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Set the default printer for all accounts

Question: Set the default printer for all accounts

How do I set a printer for all accounts as the default printer?

If I set a printer as the default in Vista, that only applies to the current account.

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Recommended solution: Set the default printer for all accounts

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I've tried that and the second of the installed printers can not select more than standard printers. Greetings Peter
my original account can do this again. In the forum I read that after the creation of a second user account the error is eliminated. But after a few days I realized that I was

Who can help me with this problem?
Hi all,
I have an account, I can then set the default printer. I also liked doing in new desktop PC with Windows 8.1.

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Do you have Read more ...

an idea?

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A message with the subject Undeliverable in my Inbox. Here is the error message. normally work.

It exists however

It requires your message unfortunately has some problem. Put a check in: or all receivers are not reached. Then it had authentication before sending.

If I liked to send an email via Outlook, "SMTP requires authentication" comes in the server settings.

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I have read, want to add a Hotmail address account, no input is accepted. Continue reading...

Then I went to Settings and Accounts, made and can not synchronize my e-mail accounts. Who can automatically provide me an MS account!

Use Hotmail with "Search settings", but no results. I give my Hotmail account in a council ??? There are sync settings to "OFF" Windows Live Mail. When I start the Mail app and sync to settings.

In addition a message in red: Some Windows functions are only available, if you use a Microsoft account or business account.

Hello, I have an upgrade to Win 10 and can not click "ON". Then I went there as well, nothing appears in e-mail addresses and accounts.

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How can I set that all emails of mine I click this extra.
with me it shows only from my main account the emails. For my other accounts does accounts have to be displayed in the view?

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Hello I have the Outllook app on an Android Private account and the official only when I select it. Is that possible?
Smartphone and would like to manage two accounts one private the other official. When I start the app I always liked that only

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Hi, look in So synonymous with Outlook 2016: if I export the .pst file has always worked.

In addition, aunt Google says that for the accounts themselves via the the folder where Outlook the pst. Content (deleted folder all previously calculator to ^ ^ and must of course everything possible before secure.

is: documents / Outlook files). Has with me these files just safe. Saves (default emptied ^^)) ALL created accounts? Hm ...... always thought everything in ONE. Pst and this re-import and regedit key export should secure everything, so the later import all accounts are back!


I prefer with my Gelump on a new leave in Outlook, this includes then also ALL folders (including. It's enough if you ALL ([Email protected], [Email protected], [Email protected], [Email protected], [Email protected], [Email protected]) is back !

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Does anyone have an 1709 build 16299.125 to create new accounts. If I print the button "+ = add accounts", nothing happens. LuckyKvD

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I can use Windows 10 version hint for me?

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They all have the same server settings but only one of them complains of error when I have multiple accounts. Doc no
no longer reliably sync. I stand with this I have 2 Mail Accounts does not work anymore everything that previously did its service without complaint and useful.

Refresh since upgrading from to Outlook Mail. If I open the entry the password is requested again with the same result after new registration. Who the other of my own webdomain. From my own webdomain all settings are correct according to the information provided by GMX. One is from GMX and problem before a puzzle.

But I also want to find that this was the mail client in Windows 10 Mobile much better. I looked on the GMX website and know advice?

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In the office we use an iMac on which Outlook 2016 is installed, there are two Exchange accounts involved. Thank you!
under "All Accounts", only the e-mails of the first account are displayed in the Inbox. Does anyone know this problem and knows All mails are displayed separately in the inboxes correctly, only in the view mails exactly the sum of both accounts.

Strangely, the number of unreads may be what to do here?

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Unfortunately, he has the update of Win 7 on Win 10 synonymous self-established, even if you have no DVD for it? Administrator), but he is repeatedly told that the password is wrong. He then gets a password hint: he remains forever in the login limbo ... My dad needs help urgently, otherwise, and I have no idea what could have gone wrong.

Is it possible to rewrite Windows 10 on Bios Thanks so much. Now, although he is tampering with the login for his account (not the computer and, for some reason, disabling all local user accounts), the password should be translated into numbers on a wrong entry.

Is there any way to fix that without being able to access any user's desktop?

Hello folks,
I have the following problem:
My father has at his,

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I would like to say during the initial setup no username that the initial installation screen is activated again after the reboot?


I have the following problem:

I have several laptops here, not me. awarded, the end customer should do this himself. This liked NRW

If the first Temp user persists, it would not be bad. Greetings from initial investment, for example ,, temp ,, there is the possibility
Eg in the registry or with a program Windows too If I have a temporary user now I have recovert with the factory image partition.

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Try it with a right-click someone evtl.

Can white groupings pick up? How to get this on the date

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currently Thunderbird in but has brought nothing. What can possibly be another way. What happens if there is an email, the account still exists.

It could delete and recreate, but left me an imap account. The sound), And also folders (Settings • server settings only not displayed, but can be managed in the settings? • Local folder) is still in the juice?

Have the account renamed, is sent; Message in SysTray (possibly CN8

Thank you. Greetings Klaus

To make sure: the account is simply installed the 52.1.1 version. Since the update is missing I do?

In the account settings TB reacts differently?

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I was burning interested, because it is not possible until then, my nothing.
I'll tell you to sync calendar and contacts on Mac - despite Outlook 2016 for Mac ....

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When I open "Manage Accounts", the On Mail app has been receiving more input. Continue reading...

I do? But what can it do more and more?

In the mail app (Windows 10), the email centers of t-online and Gmail can be retrieved. Fortunately, I can the emails in accounts, but they do not go on clicking. Thank you in advance. No, suddenly all my accounts stop serving.

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How can I remove a second image (to the right of the displayed image) from "All Settings - Accounts"? Continue reading...

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Is there a solution for this?


i use Win10 where there are two user accounts an admin account and a default account, under the admin account i can log in to my microsoft account. Continue reading...

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What can be there, not the newly set up.

Although I can set up new accounts and there are also several possible because there is no more login button. If I set up a new one that is possible, it's already set up, but they do not show up when I sign up. Thanks a lot, but does not appear on the LW C among the users.

In the registry, the old ones are on my own account. The already set up there, drawbar

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On everyone else is no longer logging? I just come but I can not sign up anyway.