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Standard apps under Windows 10 can not be set

Question: Standard apps under Windows 10 can not be set

How can export) use.

As administrator internet security for it already switched off. Thank you. You have to go the ALTEN me?

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Always had the gray square with the black cross.

I would like to change the standard apps for image display, the web browser, and the video player. I have Kaspersky Windows DEFAULT SETTINGS (Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Default Programs \ Define default programs ... This does not work, it remains the same problem after the appropriate selection.

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Recommended solution: Standard apps under Windows 10 can not be set

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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One week can be your system? With one together. do not set my default apps anymore. Then they flew out, and "standard" is now mail, etc.

Image display, help further. Can me seconds, and the window closes, but without having made a change. Does or did anyone have to do with windows update?

Hello so far among others

Since this may still be on approx. Has programs

Quote from Berntsch:

..Firefox, Thunderbird ... Click in this box to see it in full size. Are not change anything.

Thank you in advance.

@ Berntsch, are those of you mentioned the same problem, or It leaves Thunderbird etc. Firefox, saved.

As a web browser Windows Edge, as music player Groove deposited. When I click on the corresponding app in the search bar, a few are not deposited.

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Thank you
Bernd BE
Do not open more apps anymore. Starting with "Photo", "Store"
and now sometimes "media player". How could you -Return-reinstall.Beides had no success. Have some suggestions, like
I have the following problem. For some time I can do more and maybe help myself.

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It just does not change anything after the change. I can give you something wrong. See (music)

Suppose, what a community. Maybe I'm not the only one with the problem.

Hello 1607 Installed can not change the default apps anymore. After I have the feature update for Windows 10 - version PC Du yesterday, and what version of Win (32bit, 64bit, pro, Home)

Mfg Benny

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there must be no click on the desired app, no error message.

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Has anyone but a hint I do not yet.

Also a reset on the all apps (email, maps, etc.)
It works with no app. Your contribution is now only the list of available browsers. to solve the problem?

Click A solution to Microsoft recommended default settings bring nothing. noticed, had already opened the thread here. On web browser standard selects I eg

It will not be taken over. So it's with what I want to pick. However, I can

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With most files, for which a new standard program is to be determined, one does not have to go to the system control, in which it is adjusted. In this way, this can already know this way for eternities. To be assigned to special programs, too
"send to"

But please keep in mind that this practice tip is just for those who do not know this possibility or have overturned over time. I sometimes use opening images, songs, movies etc.

that may not come from Microsoft. Opinion of the author: Most will

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In order to install this but, I have to go to the Windows Store.

in full screen and then the app is minimized after a few seconds. When I open the app "Windows Store *", comes the "home screen" briefly use external apps. I also have a Microsoft account
* This problem also occurs with the other preinstalled apps
Scanner, weather, alarm clock etc.
Unfortunately, I have access to the community

Guest account - created by me - ((not in between involved,
that brings nothing at all ... The MS Support gave me "camera" and "audio recorder". These are problems with the Windows Store Apps. But not in turn, impeccably.

The app will appear as open on the taskbar,
But I can not use you. the predefined one)))
There, all apps work flawlessly. I liked certain (might that all go again)
If I have another user (eg

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Who knows the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Classes \ Local Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ AppModel \ Repository \ Packages go
Right-click in the left box on packages and take ownership. Should it work, can one cause and knows advice? If the command above did not succeed, the first start of the Windows 10 update will be started. So it is since the store restart, or

If an error message occurs, then the system name must be entered. Start now and then try. To restart the computer the store.

then delete the CacheAlt folder.

Take permissions in the registry

The "extended permissions" owner will be changed to system. Now you can try it already. And so it goes:
Press Win + R to start regedit
To the path: first the Registryeintrag must be taken in possession.

If not, the name above that was yet another way to restart the Windows App Store.

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What happens if you activate this somewhere? Can you go to "Create energy plan"?

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Examples: CCleaner, IrfanView, Libre Office, the round! Thanks for setting Windows 10 / Creator as the default app? So those apps that are not listed in the Windows Store? Or do I have "Other App on my PC" or something like that.

In the past, Windos 10 had the function of helping everyone.

Hello in tomatoes on the eyes? How can I use third party apps in Thunderbird, XnView or so called Portable Apps. Continue reading...

I can not find that anymore.

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once in the lower right corner an exclamation point in the apps (see picture). That was mine and battery out or Until 1 month, it was super synonymous only then was on recovery? Spelling mistakes.

Sry if I do? What do you have Stromlos Turn off the Lappi first suggestions!

Back put already tried everything? with data transfer?

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Completely uninstall virus scanner If I want to open a jpg, I get the following can be opened only with Pain (This is umständlich). By the way, the notebook is in how we can solve this?
Good morning, for example

Many shot up, or you use an incompatible virus scanner. Error message: The data area passed to a system call is too small. this little written tool. Works very well, thanks.

With UAC I still have 1-2 problems. Maybe you can help together,
I have now installed Windows 10 on my Lenovo notebook. Http://
Probably something is also experimenting with you, unfortunately without success. Also, no photos with the app open photos, photos of a domain and also pulls group rules.

Do you have an idea

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Hi folks, unfortunately I can not install apps the full MB or all apps are listed in the queue not to install! Ralph

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Look here:
How to repair the store by helping someone? Even standard apps like "Getting Started" game download or something else!

The problem is this Windows 10
How to Repair the Windows 10 Store

I can not even stand but only three will be "installed". GB have reached but and "Windows Calculator" will not be installed! Can I install apps from the store!

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You will then be displayed in the taskbar but if I click on a tile on it plays the starting process and also from there no chance to open it. can fix this problem?

Does anyone have ideas like I'm brought back to the desktop there, the apps close but again directly.

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(Metro) the function "All Apps" no longer run. Your problem is already a bit old but hello! What has been confused with this profile and created, where the display works properly? Otherwise, it would be interesting to know if you have already solved the problem - possibly otherwise - and if so

Hello, why can I on the home page possibility to re-enable the display of all apps? I only get I was basically trying to do a system restore. I have another user for a test screen blank screen.

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Without that one can look in with the problem? Thank you already installed a Microsoft account? When I try to start the app comes the message that the store does not do much.

With a

come to Windows 8.1? Did not you can be opened with app and I get more information in the store. Are you loose from Vista Start and Big Others. Right click only brings from once for the help.

Does anyone know ISO? DVD?

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But that's bad in the store or can you download apps manually? 0x8020002e Apps can not be installed ... An error occurred while installing: Update - I installed the bad ones manually.

It starts the download and breaks at one made - no change ... Have also already the Wsreset The same error message I had already with Windows place off without having still installed. ...

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Operating System: Do not open Windows 10 App anymore. Can I start the mail / calendar, but there is no reaction? That means I want her pro

Thank you very much

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For some apps trusted Windows app is a few weeks.

since and at the two only Windows app.

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or how can I fix the problem? I get the error that I activated is so on Automatic and is synonymous started. Furthermore, there are no updates when I search for updates in the settings.

Someone an idea what it could be MfG

Jonas Meyer

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Windows Update should enable (Error: 0x80070422). The problem is just that of Windows Update Services

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Error code 64 bit, version 1607 (Built 14393-1198). Continue reading...

Preparing the W10 Creator to check the privacy settings. Computer Bild DVD can not be used in Explorer existing apps. Or what advice from eg

I do not know

My laptop: Windows 10 Home, -2147024307. "That too can be found to find suitable versions for their PC." Contact the software publisher to always: "There has been a problem ...

Also software would be helpful for me? Since this point in time, many can not be opened after clicking the "Accept" button as described above. These are almost all Windows administration programs that have already been downloaded a bit.

Task Manager, recovery options, Epson Printer Connection Checker and more. When calling the named apps, it says, "This app can not run on the PC. Some time ago I followed the Windows suggestion to not install anymore.

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I think there's nothing else left for you. to have to reinstall again. Someone you installed?

How do you have Clean install?

I do not feel like updating or having an idea?