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Startup help hangs and "Normal start" cannot be selected because USB key. does not work

Question: Startup help hangs and "Normal start" cannot be selected because USB key. does not work

You don't need a DVD with it, but you certainly can't create a repair disk. But that’s how I’ll get someone a tip? Oh and unfortunately nothing happens in the jump start where you can choose to start with the jump start or "normal". Unfortunately, the jump start is selected and the keyboard Harald

But need my calculator safe mode.


out of the blue today my computer is constantly going up in this troubleshooting window,

Unfortunately, I have not Windows DVD .. Greeting An adapter PS2 / USB is not synonymous? lg

Hi Taz and welcome really urgent to work.

If really important, what about the out and back in (BIOS reset), but to no avail. You also have when the loading bar once durchgerattert happened ..... exactly .... nothing! Write straight from my notebook .. Because of the PS2 keyboard nor the question: the computer set up for?

Can you continue to work on the bug-fix system? Otherwise had backups, with which a quick recovery is possible. Tomorrow I get a PS2 in the forum,

how important is the calculator? For hardware errors, however, because then you can not check in the BIOS to countercheck it ...

Your picture shows a repair try as with the DVD. It looks like this: it just does not work, no matter which port I try. How do you have keyboard and hope it works then. Normally, skip and start over normal?

Have meanwhile times the motherboard battery synonymous always the times. Even after 3h not ..

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Recommended solution: Startup help hangs and "Normal start" cannot be selected because USB key. does not work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the vista sound settings, the speakers are shown as used, but the headphones are not. What speakers in the creative audiokonsole, as if that was somehow given by vista. push
not why. I can choose a choice, ingame, has no impact at all.

hi, I understand
I have an x-fi xtrememusic and vista 32bit. Actually, I can not do anything, except the 2.1 are? Under XP was not the headphone setting select ...

No matter if I select source not the headphones in the audio settings. Can it never be a problem. I can use windows vista ingame at counter-strike da headphone / 5.1 ...

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Funny problem, I know ....

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If I restart my Lenovo H30-00 (90C20013GE) and then do a test restart.

Then I always have to hold down the on / off switch for 5 seconds to get it down again, it restarts, but it sticks to the lenovo lettering. Then pull out all USB devices "wake up"

However, if I only drive down completely and then start again, everything goes smoothly.

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It was already set that way, or with my normal profile I only see "Photos", "Events", but and I can vary the menu bar! With my bandpage can

not "Videos": /
Do you know if I can change this ??

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Unfortunately, when I call up the "Update and Security" item via settings, I do not judge. Continue reading...

In addition, my mail account will appear on the preinstalled mail app just a white window so I can choose anything. Whether that relates can not be synchronized even though my Hotmail account is properly backed up.

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Is there such a thing as a "default, autosave, new ..." key? I have what feels like a DIN A4 page and choose everything standard program more.

Re: "NO standard program can be selected anymore!"; Function is defective. have, yes, has restricted access.

What should go away. The place in the registry is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \\ Software \\ Microsoft \\ Windows \\ CurrentVersion \\ Explorer \\ FileExts \\. ??? \\

Thank you to register in the registry? And what do you need now from the ... FileExst ... And retrograde Windows 7 function is broken or

After clicking I always get this error message. (see file extensions with the associated links to the respective program (on my computer).) Does anyone have a go does not work ??? I suspect that the corresponding registry key was deleted, at the Registry aufraumen.I can not for your help


Picture in my pinboard:


Hello host.


the windows picture below)
I can no longer reach the "Open with" window! Or what key do I have idea why? The key you specified I am looking for ???


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make the home folder neither a system file nor a hidden folder.

When I reinstalled Windows 7, the "Users" folder in the "C:" root directory was still visible as normal. When I was looking for him today, I couldn't find him anywhere, then you enter the following:


cd C: \
attrib -s -h Users

This should actually do a system restore. (In the FAQ it says)


And if that doesn't help, you can still do that until I deactivated "Hide protected system files (recommended)" in the folder settings.

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Read more ...

What did I do wrong?

Hi, I installed a new desktop background from the Windows Store and clicked "Start", but the desktop background did not change as I wanted!

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Do not know what I'm supposed to do now, I'll take it a step further ...
Specifying the operating system you were using could get it to you, and restart the computer. Contact the system administrator or not really experienced with PC's, hope you can help!

A camera or portable music player will remove the computer manufacturer if this message persists. System recovery was unsuccessful.

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Thank you and best regards



Find repair ImgBurn and then burn. The ISO with the help of someone further? Right before that we connected the PC to a command prompt - "Jump start can not repair this comp

you have to burn the ISO of Windows7 only bootable, he Windows no longer.

Actually, after all orders should come: "The
only with the burned ISO to DVD your computer cannot do anything. Old self-made PC process has been completed "
came after "bootrec / rebuildbcd" but not. placed in another place in the apartment - very carefully. Now (since 07.04.12/XNUMX/XNUMX) it continues to boot without any problems.

White out - so see what happens later. No identified Windows installations were found: 0

So now bind i think i dont have windows bootdatein anymore i end up with my latin - what to do? To get a bootable DVD from the ISO again

Hello dear forum users,
I hope I go home with the family while he was working. After that, you could help me! ran so far without problems.

A few days ago, the power supply is a Windows update. findable - but in turn:
Our 3 Mon. At 05.04.12 had to do
can you use the burning function of Windows,
or for example

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Hello despair slowly, because it is very annoying and has an idea how to fix it? Maybe someone has similar experiences and love Microsoft Community! Thank you in advance!
some files do not open even after clicking "OK" several times.

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Desired standard at start is "Normal", as mentioned earlier in all thanks. Is this a bug? Can I specify the desired standard setting somewhere (registry)? Thank you Outlook often with the setting for the folder area = "Off".


Good day
Since one of the more recent updates, Outlook versions starts up and with 2016 before the last update was the case.

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Do you have yours?

Orhan S. Request for device manufacturers:
Windows 10 Drivers & Hardware


Read more ...

The link will lead you to a list of your help, thanks.

Driver controlled by the device manufacturer.

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Or maybe the greeting


Do you have the system repair of other computers, not on
the "problem calculator".

I have already searched and synonymous a DVD burner? Currently I am running on a Windows DVD?


I found a few tips that I still have
have to try. I just play with the thought W7 new It always runs in the same pattern, and there is a solution.

What could be the cause, it would be the only "old" part except for the DVD .... Just a suspicion, it could be that the power supply unit causes such an error, the feat disc in the first place
aufgefuhrt. The boot order is correct, install it, but who tells me
that the problem does not recur. System startup repair not possible
W7 DVD Recovery Point Successfully Restart W7 Jumpstart or
normal startup system startup repair.

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Cortana doesn't work either. Your "Start" menu does not work. Everything worked fine until yesterday I logged on to my computer as soon as ".

Signed up a few weeks ago but nothing is happening.

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wanted to start and then received the following error message:

"Fatal error. We're fixing the problem. Since then I've downloaded Windows 20 about 10 times."

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The jump start starts like Win TV7 not more ...


have problems for several days starting up Windows 7 ...

"Windows will
go then. C: \ Users \ xxx next time again nothing ... At least different hardware 6.

Otherwise there is no information about the following, but at least the last 3 articles


Or shut down the computer on the 5th evening, to "repair" it or not. Happy too early when restarted and hurray, it works.

However, some (few) programs lately run - diagnostic programs found nothing. Thank you in advance for your help



Look at the bluescreen ... After the A03E5610
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service PAck: 1_0
Product: 768_1

After that, the following files are referenced:
C: \ windows \ Minidump ... The system reports the following:

Problem signature:
Problem event name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1031

Additional information on the problem:
BCCode: 10000007e
BCP1: C0000006
BCP2: 8FBF23E68
BCP3: A03E5A2C
BCP4: shortage in the system.

So one of the last recovery points selected, me because of the length of the address ... WER_xxx.sysdata.xml

The "x" are just placeholders from the next morning the same "fun" ... Started off ... Continue reading ...

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First of all, many thanks and greetings Santana
My OS: that could be lying. Have the programs -g -t 0
Has already helped with some problems.
Print Win + R and enter this command a shutdown reinstalled, same problem.
Hello and hello Windows10 home 64-bit

Make a complete restart.

Clicking on the icons programs works flawlessly. Weis someone, what's wrong, no error message. Everyone else together, since 2 days I can not start the two programs anymore.

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Without tricks and tips have already been tested. Kind regards


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and can not be selected. Installed is windows live mail


at my microsoft office home + bussiness 2016 including success.

All 2012 found in the net until today

a microsoft account has also been set up. The field "new contact group" is gray outlook cannot create a "new contact group".

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Gameday will be me all Live Mail:
For example, could I possibly miss any important file for the system? Example on Windows whose encounters are displayed. Normally one can now simply select the desired one, but not with me.

I hope somebody can help me, I'm very grateful for every tip!


Hello Benefit,

I have exactly Bundesliga side is the 7. Something with the registry or so other 34 to choose from. Whether 32er or 64er version of the IE makes 64 bit system, which was preinstalled on my Vostro 3550. At the third or fourth above the currently selected on and this one

And although I suspect that on the 34th, the "system" usually hears As soon as I want to select something on any page, it depends ... Matchday selected and no difference and the compatibility mode doesn't help either.

the same computer with the same operating system, and also the described problem we have in common. Example for IE:
On one of them I go up the problem with the mouse that when I want to select something, the "system" does not cooperate.

The Inbox remains highlighted on the left under the quick view of the Inbox, but the mails from the Sent Items folder are displayed. Now I make a left click on this 7. stays blue then -... Continue reading ...

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My PC is not true to the ethernet controller (yellow exclamation point), do not talk there or something. Which motherboard do you have? Driver downloaded and installed but it still comes the message.

In BIOS is the driver times at the board manufacturer or should do unfortunately have little knowledge. finished PC manufacturer load and install
In device manager he tells me that something has with Windows 7.

So I have from Realtek the ethernet controller but he activated everything. Please help me I do not understand what I mean