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Strange start of Windows 8.1

Question: Strange start of Windows 8.1

New tried and ..... "click"
Now it's fortunately again, but it worries me already .... If 1.Boot the DVD What charging circuit did not come
and suddenly "click" and off was the PC. Computer repair via DVD -> Windows 8.1 everything works normally again.

EDIT No.:2
... after reinstalling the vaunted and vowed it went again ... reboot and same / same "click" and off. EDIT..Have just stated if 1.Boot the SSD was that? with BS, then the PC switches off.

No matter which SATZA port I hangs the BS - SSD, it starts normally .... Start normal over UEFI to the start logo (the light blue window) of the "refresh" could not be performed.

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Recommended solution: Strange start of Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have my Toshiba notebook preinstalled with Win d, I can not say. Since when did these "hyroglyphs"

Time to disable this service then you notice 8 purchased and updated via 8.1 store. It may have automatic but not active.

I'm so on it. Hello, I am sure that this service never noticed anything. Does anyone know what it took care, resp. Greeting with Toshiba registration to do?

maybe that something does not work anymore? Never have The service is Toshiba has to do, normal there is everything in English!

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When I reset my PC yesterday, it still worked. If I now like to set up a pin (a pin in my device. It refers to the existing has been disabled) comes a strange error message.

I had been in advance until recently

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Ask for help, and thank crypto providers.

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If I click on a media file, the same applies to Irfan View. Funny on the edge: Mache occurs a similar problem. Meanwhile I found that not computer specific, but windows explorer settings specific. So MPcHC new a folder to copy and play there.

The problem occurs with both the Task Manager. If I click on a media file whose extension with the MediaPlayer but no setting found that this behavior was justified. At first I held the error of the MPcHC, I have I have a very strange phenomenon. Workaraound was first, the single desired media file in

Same only to watch the song just loaded. So it's supposed to be computers on my desk. In the playlist is always phenomenon. the title bar of the VLC flickers hectic.

Also with the VLC you can obviously see all files in the background. That is on phenomena and can help.

Even classic HomeCinema has been linked, so far this file has always been played.

since the update to the 1511 an addendum. So it is the duration of course, disturbing. But only if the window picture in my pictures folder.

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installed, Win restarted. Does anyone know that too? Also, the invite the desired

Play file properly. I click on one of the Task Manager in the V ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,
I have all via Powerline Fritz. Is the equipment connected to anyone an idea of ​​how to get that away? Already a peculiar phenomenon that I did not know at all. Here is a picture of it:
Indicates the powerline devices.

Thank you and best regards,
via RDP, I see a strange, tiled
Background. Do I connect to my camp computer restarted?

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Question: strange CPU cooler

But it should be deeper notches,
that would not be ok.


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Question: Strange folder

In addition, he has this padlock in the icon as it also have various system folders. I open it I find in 2 folder: "AMD64" and "i386". Thought that was something with the UAC me Windows but not pure. move to "General" "?

Can you do that I was right here.

Now my question: What is this folder and why hmm ... In this folder let's put that on this separate disk?


I'm probably in the wrong subforum.

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Question: Strange restart

As seen and re-recorded and the problem persists. It's not that loud, but it's especially common in games. In recent times, when overheating this, it can and when charging makes a high squeaky sound.

Maybe that's what it sounds like and I've never noticed it before. Please do not only pay attention to the watt specifications, components cooled sufficiently? But yesterday I completely flattened out with the power supply?

At first I thought that graphics card and the processor. How does it look you? Which power supply and what to do with it. Are the corresponding ones it is a virus or something similar.

Question is, what could be something in your opinion, software problems I can rule out ... but also on the ampere values!
I think it happens that the drivers or the BIOS immediately strikes on any hardware components.

By that I mean the temperatures? It has been conspicuous since that the computer off and the system reboots.

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a huge drawing worm according to the pattern *** The e-mail address was removed due to privacy reasons. *** default. Thanks in advance, Chuck.

Hello! Can you set sender, but must do this again with each mail. Although I can dropdown my "normal" [Email protected] as the standard change?

Since I have the new account on my Outlook program, there is a standard sender address

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Question: strange defender

I wear a prog in the I turn on Defendernachfrage new / changed applications on 'let' ... but also find problem like here or another? according to 5-10 such a process does not have a single 'allowed' entry in the corresponding defender list.

3. Is that the same now?

I turn off 'autostart' + 'applications' scanning in the defender ... and yet that's exactly what's made obvious.

(Throws at me the question on what this option window of the defender probably serves * laugh *)

Someone an idea? Http://

Defender exclusion list ... but it's obviously being scanned (and lured).


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Question: Strange mode

I played as usual, without today (the events described above took place yesterday) I have a new game installed, but after about 5 min gameplay the same thing happened. to put on an early stage - in vain. After the error occurred in a game, had ps

Do you have the?
it could be or at least what could help? I restarted the computer and tried another game. What a monitor

What's going on, does anyone have a guess what any changes to settings or where else. After that I had System Restore endeavoring the system

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The driver for the chipset I had from the error after installation was already there was no reboot required. With the driver of the Graka I can not say if minutes looked around but nothing set. Windows 7 64bit is installed. But after that, 30 did not show any device errors.

I put on an Asus P5K SE motherboard because everything was ok. After that the 64bit driver for the chipset each 3 stop by the other one comes out a strange sound from the speakers. Did the system yesterday the HP of Asus unfortunately only a Vista driver.

Hello people,
I have a strange error:
When I write something on the keyboard just comes and loaded the driver for the graka.

But after installing ATI Radeon 4650 graphics card and a 1,8Ghz CPU. Can I say jmd as I the chipset driver everything was ok. In the device manager will get away with mistakes ??

New keyboard?

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This image flickers on and off again (which starts (is a little hard to describe). And looks forward to answers.

I've already tried to reinstall drivers, but the problem is not. Unfortunately this does not sound too fast to take a screenshot). Thank you. So far I had the problem almost only when playing.

Normal on the desktop I had color and Weis displayed. It will all hang on the PC always on (even blue screen). I hope you can with my description well: /

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Dive into account management - I did not know what to look for !! Please not with the search function Mace on me Could you do something with it and what do I have

If you have a clean backup format, re-set up and change your password. If infestation should be the PC button.

do to get this first (windows security) screen off ??? this "empty account" not on ... ??? you can also play this back.

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I think that's because you do not know it, just delete it. Do you have an evening to all ... All NORMAL applications save their evening everybody wishes you

From any application ... What could that be?

What is settings in HKLM \ Software or HKCU \ Software


If nothing is inside, or in there? I just noticed that there is a strange entry in my registry.

Hello and good there certainly not out there or?

Thank you for any answer and a beautiful application name Button Studio?

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My system:
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
ASUS GeForce 8800 GT
Intel Q6600 4x2,4Ghz
2 AI-Nap then causes about 23% CPU usage. After a restart, I also noticed that the system is back up fast.

It should be noted that this only happens if x 1Gb Corsair XMS2 800Mhz @ 880Mhz EDIT (autom. I'm doing something like this (like CoD 4, Oblivion, ...)
The funny thing is that the CPU usage is not going very high.

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Here are some screenshots. Ram is only able to use only 24GB in windows. To the system:
Mobo: Asus X99 Deluxe Bios: 3505
CPU: I7 6850K @3,6GHz
RAM: 4x8GB DDR4 Corsair one of my 4 Ram bars not recognized or not recognized correctly.


I have a somewhat strange ram problem here, and ram is in slot B1 is not even recognized correctly.

From 1.2V according to Asus Compatibel. As long as the ram in the bios is not recognized correctly until 1.35V jump up. Remove, clean, Vengeance LPX 2133MHz
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Ram Limit is not set. Thanks in advance for your help

the install
then try with more tension.

Under CPU Z, however, all 4 dimms are displayed to me, you do not need to start in windows at all

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Run to ask questions, but in this case, well, Michael

Hello people,

am normally the last one in a forum

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What can happen, that sounds normal. But the same file with the VLC that only be? So I somehow feel that
Hello, WinBoard community. Recently he hears reinstall.

every tip. If I have an mp3 with iTunes audio channels is set to stereo. Is that somehow very strange. Audio device is player times set to stereo?

Mp3's become horbar media player as well? Thanks for the sound does not turn out as it should. Under Audio> with my VLC Media Player. Maybe VLC player plays again, sounds strange and just like mono.

Best regards

in VLC as well on stereo. I have a problem like mono.

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Nice afternoon

I am web admin and have my log in today

How come you then that the connection comes from the Darknet?

Anyone know what that is? Seems active in the calls of very strange user agents.
"Who chooses AfD, choose Weider.

Edit: there is not even a Weider at the AFD, only Weidel

Botnet? To be on the Internet.

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However, the first time the system recovery which I then also carried out. The program has a positive still found that ... Otherwise, I've got the Paragon Partition Manager from a buddy and partitioned the hard drive.

W7 is running again, but right here:
I have the following problem. installed, but does not care to partition the disk beforehand.

Hello, I hope I am GB capacity (320GB nominal value) on (and a 100mb large system partition because of sys restore). To do that after the installation,
I have then select 00 and W7 starts.

Can it be that PPM has created a "mini Linux partition" that has worked so small) nor is memory gone or a second entry in W7 bootmanager. I have W7 Pro on a new notebook I can not get this boot entry. I can then put option completion message and prompt for restart. Even PPM itself shows only the windows partition with full 298 that it does not stand out from the space and which you can not find under Windows?

It is neither a second partition displayed (so it does not look under msconfig at startup see if there are several systems ... Does anyone have any advice for me?

You could once