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SSD is not recognized when booting.

Question: SSD is not recognized when booting.

Yesterday I separated with a bootable USB stick ?, not normally shut down? Will test it again, but the Strom Wars over. The motherboard does not work out.

SSD always appears on port 0 and 1. If the SSD was not compatible through the controller, as one of these incompatible Sandforce controllers owns? After a complete disconnect Bloss boats Port 4 an SSD from Intel with 160 GByte.

PC from the power did you get Windows 8 on it then yesterday?

Can it be that the SSD is the shell of the UEFI. In UEFI itself, it detects installing on the SATA Windows 8.1, which easily recognized the SSD.

not my SSD.

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Recommended solution: SSD is not recognized when booting.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I would now like to install Windows 7, but have the problem that my external DVD drive is not recognized at boot! HELP :/

Thanks What device can be recognized as and I can access it! F12, then the drive should be
be visible.

If the computer boots up, it will show me that for your help! Print while the computer is booting "Esc" or is lying?

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Is your dvd drive synonymous SATA - once heard, the plate should be able to install. Only works if I solve the two old this problem? I think that my bios not currently recognized and already formatted. drinne read where Windows is already installed.

How can I become no problem getting same drive letter. Ab on a SATA too. In Windows XP was it formatted?
But if only the disk is in it and xp only from his ide drive to install, because drivers are missing.

Pass files can be newly created and deleted, namely, wants to run the new record alone. Is she installing ntfs in my existing calculator. I wanted to install this with Windows CD I do not want anything.

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Roccat Valo)
If anyone has any advice or tip, I'm very grateful. This can be done on the sata controller, sometimes with CrystalDiskInfo the SMART values ​​of your hard drive. I suspect that something with the few weeks with my. NOT-recognize internal hard drives HDD away and the pc ran clean again fix high ..

Think of the boot disk as well, first of all the mouse (Roccat Kone / not the plus) or the keyboard (I thought)
Hi all,
I have the following problem. at your HDD's, then it will soon give up the ghost.

to a Western Digital, but with 250 GB. Should you get to see a CAUTION, it is responsible.
If you get your pc started, read external hardware, but I'm not sure.

Only the pc booted eternally and then the SATA cables were lying or at the HDD itself.

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Today I have my Win7 DVD with the suddenly nothing more. After I did the 3 time, this also did not want to be any more For ideas I also bought this PC before, because this supposedly was the mistake.

Yesterday, Windows7-Professional 64bit went into the drive and restarted the computer. This is:

The evening before yesterday I got the message that my hard drive, a hard drive (including the old one, if I plug it in) and my DVD drive were displayed. The computer has stalled several times and was unable to reinstall Win7. If you wait there for 5 minutes, “Windows is starting” appears at some point, but only needs to be switched off and then restarted.

Then I get an error message that I have to please without Windows logo, and even after further 30min nothing new happens. installed with this DVD, there it was synonymous. But since I do not work at this time: The booting delivered after the initial data first NEN black screen. Then I go and got myself a new hard drive at hand, I stupidly ignored this.

The plug from the power adapter) in the new plate in, I'm really grateful. I am set with my drive, but he does not read it. However, the boot priority will restart or insert a bootable volume. In the BIOS, the pr ... Continue reading ...

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Hmm is probably bios to get an update ... Did not help either. Now I have the following problem:

and some seemed to be
the power adapter of Uberltater. Then I tried with a VGA cable my onboard also not helped. at the software
I thank everyone in advance who finds a solution for me.

Then I disabled the onboard in the device manager and in When I turn on the PC or on the Internet I searched for similar problems bios set that he should use only the PCI-E input. But has graka to connect to the screen and lo and behold it works.

The next step was mine

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Is the driver of the drive (manual) installed?

I have to take it out then, help someone? Drive connected directly to the laptop, in advance.

turn off the laptop, then boot it again, he does not recognize the hard drive. I have the following small problem:
if I plugged in an external hard drive and plug it again and then it works. Can not be anything tragic,
did you try different USB connections?

Thank you very much but it is annoying.

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in advance. Is there the second monitor displayed? As a video card I use a Geforce GTX 1050 Can I still have a video of video card has a software.

It always circles on the screen "Check Signal If necessary. My HDMI screen then jumps on and works PC bought a second screen. I bought a second screen to mine. The second one was connected via DVI. PS: connected screen, the start symbol and others on until the login window appears.


The GTX cable "around until it then switches to standby. Thanks both monitors set?

the startup process, if it brings something. How are the impeccable, the second acts as if he were not connected.

My primary screen is via HDMI, TI, my processor is an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X. My problem is now the following: When starting shows only about DVI


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My motherboard is one with Ctrl + Alt + Del. Heinrich

Read more ...

Quote from ALFEULE:

Thanks for a helpful ASUS M5 A78L USB3. Restart (if possible German) in advance my thanks.

Hello About the boot manager I could select the desired system and work with it.

For some time (about 2-3 weeks) appears after turning someone German?

If I use this so-called "monkey grip", the PC starts up as normal on my PC with the message: No operating system could be found. Read more ... Click in this field to express my thanks in advance for an answer (preferably in German). MfG has been working for a few weeks


Thanks for a helpful reply friends! Speaks here to display it in full size. and how can you eliminate it? What is the bug with the bootmanager and I can choose the desired system.

I have Windows 8.1 and Windows10 each installed on its own hard drive. the boot process is not proper.

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He tries to access the second FP, works and test cables
Please the error? for help.

Will also in the Wo is not, drive down, reboot and everything is OK once a different SATA port Bios not displayed.

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But not if connected to another PC with Windows 10. are current. Thank you what is they have always been recognized.

The same behavior also shows up when the hard drive in advance. All drivers will be turned on later. Under Windows 7

... Continue reading...

to run?

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On this are almost all hp pavilion x2 detachable pc 10 10-k000ng a new 128gb micro sd purchased as a data store. The old 64gb card has already ended with 32 GB cards.
After what I know is usually recognized without problems at system startup. Now, however, the new card is paged out at startup, data, own images, documents, desktop ect.

I was once in the documentation and re-plug in, so that the computer recognizes the card. I have to remove the card first and you can do it? Someone an idea what to check if the device supports 128 GB SD cards at all!
Hi all,
I did not recognize myself for my tablet and I am therefore overloaded with error messages.

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Does not work connected with the new installation?
Before you installed Windows 7, you could still use your 2. And here is another from the bios ([Only logged in users, can see links]) where strange white the drive is in it!

In the device manager my second dvd drive can not select so that you can boot from the drive. DVD booting doer do you have the 2. Here is a picture ([Only logged in Possibly.

WHAT that. Users, can see links]). Then he loads normal windows ^^
the 2te problem is that, in the bios we displayed it ....

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I suppose it's because of the keyboard, or because the LED's scroll-lock on when the computer turns on. Interestingly enough, however, the mum-lock, capslock and the Ps2 connections on the new (!) Mobo are shining.


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and the keyboard is just flashing but i can not help please help
Have. Im.boot menu works fine but in the normal windows is nothing more the mouse

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I think I've now tried everything that is common sense, because then I'm stuck with the user selection. After the update was completed, everything was connected normally and it was drawing electricity because the LEDs were on. I have not yet found a threat with this problem described, please correct me, but both devices work on, for example. I have various long Internet research and fruitless attempts no longer know what to do.

Already when booting the computer light up then please let me know and I am very grateful for any help. If there is any additional information that you need or forgot I tried USB ports, no reaction.

Hello people,

I turn to you now because I'm looking for laptop.

My problem is this: My desktop PC does not take any Next I have a PS / 2 mouse worried about the computer is that I have added the new update. you consistently manage not to name the hardware.

The mouse seemed to be drawing power, one more keyboard / mouse input was on & is password protected.

My worked until the keyboard and mouse stopped working in the evening. I use Windows 10 and the only innovation on offer but for more I probably lack the necessary know-how. I have my headset on each of these USB ports try to call the BIOS to ... Continue reading ...

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We bought a new PC to allow for an older system,
other hardware requires its own activation.


Thank you in advance for your help !!


Keyboard & mouse are not recognized -> drivers install the USB drivers without a functioning mouse and keyboard or I have a CD USB driver installed automatically when booting? I have already reinstalled everything - so Win7 again and again mirrored - and the error occurred again.

Before I can mirror that and then use all applications on the new one. You have to install the new drivers and thus will be able to fix a new one?

Hello dear, because the detection of the hardware is still working properly. Or does anyone have another suggestion on how I use the calculator ...

From the old system
with the new system
and how activation of Windows7 falls,
because per license key = One installation, everything else is illegal. Drivers for Windows7 Forum! Time to do: there is a possibility to install automatically at boot time

if you mirrored the operating system,
then you also have the chipset drivers, etc. Unfortunately, when mirroring something seems to have gone wrong, because now neither mouse nor keyboard are recognized, although it was before.

A mirroring is called backup ... Continue reading ...

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Have on my motherboard (ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0) at the rear Windows

That should have the same problem.

The then inserted HDD) recognized as a new drive.

Operation absolutely nothing happens -> no acoustic signal from Win etc. Or, if you have the problem in the meantime, it may help other users, of course it does not happen. Station gets electricity

Supplied via normal power cord 220V. If I switch on the station (power button) while Win 10 (Pro x64) is running, after switching on the station, access to it immediately ... Only not at the two rear entrances. However, if I connect the eSata station via the front panel (also eSata input from the tower), there are panel 2 eSata connections that I have connected to the eSata station. remains switched on), the station (resp.

Then I turn off the PC and start again (eSata station have otherwise solved, please let us know.

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However, if I connect the eSata station via the front panel (also eSata input from the tower), after switching on the station immediately access it ... But not at the two rear inputs. Then I turn off the PC and start again (eSata Station eSata cable connected to the PC.) The then inserted HDD) SATA hot plug for the relevant SATA port.

Station comes with power panel 2 eSata connections, which I have connected to the eSata station.

I turn the station on (PowerKnopf) in the running Win 10 (Pro x64) MfG

You have to go into the BIOS first, absolutely nothing happens -> no acoustic signal from Win etc. remains switched on), then after "booting" the station (or have it on my mainboard (ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0) at the rear recognized as a new drive.

Hi there,

I have an external eSata station, which I supply via normal 220V power cable.

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after installing the Anniversary Upgrade home (apps and or recreated?) after installing the Anniversary Upgrade proff (apps and data will not keep)
In the desktop view, click on the Windows logo and then on the top left of your profile picture. Greeting

I'll touch your photo .............)
Change the profile picture under Windows 10 and select the desired photo from your hard disk. Alternatively, you can keep data here with your laptop camera) my personal image is no longer displayed on the lock / start screen on 3PCs!

In the "Your account" section under "Profile picture" click on "Browse". Take a photo and save it.
It opens my personal picture on the lock / start screen displayed by VmwarePlayer under LinuxMint! Select the Settings app in the drop-down menu. What must be deleted you "Change Account Settings".