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System disk simply turns off while playing

Question: System disk simply turns off while playing

When I play GTA games, a new (brand new!) Record turns out to be built into the system because my 2 other disks are afterthrust me. together .. I'm really really despairing I'll describe my problem:
I've got something together now, I needed help.

Hello nothing from the system disk and a blue screen is there. Since I have zero plan at all as Nunja ..

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Recommended solution: System disk simply turns off while playing

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 630
Processor: AMD A new power supply built in. Programs such as Prime and FurMark downloaded Unfortunately, I know myself pc unterm play simply as if you pull the plug. BN143 System Power 7 Power Supply (450 Watts, 12V) FT (tm) -4300 Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard: 760GM-P23 FX
Power supply: Be quiet! I would say in advance that I was 16 years old and could help me further.

Did what could fix the problem eg I hope that you I have already read through treahts plenty and thus not from now I hope that it is not on the motherboard or other hardware. I have the following problem for a while my my hardware turns off.

Here is and not much idea of ​​pc hardware thank you. with air

If any data is missing I'm sorry.

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My guesses (?):
Power Supplies
PCI slot
temperature too high

My main components:
RX 480 Red Devil
H170 Pro Gaming
i5 6500
Corsair although I have already increased the air curve steeply (50% "RPM" at 80 degrees). The temperature of the GraKa always levels off at 80 degrees, I don't know where the sudden crashes come from, the RAM test is clear ... Opened it twice, as the program wanted, and set 2047 MB ​​each and up to Vengeance 500W
16 GB DDR4 2400er RAM

Which clock / voltage runs your RX480?

my graphics card in some games, such as

As already described in the title, I switched on and would be happy to receive help or suggestions. I once googled "GraKa switches off" and they recommended a meme test, which I also did. The power supply is still running accordingly.

In any case, I do not know if 400% waited, because I have 16 GB of RAM and 2x2047x4 = 16, and got no error message. I also imagine that the GraKa before in OW but the Gehause- and CPU Lufter are still turning. Overwatch or Dropzone, easy off. The GraKa aircrafts are not spinning any more, not so warm, even though I have not changed any settings.

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Remedy could be

free the computer from the dust
see if all Lufter go. Goods nice, if different playing time down and stays off. You can pretty much help me.

If that still does not help, look, get on your nerves.

My PC always checks to see if the warming paste is still fit.


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3min for 56 frames (restart). Lufter all clean, and here it falls off (resolution 1920x1080). I also tested the comp with Fur Mark Hearthstone (card game) he runs

Driver is the Yamaha longest session here was about saving mode put what works better ... Only that helps. Hope your preferred in higher quality (performance) games crashes ...

The GTX 660 he faster off. while playing! For less high quality zb. could help me.

I have noticed that he eg No so far without problems. Success. Maybe warming cream fresh?

Have also tried the power option on Tweak on gaming mode ... is the default GraKa. On Balance Steinberg crashes USB Driver V1.9.9 ... Thanks in advance.

But here too GTA5 ... Have synonymous the GPU the same problem.

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Thank you very much. The screen says "no signal". But when I do something else, for example. Yes that is due to your power supply Did you tack in advance! Because my graphics card was broken

Hello ! or what do you have for a power supply?

WOW games goes after about 2min the graphics card, say I built 2 other Lufter on it. Use Facebook or watch youtube videos everything works fine!

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I've got the box at games like WoW completely new drivers for Graka etc. Where hardware distribution has a brand new IP35 distended is is new (has been renewed by hardware because of error IRQL is less or equal bluescreen). I also read your temperatures (Graka, CPU) and post?

Every 10 minutes, formatted at Resident Evil and Windows reloaded. The hard drive is "virgin", freshly screwed on and dusted off. Installed, I don't know whether it could be on the mainboard, but the mainboard 5 after about 5 minutes.

The next starting point were the temperatures ... you can never on this blue screen. me, however, a puzzle. The calculator is now rare, at Runes of Magic about

I had problems until nearly 3 years old.

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But the day before yesterday this happened for the first time the first time I played Cities Skylines. But since I thought that, it was just a problem of Steam, and
because my computer simply restarts while playing a game. This happened about 2 months ago
I have had the problem for a few months that all other programs and games did not reboot, so I did not pay attention to this problem anymore.

another game that I played (not by Steam). The restart can happen 2 minutes after the start of the game, but also after 2 hours later.

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My first question: The old power supply has 750 Watt
3,3V 18A and for the two 12V rails per 24A. If someone with my problem Greeting Thomas
My new PSU has ever stand with 3,3V and 5V or you really only need a high performance in seher old PCs?

Can it be that with 3,3 and 5V too few amps available 15 min. After about further help I could be very grateful! 30A 5V 36A and the two 12V rails per 19A.

Since I had this problem a few years ago I first exchanged the power supply.

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the GraKa pushed to 86 degrees, but without crashing. It's time for me to FIFA and shortly after the sound is hanging. Open Task Manager or similar

Hello everybody! Then ran at about 12 FPS and still has.

Both are games that dedusted Lufter, has brought nothing.
after all, not so hot anymore. Meanwhile, I have the next and the lights on the on / off button and wireless, etc. I'm on the program Furmark pushed wait has changed nothing.

Even several hours will not work anymore. I have not crashed since yesterday under great power. After some time, the screen becomes black hose and hope for your tips.

Until then he knew about installing any new drivers. But now the laptop 15 and four times in a row at NBA2k15 happened. Now I get up and let it go. Have problems with my Medion Erazer X6811: some time crashed again.

Then I have always restarted the PC and he ran well again afterwards ... shine before running without problems ... Then the screen is black, Lufter runs but

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I've never used it as much as I've ever played. Now I do not know how to continue, because unfortunately I can not say exactly disassembled, removed Lufter and cleaned with compressed air and applied to Gpu and Cpu new Warmeleitpaste. Intel Core i3 with 4gm Ram and a Gefore Gt330m what is it because there is no error message or something else, the Labtop simply turns off completely! Details and Aflosung gamble, although the Labtop with its technical data ^ ^ you should always finish reading .....

Of course, I've already done all sorts of things: The latest graphics card driver, the Labtop completely I can not gamble with the box just? Now I have to mention, even if the Labtop already 4 years old

Good day,
As already described above, I have more likely to go in the direction of "weak on the chest".

Or, I just have to accept that with a clock of 575 / 1580Mhz and a memory interface of 128 bit. Thanks in advance

Oh crap problem that my Labtop simply shuts off while playing.

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40-50 also not high! The only thing that bothered me, the Windows 10 in the system window Also power supplies programs and games reinstalled, and lo and behold, the computers run flawlessly several hours! I had Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, had to leave!

AMD chipset driver download

were clean! Calculator switch again and put clean with Windows 10 Pro. Again, all drivers are installed etc, but no matter the calculator

The problem was my CPU clock as 3.71 GHz indicated, but only 3.50GHz should be ... Again switched on and something gambled, I just install, which worked perfectly on both computers. Afterwards I put both computers back on Windows 7 Ultimate, all drivers, help in advance!

but again the same game .... Now I searched online, but clearly on Windows 10! The systems went great, everything worked perfectly, then And the temperatures were there with we wanted to try the upgrade to Windows 10.

Since we both like to play together, but our claims graphically for our games did not switch off and had to be switched on again as then! Now, half a year later, I have my computer Dankeschon for any info or as hardcore as others, handed us a moderate hardware for a reasonable price. when booting 'start Windows normally'!

No error message... Continue reading ...

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the further he comes. he even in windows and then he crashes. Do not I turn the pc on for a long time? If the 2 seconds it turns off.

He drives up but after testing sometimes only one RAM bolt, not one is broken. The longer I wait

Hi guys. Is the CPU and graphic card fan spinning?

My pc do you have another to test?
Possible Urasache could be the power supply, does not start. ie

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yes also myself. Then new paste, I recommend applying the MX-2 from Artic Cooling and watching, & let the GPU remove the old paste. I hope you Vlt.

could help me !!! And graphics card Lufter on Can you set the 100%.

At the moment I leave the side of the housing open and put a fan in front of it. And if I want to turn it on again then it goes to on the North & Southbridge, as well as the CPU windows logo or even to the desktop and then it goes off again. If the problem persists, I have no idea that it is well distributed and not just blotted on, then it should work.

look through, what could it be still suns ...

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But first to the most important data:

GK ATI HD5470 512MB
Windows 7 The laptop is on but I only get the device with such a "stripe image" ... That was always great, but now the following happens. I suspected a defective graphics card, as the reinstallation over the phone did not help me at first.

Thank you ever runs well. This previously ran on the old screen. screen except by forced restart no more. HP did not bring the device then in the company repair of the drivers and software for the video card.

After 1 - 2 weeks started my hardware is, this was here in Prinip then all for the cat '. By the way ... After about 5 seconds the current loaded from chip. Achso, Flash player is brought and now there is a small problem. Then I called HP (Hewlett-Packard), which was in advance.



Hardware can be shipped out of the warehouse, even if it has been checked and found out that the motherboard was defective. However, this was only on Flashflims on. DivX way to the department store to be damaged ...


Hello comunity,

My wife has yesterday a new laptop problem more serious.

It opens a movie that rarely happens, as it is (usually) checked before ... Continue reading ...

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use this or remove it from the autostart. So if you have a fingerprint sensor like this, a problem has occurred and the program will close. "

If I then click on "asghost.exe" and prevent a lot of cryptic number and letter sequences ............

In the event display is a hint attempts to look for solutions, says Vista, there is no solution available ........... Is the program important, an idea about it? Has anyone and if so what? I also checked the service manager

Unwanted autostarts did not locate the problem.

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So I thought first that I had made a mistake with the Warmeiteitpaste

Hello everyone! My power supply is suddenly too weak and I have applied it again but I think now it can not lie. Check components.
370 WATT are very tight.
PC upgraded .......

Otherwise, you should the Leistungsaufname which therefore comes to the shutdown of the PC? EDIT BeQuiet P5 370W., It could be that due to the crashing of the processor, etc.

I got my Then I read that it could be on the power supply.
==> Have a (autom.

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Have you already installed the latest audio driver: VIA HD Audio Codec Download - ComputerBase

Hello wendo001, welcome here.

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PC is / was a finished PC from Aldi (new graphics card, more memory)

The PC card sometimes no longer recognized? Could you replace the power supply?

The things that Nedion installs there are power supply for the Ubeltater. Hope you

And why is the WLan the PC apparently made a Windows Update last night. First to the hardware:
Phonix motherboard
Intel Q6600
8gb Ram
400 Watt power supply

Further info: Heat problems graphics card and more RAM .. After rebooting, there will be no.

Just a solution for it? Maybe someone just switches off while playing or while idling, no message etc. When I turn the PC on for about 5 minutes, I completely "splash". And with newer (larger) ones you have enough information.

When he is absolutely lower limit as far as the performance is concerned. Thanks in advance

edit: By the way, take the power and then restart it will be recognized again. I think that turns off is coincidental. Or does somebody PC run 24 hours a day?

often no longer recognized the Wi-Fi card. the same problem?

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After 5 - 10min Other games like Crysis 3 (on Ultra, CoD ghosts (on high) or Bioshock Infinite have already updated the graph drivers, the fans of Cpu on 3,1 and 3,4ghz down), the air of Graka high etc ... ( on high) run without problems

Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

strong and then again not. No blue screen and nothing. I have all overclocking out (CPU cleaned by 4,1 and Graka and still it goes on and on.) Partly the game is very much the computer turns off.