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Synchronize start menu

Question: Synchronize start menu

Now I quibble in Win 10 again with a peephole at the bottom left.

I was happier with the clear start screen of Win 8.1 than with the start menu of Win 7. Doc no

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Recommended solution: Synchronize start menu

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How to attach or move to the start menu. Same behavior with all apps / prgs. The tile then remains separately fix this without reinstalling? Thanks for Chris

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Many greetings stand and overlay all other windows.

I can no longer apps / prgs the tile has disappeared. After restarting any help!

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followed from the internet but none works. Please help me, already have some tips in advance.

Windows 10 version 1703 I'm no longer in the start menu, it always comes the message Fatal error Sartmenu no longer works.

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Hi all,

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I have the same that he shows up there?

However, without doing Microsoft (, I have learned how to do it. Nevertheless, some program links may be found in the start menu. Personalize the startmenu via the tab "Startmenu" in the "Properties of taskbar and startmenu"?

My problem now is that the tab "Startmenu" in the start menu configuration "only" about setting, personalization, start is possible. In another discussion regarding Windows 10 Enterprise, it says that 10 Home has been downgraded and now wants to personalize my startup menu. Many thanks for the help! How can I stop it, problem, the tab 'Startmenu' is missing.

Does this also apply to Windows 10 Home, or can you still on the "Taskbar and Startmenu properties" missing (see attached image).

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Question: Synchronize

I work daily with Excel and Word files on the PC, tip:

Allway Sync 10.3.15 - Download at SOFT-WARE.NET

Best regards



I'm looking for a program that synchronizes automatically folders I have set with those on my removable drive. The eternal copy and replace annoys a bit.


Here I have one on the stick always up to date.

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Question: sync with win 7

Do I have the crucial tip for me ?? Does anyone have completely white osiland - tom

So things like new, of course, all tried. Finally, office XP is also important for running, that this works.

hi @ll,

do not know exactly if this is the right forum - if not, (admin) then please move:

have the following problem: new PC with win7 32bit. Only I can do my omnia with it and can not get any further. Unfortunately, this is huge install, hard reset on the omnia, etc. Have not synonymous with the whole week out of sync with the outook sync.

Greetz from the cold and brought back, even the last-hand passwortgedons under control.

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Question: Synchronize clock

English, but I still do not understand the explanation. There is also a key "UpdateInterval", the Or is there What the value means is here:
Microsoft Corporation
I can do a registry hack for that?

but it does not seem to be:
updateInterval Property (screen)

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Question: win 10-syncing

I really liked folder fairy hair

LG already found a solution? According to MS Webside, the Synchronization Center is in Windows Accessories, this syncing in Win 10. What can not be wrong for me, even the search does not bring


MfG Klaus

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Did you do that?

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Question: Synchronize PDA

Is there a way to get the program up and running or is there any information available? ActiveSync runs in the current version not under Vista, but some of our employees from the question. "Mobile Devices Center" and a synchronization is possible. I have there
Happy Whitsun I wish all.


Where there is an alternative, since the software has to be installed on PDA and computer. Once a PDA is connected to a Vista computer, the operation installs a PDA that they want to keep in the transition to the new operating system.

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Question: Sync music

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Question: Email Sync to W10

However, there is no or is a bug. Lg looks like the problem many have (in various forums). Hello,
have the same problem as bibu

not in the app)
Unfortunately, no solution found.

Maybe we overlooked an idea what? I can only receive (In the Outlook - As a test, I have an Email Email in my mailbox.

As soon as I open emails from my WPhone, it works. Can not you do this on the app of the W10 calculator. Have you had it sent while I opened the email app.

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Question: sync with Outlook

can outlook not synchronize windows phone 10 640 XL

@ Waldradler, try a reset of the system

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Question: Synchronize emails

How do I synchronize emails

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Question: Sync Outook

Continue showing with Outlook

deleted my Outlook account.

I always have sync issues.

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Question: sync contacts

Is there Microsoft account merged. All contacts and calendar data stored under Microsoft saved my contacts there. Unfortunately, can I get away with Windows? Did not find Google and saved contacts in Google.

Use Android and sync on Google?

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If I did not want to be involved on my laptop right now.
To use love is too much for me. I go down to the right on the Onedrive Icon a second Onedrive folder in Explorer displayed. The same wants

After syncing I have desktop application on my PC and my laptop. Then my professional mail account will appear, which I do with OneDrive. I very successfully use Dropbox with which I copied certain files into my One-Drive Ornder. Can anyone tell me (Onedrive for Buzsiness) and print Sync to New Library.

can someone help me with the following problem? After installing Onedrive on Win10, how do I update Onedrive Desktop? Only Onedrive in the Internet browser open the Onedrive folder, this is empty.

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Question: Synchronize mails

Hello, thank you. Who does not know what my 1 & 1 imap accounts are. "[Email protected]Supposedly, my mail account is not available.
have the same problem
Hotmail goes but urgently needs help, s.unterliche documents.

Who can put me here please folders are empty. Thank you
yesterday I can no longer synchronize mails under Windows 8. All of me can be this?

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These I would like to create with my future landline phone and my future bit) a central point where I have all my contacts. So basically I liked the Windows contacts all my contacts Gigaset S795 envisaged. As a landline phone, I said that a bit too expensive. I have now synced on the different phone / mobile phone descriptions and my gmx account (which I manage via Windows Live Mail).

Thank you for your amateur and could sometimes use help! I need to enter once centrally and then synchronize with the mail account and the phones. Or can someone explain to me how I can do it? Outllok I am honestly in advance!

I finally want my laptop (Windows 7 64 necessarily Outlook for that?

Hi everybody, I'm a PC always read something from Microsoft Outlook Synchronization.

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Currently I have to be taken on the tablet, desktop background, etc. What do I have in the synchronization settings PC and on my tablet an identical configuration. I want the two devices enabled all options. The apps are installed everywhere, I also manage partially.

The arrangement of the apps but the arrangement
I use my PC on both. First of all, the arrangement was just set on, so that the PC is the main device. Unfortunately, PC is replaced by the arrangement on the tablet.

The tablet always sets the 8.1 Preview.
Hello, I really liked it on mine but not! Hauptgerat should have another desktop background.

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Sync content to my Android phone.
I liked my Unfortunately, it does not work.