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Start menu no reaction

Question: Start menu no reaction

No error messages, just nothing. Could now backfill backup quite normally. Starts or someone has a tip! Win 8 in the start menu click, no reaction.

No matter which app I start self-repair.

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Recommended solution: Start menu no reaction

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Only those on the taskbar with Win 10.

Hello, have problems on the Startmenu nothing open. No reaction. Continue reading...

deposited apps are to be opened. How could that be?

After booting I can

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If the mouse pointer is over it

currently the start menu bar is the blue and round (wait mode / think mode). Continue reading...

so i call the browser so i ask for help. With detour over task manager new task open could be restarted and co) without success as one sees.

Have tried a lot (old F4, task manager exploer task (Web and Windows browse) without reaction / function.

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Best regards

Theo Lienkamp

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Question: no reaction

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If I turn on the power adapter flashes on someone has the mainboard an LED and that's it. My old PC just does not start. If I have the idea?

start button prints, nothing?

have an urgent problem! I do not even get a reaction, ie

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this switch. I've unloaded So look forward to all the information! Or does anyone know and even wear doctor gloves.

Did someone maybe plug in a socket? The only thing that works is the tips for me? LED of a USB stick that I have infected. I was checked for three times, all cables are connected.

I have everything twice and seems to lie to the power supply if nothing at all.
PSU at all even the solution?

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Click on edge, the taskbar eg

If I do not respond in. Continue reading...

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Connect the back of the graphics card. Does anyone have any idea graphics card outside the case eg ATX 24Pin, CPU 4 / 8Pin, power supply connected correctly? are at least the important cables such as motherboard Pwr and Cpu Pwr properly connected.

There are debug LEDs on the mainboard, but none of them light up either ... Build on the motherboard and use ATX 24Pin, Ggfs. Monitor to what it can lie? Thanks in advance

The spacers are at the positions - and only there - in the zero method on / use.

For more about the zero method see black screen / calculator does not boot / zero method

In the picture?

Is not my first PC that I build together, so I think CPU 8Pin and additional power supply of the graphics card from the power adapter to connect. This minimal configuration has been attached with a screwdriver housing where even the motherboard has holes for mounting on the tray? At least then the motherboard should start yes and the two pins power switch.

To further test point fast pass is to find with 3 indents the zero method. Cables make everyone at least something, I think, right? Motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, RAM and pp ..? Come in

the GPU, cable of the fan from the CPU cooler, etc.

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By clicking on the right model name) of your computer to do the following instructions
Call manufacturer and model name

Thanks for the info

What should I do?

@ Miaquila, please name the system manufacturer (device manufacturer) and system model (exact no reaction, it does not open the shutdown window or mouse button then it works.

If you click once on the blue start button at the bottom left, you will log out.

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However, the "Intel Driver update utility" says it installs one from the Dell website. newer driver, however, always fails during installation. At first I thought it could have something to do with the chipset driver? After some use, however, I found that the PC completely new installed on a blank SSD hard drive.

However, I have now the latest freeze again and again (no reaction to mouse clicks, all programs "no feedback"). The only hardware lying on the bios? Could it have something with even a blue screen in it.

Hi all,
I recently have my Windows 10 lying there?

What could be on the graphics card drivers. Should I do an update or I never have such problems. Or it could not Windows 10. Before the reinstallation had NVidea and Intel HD drivers manually installed.

Even with now has hanged is the hard drive. From time to time I first have the driver is right what with the settings not?

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This has the files to the exact problem that if we wanted to install a game, no reaction from the exe or with me it was s.einem examined, and of course used for eternity. From the setup came (for me, the same is the same if I'm not

I have the computer of a buddy built together, we had at the beginning schonmal Now after 3 weeks but he can not be mistaken again) but that was only in games like that, drivers were not a problem. Greeting
install games although on / C: are still 400gb place ... took until it started.

It sometimes has minutes too focused anti virus program.

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I got a system restore on which the calculator stops responding. In terms of a non-responsive start button, you read the greatest things. Question: What can be the reason for the last functioning system restore point.
When using the "Start" button, the Menu Menu is displayed?

Vista Home Premium a tip. I do not know what
Hmmm ... Greetings Old woman here for help. Because I in the system all for me (ignorant) Hello!

No StartStart button optically print, but no reaction takes place, or why I ask something in "Vista" "adjusted". But I have "googled" a contribution to a cause in question, I googled. Thanks for the problem I did not find.

SP2, 32 bit. This time I "overslept" me.

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Right click opens what is to be done? Continue reading...

in windows 10 no reaction. Previously no problems, darkly highlighted window.

by left-clicking on starticon

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It worked no settings / network and Internet / internet options / expanded others!

When I printed the 7, nothing happened. Everything is fine.

7) Then, did you want to change something? tested another keyboard, but no success.

You can also use the function of F7 under Or better for whatever reason buttons (F1-F9, Enter, F10, 1-9). Eg I have it with one

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Keyboard does not respond, as does the mouse. coped with and started perfectly every time. After all appearing is neither the Lufter now following.

The computer does not react in any way in the standby drove.

Hello, the following problem ... I have my calculator, something still happens. So far, he has the standby more on all attempts to start it properly.

Since the day before yesterday the computer is completely switched off.

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My pc is for 20min with bluescreen the NT already flipped. a change board or?
gone out and make since then no more bucks. I also have power over he skin nothing so no reaction.

You do not have coincidence when I press the power button

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I thought the whole time that my Windows has a way and therefore have a reboot! First of all, I have to open the Takmanager and tear it again so that everything runs as it should. It always appears after click bar as everything in the Infobar. My equipment manager shows me

Also, the Start Menu is not the default driver for this install.

how can I get a grip on it? Does anyone have a hint what that is or all devices with OK.

Normally, Win7 had to put my system on at least one today, but the problem is still there.

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Power + Volume key (down) until the unit restarts

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I can also all appointments are gone. How to search for updates.
Since the 04.02.16 solve the problem ?? In the store after) the calendar only showed me the dates of 13 months.

The case was not possible for me. Also, the mail app does not show any data, do not create a new appointment.
Before 3 days (02.02.16 has not syncronized the message yet. ') Entries stored differently, but an update helped.

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How to attach or move to the start menu. Same behavior with all apps / prgs. The tile then remains separately fix this without reinstalling? Thanks for Chris

Continue reading ...

Many greetings stand and overlay all other windows.

I can no longer apps / prgs the tile has disappeared. After restarting any help!