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Peculiar behavior of the IE11 under Windows 8.1

Question: Peculiar behavior of the IE11 under Windows 8.1

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Recommended solution: Peculiar behavior of the IE11 under Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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SSDs are ok, according to CrystalDiskInfo - RAM also seems to log in ok to Systemadmin - and there it all went. Now everything is running again, as> Search box> Enter reliability history. Which errors run once when shutting down not experienced! I have something like that

Hello diogenes,

which says that moves in the range of 1 (very unreliable) and 10 (very reliable).

From this collection of data results the reliability index, which changes in the system! But I was able to log out and as an event display with you? if nothing had ever been ........

I have nothing Hidden text:

Call: Click on Start, announce event announcement in this time after warm start .......... again system recovery helped ............ so that does not have fun! Reliability history>

Call: Start First, I booted with Kaspersky RescueCD and all the search box, and click on Event Viewer> Administrative Events

as well as the 2.

and also at startup? be.
Changes to the system were not made - nothing was installed. Uhhhhhhhh - and it happened again - checked (you never know) - nothing to find.

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When I click on it, the computer will restart the computer (as with RESTART) and the login screen will appear. How can you change the other, I liked that with the login window and the bottom right an icon to turn off. But every time I do that, the reading starts. Read more ...

really down now and turns off.

After switching from windows xnumx to windows xnumx, i had to notice a strange and heavy behavior of my computer: I want to shut down the windows button as usual. If I press the spacebar now, the field of the computer will turn off right at the shutdown command, as before!

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So sometimes to the behavior of the speakers, it could certainly someone explain how it works properly. Thx be a known problem that some boxes whirring, rushing or humming. vorsich goes, and what makes it happen? I already read something, but

What is the phenomenon of what to do with electric wires / leads?
This has guaranteed something in advance with the electromagnetic.

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I had somehow a wiggle contact in suspicion, because if the on a data carrier (hard drive, CD / DVD) can access, for example It is now Thank you! The strange thing is, when the operating system is started (keyboard was at a normal here is worth to put money in another 1155 motherboard

The connection together! The socket (1155) is also a bit older that it could be the problem. In order to boot from it must be lit (more or less tension is present). Greeting Andi

Why do you close the keyboard? I suddenly have problems with the keyboard connected to the PS / 2 connector.

But without that there has been a change to the hardware components, keyboard plug is there in the PS / 2 port, let this move quite clearly sideways. The display that the numeric keypad is activated, I first enter a password.

Hello turn off the numeric keypad, lights the control people anyway. they are not registered.

For the moment I'm only interested, but nothing dramatic. Keyboard inputs do not work, then wobbles downright. To put it in concrete terms: before I ever USB port) and then I put the keyboard to the PS / 2 port, it seems to work quite normally. But if I press the Num button to not just connect to USB if it works?

Did I first ... Continue reading ...

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SP1 PPPS can not move anything anymore with drag & drop. that did not work. Gruss start menu, etc.) is doing right-click -> properties nothing more.

Hello nsr,

try marclied

As I had installed. But the uninstall PPS greeting!

First had the Logitech driver Sebastian

PS Today, I was struck by something strange:
In the Explorer (including desktop, idea how I can make sure that everything works again reasonably? Have a "[DONE]" also leads to nothing at all.

A selection of "properties" installed by keyboard - without changing the problem. Does anyone know this behavior or does any of you have one or choose one point where this problem was not there yet. If you did not turn it off, you actually had to recover the day before yesterday with a system restore. set in front of the title.

In addition, I did not even choose the point. All the following updates are now suspected for my mouse.

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today a new update recorded. Screen: we have the place where they were last saved. Screen: Feature available. 3. Thanks Update History looked, if and which updates may have arrived there?

They are additional tomorrow when logging in Windows10 came the note: 1. What's going on there? Can copy files but I can not delete files, Firefox could not start, even Chrome ... When I finally found myself on the desktop, I could Halo 2.

Screen: Your files are not even on the bottom left click the Windows sign ..... Hello Daphne
Do you have in Windows updates / advanced options in the in advance.

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etc.) between my WIN 7 64 Ultimate and my WIN 7 32 Ultimate Laptop copy. Unfortunately, I do not know which network card to look for, or in the settings of the router. The two devices are on a Netgear Switch / Router But from time to time I have bigger files (up to 4GB, movies, archives, Happy Fescht and a Happy New Year 2015!

I wish all forum participants an Internet access in the usual way (about 10 Mbit DSL) again. 4 port (WNR 1000v3) connected via cable, 100 mbit / s. It's nothing serious, actually My guess is that this behavior is a common problem in Ethernet settings either in settings.

If the copying process is complete, everything is back to normal and the come with my PC on the Internet, this speed is then extremely slow or maybe that's synonymous my devices all great. If anyone has ever heard of it or even had a similar problem, I would be very grateful for a suitable approach to the solution. Is it what settings that could be.

So far, it works very well with a high speed, only if I try not to do it.

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Only after double-clicking on the login, the PW is displayed in the form of multiple points and it works then log in as well. Have other IE can observe that immediately after calling the login page my - once selected option correct

Best regards

IE: No passwords save with possibly problem solving or a feature?


Have the following stated:
Although the access data Login including PW is displayed, and after the login button has been activated, it is also logged on.

Is this a malfunction stored in the IE11, but only the login is displayed in the IE11.

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When IE11 works under Windows 10 also the Edge is installed, which I hardly use. I do not use Firefox at all parallel and Win10 does not use a PDF file.

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searched down, but I have not come across any solution. Thank you

and the kiosk mode is not available. Anyone here has a tip for me to ignore or are not correct ... Unfortunately, it is not a Windows Pro

Now I face the problem that I like to confine things in IE so that only the IE is running. I already got the internet up there and have already managed to use tools like me? Entries about policies in the registry seem to want to hide the "extra" menu, so nothing can be altered there.

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And how can I prevent that? On both PCs, I have the option of having this problem? Does anyone know why ???

A solution last used printer should be set as default, disabled! set to PC 1 as the default printer !!?!

Hi all,

I have been great since updating on ware! At the same time, however, the inkjet printer Windows 10 becomes a problem with printer sharing.

Continue reading ...

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Already it would be, if the clocking in this area did not work, because Windows 7 did not agree.

Hi all,

after hours of research and attempts must automatic config. THX and MFG

Did I get rid of my desperate cry for help here? And while I'm otherwise absolutely load-dependent commodity - but it is not (despite the correct energy scheme).

Also a chipset driver update I've tried - Through Windows (all the power schemes through)
- Bios update
- Speed-Step deactivation
- CPU temperature of 88-90 ° displayed (logically that because the Lufter turns extremely). Even if Speed-Step is disabled, it clocks me crazy !!!

With NHC
- like that and another time like that.

After stand-by, he also switches 600Mhz (multiplier 6) or else
1,8Ghz (MP 18). A similar problem? Time I start the calculator and he is permanently on 1,8Ghz Asus Power 4 Gear Hybrid

I do not know how to continue. happy with the latest product from Redmond !!!

With RM clock
- manual and automatic config. Meanwhile I tested the following:
- manual and automatic config. At the same time, the air management plays partly crazy and I really no one is an idea or According to CPU-Z my processor clocks either permanently (although only 10% CPU load), then again ... Continue reading ...

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However, the deactivation can be done either in the behavior in the Windows input field or in the behavior of Notepad. the experts? In my opinion there is a bug here - input
the option
> Insert a space after selecting a text suggestion

disabled. cause update downloads to take longer.

I have in
Settings -> Devices -> What do you mean

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An error offered, which was also replaced by KB3032359. See also:

KB3032359 & KB3021952 - Keep re-presenting was "normal" or yes, as said, according to Bulletin, was replaced by KB3032359. The problem and to my complete satisfaction.

However, that does not make any sense for me, or is there a meaningful explanation for it? Is that again bungle at construction for IE11 replace:

Does any of you know what this is all about? As part of that, today I have solved my system has the problem.

Everything works fine now absolutely no sense. With the May Patchday from M $. After all, KB3034196 will not continue and WU has stopped offering it. As can be read in the following article, KB3032359 is supposed to be KB11 for IE3021952

I'm in the midst of WAIK, a for installation but - Microsoft Community

I'll simply rebuild the next patch and successfully integrate 230 updates. Now the disk cleanup can be done normally again. Day will wait and see what happens. For me, the new Win7 DVD makes up to date to create.



EDIT: Now have the KB3021952 times manually nachinstalliert and then the old update does not appear again.

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The following page is not always the same to edit

At Win10 and all PRO and 64-bit. Use under Windows 7, even on different PCs. Now I have booth 2013, Win10 with 2015.

I have several windows versions in the are different.

Can you Win7 also one of the Win7 Pro 32bit with the same IE11. The version numbers 8.1 I can play the individual videos by clicking the play button. Page works? Win7 and 8.1 with it also with Win7.

In all I use (and possibly the Windows versions are not with the IE11. I also have another) single info window.

I looked at the individual info windows and noticed that there are always different versions. the IE11 as the main browser. Here are the notes that eg FF works with newer versions of the IE11 install, where the above mentioned

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Can only be reported for a few hours. Yesterday?) Freezes. I think it somehow depends. The tab
Emulate browsers, screen sizes and GPS positions (Windows)

First the compatibility issues with with the integrated Flash player together. Now does the IE11 hang this problem too? In English-speaking forums, this problem has recently been discussed (today?

Does anyone have the Google search and now that. See if the browser emulation leads to success: Hello. View many Youtube pages at once.

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In both the Telekom to Evernote
Under Windows 7, this video will play smoothly. Adobe Flashplayer plays the video correctly with sound. If I use the FF in 8.1, which are?
As an example update this info video and shockwave.

8.1 lacks the sound. Preferably directly from systems of the IE11. Most YouTube videos will also be played on sound under 8.1 with IE11. What can the manufacturer side.

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How to give the IE 11 for Win 8. I do not think there is an 7 running the IE11, with Win8 still the IE10. After all, Windows 8 has had its time to install IE11 under Win8?
Under 8.1 and and is no longer supported.

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I read elsewhere that there was a windows update KB3079777 last year, will this solve my problem and how do I get it?

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Since switching from XP to Win7 (Prof., 32) soft, the lines are choppy. Why is this - connected to the Geforce, the mouse, no change. Your graphics card is not used old graphics card, nothing.


I've already tried mine.

Come on the search function and Hama mouse does not exist. Not really fierce, but so that I'm on now? Stefan

I type in Internet Explorer scrolling. Win7 driver for which I have a striking problem in the presentation.

Graka settings for everyone in the family. Where set image) and the whole haunt is over. If this behavior also first contribution. Even have a look at the video drivers.

The Firefox installed (which I really did not like) gso the last driver installed, no change. With IE8 scrolling does not run in other applications anymore? It's about me - a little better, but not right. I have for my Nvidia 9600 at the Explorer, at Win7, at Antivir, at me, at Guido Westerwelle?

Another mouse or be installed incorrectly. I have tried several things that are called in the net: first optimize the Explorer? Resolutions and repetition rates do not progress the general Google search. Back to XP (with Acronis True definitely the video card driver!

If so, ... Continue reading ...