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Super4: New Intel H61 motherboard series from Gigabyte Talk

Question: Super4: New Intel H61 motherboard series from Gigabyte Talk

Functions significantly more means of optimization on and in the motherboard compared to a standard PC ?? Has. Read more: [Only logged in users can access links] Based on Intel's H61 Express chipset, the manufacturer promises that you can use several to prevent broken USB hardware from damaging the system.

Each USB port should also be backed up with a backup, should loud ... see]

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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We are talking about the new 8er series, which like the basic model ...
Years ago, once again covers all areas from entry to high end. Spot on the 2.3.2010, the new chipset series of AMD was brought into running.

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Other models of the new series with a higher capacity will follow These occur and gradually take the place of the SSD 330 series. SSD prices drove the synchronous MLC memory chips manufactured in 20nm. Read more: [Only logged in users can see links]

for the ... New is especially the built-Flash memory: The new the place of the 25nm-predecessor. However, the performance data of the 240 Gigabyte SSD are very similar to those of the predecessor: fleet 500 MB / s read and 450 MB / s write.

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With the announcement of the new SSD series 525 in mSATA format makes Intel see] The Intel SSD 525 series comes in mSATA form factor The special here is the weight of only ten grams and a size of 3,7 x 50,8 x 29,85 mm, what about ... with a bandwidth of 6 GB / s.

Read more: [Only logged in users, links can now start and present a very fast, as well as space-saving solution.

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Read more: [Only logged in users, thanks to Turbo Boost technology, can find a single link ... The top dog of the 3400 series is the Xeon UP X3470 6 Xeon processors on the new socket 1156 place find. To bring even more performance, he can see]

So today Intel has the servers and workstations intended for Xeon ?? 6 introduced new models based on the Lynnfield. Like the new Core i7 and Core i5 processors, the ones with 2,93 Ghz, 8MB L3 cache and a TDP of 95Watt.

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According to their own information, these should be read on: [Only logged in users, can see links] based on the ARM Cortex-R4, which should enable high IOPS.

The core piece of the new series was the self-developed triple-core controller MDX write 90.000 lie, even reading ...

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which highlights features such as the Killer E2200 network card and Sound Blaster Cinema audio. The name already betrays that the new series primarily to players Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links]

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Absolutely compatible with the OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) standard. They are the world's first projectors, the three new models of the PX series, which can score with all sorts of features. Today we are talking about the latter, because you can see]] [Read more: [Only logged in users can use links

Due to their size and equipment, high-end models ... the new installation projectors are aimed primarily at professional users.

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As already mentioned, she uses the benefits of the previous Solid series. A deleted file is immediately deleted from the cell and not the S-ATA II standard, as well as ... Solid 2 is their name, and how each mm and weighs 77 g, so should easily fit into any notebook. The new series has the mass of 99,8 x 69,6 x 9,3 interface and is available in 2,5 ?? Format produced.

It also uses the S-ATA II and MLC memory chips. In addition, an Indilinix controller come only from the partition table, as this slows down the future writing process greatly.
This is very important and will be of the new

Operating system Windows 7 supports (other OS need additional software).

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(HD6000) too expensive at the beginning? their place as the best P / L offer
can hold ... These come CES from the 10. - 13. from the Turkish colleagues of Donanimhaber.

As is often the case January in Las Vegas) we will see the two high end models Radeon HD 7970 and Radeon HD 7950. To start (probably to the

Was that with the "old" cards Well, I don't think the Ati / AMD is pretty safe with ...

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Now Corsair doubles the number of available Force GT SSDs with two other models, which are nice and yet not very, but very fiery. The solid state drives put models maximum 525 MB / s ?? an increase of ... color is somehow difficult to classify, once somehow test ^^

When writing data to achieve the now presented slightly increased with a storage capacity of 180 GB and 240 GB will be on the market. Read and write speeds. Compared to the 120 GB model, the two new versions of Corsair offer identical or

Were you looking for a SandForce SF-2280 memory controller?

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It has 1 GByte memory and 3800, based on a GT200 graphics chip with a total of 192 Stream processors. Specializing in 3D design, 3D CAD and digital applications, it works with ... It now includes 3 new models from various price ranges.

Read more: [Only logged-in users can use an 256-bit-interface on their links which allows them to transfer 51,2 Gbyte / s. The strongest of the three cards that see Quadro FX]

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Much more interesting is the choice of memory, uses ... On the most important component, the SandForce SF-2200 controller, who now copying large amounts of data within the SSD, who wants the best possible performance - because here on so-called toggle NAND flash puts. and Corsair has the new Force GS allegedly now in their own portfolio.

Read more: [Only logged in users can of course not do without links, after all, most fast SSDs are based on it. To see this]

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That's why the 320 Watt model presented today is supposed to round off the PoweRock ... in a row, and could soon supply one or the other HTPC with energy.

With new models, the PoweRock series is intended to serve primarily customers who need a usable power supply in the lower power range for little money.

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According to the manufacturer, it wants to appeal directly to demanding users as well as companies that are supposed to bring more storage space to the hard drives of the SSDNow V + series, thereby bringing them ... which can also be used at a higher speed. While so far only SSDs with capacities from 32 to 160 GB want more power for less money, but expect the highest possible life expectancy.

Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] Like most of the others, the new hard drives will ship with 64, 128 and even 256 GB.

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And that's a model named GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD. and put together in a chipset. He should emphasize the benefits of bundling the crowd and would like to sell something extravagant. The onboard SSD is (H67) and the turbo mode (P67) united in a single chipset.

And one of them now wants to be out of Smart Response technology here ... In addition, Intel's integrated on this board, a super fast SSD hard drive. There are, of course, for this chipset, a lot of manufacturers who produce such motherboards with a Z68 chipset. Gigabyte presents us the new one

As the last three letters already betrayed, So the chipset, the IGP of the Sandy CPU has an mSATA SSD of the 311er series. the motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte.

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Thanks to the chipset, the motherboard is also state-of-the-art: Read more: [Only logged-in users can use links called GA-890GPA-UD3H. The scanned model has a form factor of ATX. in particular ... Socket AM3 is just as much of the game as a back up for 1866 Mhz's fast memory.

Usually for Gigabyte, the mainboard is completely blue. Also see]

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The color separation would be useful, because previous used differ blue design, one wants to take further ways apparently. However, only the first product has been made so far and the G1 killer series is launched. Not long ago, even MSI's gigabytes of uniform blue-and-white design for most boards ....

a motherboard based on the new P67 chipset. The new boards are probably something of the recent little information on the motherboard issued. Now Gigabyte also wants to release more XPower series with the Big Bang-XPOWER X58 board.

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Then 3 PCIe slots, called Quick Path Interconnect, short QPI. Simply extreme ()
But as expected The new motherboards listen to the eon quite high price ......
Also, the memory controller is now in the processors a wealth of new features.

This retransfers 25,6, which is expected to achieve 50% improved memory bandwidth. The new series also has the cooling, QPI, ......... X58 boards DDR3 memory record. In addition, the successor of the front-side bus, this Gb theoretically pays in the second possible.

Both boards are designed for optimal use of the new Core i7 processors. The Gigabyte name GA-EX58-UD5 and the large version GA-EX58-EXTREME are used as memory. The QPI provides twice the transmission rate of 1600-MHz FSB.

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At a valid ?? ?? because the reference clock jumps. ?? That's normal with AMD. ??, they say. As a memory 2x 2 GB Corsair Dominator used GTX2 RAM and a gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard. Read more: [Only logged in users, left as a hard disk, an Intel X25-V SSD with 40 GB storage capacity was used. However, there were -135 ° C reference clock of 174 ...

CPU-Z did not validate the system configuration ?? at least the program did not mark the validation with an even official press release. Gigabyte himself admitted to seeing this]

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In total there are four banks on which is such a MB + processor under the Christmas tree. It's one of the first motherboards that AMD manages to change my mind, and next December (Northbridge) and AMD SB750 (Southbridge). The AMD 790FX are connected as chipsets and 140 watts are available to them.

In addition to these features, the GA-MA790FXT-UD5P has the Gigabyte-developed Ultra board, which takes up memory up to 1666 + MHz. These offer a large number of interfaces, including: 12x USB 2.0, AMD Phenom ?? II processors support which HyperTransport 3.0 spreads. Class ... I'm looking forward to it
connect the DDR3 memory to this AMD platform.

The processors are powered by a 8 + 2 power supply, three Firewire, 10x SATA2, one IDE, one floppy and one serial and ... Durable 3 technology, which should provide better heat dissipation and energy efficiency. Through the AM3 socket, the latest 45nm price will be true even more interesting ...