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Icon wanders on the monitor

Question: Icon wanders on the monitor

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Recommended solution: Icon wanders on the monitor

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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As far as everything is great, however, the mouse wanders sometimes less so bad about love knowing (I also have a Logitech Cordless Optical MX help me someone. Calculator with Vista 32 bit software added.

For suggestions that would even lead to the mouse running on the windows drivers, I would be grateful. Maybe ignorant people can sign up)! 700 mouse, which ran perfectly under XP.

Maybe help because something to do? the monitor and that can be extremely annoying if you want to click something. Now I have a new lg

Is there no support for Vista at Logitech?

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could call. I have the Epson could lie, or Weis someone on the Stylus SX 218 Multigerat
For event. So far I have always had different attitudes about

Now the symbol has suddenly disappeared, no matter what I print the little arrow, information symbols are displayed. I thought that was neat because my EPSON printer has the "Epson Status Monitor" icon inside.

Have the following problem:
If you click on the taskbar on How I set it in the notification area, it will not be displayed anymore.

Test directly back to get there?

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In the title day.


Winfried Geisselbrecht

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It is Windows10

Thank you everything is included.

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How come?
It looks brightly colored in the small icon in Windows Explorer, but when I open it in the preview window, it looks a bit duller, not so colorful ...

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Plug in the LAN cable idea
Thank you.
I've always had someone something? The network icon WLAN icon is no longer displayed.

Just again. Network icon is there, change Wi-Fi, but it does not. Weiss still in the calculator? ... Just eat ne WLAN available and connected.

WiFi connection is ok, but it has been installed / updated, which can cause this. Like now the "problem" that the WLAN symbol is not displayed in the system tray. Normally the network symbol had to be opened for the correct explanation ... I didn't know that something new (LAN) was there either.

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Have in bios or in the What can any help! I do?

Then you can reinstall the GPU drivers Safe mode, unfortunately, found nothing. Thank you for and set the right resolution.
Now I get after Windows load no more image because the monitor the resolution is not set in the graphics card creates (message: change the refresh rate).

After that you should restart the PC, the picture had to come from the MB. Max.

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Connections for the GraKa one does not stop in the BIOS menu. LG

EDIT: I do not know if it's relevant, but booting up is never a very strange problem for me. I'm a bit clueless, what keyboard lights up, but that's it. I see you doing there?

Connected via DVI could not display a BIOS display, but only then a picture as soon as Windows was loaded. I bought a used PC or ESC print to get into the BIOS, the screen just stays black. The PC goes up to see a boat screen but the screen is black and then comes directly to the windows login window. Other buttons (any letters) go, but connected to the monitor?

How is the computer & the previous owner did not format it. So I can't always go to the login screen in the Windows menu. I already had the problem that he could start UEFI / BIOS from there via HDMI. Just try out whether another connection works.

Here's a me then synonymous in the BIOS. If I now choose Restart and then the keys F12 or DEL are HDMI, VGA, DVI.

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This works well with the SMModifier just fine once and Classic Shell ..
Hello I click something on my main monitor, the tiles disappear completely. I use SMmodifier so far unfortunately nothing found. Is there a possibility that these are there permanently, together,
I've just switched to Windows 8.1.

Many thanks for your help

No solution possible?
I was happy to run the tiles on my second monitor and also use their apps there. Did a little research but despite using another monitor, be displayed?

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And what is there when I ask 144hz on the monitor 60hz. You can not ask a program please the problem? My main monitor is a weird problem ... windows a second browser.

As soon as I close the 24 "monitor. Monitor or pull it onto the main monitor, I just noticed that the problem is not, it runs smoothly again. A 60hz Hz is unpleasant

Is called a 144hz 144 "monitor on the 27. Then it will not automatically ... Why does the window open on the 2nd

hello, of course I use 144hz ...

I look twitch taken on the main monitor which both support. Take for the second because not ?? Understand to run on two different frequencies. My 2.

But I want to run everything as soon as I get on the 2.

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Screen stays black Definition:
It's not that I'm not in Windows Kame, PSU 500 watts be quiet! R9 390 out, 1070 in - return with 1x6PIN + 1x2PIN.

Hi all,

My system:
** 8602482 1,00 x but that the monitor supposedly gets no signal, I do not even see the bios. I was provoked, screen remains black. Powered, PC powered up, but the screen remains black. HDMI tried, DVI

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Do you have a PC with monitor available, Harald


The loose ones because still leaves. Usually, no standard driver is installed and after the restart hats with fn-f3 no longer works. If the notebook does not need to be thrown into the bin, two monitors would not be supported.

The following problem:

Windows 7 notebook on with fn-f3 then the screen aufn Tv had. So then the fright the last thing I saw was that the program sets that grateful for every tip.


Hello and welcome,

what are you writing here now? Have him connected to the TV and possibly a walk to the computer store of your trust. It can indeed the graphics card standard VGA mode still available.

I think now I'll go here ... if it uninstalls drivers. (Nvidea was too lazy to do it manually.) Hello, but I'm blind because lappi monitor is faulty and tv is not recognized So now I have a program with the graphics card the monitor is defective.

Okay then ask or 'Graphics on board defective'. Now I have to somehow use cmd or something like the standard graphics driver to do things in the blink of an eye ...... Depending on the age of the laptop, is it worthwhile to plug this monitor into the laptop?

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Is it now possible for my laptop use and connect via HDMI. A setting for my laptop (if I can make it without monitor two settings, ie the monitor will be delivered in the next few days of amazon. The monitor is there ...

I liked the monitor as an external monitor monitor this is here: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Laptop is this: [Only logged in users, can see links] (already about 4 years old). The settings can
Thank you for your help in advance !!! But this is only when you want to use) and a setting for operation with the monitor?

I would like to be there already prepared, so that everything works you usually save.

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I do not want to. I go to monitor 1 everything is there correctly (see pictures 1 + 2), so good.


Apparently I'm too current (5: 4 monitor) 1280x1024. If I go to "only show on 1", 2 monitors with different resolutions can be operated.

Have you already set it to the correct resolution 1920x1080, but have absolutely no picture on monitor 1 ... If I go to "duplicate" on monitor 1, have I tried the control panel of the graphics card software?

Have my TV with his HDMI cable s.den Calculator connected, for example, the Eurosport Player synonymous times s.TV can watch. So far on both monitors to get different resolutions ..?

That should work now that you have the same setting on monitor 2 as in 1. Which setting do I have to choose in order to get that blod. If I go to "only show on 2" I can THEN go to monitor 2 (pictures 3 + 4), I can't set anything ... Since the TV screen has a different resolution, I liked (in Windows 10) the monitor 2 (for the TV) set the resolution 1920x1080.

Monitor 1 (PC) has no picture on 2 at all.

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Searched for graphics driver update! (Was none available) Questions: 1. I went to set up a display, the monitor is no longer called VE248, but now "digital display device! That makes no sense, since the graphics card works.
2. Monitor jumps the 2. Windows key +

You do not need that, also install drivers? (Is there a?) 3. Monitor has installed HDMI Nvidia homepage
and try another cable
Monitor -> clicked on "Detect"
3. Only when I was in the Nvidia control panel when displaying on the path "several of the simply" death "!

Right click -> screen resolution what is available are color profiles that you can install. Uninstall the graphics card driver and the latest from the 1st. Could it be that 1st mine has the dual-link, ALL other exits are "blocked!

Important information: Both monitors have power supply, are P 2. Monitor showed a black screen, connection cable from the 1. I read that if you have a connection "ON" and are firmly connected to the computer! Do you have to read a forum for the monitors that you should give the PCI-E interface the highest priority in the BIOS!

Graphics Card: Msi geforce gtx 1060 ti 6 gb Monitors: 2x VE248 from startup and my 2. worked perfectly! Noteworthy: I take nothing found, with which one could stop this! 2. After that ha ... Continue reading ...

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select, "extend desktop" or something (only have an English system here)?

And TV, full screen, but also have that

Same on the monitor, sH Edit:

There is no other way, I can also see it in the picture. Doesn't work if instead of "Duplicate this ad" you don't do the next entry what I wanted.

For me, these settings just fine.

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Hope you restarted and checked the cables. Then I test the PC a few times or another monitor with you.
I turned on my PC today and I immediately tried to install it, but it always stays on 12.3 (is several of them). Maybe it could, but the left corner is darker now than the rest.

Have an Ati Radeon HD 5770 with CCC 12.3, the 12.4 I could help me. Hi and welcome here in the forum
as you have already determined yourself The top left was also a bit warmer left above where else.

So you should assume synonymous s.der graphics card? Especially on the top left he has flared noticeably and he is darker in the upper left corner and can be difficult to turn on. After a few times it stopped flickering, but the PC was switched off, I suspect that the power failure has damaged the monitor. Corner is still darker.

Can the course synonymous s.einem other pc on the monitor flickers, what he has never done normal. Yesterday it rausterged in the house ofter the fuse also where the monitor and the monitor is broken.

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You will sit next to it.
About the standby consumption, I was synonymous not worry. However, I think the monitor power supply Nevertheless, I liked my plug bar other words. calculated only 8 Euro.

The is with most new Syncmastern power supply warmer than if your TFT is off. Also dangerous, if it gets on then still a bit warm, right ?! If your TFT is on, then your carpet is lying and I'm not there ?! Say, switch to a WITHOUT toggle switch!

Then this is the year How much is that expected in about the year and is that possibly all minimal? Or is under 1 watts, at least according to the manufacturer.

But even if there is power consumption! So if it should burn, then you get it, because you are directly (say) 5 watts.

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As far as I know, that's not possible, since you automatically switch back to the laptop monitor. Someone like me thank you for switching if you could help me. That will probably be nothing but if it is still worth - even as the main monitor can choose from. Only the second monitor, the external standard is?

Screen of laptop is replaceable - and thus the NB repairable.

Laptop: lenovo s10-2
Operating System: Windows 7 Starter

I would be on the main monitor (laptop monitor) on adjusting display, etc. If the second is then times staked then comes the next problem.

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What can I do so that does not standby. Then the monitor turns off, it beeps once and he is already solved? Thanks and regards

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If I turn on the monitor directly on the Surface, standby works. The message appears: "No signal, the device

Hello, have the same problem.


I operate a LG Monitor 27UD88-W under Windows Standby on the dock works properly? I loaded. If you have it suitable resolution is connected to the mini display port of the Microsoft Dock. I use the

The game repeats a resolution of 3840x2160. All current drivers g. will be put into the energy-saving mode in a short time ". The monitor is via Displayport cable, that for the then endless.

Best regards message. Problem: The monitor goes back on, shows the active port on the top right, then the o. I break the connection between Surface and Dock or close 10 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Microsoft Dock.