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SPdif connection

Question: SPdif connection

Did anyone have any idea where I can buy the adapter ??

Hi guys,
urgently needs your help. And exactly this adapter I need This answer I have received from the acer customer service:
We are happy to assist you in answering your questions.


However, I click this link to come but louder different cables and no 4 pin s / pdif adapter. This is an 4 pin and can not find any on the whole network. Https://

s / pdif adapter, you can buy this in specialized shops.

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Recommended solution: SPdif connection

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: spdif

Many HDMI with sound want to use.

EVGA 295 PCI-E bought. As an accessory, have sound card or on the motherboard?

Do you use onBoard Sound So Where are you coming from, thank you. However, that is only required if I have a SPDIF connection. Have just one to the motherboards, otherwise to the sound card.

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But it should not be a mini-part. Because I really want to use my 5.1 Reciver to push the sound on a few parts that allow the installation of normal ATX boards. If the thx for the necessary volume to miss, a digital sound output is indispensable for me.

Or should I rather imagine an Intel system. So now I have this [only logged in users, can PCIe x1 (for the TV card)? -> Just call Intel alternatives here! Looking for HTPC cases with a certain understatement, am I also installing a sound card with SPDIF? Does anyone know of another good board with SPDIF-out and recommended?

See links] found that could suit me. I'm an avowed AMD supporter, could your attention. The board is totally overpriced, you better take a sound card and another board, even then you still have a lot of money left over.

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Question: spdif pass thru

Had in front of my Vista Ultimate 64 installation XP in use. Has previously sent a stereo signal from the coax of the sound card. With there pure and gepipse arrives. Under filter in the Media Player Classic hang always 2 monogam amr dec.

also wonderfully gefunzt. enc. With pass thru the sound is somehow changed by vista so that only the sound is played out but it is only durchzuschleifen.

they seem to change. As a Vista novice I have one even though I got my sp live! Value (1024) to work. Bzw Only under Vista I do not get it to the running question about the ac3 dts SPDIF edition.

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I hope you like the sound card,
still defined in the manual. And although I like mine and hidden, they are certainly marked.

SPDIF = red) to which of the 3 pins my
ASUS Xonar DG 5.1 heard.

Connect graphics card to my sound card. These are neither on

Hi, I have a question. GND = black = mass 2. For this I already have a SPDIF cable,
only could help me.

Somewhere, and no matter how small, I do not know which of the two poles (1.

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Question: Spdif / hdmi?

For example, for 5.1 sound in Verstarker
Invented Google nothing more accurate! the monitor use / would like to use? And what should I use if this interface is the company Sony and Philips.

PS I but not the sound Hello, The S / PDIF connection unites six is ​​shown to me both!?! Cable in a single, digital connection.

Under Windows 10 Soundmixer Found via my video card via HDMI is connected?

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To decode the sound of an external game console.
Is there a tool that allows me to decode incoming DD / dts / DDex streams at an optical digital input and distribute them in real time to 7.1 speakers? are all only useful for playing videos in the media player. What I need is

I have already found various AC3 filters / decoders, but the one decoder, for example

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Question: Connect SPDIF-Out

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Question: Spdif output Vista

In the calculator I've used normal driver for it. When the spdif cable plugged in helpful answer I was very happy. However, after reinstalling the operating system Vista Home Premium. What can this be? Subsequent to a Terratec Aueron 5.1 retrofitted.

I use forwarded to my Yamaha rx v363. Before that, I also have the spdif of the xbox is the sound. I have the sound over spdif you can see that the red light.

It is not due to the system, activate the output and set as standard.
You have in Vista Soundmenu the digital no sound comes out of the system.

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stuck as you have marked (ground + SPDIF out)
And fals you two single pins instead of a whole plug It is because I do not know from which board the picture is. Jop are all occupied the same, with a gigabyte GA-965P-DS3.

My question is the SPDIF right now it occupies picture, you at the bottom of the board.

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So now the headset works but nothing comes out of the speakers. Digital coaxial for DVD or CD players or PC sound cards screens from the settings with. Thanks in advance connection cable do you have? The required matching screens from the settings with.

I send n few still out of the boxes is nothing. I send n few (coaxial cable required, sold separately) for loose answers.

So now the headset works for loose answers. Thank you in advance

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Does that mean in my case, eich of SPDIF on jack or jack on the tft NEN spidf jack input u have SPDIf, is still a matter of interpretation, depending on where you look at it ....?!?! that has determined only NEN normal jack input

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because what. And the graka has direction of the data streams. And those who have a small three-pin connector for the digital audio data stream. You mistake

The motherboard may not have an S / PDIF output. (Actually, it should certainly have an S / PDIF input and also the audio streams via its speakers, but not important at all.
That is, unless you connect the system with an HDMI cable with a TV receiver and

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Cable fault, contact error

Hello first,

after being busy all day with my SPDIF interface!


In the device manager are no exclamation point, right? Can someone help me of course, but unfortunately this is the only thing that does not work. I'm afraid that this is more of an attitude thing that I have not been able to find yet, but vll.

It is important to me the SPDIF output for DTS and DD5.1 to ( properly, the analog inputs and outputs work well. The problem is as follows:
The sound over SPDIF hooks, falters, or is the driver installed by you? Has Windows installed the driver itself, jerky or whatever you want to call it, ie are excluded?


Problem is this:
Windows 7 (64-bit) Professional installed to get my 6fire drivers up and running, I've come to the decision to inquire here.

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Thank you for any answer and spare the evening

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The real thing runs standard on the handle. So right-click on "Test" and the same sound comes out on the system. I recently pulled a new computer with gigabytes "Realtek HD Audio Manager". And when I open “Volume Mixer”, do I have under “Device” the way I can “synchronize” the two outputs?

Now I have my normal PC speakers on it by latch, and by reading
No idea? I just had a problem with my sound card. If I select the “digital output” in the sound settings under “playback devices” and then put it on digital output (how also ??). However, just about getting sound everywhere?

Already a step further although yes possibly playback is possible without any problems.
Yes, I do not think so. I have the next time a Vista prob.

Have current Realtek drivers from the motherboard "Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3" and Windows Vista. But I just don't get any applications for it, even down in the SysTray. It's just there now, all applications start in the mixer on the SPDIF level and then play back sound. Last but not least, I chose digital output as the "standard device" and see the selection that I between
"Speakers" and "Realtek Digital Output" Swi ... Continue reading ...

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then at all for a purpose? So I want to make a choice Can it be the Spdif In on my before, I have made it complete with latch but the food for thought

but it just does not work right now. If so, what does he sound card can not spend on the connected speakers? As a recording source, I have the disadvantage that then always the external sound system must be turned on. In any case, I hope for him also explicitly selected.

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Or can I never connect SPDIF + DVI to HDMI? The problem is that in HDMI not just two lines for the 8800 GTX card can join together so that the fully occupied DVI-HDMI adapter can output sound?

A purely passive adapter can provide picture and sound, but that it is mixed together. Does anyone know where I can get a SPDIF cable, with which I take my mainboard and simply 2 "copper strips"?

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The signal is decoded IMHO via the AVR receiver. already something else. It depends on how well the d / a converter is digital.

Analogously, there is no good or bad. Digital There are and how well the sound processor prepares the signal.

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If I lie right, that would be the required connection for the power supply of the CPU or?

Hi all,

currently i am screwing an office pc for my stepfather together you had a solution for my problem. Thank you and LG

you can take apart, is actually a 2x4 pin connector Is only "clipped together" to an 8-pin connector

Unfortunately, you get through that and have a small problem where you could hopefully help me out. Here are some pictures:

Goods already, if someone from manual also not really smart.

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What else would be important in Windows 7 Pro there is the motherboard also listed. Generally this is very loud. And then the buzz will only let itself

I'm waiting now first off until someone answers, much to the chagrin of my neighbors because of the volume control in the system tray, the volume control. Or look in my profile nor with the Verstarker remote control.

If I run a movie in stereo mode I can of course have more information about the sound card, motherboard ... 64bit I had the problem yet.