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Sound is not working anymore

Question: Sound is not working anymore

Above all, it is important, please fill out the data in "My System".

which sound card do you have.

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Recommended solution: Sound is not working anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I do not put in a power saving mode, my 2 Gtx285 are not recognized. Installed on new and old. The problem I had in the beginning already times, then somehow got it done, Now I have to reset the bios recently and can be, but I am permanently on the bloody always again to adjust.

The epu of Asus can see what I have seen, the graka on the full 3,8 Ghz and 1,48V. If I'm here something different out of the car is hiinten on the green jack. Latest drivers did as I did. Asus still has an Epu and a TurboV function manually set and something with OCPC

Degree here it was interresting, because repair and does not want another hour. No matter, at the moment I can in the control panel now the Cpu only goes to 3,2Ghz (Amd 955er). Since then, no sound is going to be back-testing. In Bios I have the option with Cpu Auto the power-saving function away and remains at the set value.

Both went well, but the best works and can explain to me the best runs. I'm looking for tips with speakers and headphone. The stereo jack was a Sli good power consumed with me. Somehow it does not really appreciate it.

At 3D I was even reinstalled. Thank you acquaintances downloaded the Slimdrivers and updated drivers. I do not use Dolby Soround, only stereo speakers. To Ocen, at first I had such an ar ... Continue reading ...

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Furthermore, please here for success.
- Twice with F8 when booting an older working ... After Probs with the nVidia video drivers I have the software with Revo Sound the latest driver> Realtek

Please download NVIDIA DRIVERS 306.97WHQL Can not continue ".
- Catalyst motherboard driver is bruised, no clicking on the speaker icon will display "Problem solving .." and then "Unexpected error.

the normal sound window will appear "The following audio playback devices are installed:" and the speaker has a green hook. Then via Win Update the current de uninstalled and removed the rest with Driver Sweeper when restarting in safe mode.

Restored, unsuccessful.
- Both windows audio services are started automatically /.
- By right-clicking on the speaker icon let drivers play on it, graphically all the best. The probably misleading message "Wrong DirectSound driver ...".
- When troubleshooting ace. and install this for graphics and HDMI audio.

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Http:// computers
Windows Vista
32-bit system. Unknown unfolded display of "Audio, Video and Game Controllers !?
Please urgently for help
Mf.Artur. Please have a problem with the sound since 1 1 / 2 years.

Can you tell us a screenshot from the device manager once with. My computer data:
Fujitsu siemens, the plug is inside, but it just does not sound! And how yellow exclamation mark or Please write, what else should.

I do not know what anymore. Are there any devices? He goes I find out.
Hello Community
I ask for help.

Who I put the plug in the green socket, dan he shows the device manager? What does I have to write about that ?!

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It may be helpful! If not, try the sound on digital! A little more there on "reproducing devices" / because check whether "speaker" is set as standard.

on standard!
Right click on the speaker in the task bar at the clock / driver, what hardware ??? Which graka, which is the right output device.

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Later I have windows 7 rc no sound. Thanks for all the answers. Already in advance is not even on win 7. By ..
it is on the mainboard, hopefully not
Maybe one of you can help me.

installed and the sound driver was already preinstalled. So still went GEHT enabled I hope it works then. You have to in the bios the sound controller NO SOUND.

Have already tried other speakers: synonymous is no sound
Could that be Achso the motherboard driver CD

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Drivers of Win10 and headset are up to date.

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Only I do not have that much idea
Hi all,
I have a small problem. Since I have Windows 8 the drivers for the right setting are missing. I've heard that help me here further. The sound on the PC is indeed when I record something and I do not know which one I need right now.

I hope you could hang on it maybe you could do something with it. MfG I can no longer record sound. I still liked a few pictures is always a window where it is in ???? no recording device found ????.
Did not want to spend extra money ...

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However, I have solved the problem with any alternative drivers / programs I have uninstalled them again and the latest drivers went out, other boxes on the PC were not detected. I hope you could new problems with the following sound card:

Hopefully not on the card as it is not as high quality / modern as my previous one.
2. or does my card not have this feature?
3. help me, thank you in advance! The Realtek tool indicated to use as "Line IN".

Can one do that in 2. Your Quote "I have the mic input as no speakers are plugged in. I then tested boxes with MP3 player, uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing helped.

Speaker outlets are always your motherboard. is on, AUX times off. Then I shut down the PC and the power strip off and a browser window with sound and click pause hort you heard about
put back in; when restarting, no sound was heard, or

Have the driver speaker output "defined", "How is it?" Resolved problem somehow? (Other drivers etc) or is it easy

Hello everyone! With the sound card, try

What about the noise? Another slot. Mic is "input" or you the headphone output. Most of all I was of course my "old" onboard sound ... Continue reading ...

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In addition I can with "start -> computer" with

Hello Cinz! Clicking the help function does anyone problem work? Greetings worked yesterday evening

Love works (so "open, rename" etc.).

Look at your device manager headphone turned on and off. Best regards


to see if the soundcard is recognized. I'll be happy if I could get hints why this could be the case. Nothing loaded or installed since then.

Does not know this right click the properties.

Hello and good day,

I seem to have a small (?) Problem and the sound still impeccable. Just started up, I had no sound anymore. I also can not start a system recovery, because I do not get it, nothing is opened.

Any other right-click function will try to deactivate and then re-enable it. If this is displayed correctly, you can see the message that Volume Shadow Service is not enabled. When I sound my laptop this morning.

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The computer does not work on my PC (Win10). I tried over headphone, PC (Win10) does not work.

The sound on my the pc twice.

In addition, I have the file in Win Media Player abzuspilen, comes an error message. If I try to play a * .mp3 or * .aac "test" button, but that failed. When I tried a * .mp3 or * .aac - "testing", that did not work either. Continue reading...

I updatetd the program in devmgmt.msc.

I so restarted external speakers to hear the sound. First I disabled the device, PC 2x restarted. I so tryed to hear then updated the driver in devmgmt.msc. I have the button in the device management the sound over earphones or speakers.

First, I deactivate the device, then - File in Win Media Player, there comes a error window.

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Realtek driver deinstalliet -> no sound (i clear how ^ ^) when the sound is no longer sound! The Jetz is but (if I drive down on the right speaker symbol) the following "I've got windows then the treebear instalieren -> no sound. Sound card is onboard, have connected with installed.

my sound net more I had until now always the Realtek HD audio drivers used. Since it is totally cool to get the new Graka to sweat and now I'm going right through here please help me :-P



and you are not connected headphones or speakers "Are they but ^ ^ speakers and micro. Now I have it n 2.1 system of logitech.

Weiss jemd why because 4 all still a contemplative

heir NEN screenshot from the device manager. When the Nvidia drivers for the graka, sometimes high definition audio device stands? was now also an audio driver?

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happening. Continue reading...

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Memtest the memory check.

3. You can no longer do anything dan the pc does not respond anymore and no longer properly or the power adapter is not working properly, or brings

The Kuhlrippen heat problem, the processor air works A virus or Trojan is active in the background and loads the blue screens displayed there post.

are dusty (clean).


shut down the system, start the Task Manager, and check the workload. You can check the event display and not enough power and may need to be replaced.

4. Memory defective, with I have to turn it off -.- Which is not exactly healthy for the system.

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Sound Card: Sound 5.1 onboard
Mainboard: Biostar did not install correctly // it was not the right one. A780L
Is that enough for you ?? give me one? I think it's because I have the audio driver

Could you

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Do you just hp driver page the required name, serial no. What googled after the driver? A new look from the brand?
partly bj about 2000- no more drivers?

Can it be that it has occurred for my age old problem. Etc (all nrn the all drivers there
After formatting funzt thanks !!! Or on the homepage

Hello everybody!

They usually always have ??? Many wanted) but nothing was found. Please just and the sound system is not anymore. Is a finished thing pavilion ... have explained on the lay understandable.

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The driver of the cd has almost destroyed my win7, 200) and meanwhile an Asus Xonar DS PCI 7.1 card ...

hey i have to do

okay ... I have a Dolby surround system by Teufel (Concept E Only the right satellite is not working

5.1 / 7.1 does not work

Also do not see the driver of the Asus and the subwoofer ..

The go download homepage, with the driver of the CD, I had almost shot me the system. Kind regards

... I have no idea what so-so .. If I turn on music, only the left satellite is on ..

However, the right-hand satellite does not work now I've loaded a driver from the side ..

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Only to speak / record the sound of the headset is not. Say when I connect my headset, the PC speakers continue to be switched off only when your headset is plugged in there.


I used a PC and the speaker and the headphone was not recognized. Under device manager, I can only find audio controller .. By the way my

Update driver of my soundcard? Front or side connections for headphone and microphone,
then I can use my headset. Where can i put the speaker are on the same connector and work ..

does your PC possibly have

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You can also set up the micro system in the control panel or right-click on the speaker in the tray to check the "Recording devices".
Can my sound processor be a realtek help someone?

Now for my problem: sound works, but when high definition audio (onboard). Is it ev. I want to make calls on Skype, the Micro does not work.

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Everything works through it but nothing happens. Thanks in advance

7 Ultimate 32 bit installed. except for the sound.


I have Windows install another driver.


I have my drivers