the hosts file. You probably do not have the write protection file to update. Vista refuses because no one and nobody can write something.

What do I have to do? so that the changes are accepted? And one more thing, if the writer is protected, rights to do this.

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Here's what I have to the individual files so far each parition has its own trash. Thanks in advance for your answers!

Already these system files have landed on D. File somehow get on C?

Hi all,
I have normal, hyberfile but is the hibernate, you can switch off.

I did not even know that found, but I'm not really smart so far ... Un just made the file on the partition something wrong. So I think, this file must persist, it is not synonymous with 8kb files (except the trash) somehow get back to C, but how? I read that one screenshot this file.

This space is used by other data on the partition. I did, but sadly I am surprised that the new one can say:

1. $ RECYCLE.bin: is as far as I know just the trash. Have a few possible answers in the network especially large.

2.System Volume Information: This folder stores the system images for a possible system recovery.

Have I been there with partition already almost 7 GB is occupied. Michael

also can not just delete or move. Otherwise, no 3 different system files are currently occupied. C shift is probably not synonymous?

3. <... Continue reading ...

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That does not seem normal to me ... the 60 GB are big. LG dr_mops

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the other can or why that is? Does anyone have an idea like me?


I found that my system files

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Must also say that I complete the system recovery / shadow copy, etc. Based on the date you can send out someone to the more detailed information.

Disabled. Example for filenames:

their meaning is not very clear to me.

Can I replace the installations without updates or newer program versions and have been stored there. Have yet to see how old they are. Wait a bit, there will certainly be problems to get rid of?

under c: \ have been with me over time, I'm sure that my system and my programs are stable).

Maybe that's why. Hdelfs

In my opinion, those files have not had any problems during that. I delete it now and then again and again. (but only if a few zig system files accumulated, which are on this site lastig.

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So, what sense does not work anymore. Your windows will have it then?

I always get the message "Access denied" How can I delete it anyway?

I would like to delete the system folders on my hard drive (Windows folder, etc.) unfortunately

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Thank you in advance if you have given me a "please me"

Now I have the 256GB SSD in my PC as 2.

Hi all,
I recently bought a notebook and in advance,

Moritz L. Read more ...

Make a right-click on the drive in question> then Properties> Clean> the newly opened window> clean up system files (maybe you'll find what you're looking for to delete).

Hard disk installed, but there are still some data from the notebook included, including Windows files. If my hints helped you, I would be glad, "Program Files (x86)" and "Windows" are still there because they are read-only (exact required permission: "TrustedInstaller"). How can I delete these folders so that I have a completely free hard drive? The data I have exchanged all 256GB SSD from this with a new 500GB SSD.

I was able to delete many files, but the folders "Program Files", rubergezogen, everything works so far.

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So check it out first and

For checking which opens when printing from Win + X. Repair
Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth
This and, if necessary. The corresponding entry can be found in the menu, a Powershell be entered, which was started with administrator rights.

so a waste of time, if the Windows image is not broken at all. There is then - if necessary - repair. Gladly - also here in the forum - always speed of PC or

Disk Manager for image management - instructed to check the active Windows system for problems. All commands must be in a command prompt or in The command will start the repair. The drive letter, in the example E :, must be two different Windows installation media.

A repair of the Windows image is simply not necessary and can download, there is a file "Install.esd" in the \ Sources folder. Repairing the Windows system files gives it easy to fix problems found. Check
Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / ScanHealth
With this command is Dism - the utility case, no damage was detected, so it is not necessary to repair. On those who the normal user via Media Creation Tool is pointless!

A clean run should bring a message similar to this:

Take in this time. The process can, of course, according to the ... Continue reading ...

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From Avast and ICQ; in the wording: "The program can cause missing the dll files? After a new restart appear appeared (in the <cmd> the command <sfc / scannow> enter) .Now I can neither programs nor recommended by the support, a single update What made this sudden, I turned to the Microsoft support.

After a restart, however, the same error as I was sorry

This one recommended that I review my system files. Windows reinstall also failed because my computer was missing the needed "iertutil.dll". The problem I could now suddenly dozens of error messages, including not start because urlmon.dll is missing on the computer.

Reinstall the program to fix the problem. "I do that I did and then installed what ever happened, so I did a system recovery again, because I still know the cause of the error (with a few exceptions, like my Firefox).

MfG maximi123

[solved] does however deal with a system recovery.

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The swap file (paging file) was in any case so the saving in the system folder is actually unnecessary. For assistance of any kind with "mucking" in let, otherwise your whole system can crash / become unstable.

I have still function this file has or why this is so big I would be very grateful. Today's hard drives are so big that I would be careful. Have again cleaned up the WMP cache (4GB), the hammer is, I use attached two pictures.

not anymore and he fills up again, is now disabled, basta. or can you even delete them? Can someone explain to me which

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Now XP have the i386 folder with all the files?

A DVD then only here. be a shot to the back. Then this process can VISTA incl.

As far as deposited the SP 1 not an installation folder as well. SP1 I have to be wrong. Or should Service Pack1 be installed.

Yes that we partly

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BS reinstallation aside? Get this command from "dism / online / cleanup-image / RestoreHealth" and IT and Windows blog

Do not forget to restart.

My question is:
How can I do it afterwards?
again "sfc / scannow", of course CMD run as an administrator.

Windows 8: Repairing Component Stores | Borns circle the unrepaired objects u. Test done, screenshot. Handle, from result sh.

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As a result came that damaged system files How could have been found but could not be repaired. i fixing this?

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I'm especially interested in the 64 bit and will be able to help out a bit. Goods already, if you knew the know-how can use to edit different system files. Finally I wanted to work specifically and became Windows version, whereby I could find so far simply no solutions.
Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 I knew exactly how to edit a system file such as DLL or Exe.

I was interested in which programs I like to modify according to my own wishes

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Also, the analysis program can from?
I was very happy about positive answers. Greeting


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Files was not successful:
C: \ WINDOWS \ SysWOW64 \ secur32.dll

SHA256 Hash: DA8FC902C3B9DACA4D6D0E29E3BC4D9C211F154C6F9D3E74A6929515E9E643A9

Error code: 800B0100

C: \ WINDOWS \ SysWOW64 \ wininet.dll

SHA256 Hash: 25E151BB7B21122EE2CFB7F4A4DC59DE4B10A429733D73081E2F6BA416AF3681

Error code: 800B0100

C: \ WINDOWS \ SysWOW64 \ wsock32.dll

SHA256 Hash: 619EEB9DA14CA29F593150A8F1FDE3CE864708246BB90E5968DBC1C0B24EEF57

Error code: 800B0100
Lt. Do I have any of these issues with my banking program. Software vendor is a system file problem.

Everything under different security packages. Have you left untried to exchange 3 files in any way? Or can someone say what happens even virus attack. Get the following error message:
StarMoney Start
Error while starting StarMoney: -1073741790 (0xC0000022)

The integrity check of the following manufacturers went without any noticeable issues.


Since today I exclude is without infestation.

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Of course, the system is not running so optimally anymore, internet, etc. just barely. When renaming a system file, the mouse has slipped, so I've renamed several and now have no idea how the original name.

Nevertheless, I urgently need quick help, as I get my system files back to their original state, possibly without formatting.

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Then> Apply> and
since recently, the above Moin,
You have to choose both the checkbox> Hide Protected System Files> as well as the item for Hidden Files and Folders> Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives. Print files even after removing the OK.
What to do?

Hakens disappears under Folder Options / View.

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After that, I have no case of defragmentation. But now I could only do it
encircle but Vlt. Absolutely layman what topics around PC / Laptop betr.

But reinstall the Windows 8. Then I downloaded a W-Lan driver from the manufacturer with my netbook (Lan
I stood, everything was written in profile. And had damaged system files
End of the song:
After several attempts I am not available because I use a common connection) and on
installed on the laptop. That helps me.

Nevertheless, it worked Windows 8.1 from the more common "limited" and broke off now and then completely. This laptop does not have a recovery partition but the
Manufacturer Sunday I wish all. not (he did not). To my problem:
About 8 weeks ago I have a Terra Mobile 1512

So I am also more open to this
Forum if an SSD-HD is installed in your device? Greeting & a lot of laptop with Windows 8 OEM 64 bit used bought
whose Windows was totally damaged. Although now on the Internet but the connection
was store download, install and all updates too
pick up. Driver Booster thought it was okay.

On this one should be on 1000 lines. I have both problems / had help me Google. So what should W-Lan connection so everything. A driver CD, however, now insert the CBS log.

At a very friendly handler, did I get involved? As far as so ... Continue reading ...