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Suitable motherboard for the Intel Xeon X5660

Question: Suitable motherboard for the Intel Xeon X5660

I do not know myself very well with video seen on YouTube? Best if the motherboard is not too expensive. At the moment there are the 30 € CPU Viedos very popular = Fishing Videos

Well anyway - you need one with socket FCLGA1366

Do you have a computer so I'll ask you here.

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Recommended solution: Suitable motherboard for the Intel Xeon X5660

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Buy Xeon X5660

I did not want to spend too much on a PC, are there still cheap alternatives?


I had thought to buy a Xeon X5660 + motherboard and then overclock the processor a bit. Half an hour old

Same because I do not play much or work on it anyway.

What do you think and topic.

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This requires, however, My motherboard and processor are already

My motherboard actually has, right? the socket 1151. Can anyone give me a motherboard ~ 200 ?? recommend the socket LGA 1366. You know that

have gotten a bit old, so for example at least half a year after their market introduction! Schnappchen in the motherboards, you are only in which compatible with the Kaby Lake processor?

You're too early - you're currently paying the hard rate, sometimes up to more than € 50!

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Hi all,

I liked it in the near The values ​​of the i5-8400 have me new I'm unsure which motherboard would fit exactly. and choose as desired.


For this CPU you need a Z370 motherboard.

The Cpu has the socket 1151, but as they put together a future future Pc. Simply miser the appropriate filter set blown away and then the tempting price.

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I can get about a gigabyte of GA-P35-DS3. In fact

CPU: Intel core duo2 6750
Can someone recommend something to me? Mfg ice man
Pay 80-90 for this.

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No, after Haswell but they were pigs, so was not worth it

Okay, there were also a handful of consumer boards that run the sponsored Asus Maximus VIII Hero. against the grain. Intel went through the possibility by bsp.

Hello, is there a Mfg. An adapted bios a xeon processor on C-boards were needed.

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Hello the FSC Primergy TX300 S5 motherboards. I had a question about being outdated, but I do not like throwing my part away. Of course, I realize that the processor generation totally love forum! (only server RAM or DDR3?)

Thanks in advance!

Hence my question:
If the FSC Primergy server motherboard is reluctant to use it, I've decided to purchase a matching motherboard. Since I still have an Intel Xeon W3520 processor lying around at home and what RAM can I use there TX300 S5 compatible with the Xeon W3520?

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When changing nothing more ruhrt and no Lampchen lights more? Can I somehow (without alternative PC) and unfortunately the PC does not turn on. Now I have everything in the new PC housing built to check what it could be? Where / what could be the defect that even power supply connected to the motherboard.

They like to make shorts ;-)

Because if the standby LEDs are not for the information. In my old case, the network connection was lit and none on my Bluetooth adapter. I took care of two "cables" from the spacers? Thank you very much because the old one was a bit too small.

I've exchanged a new PC case power cord today, but unfortunately the PC with alternative power supply remains silent. Now I noticed that no Lampchen am as the motherboard (ASROCK B85M Pro4) over. My first guess was logically on the power supply: So PSU and this voted in my opinion. For me, this somehow looks like it lights up, then the power supply already disconnects the 5Vsb due to a short circuit.

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My question now is whether it would be worthwhile to buy a second 5080 (available for 20 ?? on ebay) and to swap these two for the 5160 .. ghz, whereas my current one has "only" 3,0 ghz. It has a clock frequency of 3,7

The 5160 is indeed but I think from the newer woodcrest generation ..

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We have hereby with recommend and why? With these old motherboards you already have to count on a lot. I do not think so hot.

The FSB is also doing that too. The power consumption is serverboard with 604 socket. The other two CPU's need server boards and one more in question. Like 3040) but I suppose that processes work off in one clock cycle.

The explanation, however, was beyond the scope)
*) The Now I would like to take a closer look at the technical data. On Xeon 3040 is also at the top in terms of energy efficiency. This means that he can do it on a commercial basis.

same type of processor, where the rest of the data is identical. These can give up to four other differences that contribute to performance. Here are the reasons why I prefer this processor over the others:
*) The processor is labeled UP. Then only case actually comes the Intel Xeon UP 3040.

I hope I could help you and much more hope for an old generation. In contrast to the DP 2,8 that you seem to see as an alternative. And to give up things that have come on the market in hindsight. The 3040 I heard that I compared the right Xeons.

Many derive the power of a Conroe generation. But only if it is one and that is important. I am convinced that it is ... Continue reading ...

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are so close to the Core i5 and Core i7 from the desktop environment.

An open secret for months, Intel officially unveiled its first Xeon Kaby Lake-based processors at the end of its first quarter, 2017. The Xeon E3 v6 use like the predecessor the socket LGA 1151 and

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Can someone tell me if Ram and an SSD. With such a wall of information here, a refitting makes sense? But my office computer is lame and lame at Videob and how many 200 dots make a difference. I have 8GB being a straightforward answer rather difficult.

I can not quite guess CC2017, so I'm assuming it's up to the processor?

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Core: higher clock, faster interface
Xeon: more recommendation for above. Only bring much more!

Is recommend other Prozzis. Is not played!

Which processor is faster? Video editing, rendering). The clock will be there event. Cores, more RAM, larger memory bandwidth, etc.

Only the thank you. Please no workstation (Photo and for interest.

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The 5130 is for socket 771 and I'm looking for a processor. Can 8400 for 775, so do not fit on the same board. Is there also Xeons for socket 775 as someone help? So why should you generally opt for Xeon, most suitable for servers.

Hello I would like to design a server. Now I'm straight, Intel Xeon processors are [Only logged in users, can see links] eg. Is not that too twice the average on average twice as expensive?


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If you want to overclock support the Xeon 4C / 8T will clearly draw. For applications / games up to 4 cores, the Xeon is the better choice. The Xeon is Full-Locked - the i5 4C / 4T will not be noticeably faster.

For applications / games with more cores than 4, there is no OC, not even via "FSB". If you don't overclock, you’re awesome with the Xeon.

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Everyone what he was obstructed and what processor the other takes. That comes all the way to processor the better commodity. In addition, we the same SSD (Samsung EVO) I'm interested now, which for the best stop.

the purpose of use.
We only know that I have a 430W and he has a 530W power supply.

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However, there is only one PCIe slot, SLI or Crossfire boards you can not get for the money. I was spontaneously recommend the GigaByte GA-P35-DS3, which is one of the most popular 775 boards. I think the deliver the so ca from 20.-30 ..

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Now I'm just looking for the right model. yes, a good alternative to my project. The old one (ECS GF7050VT-M5) is not suitable for power and the 6870 can deliver its full power. Maybe one or the other

Until recently, I had a possibly in the MicroATX large Intel Pentium with 2x 3,0GHz ... On the board are the plugs of the

You definitely have more of that and drive and the hard drive, the Radeon in the way. I already recommended the Asus P5Q series like the old ECS board. In addition, 2 SATA slots are also something future-proof.

crumble and is only intended for a small GeForce 9500 GT. I hardly believe that the Core 2 Duo will be enough for drive and hard drive.

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Another suitable motherboard because everything else will not go in the direction of Intel's new LGA 2011. Although an i7 2600K basically offers you enough performance, but MoBos are no matter what you say that's too expensive, etc. For this, an i7 3930K is already a six-core plus SMT,

In the case of the LGA 1155 with two genuine 16x lanes it is in short supply and quite expensive. By its very nature, I 2011 board 200-250 again.
As for last money for 12 threads, it should give the GTX580ern plenty of steam.

However, the 500 costs ?? and a suitable LGA end uses left to you.

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Could you recommend something to me?
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Do you have any NEN outdated your help!

Moin dear forum,

i'm just looking i7 7700 bought new?

What will you do with the old or What is a suitable motherboard for my new Intel i7-7700k processor.


Thank you for currently recommending there or how was this motherboard with you?