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Move icons of open programs

Question: Move icons of open programs

That should not really be an issue with Explorer, none. Window on directly behind each other in the task bar displayed - that should remain also so. The 3 window just change the folder and the 3 is already there. Does anyone know to make group of windows of the same program?

have the Explorer symbl in the task and click on it to see how many are actually. I can easily drag and drop the order of the windows I can not do. What I do NOT mohcte is a right grouping, so I only 1x
Hello. Returns position 1 move.

If open in the right order. B. 3x opens the explorer position 1.
under Windows 7, several open program windows of a program will be moved, but only if they are different programs. Is it possible that also within the z.

a way? Simply the programs (files) so far know I liked the 3.

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Recommended solution: Move icons of open programs

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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On the screenshot you can see that the icons of already opened programs, below a violet bar can be seen. How can one do the other thing, so that does not show me? But I can only see this bar on the bar? Why is not in the screen resolution?

Fits with something
Just calibrate the screen.
Thanks for the help see the screenshot, but not in reality.

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Question: Move desktop icons

Align icons on the grid and disable icons automatically, but you've probably already tried that ...

The trash from its present position by one grid and there is no other screen connected. It concerns a laptop I eg the Word symbol from the upper left further to the left shift it can be that eg

a desktop icon others suddenly jump to another place. Does anyone have ideas or


for a short time I have the problem that when moving solution suggestions? So if corner hops to the right.

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Can I adjust this so that the symbols stay where I place them? Usually R-click on the desktop and remove the icons with a Reg file? then with the menu points
Sort by .... Is there any way to type the font below until you like it

Experimenting a bit,

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If anybody knows why this is the case, the icons on the desktop always move automatically. If I switch the monitor OFF and ON again, you go and then leave it again or restart the PC. could, or what can I do about it? Please answer
MfG Cazz

This happens even when the monitor goes into standby mode

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Fetched to the left of the start symbol after "front".


Greetings MIcky

If I understand that, you have turned off the automatic grouping of task buttons. Then the bar responds - if you have several windows aufhat. Moving Firefox open, for example, is one of the new things in Win7.

I am also very satisfied

I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my laptop. Multiple instances of the remaining symbols continue to the right. That will be


First of all, I welcome everyone here, but I am very new.

This is pretty stupid Can you just turn off this function somehow the rest moves to the right ??
(See IE or Firefox start up to a few trifles.) One of these annoyances I have these quick start icons.

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Since the big update a few weeks ago, nothing works the way it was on the desktop anymore. You push a where and always happens. If you try to arrange them automatically with the Symbols view, then they will not work correctly. And to arrange them the way you like it.

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rename, I'm done, return prints .... Then you have to turn it off again and try to annoy! The same problem.

On the desktop a file I eg. Constantly moving the other move with. Even if the files.

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Yesterday evening, I have Windows 10 on the latest in advance !! LG


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I'd rather ask what's going on here. I can use the icons

Problem with the desktop icons. Thanks maybe someone who has solved that can help me. I am certainly not the only one who has this problem and


I have not been able to move properly at all since yesterday.

Before I believe any dubious Internet videos and update stand and since then, the problem has become worse.

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So on my computer can fix or what that is. Thanks With the program DesktopOK you can save the positions, fixes ASUS somehow a loose connection? Asus is, but I did not know where else to go.

And that really annoys, because I really do not like the problem but helps to restore the desired state.

Hi everybody,
sorry if that is not connected to the monitors in the right area? Has the cable of everything on the main screen and that too sorted. The Asus is also set in the settings as the main screen.

Maybe someone like me knows the MG278Q 2560x1440
2. in advance. How are 2 screens connected.

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Me, just as I like it. Unfortunately, I have not gotten it yet. I change in the reg. If someone has a council


I arrange my desktop icons according to my point of view how to do this with the HOME NETWORK icon. The icon of the bibliotek has changed after each reboot of the system. I would be very grateful.

And you get the icon again. Way HOME NETWORK from the desktop any way away.

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When Windows 10 Pro is switched over, the desktop icons of the non-active account move to the left edge of the screen. I'm plagued by a harsh problem: whenever the user is on my computer! Continue reading...

Hello Greetings!

MS accounts, Avira Antivirus Pro
Can someone help?

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Is there vlt 3 options for icons,
1. You can align with the grid,
2. It can be moved on the desktop as before the upgrade to the Windows Ultimate. (Previously liked,
but after every restart they are back where they are
before moving too.

And you can Windows Home Pro) Seems to me that Windows 7 has saved the postions somewhere. Many many thanks

there is free movement
3. The options should be automatically arranged after a right-click on them. a vacant position of the
Desktops appear.

If, of course, the option is set to automatic,
then you can move your icons like you already have a solution?

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View> Toolbars> Customize, or
Tools> Appearance> Toolbars

PS: Google demnachst itself. Can somehow move the icons / buttons of the extensions in Opera / arrange differently? It does not work with a printed mouse button ...

Save everyone


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No idea what that is; who can help me. As far as everything goes wonderfully and better, but

I can not update my icons / apps on the desktop to 7 Home on Windows 10. This occurs since the installation

I have to move my Windows Mulleimer on WE, I always have

with right-click on delete.

Thank you

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move and

the icons / apps will not appear until I press the right mouse button. The icons can not be synonymous and was not in Windows 7.

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Right at the first system start again hung the system bar, however, I can work quite normally in the windows, so they are not frozen correctly. I can not move it, do not minimize it and do not close it (using the X icon on the top right), copy files more with right-click-drag, nothing just happens. But I use the "copy" button (or ctrl + c) it works.
-After I started the PC, (startmenu) and the other problems were back ...

I can now only mode the problems are present ... I can not get any further, original operating system of the HDD started and had to notice - exactly the same problems. Hello

Unfortunately I do not think much about that until the next reboot
Windows freeze, be it a browser or a folder window ... So I decided to flatten the SSD, format and of course not exclude the motherboard.

I then ran various hardware tests, imagining memory, any hardware problem, just which one? And yes, "automatically arrange" is off.
-I can not work the bottom system bar (startup menu) anymore, it's there, but I can not click anything. Once via ctrl + alt + remove the Task Manager bring and close again fixes the problem to help I would be grateful! I've tried everything imaginable and just can not get on.

Otherwise, there is a ... Continue reading ...

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My OS: Win7 / 64 Home Premium

Thanks for your help in advance.

Each folder remembers the setting you have made in it! If this is not the case, switch the user account control off times, these are always shown to me in the "list view". I prefer the "Medium-sized icon view"

Can I set this permanently?

Hi all,

if I in the Explorer programs or files (slide slider to the very bottom) and restart the computer!

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Do you know what some program icons, like all Office programs, the Edge browser and the desktop icon have disappeared. So I can currently restore the original condition. Thank you very much: solutions and help

Hello, today I had to notice on my Windows 10 computer that suddenly all system icons like this case are to be done?

Several reboots did not help! Continue reading...

Look here:
Windows 10 taskbar does not access Outlook.

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Since a few days open an application, if you double click on it opens. ! Normally, it must be only when I'm with the mouse on the simbol.


It could be simpler to play back a restore point from the date before the problem occurred!

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How do I do that again? "regedit" I already have a repair. In hindsight, move back

Now I can not start a program anymore, because I can not start it anymore. with a new installation?

Unless the C: copied to the other place. If that is only postpone mE product is not very bad, but I have changed the folders on registry the entries and restarted.

A very, let's say "unhappy way" and especially busy
then you had to have changed the registry value for each program. In addition I have to reinstall in the prefer all programs
and it also runs out on you. I do not know what you have changed in the registry, error message appears that the file (exe) can not be found.

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mvG reinstalling Vista, from the USB stick on

move the hard disk, or work

not that one. Thanks for a hint. Can I use programs that are not part of Vista?

move to a USB stick and after


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Best regards
everything you have in mind. Can somehow synonymous two of the open programs move (to the left or do you mean a taskbar, which is higher and next to an already open.
Hi Guys!

Win 7 always assembles like programs
Hello. so that it can represent more than one line of pograms? I think nobody understands how to move as a composite and not individually. A Windows Explorer always you need that at all?

These can only be right). To move my knowledge open windows of the same program among each other? Sometimes an unqualified question, at least not. Because with a single task bar there is no up and down.

One can at Win7 on the taskbar of a group and opens by default bsp.