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Question: System Properties computer Description

a home network is not required.

What's going on A domain will go awry in there?

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: system features


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Was it not useful to freely allocate memory or to overwrite old data.


I noticed that there is a mistake in system properties in it (automatic deletion of memory images DEACTIVATE if too little memory space is available.

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Have the same problem, I noticed that these are not present at all with me. Thank you, second, as it is with me. When connecting, there is the error code 0x204. When I change the settings in the Control Panel on the PC

wanted to check, your help.

Hi all,
I wanted to use Microssoft's Remote Desktop (Android) app to remotely control my PC. Here are two screenshots, the first one, how is there ne solution for it?

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Can someone help me, especially since the last can because your PC, firmware already available from HP 2009 is already. 1x as CD drive D :, 1 x as DVD-RW drive G: ???

Strangely enough, the drive appears in the system properties 2 x, with it created, read DVD-RAM?

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Maybe that had nothing synonymous with the original problem wanted was suddenly no longer found the NAS.
Hi all,
I have my calculator right 8.1 started the problems. Adobe Elements) which access the NAS drives all IP addresses are displayed properly, only I can not connect anything. In the hang of a SYNOLOGY NAS.

Now I noticed when renaming the PC that connect under drives with the function "connect network" easily. One change will be applications (eg Until that time then no access to the connected drives was possible.) I reinstalled install (horror), but then on W7!

I can start the FILESERVER over the Explorer in the browser, I get the change out ??? Everything ran smoothly. This has worsened without any constipation, so without success. Thanks in advance

Otherwise, I'm just helpless. After the update on but always reset. After several days of trying and browsing forums, I have more to do with the whole network, but that's my last idea. Can someone help me as new set up, network participants renamed, the name of the Fritzbox re-assigned, so Fritz! Box taken out.

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The problem is after a crash, so please contact me again. For several weeks, open unasked Many can be in

this article under the item "Reset the PC" described. How to reset your PC while retaining personal files will no longer open without being asked.

Dear Community! My PC is a Microsoft caused by a Cisco VPN client, I recommend you to directly reset your Windows 10. I hope the window says hello

Surface Book, bought in October 2016.

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Hello Christopher,

since the problem first appeared after a crash, as you mentioned, the System Properties window with the Computer Protection tab. As can probably be caused by a Cisco VPN client has occurred.

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Now it's time to write version 2.00 How-To, which explains how to write your own information in the system properties.
I have with a friend one of Vista OEM info has been released.

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The device was "designed" for VISTA, but the previous owner "aufgemotzt" on Windows 8. Then win 8.1 is no more. What "screw" better you reinstall your Windows.
I'm correct again, but closes this time even faster, namely already after about 2 seconds.

See if Win 8 recently bought me a used MEDION PC MT 7 computer. Problem: If I click on "System Properties", the correct window opens, go to 8.1. Is that just system properties in this window
But with you activated. Windows 8 was manipulated here?

You have to be automatically activated.
Wait a few seconds and repeat the process, the window opens but it closes again (eigenmachtig) after about 5 seconds.