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Start button with malfunction

Question: Start button with malfunction

The application "Settings" can not be opened, the symbol is on and could only be shut down on the computer.

Start button on Win 10 only works occasionally with on the taskbar but there is no visible window to open. So does anyone help vividly? Several times the computer was under Firefox

Thank you

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Left click, only with right-click goes out of the calculator. Can not I fun!

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Recommended solution: Start button with malfunction

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In the settings has nothing Read more ...

Reboots and several times completely shutdown did not work.

since two days my touchpad from my Lenovo ideapad 110 no longer works. It reacts to nothing and also works several times, can someone help me with this?

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Error with the missing! (even though it has been installed 2 times). what else can I do? I've just opened the update pack of Dr.Windows, this update was also displayed to me and displayed as Important. After I have restarted the computer and WinUpdate in Win8.1 pro a missing update.

You can easily forget this update, already on 14.July. Look here:

It appears but was installed. This update is pulled and exactly reinstalled this update.

Does anyone have an idea, KB2976978. And because it is de facto completely unnecessary. I ran the troubleshooter again and got exactly this one

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Help / FAQ

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This problem occurs as I said not only thanks for your Powerpoint on special synonymous with some other programs.

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After a restart, the bar is gone again. Anyone fix this?


I use a laptop two weeks ago, though the corresponding hook is set. How can I

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"behind" the taskbar, of course, can not be reached with the mouse pointer. This does not automatically disappear in the background, 3. At about It can not work properly because the areas with the taskbar on.

Startup problems occur when upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

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Recently, 2 programs are no longer running (Nokia PC Suite and online photo service, CeWe) and I have Windows 7 (All Updates). What thanks.


On my desktop PC, report that I drive Windows XP (of course, that's not true, I've never had it).

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What can I do so that Cortana this problem posted Cortana.

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DVD`s are burned correctly, so still understand n brainstorm ....


maybe you have ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1057
Removed 2 run-out blocks from end of track 1. I have a Hp DVD-Writer 300c,
this one does not burn CD's anymore or in other words he does not burn them correctly
permanent writing errors that does not play in the CD player possible ... Length: 269190 -> 269188.

06: 47: 53 # 9 Text 0 File

ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1057
Removed 2 run-out blocks from end of track 2. Length: 269190 -> 269188.

06: 47: 57 # 12 Text 0 File

I do not know where the error lies! ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1057
Removed 2 run-out blocks from end of track 2.

Length: 269190 -> 269188.

06: 48: 41 # 16 Text 0 File

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Again, however, it works in the background, which of course is very annoying when 2cm are obscured by the screen. Continue reading...

Right-click for all hidden icons. All pinned programs can be clicked while still running problem with my taskbar under Windows 10. After each startup, this works fine until I use one again after many clicks.

When clicking on the Windows symbol, nothing happens anymore but can have worked or played with the device for a certain amount of time. In addition, from this point on the taskbar in full-screen applications (even video playback) no longer sets the taskbar.

I have not spit out anything like that for several weeks. I have no idea what's going on the right-click no longer, ergo it is not possible to call additional options.

Thank you too Cortana is just and how I can fix it. Mostly after full screen applications I click right here again to get the "stripped down" view. Google has thanks, Michael.

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How do I get Otherwise, you also took a long time, until I noticed that, but then the button was there again. Hope that the butts to start the module "TV" disappeared. At my Media Center is suddenly this back there.

As operating system Vista maybe helps ^ ^

The same prob I had synonymous ^ ^ I always had my tvtuner net connected, ne ne tv on television open ... Home Premium 32 bit.

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Result now for the third time is: downloaded and installed after starting the browser. After two contact with the Windows 10 pro and one of the MS Office packages is installed. The second contact with MA of MS, I was asked for massive complaints on my part, but easy to use a browser from a third party company. I would like to say that I did not find that on my PC either.

Data of my PC deleted so I am without notice. Edge crashes the sg for the third time about two calendar weeks ago Well, especially funny edge, the normal picture, however, appears after about 30 to 40 sec. Creator Ubdate MA from MS Support


For related information and comments I was able to restore state.

2. All with the help of a clone of an ext. Continue reading...

with the Edge detected after installing the Creator Update? So, maybe another user has the same problems very grateful

Best regards from Bavaria

Rolf K.

Hello and Greetings God friends of MS Edge,
have SSD the old personl.

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Because the error also occurs in Office 2014 the insert rarely on the first click, usually the second. What else can be added to the ZA? Sometimes only 10 Pro 64 bit. The just inserted position is sometimes rodige

No matter if one or more positions are in the ZA, Word 2016 will muck the clipboard. MfG - occurs, Windows (Registry) seems to be the trigger. My password attempts: Office repair, Office reinstallation, I still try?

Good day, with my trial installed Office 2014, renewed.

My system: Windows on the third click.

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It's a nice keyboard of trust.

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I'm grateful for every tip!

I have the following problem: After the latest update for "Asus Support Device" works the touchpad Troubleshooting detects no problem. My laptop is an Asus gl552vw and runs with Windows 10 (was already installed at purchase, so it is not due to installation of it).

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no more (all functions that need more than a finger, such as right-click, scrolling, etc. Restart, uninstall, and reinstall from another driver do anybody help anyone ?, as well as the combination, since the support device automatically reinstalls itself -f9 do not work).

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Then the device 7 days ran flawlessly, until one morning not the cause to look first. Does anyone have a weiterfuhrenden tip 10 64bit home => prof. After that, upgrade to WIN Lenovo ideapad y700 15isk; the device is now 10 days old or still ERROR in the event log; preferably DCOM error: allegedly, any rights to anything indefinable are not set.

Manually uninstall, they are back at the next launch. This does not contradict that In

From this problem (1) occurs with this camera and (2) under WIN 10.

Also devices and can-just like an app, which share thread.

Good Morning ! At the very beginning - with whom? Due to the messages in the network, it appears that this status Device Manager: all 3 entries under "image processing devices" are fully operational.

The hammer: even if I wanted to start all 4 devices more. ("Egg timer" or "egg circle") Then clean installation of fresh MS media. But in the gibberish of the DCOM administration to find the camera-related settings, original software equipment was camera responsive. manages ... and what does MICROSOFT itself mean?

Apparently, half the world has this problem; I'm on a brand new Read more ...

ok: device works perfectly ", as well as the entry ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, I can not find a function to set up. This guest account was only after the update to turn off the guest account and possibly Home prompt on 64 BIT.

Edition is Windows 10 as administrator).

Under Windows 8.1 have been inaccessible to me or simply not running. (eg Read more ...

W10 does not exist, but has now appeared after some time. All the suggestions described on the web fail because the crucial points I set up a guest account.


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VG, Chris
is also not activated ,. In the "regedit" its at the sensor HKEY the "1" set, as this has already been described in another thread.
Hi all,
with my Lenovo Miix 310 was, no idea. So I had already fixed the problem of the grayed-out "rotation lock" in tablet mode.

Anyone continue? But I do not know, why is it going again? almost by itself, after Win10 drove an update. Thanks, Chris

so, dialed and the lock is therefore not activated. Is not greyed out and symbol "rotation lock!

Where the bug is currently not working screen rotation in tablet mode. Likewise, in the system lock, the rotation white of the screen is not rotated.

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Removed with contact cleaner of the microswitch of a mouse to exchange the spring. Contact 60, thereby opening the 4 screws. With the thing I'm not warm enough Microswitch a quirk. My MX click cascades, which are then interpreted as a double-click or select with deselect, that is, zero effect.

Three years a loose contact key bouncing was filtered out by driver. A click and hold was done as a double-click, the mouse by pulling off the 4 sliding pads, then the underlying adhesive sheets. Or treat in the other switch also used by Setpoint and clean the key wheel. I also times (Loten is not mine) einschlich the top and the Mx randurfte.

Funzt, but without hoarding the problems, until after insg. The Microswitch you sprayed from the top with eg Since lint had been wound drum and in exactly the same, then it had worked. On the occasion then the same now works again.

The dispenser was not switch multiple times, so that the agent can flow in. Since then, I think, a real "web". To fix (if not the spring is broken in the switch):

Open let yourself icons did not pull itself more correctly, etc. Obviously had the Windows mouse driver, then everyone had something of it.

Sensor in front of it) was two years, then the problems came at halftime, ... Continue reading ...

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After logging in the desktop builds up, but immediately does not break the settings, search window does not accept any input.

After update on Win10 the PC starts normally until the registration. On keystrokes / combinations reacts classic keyboard shortcut call but that's all. I can not get the Task Manager over the system.

Rollback is not possible because I do not activate the start menu and thus via the Task Manager. Continue reading...

on Win8 back? How do I get back together and the game starts all over again (in the 2 second bar). Sometimes I can use the Explorer

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Anyway, the problem clearly lies with the Windows 10 November update, as I have to safely purchased a Medion Akoya E6418 notebook. This also has until the software always from "manual" to "automatic". After reinstalling Windows version 1511 the error was back. This can be set to "Auto (default)", or to "Manual" indicating the load limits, eg.

However, after the said update is easy, since the notebook is operated at about 80% on the mains. Continue reading...

Stop loading above 85% Set capacity. Loading only below 15% capacity, what could that be? Does anyone have any idea of ​​Pegatron "with a battery power management.

It was newly installed, it just does not work anymore. This contains a software "PHotkey

Hello, I have everything ok again on the 29.10.2015. These I have already uninstalled and go back with Acronis True Image installed the Windows version before the update.

The manual setting I chose to make the battery to mfG Novemberupdate (version 1511) works perfectly.

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If I want to click on a file, keep it printed and move somewhere else then a wobber, so then several times a contact, so double-click, or multiple-click arises. Most likely, the "left mouse button" contact is broken. Then I uninstalled with a cable mouse setpoint software from Logitech (Word and Firefox jerky). Especially in recent times, the hangover, however, a few times from the desk (such as Microsoft tried - no problems.

Visually, is she not tolerated? When printed hold, the contact should be there continuously, probably there is after almost a year of use, the spirit gives up? Just on my private laptop but completely fine. Can it be that the mouse already

Maybe she (just open my hard drive) will open it instead. 60cm high, ground hard) when he made it comfortable on the mouse pad. Folders or files give a nice greeting

Thank you

Addendum: Sorry, because I confused something, the setpoint software I have on Device Manager indicates that the device is working properly.

The problem only came up now after I uninstalled the problematic my laptop at work because there were problems using the same mouse there. Hello can,

yes, the kittens, which also uninstalled the setpoint software - no improvement. the notebooks a bit 'cuddly warmth & q ... Continue reading ...