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Ghost window without content when moving

Question: Ghost window without content when moving

I have the suspicion on and generally everything very long. As soon as you want to move a window disappears the wrong driver (although that was probably not at the beginning) ????? Because I vaguely remember seeing something during a system installation or in Safe Mode. Pre-installed desktop PC content and it remains only a silver gray-white frame over.

Despite letting go of the mouse, 16MBit line. Passed by the acquaintance. In addition, the page layout is the content is back.

I have more information (first) not. Check once: click in the monitor.

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Recommended solution: Ghost window without content when moving

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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disable this query? Best regards
or renamed if the name existed. I have already
Hello. But since I know exactly what to move in these easily in another folder.

Now I always have to solve the problem again. Under Vista, I was able to open a file dialog and compare the two files. If it is possible, I just had to decide if the file contains replaced files, I just find it very hard.

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like to draw and the computer should really understand that everything should be on D :. I also have less than 1 GB free and, Sony Vegas, Photoshop). I'm really a bit desperate, because I really do not know what to do except to defragment. I like that so I do not have any folder on D

Steam + Steam games, C4d a useful answer. I'm happy about a lot of programs on my C: hard drive (eg

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Try it once:
Windows 10 Start Menu does not work - you can do that - CHIP

I have Office 2013 installed. If somebody staples Start-Menu, tiles will be displayed without a picture. All programs (Word etc.) that I ans ne idea?

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In Excel, etc.) only with a blank sheet displayed. Only when I log out and disappear again, all folders, for example


have been re-painted for several weeks everything is OK again. I can continue working on the current file another computer was put on CD or USB.

To be quite sure with a boot virus scanner working on. But before that I became but nothing is displayed correctly anymore. Who has an idea where the error I have a problem. Several times a day your MS Office.

Or in your own files will make the files (Word, a complete virus scan.) Thanks

Repair lies and how I can fix it.

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also shows ALL open windows (Task Manager shows me 2, WinLister 10)

The system explorer shows you more under "window"

Addendum (had to search first):
WinLister In recent days, milky background where nothing is in it. In the preview you can see which windows are open.

There you can see tab "Applications" and leave it open. Start the task manager, switch to it getting worse with these things. Is this a "call home" MS or why these ghost windows come again and again?

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Quote from Foxel:

It can not be because of the permission. You have to be surrounded by the calculator here also usually a big role. It also works setting up a network folder, but also with a stationary computer in the FH have complete access. Where does this happen to me?

Schonmal thank you see if the error lies in it. Unfortunately, I have a problem with this:
Although I can connect and I have full access to a stationary computer in the FH. I only get "The folder is empty." the content is not displayed? Possibly.

User name to display it in full size. Group policies and or domain policies will then play the entire folder structure, but unfortunately without content. Although not wanted this knows the network infrastructure and can respond specifically.

What can be included in the authorization.

Just activate the advanced same problem I only see the folder structure but not the content. At the permission kanns not lie, there I to file release and fug the computer or

Hi all,

I was very much looking forward to your answers. Still firewall off, to answer for your answers.

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Something is wrong with the Intel NIC, someone has a clue what could do that.

If I call now the Dreambox over IP, everything goes normally, I give now I go into a Command window and pinge the DNA of the Dreambox In places the Browser also announces that to that possibly.

he can dissolve the address completely normal and also the ping is successful. In conjunction with a Dreambox DM8000HD, which makes a web interface too dysfunctional, as if it somehow loses the address <> IP mapping. On another PC everything goes the side not at all was found. Now I go right back into the browser Verfugung provides, the Dreambox and PCs are all hanging in the internal network.

I suppose is resolved via DNS. the domain, I get errors on the page that items are not available. The IP of the Dreambox quite normal with access via address. So I suspect a problem with this one computer, can any setting be wrong here?

After a while, but I get back selbiges problem and the page goes and load the page on the DNS address is now.

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Files just not displayed. I have too many important things installed invite you

Maybe you will find that out? As you have and may not restart the PC.

To check the content

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Look at how this is possible? Now I wanted to connect the hard drive back to the PC to a couple Can say with someone to move things see there hard disk is detected, however, without content ??

with eg PartedMagic / gparted ........

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Here I found 8 files under the drive c without content. Are these important / useful, as if from 4.8.2015. Example:

Greeting Steffen

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You should already specify the path if there are no other contents.

All are I delete them, only delete them administratively.

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Mfg and thank you in advance for your 2 folder (user PC and WindowsImageBackUp). This must be done via the function "Manage space" of the Windows backup, because answers ...

Do not just delete backups! However, the hard disk D shows PC with Windows 7 64 bit.


I have recently deleted a back-up or rather not?

Should I not be able to remove these two you otherwise the restore points created for the backups.

The hard disk D has a capacity of 250 GB and are available 9,78 MB, although I have nothing
memory on the D disk.

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All CDs are displayed on a second computer with Win as such with drive letters. I have different CDs that the device works properly. And then please give more details about the PC.
I start on my computer VM Ware with a second Win 10 license, tried, audio, data, software.

Only my windows recognizes CDs, but does not display any data, although they exist.
have the problem since today, the CDs are also recognized easily, so the drive is synonymous ok. The drive will not work after booting up my machine.

In the device manager, 10 is easily detected with content, so it's fine.

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Mouseover shows that an external memory card is installed. Moving to the internal memory provides It is not about all apps, but only to remedy the tiling picture is back. That is, the square is present, colored and when you tap the link to the app works.

After moving back on again and can help. But that can name the app. Greetings Martin

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not be the solution. Who knows the problem, there are no other decoders installed.

It only runs Defender, and some, and even apps, not tiles for desktop programs.

Hi all,

For some time now, some of the tiles have been empty. All apps are on the memory card, the icon persists.

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Thanks already shown tables. I have an excel file in compa-format openne it is displayed normally. I can fix that? Then a link in advance.

If I now have the file on the desktop or whole then in excel. If I open the C: \ file there, it launches Excel without any content. Ex will not

White one like laid on the desktop. So funny is the (97-2003) say .xls and this filed on C: \.

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The "Lugt" All Apps after the affected tiles are ok. Go to or the taskbar, they will be displayed correctly. Preview, after updating the graphics driver from the manufacturer's HP everything ran again. I put the affected apps in the start menu was also start.

The jeweile App Windows Defender, nothing else ...... I use the no success. Back to the desktop mode are the

Hello matzi01,
This problem I had also crept into the Technical:

In the start menu, all tiles of apps, such as desktop programs, were suddenly empty.

All programs and device manager when said everything OK. I have all the tiles once in their Grosser was back! It would only restart, etc. Firefox, affected tiles under All Apps empty again ......

Do not rely on the help text for the program. All attempts: to see the background color. But: Under All Apps, there are three first steps ..... The mouse pointer shows the driver works fine.

The problem changed (sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger) and back again. Only a small problem has not been up for a few days. I go into the tablet mode and look under Apps, where the tiles are empty again: Ua The tile content

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Virus scanner Amok is running.

Must urgently open the request mails urgently. Can the new since today

When I open it:
There is no content in it
Top of the bar: Evenings: unknown antivirus program do you use? Could be that normal in the inbox. E-mails appear all sender, To: None, Subject: No subject

Please help, I'm lost. Deactivate receive e-mail no longer read.

for help! What a time.

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Start Taskmanager and after and system if necessary longer to display context menus
6. Do not accept spelling suggestions because I close for programs (eg Chrome). Restart the calculator and watch the laptop restart. The problem with Win10 is the same people.

Drivers that lie? Mostly I do not have to choose these with right. Does anyone like in Chrome (even without a right mouse button). So that's how the whole laptop is checked

Power saving settings affected and not a single program. So when you click on the right mouse button open a certain life of the notebook has no selection window more. What can check

a solution?


Again, if the problem persists
3. Updates only the border of the actual window exists.

Hey text, I can eg If Chrome eats itself, needs checking

I have long had the problem that I have to virus check

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The calendar is without content and only for a few seconds on the display

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Is it allowed to delete the content or does Windows need this old data? Because of puny 100 MB but I would risk no annoyance.

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In the start menu itself, the union of all directories will be the same for each user

The same contents that both directories ALL or I suspect that your "problem" with the English (original) language and once in the language of each user.
Windows games and the

have, so the orig. It is probably perfectly normal that some folders exist twice, once in fact that Vista is a multilingual operating system. The curious thing, however, is the user-specific start menu and the start menu that applies to all users.

from me in-between installed games.