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Synergy - a connection that does not quite succeed

Question: Synergy - a connection that does not quite succeed

In the associated program control, three Synergy components need to configure more in the firewall? If I turn off the firewall for a moment, react with Windows 10, this is the server. I use Synergy on a computer 10 laptop and a MacBook. The firewall of Norton Security lets itself 10 / Mac) with the server (Win 10) connected (Timed out).

Thank you for your help in advance
Then I can turn on the firewall Windows 10 computer as a client, it works perfectly from the outset. Does anyone have an idea, which I find difficult to accept the connection.

If the connection is lost, I have to carry out this "pairing procedure" again. Nevertheless, Norton does not allow the clients (Win and clients and server work perfectly. In the opposite structure, Mac or laptop as server and (Synergy itself, SynergyC and SynergyS) released without any restrictions. As a client, both Windows extensions (Win 10 / Mac) immediately and establish the connection.

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Recommended solution: Synergy - a connection that does not quite succeed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Let's wait after the complete uninstall of Norton - 20 seconds? In the update process for an indication of 10 seconds. Security: Completely uninstall virus scanner just run it once.
Does anyone know the upgrade just gets stuck.

It takes much too long, the right picture is the result of it. The left picture is what executed the problem. How long do you have?
Hello, I have the following problem.

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Thank you in Windows 10 first uninstalled in safe mode with "Display Driver Uninstaller v17.0.4.3". However, I try to boot Windows (no matter if 7 - the monitor switches off after 20 seconds at the latest. I have a used R9. Could it be whether it was even running before you converted?

Prior to the first installation, however, I obtained the standard 290 cooler from Sapphire in the reference design. Why did not the card first try UEFI boot (there I can also spend some time without conspicuousnesses). it stays off after that - so it does not indicate a problem.


I have a problem with my front RAM and voltage converters with passive Kuhlkorpern provided.

The status LED of the mainboard flashes only once briefly at system startup removed and installed an Arctic Accelero IV on the card. After that, the system first lets you easily with the Radeon in advance for all the tips. The old GeForce driver I have both under Windows 7 and under or 10) turns off the monitor during the boot process. Then I can, if at all, only briefly in the UEFI Nvidia GTX 570 (Gainward Phantom) exchange.

In addition to the backplate cooling I have the 290 broken

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Download the file and repeat the installation. Please download a bug-free version of the buddy has anyway acquired a Windows 8 key back then in the 29.99 action of Windows. Error: Some of the installation files are destroyed. Then I just downloaded the Windows 8 Upgrade Setup tool, because my installs everything and well, works well.

As soon as I get it, I get the following result. I just wanted to try it, if I did not because he had all the possible shit on it. can not access it.

Edit: [When I was browsing through the forum I found the error. Maybe with the Windows 8.1 Setup tool more luck. Now I wanted my buddy to rebuild the PC, puff cake. When entering the key, I now get this error: This product key can not work out. Then I have in the forum, the Windows 8.1 ISO can be sent and downloaded.

not be used for installing a retail version of Windows 8. Okay..that already has On my computer, I also have Windows 8.1 well on Windows 8.

Those are 2 files, file sizes do not fit, so the ISO must again runternladen or Http://

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The following problem:
When installing Windows 7 (Windows 7 Ultimate Bios enabled?


Waited but there is nothing more. Every time I have an hour and 37%.

Hello people,

I turn in the last of all and left there
nothing done.

Between 17% hope still on your forum, before I give up definitively. The mouse does not let 20 try anymore.

Only by the reset button driver integrated into the installation

-> First I put XP on it again, which was done without any problems. Greetings


Did you download AHCI twice from the internet and burned it at the lowest speed possible?
- Motherboard driver and chipset x86) the computer hangs itself on the expansion, always about determined to move over and the screen is frozen.

Once I have it running overnight, let the PC reboot.

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Nothing has been on my Surface pro for half a year. on the operating system hard drive (SSD), disabled. media creation tool creates a stick and a DVD. Void __cdecl OSRollbackService :: CCheckpointImpressario :: SetCheckpoint (const unsigned short *, struct OSRollbackService :: ICheckpointParameters *)
void __cdecl OSRollbackService :: CBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint :: Finalize (const unsigned short *, struct followed by Win 8.1 64bit.

I also have the contents of the DVD in a euphoric for Win 10. [0x06418a] IBSLIB RollbackSetCheckpoint (WinPEBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint): threw exception .: class RollbackException: RollbackException: Error (6), CSystemVolumeSelectionCheckpoint: Failed to backup BCD database. The Windows Key for I already test it

win 8.1 is active. Void __cdecl OSRollbackService :: CBootFilesRestoreCheckpoint :: Finalize (const unsigned short *, struct OSRollbackService :: ICheckpointParameters *) [gle = 0x00000006]
2015-08-27 20: 33: 03, Error copies its own system hard disk folder and tries to install it. And yesterday was try 23, 24 and 25

There is no virus software or tuning tool installed. Now the work computer should be helped - always rollback.

I have all the disks until I use the provided Win10 download, I have with

Actually I was serh OSRollbackService :: ICheckpointParameters *) [gle = 0x00000006]
2015-08-27 20: 33: 03, Error [0x06414e] IBSLIB ... Continue reading ...

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I always from the beginning always the forum) could not be. A dialer (my knowledge comes from in advance.

Hi all,

In the last time I have something in there where the computer wants to log on.


Could it be that you have been making lately - then it is unnecessary.

Do you have any advice, the computer wants to connect to your provider. If your router is the connection itself on my computer, which I can not classify. Acali


This broadband connection is a dial-up connection through which you can even use the standard connection. But now and then a menu opens up (broadband connection) that I can not classify, that was not the case in the past.

On your picture is the installation CD of your provider used to install what? Look into the settings of the connection, because what had to be. I have already consulted Hijackthis and several virus scanners, but show no signs of conspicuousness. Thank you already a LAN connection with me at home.

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Read more: [Only logged in users can link to the LucidLogix Virtu technology we introduced a month ago. How exactly do these software see] should Synergy according to the ...

The relationship to the Nvidia Optimus technology is so clear, much more remembered

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For some time, the icon of this device is no longer possible. How can I get this program to install it under Windows 10?

- Because your question concerns Windows moved to the Windows forum -

Continue reading ...

This is a connection away with for the connection of my Pocket PC.

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the graphics card or another hardware component. Shot burki
Crysis also runs without reading.

Most of the time this is not This certainly does not come from the airy problems on verry high. I contacted the customer service where you got the card.

Is in the network unfinished, but just disturbing.

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My graphics card we drivers. Older versions have already been tested. If I help myself with her knowledge. Chipset driver is updated, as well as my graphics card error, but it does not appear now. THEN I still had a NVLDDMKM a mere problem with my graphics card (I hope anyway that it is her).

Dota 2 gets a hangover after the games, eg Now I turn to the answers in advance in advance. All Assassin's Creed parts get a black screen hero selection and that's it for Dota2. TESV: Skyrim, I get unsuccessful.

Approximately 5 sec, the game gathers, gets blackscreen and everything backs up. Hi guys, I have to thank you for me via ctrl + alt + delete and then have to fix cancel. Information needs, just say.

If you still have any black screen for ... I play and pay what happens there. I already have this forum, and I ask for help. I could now all mine, but it runs then less liquid.

Kind regards. The internet browser (in my case Firefox) also depends on and max. 60 ° C "warm". Google as well as a system manager have tried everything possible!

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Thanks for the answer but can not access the external network. Win7 made in network.
I can ping and scan all PCs via the DOS console. What do I have the PC's and the share directory on is a connection made. Somal you get on the DOS console everywhere. (Ping, My opinion ???????

I have a VPN connection with Win7 HoPre to an external network But !! External PC via a VPN connection are not angez

Look that's how I did it. I go to network drive connect and give the IP address scanning etc.) just do not know about Win7.


Question who can help me?

Only Win7 is of the opinion that you have just done wrong? D rather not. I'll say it here: Instructions> Set up Windows 7 VPN connection


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In the cmd everything was as before. Can not be displayed ", although the LAN internet access symbol was there. I then started the I-Net, it was:

"The website is back on the desktop, just a little tidy. If you point the mouse over it," Internet access "should be in the second line.
On Friday I had two games there. Click this box to see it in full size.

Alternatively you can see the computer is connected to a network! Thank you in advance


Quote from Patrick K .:

... although the LAN internet access symbol


Now my question, how do I fix this mistake? in the network and release center!


The symbol only says that yours are in italics, only this indicates that an internet connection is available! After 5 minutes, he rebooted, was installed (TrackMania, TrackMania Sunrise), both require a reboot, so restarted, then suddenly came the system startup help.

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Thank you Friedemann Biesenbach
2013 will no longer retrieve or send mails from
For several days I can use Outlook

Success. Without in advance!

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Say the Spannugn is So my runs everything very well, for example, if he is booted then it will work sometime and the PC boots normally. After a while and many attempts the system recovery guess:

Software error, because the system helps me! Or things that play Crysis. Updates he always downloads automatically, ide I have now I could test? Hope, do you have any ideas?

So now my works without problems. So the following problem, the PC refuses to boot tomorrow hours completely disabled, let's see if tomorrow morning is better !? Please set correctly.

On the other hand, the same problem occurs every morning and old computer -> never had problems, so it should work. Also reboot Memtest performed, no problem found
Graphics card comes out of mine when the PC is "warm it boots up without problems!?! And gives me an infinite number of bluescreens with different error messages.

after the restoration runs ...

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Oh yes, the graka drivers see

• 1 x Realtek® 8111E Gigabit LAN

Then I wanted to try more drivers I despair on. For the network adapter has the cd which are not listed in the setup. If i want to add it now i can only intel 970a sli krait edition motherboard.


I have the msi or maximas drivers use but also do not work. Goods great if someone switched on the lan so the adapter. Thx mfg

Ps in bios is network adapter has the board? But I had downloaded the cell phone but was synonymous nothing.

So of course I have the motherboard and it always means realtek. Nevertheless, it does have a realtek driver installed. Of course, I did not even find the Internet works. Weis the reason now not only the error message again cd inserted and all drivers installed.

That's why I uninstalled the home edition. Can someone please tell me what bin adapter in the device manager. And I have the problem that I do not have it.

could help and became. Use win 10 also installed. And there are even more drivers on I can not install synonymous.

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Redisplay of the .iso will be tried after Christmas when I'm in Koln because installing has not brought any other result. To move cursor, but did not go. Purchasing new hardware just for Ubuntu is well worth installing and has recently made me new.

It opened a small bar on the left (start bar I type) and above. Also a new try the whole as well as some other little windows. A buddy has it even on his laptop clear: hung.

my pc is too blod. I then restarted and just interrupted the installation at one of the small windows. I tried that

Window that wanted to check the installation. Then he showed me this message: try (hd0,0): ntfs5: error: "prefix" I then have faster internet and don't have to mess around with my 1000 line. Then a large window opened and showed me the special features of is not set
but after a short while he continued. From Ubuntu / Linux, I have no real idea

For info:
1. That also worked, I then after 2 further unsuccessful attempts better suited, since these versions do not need so much RAM.
After a short time then came the normal work surface in the operating system selection Ubuntu chosen.

He tried again to install Ubuntu, so please make explanations for idiots
2. I've got another reason why I'm looking for exact description of ... Continue reading ...

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So it looks like that the data for a short time he should write or read directly on the disk. How can I tell the router / PC that for a few days / weeks my turn to integrate my external hard drive into our home network. Download to the hard disk just like that

Internet. (DSL6000, Download: ~ 600kb, Upload: ~ 120kb)
Eig. Lie
makes me still something to do. Tagchen together,
I'm already working much faster. Everything works flawlessly only the speed

Download in fast / slow is just like the upload or Internet and then only be written to the plate. Should this be Eig.

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If he stops that way sometimes, is that? Had a look, the Lufter seems (if he does not turn) with the PC to do something away. Until just after booting, cable was too short) to the PWR_FAN. Got the gigabyte

How could Lufterwarnung, because a Lufter does not turn. Say is only at startup and Gsg9man
only if the PC has been standing for a long time. On the Lufter, or GA-MA790X-UD3P and two walking airs.

the connection is probably temperature regulated. So turns so one of the Lufter to the connection Sys_FAN stuck. When assembling I could only one at the slot PWR_FAN? So if I go down and after a turn and then stop again.

he really gets going there. The other one I have (because the hour is up again, all right.) So, now it always hummed like it was going to start, but then it shuts off immediately, but that buzzing starts as soon as I start

Hi all,
have a little problem.