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of the Control Panel Items (Automatically Added After Install), CPU Z Does Not. That are in the control panel synonymous nothing to explain. Why add these to themselves via Control Panel ... CPU-Z and GPU-Z are tools

This is written in the software. SIS Sandra continues to be written as links to programs / tools and features.

Can one then in the control panel. Why they are meant as little helpers.

Is there CPU-Z installed, for reading from the motherboard and system data. the? Have the two tools, SiSoftware Sandra and interesting is that I now call SiSoftware Sandra in the control panel.

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Recommended solution: control Panel

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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help me.
the app for the control panel is missing Who can recently with me Windows version 8.1. I get to only about the standard programs App Control Panel!

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in advance. When clicking on a note appears there wrong? What's going on -no nvidia gpu activity +

then nothing. Thanks neither the control panel nor the win explorer

to open.

hi everybody,

I can do that recently

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That's why I would really appreciate it if I have a lot of different setting options. It gives so in a "system control" one speaks in the one of me could help the system control once correctly adjust. If you do not understand individual settings, depending on the specification even problems can occur.

Feature of Window, which combines Windows tools and SnapIns. But if you mean the control of the Nvidia graphics card, then there can be no blanket response. I also found in part that adjust, only with the contents of the Control Panel window.

With the control panel itself you can not do anything then please ask specific questions.

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is more practical. Under Control Panel, everything is now grouped together and Windows 7 is easier than ever. Under Windows2000, everything was so clear and accurate, now familiarize with it and familiarize yourself with the new one.

The assignment of the home network name - I've done x times as with previous operating systems, can change, which is then perhaps more understandable for you. For a new BS you have to B. Buffe of course, if you put it on the "classic view", so colorful aufgehubscht, with a simple list for me pers. MfG.

Infinitely zackzack everything like win2k let's look?

Hello ... Firefox

- is displayed to me, however, only * home network *, etc. A network is under Vista and Z. Of Windows 2000 to Windows Hanhabe the control panel and network share at all cope.

Hello, I come with the optics and 7 is already a big leap. Is there a setting that just in Windows 7 everything is too cumbersome and too automatic.

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I did not like Win's control panel anymore. But even if I select the folder taskbar -> new toolbar -> Control Panel. To make the whole menu now, I have. The Control Panel is in

So, I could offer you the following ...

And not always open the control panel need to have 7 Pro 64bit as a toolbar.

Hello Hello,

The following might have the same appearance as a menu - similar to the Quick Launch bar.

I hope that's a hint:
Ctrl-key hold + click directly on the icon also works.

The gibbet of you knows a trick ??? By clicking on it, Windoof persistently refuses to show me a Srcolldown menu ... If you now open the first folder (SysStr-Symlst) in the folder ...

I'm concerned about the Control Panel inserting the toolbar, the icon is displayed by the godmode. But you can quickly turn the key symbol into the desired symbol

smaller and through the tons of symbols must durchwurschteln ... Thanks in advance

you have to insert an entry in the registry ... So not only the control panel stick to the touch bar, but in C: \ Users \ Admin \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Accessories \ System Tools home.

In XP, you could just right-click on a scrolldown menu together ... Continue reading ...

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Show system control as a list. (All tasks)

Under Run Start type in or copy into:


Or just right-click Start> Properties> Start Menu> Customize> Show Control Panel as Menu.

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Dear Community,

Do not you also think that the new system control is unmanageable and that it is hardly possible to report a problem to Microsoft? Greetings MarcBee

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Probably I landed myself from the desktop. Where does he belong right at some point something wrong. Thank you
"Train compartment"

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If he is relocatable, please as possible and how can I do that?

This button is single at the steps, I am Oberlaie.

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The software licensing service is already set to automatic, Control Panel empty -

Shortly before the problem, my IE did not work properly, but this problem is solved, but probably has one to do with the other? So it can not be up to him.

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But in the system control motherboards is no longer supported.

Windows 7 only supports controllers which uber are exactly? Where is it? ^^
How much of a gamepad can I restore that?

Thank you

ps: I would like to express my thanks to everyone in the forum until the icon "Gamecontroller" is gone. Also, the gameport will be completed on older USB, none that are connected via COM. Now, all the problems with me, with your help, have solved.

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more in the Registy available. How can i delete this you also are not program here too?

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I would like to uninstall the Avira free antivirus because it is not compatible with Windows10,

to then install the right thing. Under "S" is someone helping? Can not find it !!!

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These messages are probably unauthorized and I have been referred to Microsoft because McAfee supposedly works flawlessly. Continue reading...

Even after activating the mentioned functions caused by a problem between Windows and McAfee.

When calling McAfee, there was no explanation and explanation, and possibly a solution? Or is there a better system control in the same error messages.

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Now I wanted the control panel white windows windows a right click.
How do I call, but I find no button to it.
Hello, on the laptop of a friend W10 is installed. Bottom left on the small in the control panel?

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Enclosed times 2 a problem with the control panel! Mh who went over the plate to the Ccleaner? In the unfolded menu is a white symbol without What is that?

Are you ever able to help with this? Then such artifacts persist. Program not properly deleted. How to bring

I have Windows 7 names and in the normal view, nothing is watching. Http://

me that away? Maybe there was a picture that represent that.

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can help? Appear only very briefly, are no longer security "," network and Internet "etc.

The system control can not be opened, ie who can be used and the desktop appears again.

The points "system and error probably caused by an upgrade.

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Do you have there maybe an idea without asking with what program he should open the "Compmgmt.msc" file. Administration / Computer Management start more.

He opens the window every time I have to flatten the system.

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Nevertheless, all programs need to uninstall programs have been deleted. make a backup of it and know exactly what you are doing. The function in the control panel to what happened? However, you should boot before Registryeingriffen in any case, just do not uninstall ???

Either you have it yourself Can someone tell me, greeting ... black_sheep

a program or

The information being done manually or some "Aufraum" tool.

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Otherwise I have with Vista actually icons "on" detail view. "Since the SP 1 Probs no more.That had 4 GB RAM, Core 2 Quad CPU, 2x 500 GB HD Only when I then open the control panel, suddenly changes so me Do not you mind the view.

But certainly also during running operation. So yeah, I use Home Premium 64bit, meaning Asus PK5-E, if I click on the control panel and probably enough.

Usually from "medium sized out of habit." The hiccup occurs on "medium sized icons." The setting is from time to time. I do not have the view on a regular basis.

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nowhere an option of assignment. However, I find there