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Icon in the Control Panel

Question: Icon in the Control Panel

Enclosed times 2 a problem with the control panel! Mh who went over the plate to the Ccleaner? In the unfolded menu is a white symbol without What is that?

Are you ever able to help with this? Then such artifacts persist. Program not properly deleted. How to bring

I have Windows 7 names and in the normal view, nothing is watching. Http://

me that away? Maybe there was a picture that represent that.

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Recommended solution: Icon in the Control Panel

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With Vista, these MUI files are mostly able to remove this?
Hello folks,
I now had an update "icon in the control panel and, by accident, someone knows, like the Vista just the cpl. EDIT: Sorry, I also have a date called * .cpl.mui.

However, the "Symantec Live" file from "Symantec Live Update" remains ??? simply all files that are the same (because of the languages!)
Is there any one - no matter which ending - extinguished. But you can at short notice the supplied Norten OEM software installed on my computer, but now deleted again.

Thanks and best regards,
GF Since there are always clear? Files should have googled first.

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on system control abe no speaker icon window 10

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on system control abe no speaker icon window 10

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In the title day.


Winfried Geisselbrecht

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It is Windows10

Thank you everything is included.

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How come?
It looks brightly colored in the small icon in Windows Explorer, but when I open it in the preview window, it looks a bit duller, not so colorful ...

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Plug in the LAN cable idea
Thank you.
I've always had someone something? The network icon WLAN icon is no longer displayed.

Just again. Network icon is there, change Wi-Fi, but it does not. Weiss still in the calculator? ... Just eat ne WLAN available and connected.

Wi-Fi connection is ok, but that was installed / updated, which can cause it. Like now the "problem" that the WLAN icon is not displayed in the taskbar. Normally, the network icon had to correct explanation ... I did not know now that something new (LAN) is there.

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Question: control Panel

of the Control Panel Items (Automatically Added After Install), CPU Z Does Not. That are in the control panel synonymous nothing to explain. Why add these to themselves via Control Panel ... CPU-Z and GPU-Z are tools

This is written in the software. SIS Sandra continues to be written as links to programs / tools and features.

Can one then in the control panel. Why they are meant as little helpers.

Is there CPU-Z installed, for reading from the motherboard and system data. the? Have the two tools, SiSoftware Sandra and interesting is that I now call SiSoftware Sandra in the control panel.

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in advance. When clicking on a note appears there wrong? What's going on -no nvidia gpu activity +

then nothing. Thanks neither the control panel nor the win explorer

to open.

hi everybody,

I can do that recently

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help me.
the app for the control panel is missing Who can recently with me Windows version 8.1. I get to only about the standard programs App Control Panel!

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nowhere an option of assignment. However, I find there

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Nevertheless, all programs need to uninstall programs have been deleted. make a backup of it and know exactly what you are doing. The function in the control panel to what happened? However, you should boot before Registryeingriffen in any case, just do not uninstall ???

Either you have it yourself Can someone tell me, greeting ... black_sheep

a program or

The information being done manually or some "Aufraum" tool.

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Had a total failure of my system hard drive, replaced it with a new one and immediately installed Win
Can someone please help me!? Win 10 Control Panel. Instead of being able to do that again? Thanks for the same as in Win7.

the Control Panel is in Win10 10 Pro (since 3 days ago)
Now, however that happened, I have the Win7 Control Panel!?!? Can someone tell me how your help!

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Had to play, but which spreads problems, if you want to play it at the same time / together. waiting somewhere in the background. Now the problem:
Me and my sister want an online game

Is not that the security query you?
Internet -> Network and Sharing Center and then change to Adapter Settings on the right side. To fix the bug I and my sister under control panel need to:
Network and some solutions? Which operating system has

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Was also interested in mall why it is so.
Did i change view of system setup. Or what the size of the window is actually always the same. Sometimes as a list, sometimes as a medium sized window is normal, only the icons in the view are always different, ie

That changes without me setting anything and icons and sometimes as big icons. Was something like that already experienced me? is there going on? That's the

also ofters. If I call the control panel under Vista (x32) (Windows point early start then Control Panel) opens Thank you! Does anyone look forward to answers ....

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and right click on the start button again? In the file explorer, white is someone who can be found again as well.

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Question: My Control Panel


One is enough

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can help? Appear only very briefly, are no longer security "," network and Internet "etc.

The system control can not be opened, ie who can be used and the desktop appears again.

The points "system and error probably caused by an upgrade.

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I use Windows 7 in a domain and the Control Panel is disabled via Group Policy. This works fine in XP, but the commands with Windows 7 are no longer the same

"control" possibly?

open per cmd and runas? However, I have on the computer itself an adminaccount over which I can make the system settings, but the Ummelderrei is very umstandlich, certain user-specific settings can not meet at all (eg

How can I control the system background).

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Simply enter "mmc" under Search once. insert missing points again.

There you can the

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Otherwise I have with Vista actually icons "on" detail view. "Since the SP 1 Probs no more.That had 4 GB RAM, Core 2 Quad CPU, 2x 500 GB HD Only when I then open the control panel, suddenly changes so me Do not you mind the view.

But certainly also during running operation. So yeah, I use Home Premium 64bit, meaning Asus PK5-E, if I click on the control panel and probably enough.

Usually from "medium sized out of habit." The hiccup occurs on "medium sized icons." The setting is from time to time. I do not have the view on a regular basis.