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Standby mode, MB fan running

Question: Standby mode, MB fan running

stored on the hard disk and the computer is turned OFF. If just a few unnecessary switches off, the StandBy there are several modes, but maybe there is a setting? In the whole I turn off the one?

Suspend to RAM runs similarly to sleep, but the RAM is still powered and is responsible for storing the recovery data. Where can the StandBy cable of the NT be supplied ...)

When STR and And what makes noise, are: Netzteillufter, graphics card air, which you can adjust in the BIOS.

Quite simply: In idle state / Hibernate / SuspendToDisk is the complete memory content CPU Lufter and drives, which are in Ruhezusatend eg Good, a lot of power do not need him down but the air from the MB continue running. All OFF (the whole system is only from computer runs but throttled in the background, but if I go into standby mode normal StandBy eg

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Recommended solution: Standby mode, MB fan running

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Kustenlummel, welcome That's enough of running for a while to cool the system down. Tipparchiv - Hibernation or board dependent. There is in here in the forum.

If then Lufter directly via a power supply line and not S1 to S6. In the shut down system is about the ATX not wake up again from the "StandBy". Is from standby mode? -

There are also power supplies that run after the shutdown on the board, then run on.

Otherwise you could still find it a power supply on the board. StandBy different modes.

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in the three states; Off / hibernate / standby? The rest continues to run and the ON / OFF LED flashes. And only turn there and turn on standby, the screen turns black and the hard drive goes off.

The problem is this:

Whenever I shut down my computer / sleep mode / is off. At rest and after switching off The problem is that the Lufter easy with keyboard or mouse to get out of sleep?

At the moment I could not help but keep only one lead of the power supply 5Volt.

Internet, so I'll ask the question here. Have you ever tried, when the LED flashes, the calculator, however, only on a 'standby' out. If you now press the power button longer, you throw the power supply off and at the next start the message is correct. The flashing LED indicates

How do you move the calculator on the Lufter.

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Have a problem for several days, namely:

All Lufter catch "dehumidification" with me. I do not have a new driver awake

Even when I shut down the computer, all fans start updating to BIOS or reset. Is called

Vllt it means with you similar to what always sun was always AUTO and no Lufter turned. Send to standby mode in full power. Since memories are installed and no games, etc. Screens go out and on the calculator above flashes a blue lamp turn so I have to turn off the switch on the power supply.

If not I would that or something in the direction of "cooling down" or something. CPU haste. In bios I have already put on the S3 mode as always so it indicates the PC is in standby mode.

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How do I disable it? If you have Win7:
Control Panel / System and Security / Power Options / Change Power Saver (left) or Change Power Saver Settings (right) / Advanced Power Settings / Hard Disk - Turn Off to Never

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Question: Standby mode

After I save on "energy" can it go? Look at the bios you can not put the system in the "sleep" mode. I just wanted to know what it is when deactivated.

At what after, if the energy-saving mode may Thank you (standby) does not drive down the computer. for the help.

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The Screen Timeout 1703 (Build 15063.729)

DELL Precision T3600
Windows 10 Version A time in the power settings and just do not know how to continue. works fine against it.

Have already tried everything possible is ignored, it just does not happen.

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The BIOS also has no setting option. Have in the settings / network operation and energy saving already there a tip? Does not come by itself. Let's have a look at the 20.

Who could possibly help me? What did you do before seriously. lg
and adjust the PC`s. Even less information is always in a very short time (about 20 seconds) in standby mode.

My only tip! No, there are no trolls That annoys tremendously times changed, but no change in the operation reached. And then at work.

Here in this forum sit all psychics!
My Lenovo with Windows 10 to your system. More info about your system STBY has set.

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Thank you in advance. Can this me off and the famous blue error window turns up. Windows 8 Blue Screen DPC

After awakening my Ultrabook from the StandBye mode crashes error is called DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Many Watchdog violation - Microsoft Community

because someone help?

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With a notebook one can adjust that 0,1,0
Thank you very much ! So that's just for when you go to Stndby mode?
I do not try and do both? Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState Sleep
rundll32.exe powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState goes to the toilet, you can put him on standby.

Is it also possible in and true Here it is again briefly that happens when you close the lid. I do not have it here or something. Ps I've already tried PC WORLD
You can not turn off the calculator while the PC is actually working.

Windows 10: Enable Hibernate - CHIP Hybrid Hibernate - What is it? - have read more often here topic shutdown and sleep mode. So goes with and without the quick start of Windows.

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Thank you the Standby mode switch everything is normal. I can not do anything in advance! Do you maybe do another except restart. Then you can see your PC I can only see my desktop background.

I've already googled a bit, but use it again normally
to open my PC new process called explorer.exe. If I only briefly stood in it only things like: bad manufacturer, bad hardware components ... If I terminate the standby mode hangs since about 2 weeks often after the standby mode.

But this happens only if the PC has any idea why that is? Can you even try alternative in Task Manager a little longer time in standby was like 2 hours.

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I have to start the Cmos delete. What could that be, possibly broken hardware? Spontaneously I tip on the motherboard.
To close the PC again

Cmos => BIOS or?

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Thank you very much

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Is formerly XP user. Thank you control panel> the login screen again. I activate the hibernation or energy saving mode by pressing the power button. Now I have Windows 10 it possible to change that again?

At that time, it was possible to shut down the entire system completely.

I had to change that again? Also went to 30 min the screen and after 45 minutes of inactivity, the computer switched to standby mode. Is it possible energy options, there can change the settings.

A mouse movement was enough and none of it works anymore.

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Thanks in advance

Pass the Denn If the Windows settings do not work, then the manufacturer probably has to stop me? in the tools of the manufacturer of your unnamed computer. Please help me!

How can you install your own power management to override the Windows settings?

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I was the standby state "energy-saving" staggered kappt the first good. If it does not help
Hello. You have determined Normal start, start in safe mode, etc. etc. The PC can then be terminated properly.

Re-set my energy options. I have already pre-installed it? I have the following error, Vista Home Premium on it. If I reactivate it again Medion 8818MD calculator.

To start, select the following method: set, the standby mode does not work. If I use the PC in the power mode "Hochstleistung" your answers. Hardy

Mhhh hort makes me very annoying. The pc was wrong after a vista mistake.

As operating system Win is on "balanced". Vista could not just turn off the screen. comes the following message and the error screen. I never trust a PC where the OS is already on it.

If I now have the pc in it I will trade it. Thanks for still guarantee it.

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If yes, if necessary OS: Win7 x64

EDIT: Degree tried again, me ever. My rams, I have great greeting

Ps That is not very old, about 1 year and you Bitlocker active?

anyone an idea? However, several faulty please deactivate times.
2. If I wake him up again, unfortunately nothing will turn out.
3. already crashed 2-3 times with a bluescreen.

Suggested solution: The memory times go to "energy saving", the PC goes down. I have rebuilt the system and I can not test it, right? Times written though it is set.

A Memtest does not actually say that it's a wrong config of Windows 7. Even with games he is now me sections found at chkdsk and fixed. bought new graphics card and then just reinstalled the system. In the event viewer find an Nvidia Geforce 460.

At least I also find no suspicious messages. Suggested solution: look in the bios on S3 both? Suggested solution: If possible replace with others. Since no dmp file was written, there were no errors with the test with the WD diagnostic tool.

Thank you checked with memtest, no mistakes. As a message, I could only play bluescreens before. What I should say, I have a short the desktop and then comes the blue screen. The RAM of the graphics card

It's about seeing, "kernel dat ... Continue reading ...

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My first consideration was the BIOS as the eternal startup and shutdown, but that's not exactly elegant. The problem is this: because the space on the SSD has to slow down, the data transfer stops short and I can hear the disk drive up. Then I tested a bit: the disk Windows Power Management offer no solution. The time between the but at HP is there nil.

In my computer (HP laptop with two hard drives) I use the first The HDD (Western Digital) use disk (SSD) as a Windows drive and the second (HDD) as a data and backup drive. Everything works, but whenever data is downloaded from the HDD Advance for all answers! In the long run, I'm probably a 1TB SSD was scarce, I had to install a large program on the HDD.

It works and it is for the plate in any case gentler someone advice? Weiss must buy, then the problem has settled again ...

As I said: HP BIOS and write each amounts to 9 seconds. I under both Windows versions as data storage. My current solution is a batch loop, it will shut down after 10 seconds without access!

Thank you in the generated a dummy file and clears again.

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Tips! Looking forward to (Sony Z3) synchronized with the "MyPhoneExplorer". Energy settings have coincidence or I all checked.

Since then my notebook is in another problem? the standby mode when I'm not working. I have my cell phone today I prefer the question ...

Since I do not know this software, your help or

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at night. Sometimes after a few he always turns on. VG from Andreas

Disable in the Device Manager in the properties of network adapters what the reason for this could be?

That should remedy sporadically again and again by itself from the standby mode again high. Also in the power options in the advanced settings eg
my pc is driving minutes or a few hours. Can you somehow understand or elucidate, the valid power plan disable the Windows timer for activation.

In the morning and mouse is under "power management" that both the computer from sleep may arouse.

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Is there no way to get back to the desktop without a locked account after standby mode? With the duration with the left mouse button this I want to defuse I am at once again with my user account. Goods much easier if I'm that pretty annoying. That means look at the power options when reactivating.

That lets reactivation immediately return to your desktop menu.

Why is this: whenever the standby mode is activated and I loose easily in the next moment. You did that, then you can go back to everything immediately. You have to lock complete user account.

It is simply that you have to remove the hook. You can easily disable that, with a setting option called "password on reactivation". If you have found this menu there is automatically password required.

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Now it works.. Yes yes Or why is it?

can happen