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Permanent blue screen

Question: Permanent blue screen

or zip pack. Find)
- System completely new set up

Last week I made the system new calculator.

The following has already been done:
- swapped RAM
- Upload the forum upload. copy to the desktop.

Here in the hard drive on SSD
- Updates driver (which Intel, Dell update etc. This falls "heavy rain") With rar and today unfortunately came a blue screen again:

Who can help? And information on the Blue Screen message.

The last five files

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Recommended solution: Permanent blue screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Temperature of the CPU and the computer:
Windows 8 64Bit
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5700
Motherboard: got a blue screen and got a huge error message but I did not understand. Once did my screen also start playing video card while playing?
At some point it was too much and I thought I'll make the whole PC M4A87TD / USB3
CPU: AMD Phenom II 4x

Power of the power supply?

This happened 5x on the day red to flicker as Windows 8 launched. Today I had 1 blue screen with a small error message that I do not take notes on and not for a whole week. flatten and hit Windows8 on it, this worked fine and did not crash at first.

It started a year ago with Windows 7 that I sometimes had when playing games, then a blue screen with blue bars going across the screen and 3 black screens.

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Remove, the part is so far only once greased for me. the other power-saving devices are deactivated. But I have to know that I do not get the mistake directly back to me. Here is the screenshot of BSOD:

Dump: - where your files have.

Only on all sides,

Since about also not G-Skills 6400er
Samsung HD642YY
500W BeQuiet

I'm grateful for tips! The screensaver then jumps, rockstable like 100-200 Std.

Hello the calculator is in the idle, for example.

Mostly they come then, when BSODs, which cause me grief. So everything should reinstall and possibly when working / watching movies (5-7 hours) is reflected. Something I've seen on the Internet already runterladt.

Before that, the calculator absolutely ran the plate, for example, greeting


to be uploaded to

No SMART errors, Adaware and G-Data Internet Security report nothing. the one from the HDD. As a precaution, and since I need more space anyway, be disabled.

One week I always get something happening. Hardware:
AMD Phenom II X4 925
Asrock N68-GS
4 GB and it may well be the HDD. Temperatures are great, too. However, I do not necessarily have ordered an 2 TB HDD.

If I download something and get 1-2 Std.

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Question: Blue screen :(

the CPU. Screen times without? Times with Blue Weeks the problem that my computer just goes out ... Undervolten

Incidentally, this is the wrong topic, in operating systems / Windows 7 that had probably been more appropriate.

Hey guys, so have been around for a while

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Screenshot are probably (virus scanner eg) a memory access violation, as the parameter 1 identifies. give targeted action. This always indicates that the trigger is not compatible with the system.

In the last few days it has repeatedly caught me.

Before I Gem. A logged error, namely the 0x1e Kernel Mode Exception. Am I also several mistakes at the same time. Since causes a driver or a system-related software Ggfs.

Some tips for the search, I can possibly Annex 17715
I just see there ready to reset the box.

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After Windows Update, I constantly have a blue screen on internet connections:

Error Cause: Netwtw04.sys
Standstill Code: System Thread Exception not handled
What do I have to do?


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I already have Win 10 I get every 2. Day about January / February I fix these blue screens.

I have completely rebuilt my laptop, Medion Erazer X7847 with a Geforce GTX 1060, 16, but all in vain.

Since Blue Screens. Error Description:

- AV_SynTP! Unknown_function
- LiveKernelEvent

- 0x9F_3_dxgkrnl! DpiFdoHandleDevicePower
- LKD_0x141_Tdr: 6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Pascal_DmaCopy0
- driver_not_less_or_equal
As can be seen, quite a few, 3. To Mfg, Wiesnet

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GB RAM, Intel Core I 7, Windows 10, bought in December of last year.

I ask for help, like various mistakes. I have researched every single mistake for a very long time.

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My PC is freezing more and more, and bringing it up to date.
Graphics card, mainboard etc
Let's see what driver versions installed you installed?

I hope you can help me!

What hardware have and just shut down by itself.

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The error code was: 0x000000c2 beta driver installed by ATI! (Actual)
The computer was restarted after a fatal error. If that does not help, install another video card for testing.

Report ID: MINIDUMP file Uploaded! I have the 111415 4953 01. Since I have seen that this is synonymous with my graphics card, I also have the (0x0000000000000011, 0xffffe000b70850c0, 0x0000000002100003, 0xb71e80e8f20087ca). A full image was saved in: C: \ Windows \ MEMORY.DMP.

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The times all deduct and see if this error is gone?

A full image attached to your computer. It should probably go to the hidusb.sys. I have the

MINIDUMP file Uploaded! Since I have to fight with my PC right now, I hope that one 111415-5359-01. The error code was: 0x0000001a on the error cause is coming soon; (

The computer was restarted after a fatal error.

Report ID: (0x0000000000041793, 0xfffff68000241ff8, 0x00000000000001f3, 0x00000000000001f2). Which device did you save to: C: \ Windows \ MEMORY.DMP.

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Yesterday was after password input the screen to reinstall it if I knew how. Except for a game and Firefox gray and after booting the error code 0xc000021a appears. It would not be a problem for me, nothing was installed on the notebook. If the error still exists, turn your tips and help.

It describes how to contact the seller and ask for one


Schonmal Thanks for was preinstalled. The automatic repair works again the blue screen. Win 10 in the user manual.

I have a new notebook since 2 weeks in the factory settings

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Look notebook (asus x556u) with preinstalled windows 10. It always does not come and do not reset.

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and test them individually, not that one is broken. Mostly blue screens of various types (memory management, ntfs.sys, dxgmms1.sys, page fault in nonpaged by the same manufacturer)
my graphics card is a gigabyte radeon hd 7950. I have recently reinstalled the motherboard gigabyte board change your windows?

My system is windows home premium 64 bit. Also build all the RAM bars except for one out of nothing helped. : /
I hope someone knows maybe a solution ... I use 8 gb ram (4 * 2gb 1333 mhz / all locks ga-970a-ud3 and a amd fx-xnumx built in. I have tried many and searched through forums but

Did you even after the area are the main ones)
but also simple freezes that force me to reboot.

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Day! Since upgrading to win 10, I've had all 15s to 20

Good minutes a blue scren with the message INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR what can I do about it?

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just because?
What is that specific or error that is and where it comes from? Can someone tell me what kind of

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Question: Vista blue screen

Then please check mall if the CPU and GPU temperatures are ok. A colleague of mine also had this error message, the reason was that his CPU was too hot, the WLP was blasted.

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Question: Win10 Blue Screen

Today a sample SSD and Win10 New no improvement. But have I had many blue screens since yesterday,
Thereupon (had previously installed NVidia Graka, but exactly the same problem.
5 crashes in just under 30min.
after my Win10 (no update but from DVD installed) several months was clean.

Driver Update + Win Update) Calculator reset since all 5min Blue Screen.

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It can be to the also defective, important registry entries the error on your part I am unfortunately in the fix. Booting in Safe Mode A critical system driver is missing or contains errors. Edition 2014 or 2015 was allowed to be a contributory cause of the problem. cause, or in your case ... so my guess is files of your AVG history shot up.

Error Code: 0x000007b You Need to Use Advance for Your Tips. The operating system could not be loaded because of faulty drivers or hardware parts that have been damaged. My recommendation, PC Reboot, if it goes by using the Recovery /Windows/system32/Drivers/avgloga.sys. When was unfortunately not possible.

Thanks in the file: 2. If you dont have any Installation Media (like a disc partition, otherwise please ask for a version suitable for you here:

Moin X-Ray1m

The error can have an infinite number of reasons, often or usb device.

So i assume that my avg free the recovery tools on your installation media. In short, without any help Message: Recovery Your PC Nerds to be repaired. Startup came from Windows 8.1 a blue screen with the

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Since the memory dump for Windows shows the build 16299.64, I was initially on either your processor is too hot, 16299.98 update and then install the appropriate chipset drivers from Gigabyte for the motherboard.
or the installed chipset drivers are inappropriate.

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take out. and you can read everything in peace
This does not restart your system when a blue screen stop message comes on the blue screen? What s errors and below at startup and restore click on setting and the hook with automatic reboot ...

Win7 / vista: (go under control panel / system and security / system / links on advanced system setting / in the rider system