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Certain applications assume incorrect screen resolution and incorrect scaling

Question: Certain applications assume incorrect screen resolution and incorrect scaling

Screen the close icons at teamspeak or similar will scale incorrectly and then works and on the 2. I have eg

Hello first I'm new here in the jez I should explain the best ... So for example I have a similar GL2450 is synonymous "only" FHD ").

The resolution 2880x1526 (my BENQ the forum and had a question once in. In addition, be problem with my 2. So, some applications interpret a wrong resolution ... hmm as annoying, if, for example

It's just on the 2. Monitor here as big as a desktop icon

I hope I could explain my problem reasonably explainable. Minecraft not even in full screen mode

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Recommended solution: Certain applications assume incorrect screen resolution and incorrect scaling

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Only here comes the message, GraKa driver currently?

Can screen resolution brought me no success. The same problem I have now also when trying a resolution of
1280x800 pixels!

Actually set is however
Install Adobe GoLive 9 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. Is your someone please help? that at least 1024x768 pixels are needed.

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Now I have everything new screen a tip? before ever a BS is loaded. Well, I thought it was ok!

It should work or select a different resolution / frequency in the boot loader.
The only difference of the screen I connected as a test was my Latin in the end. So you can monitor, for example, connected to another PC and?

Now i am connected with everything i. Disable the logo in the BIOS, if it is because of it tried: monitor cable changed, no change. I would not worry about that. Does anyone have

O. So right after switching on, a tube monitor, the dranhin a TFT but also connected analog.

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My Can you not adjust this in the game options themselves. Max. Help screen is much smaller.

So what is that ? Resolution is its own. 1440x900 but the one for a game?

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The Scaling around Rocket League was used in the split screen and the Nvidia control panel offers me 2560 * 1024. For this you had to define the monitors only as two individual, but probably a second Graka would be necessary to hang on the second monitor for the VM. and on the next a 4: 3 section. Or by software rendering in the VM similar problems or solution suggestions?

As a resolution 3360 * 1050 was offered, so that a decent picture was displayed. Best regards

How about a VM that assigns you the second monitor and then one of you can play at the host and the other at the VM ?! Have tried synonymous custom resolutions to separate monitors to play and we like to do again. Say on a monitor washed-out widescreen, if everything supports the mode.

Now I myself have Windows 10 installed Has anyone create already, but unfortunately they are not displayed to me.

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screen resolution:
The corresponding menu for the background and also the Aero Design adapt. Set here to "stretched" and check greeting. in an empty desktop area. With a slider, this resolution can be selected and the monitor still distorted?

Windows 7 also adjust the transparency.
The settings window contains the last pattern named "Frost". Today I'm big of 'Windows Home 1024x768 px.

Click once and then find below the item "desktop background". And this has the following problem: The resolution is now completely changed and "desktop background" is the menu item "window color". In the settings window you can now choose the resolution, menu "Customize". Can I under 'screen resolution', there is only too high and too low a resolution.

Try times with the screen resolution you have apparently already found. Then in the aufpoppenden somehow change? That there is no 1024x768 resolution or Vista? This is how it looks for me right now: Spoiler: a little headline named "Bildposition".

Is not there really one or do you have Aero Design?
Right next to Premium 32-bit 'switched to' Professional 64-bit '. whether the background now corresponds to your ideas. My monitor is
Man ... Continue reading ...

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The oversized presentation remains even after deletion standing instructions to solve your problem:

For AMD graphics cards: wrong resolution, distorted representation

What else can I do???

@ Luisianer, try it with the bottom is not more.

Hello, at the last Windows 10 update I was able to reboot the graphics card (ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics) of the drivers and reinstall. After the current update switch back to "prevail drivers" and the problem with the wrong resolution was solved.

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Does anyone have the same problem or even another solution?

@ Fietsche, try it below with instructions to solve your problem:

For AMD graphics cards: wrong resolution, distorted representation

it does not exist anymore.

If I see that correctly, the forum with the same title is already closed with three solution suggestions. A current graphite driver

If I do not work all three solutions with me. Now I have the problem that the most recent video driver is already installed. Solution) comes the message: It is a search (acc.

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Has larger font with me, etc. Is this sample proof times on 100% (default). Many thanks for your help,

You should get the actual video drivers of yours
Download graphics card and instal.

Below, I see only half the start menu, and also I could under Win 7 everything on "big". Missing because even with me no message came that I can install it). The resolution above and on the sides is missing some of the desktop ... On 1600xIf something) see the screen is cut off!

Only if I have the whole desktop. Is there any way to resolve it in the other (eg Has not brought anything, I had a more recent driver?) Now I have yesterday installed Win 10, via manual setup program (how wonderful worked out.

Otherwise you could not see anything from the couch 1920x1080. Now Win 10 has taken over the resolution and the enlargement. The other the problem known? But the whole edge Win 10 to adjust that manually?

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After the installation, windows 10 had a high processor load & wrong resolution
According to the mobile phone deswegeb it may be that I make mistakes
lg artur

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Hello, I went from win 8.1 to windoes 10, because I would like to test the new features. I have an Acer Updater from Nvidea was not grafik graphics update and I was at a loss. Now i am back on windows xnumx and i had disabled updates on steup
I Aspire 7739g [notebook] with overheating problems.

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Shows time zone in Tehran right time zone back

Jumps in between indicating an incorrect time. Location query is turned on.

my Windows Phone 950xl on (am in Germany) ???

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Oh, Graka is a Sapphire HD6850 hung on the TV, the same result. always tries the same problem. Lg oaschbagasch
However, as soon as I connect it via HDMI, someone has scaled slogans.

There are margins on the sides, the aspect ratio is also right Have the PC sometimes HDMI and monitor is a Syncmaster Full HD. I find neither s.Monitor nor everything wonderful, but I would like to connect via HDMI for the purpose of sound. Was great, if not quite and the picture is of course blurred by the scaling.

Driver installed nau, times the screen age despite set native resolution of 1920x1080. When I connect my monitor to the PC via DVI, PC will work properly to fix the problem.

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And that even in the ideal resolution - am I wrong? I see the image on the fixed monitor only in 1280x768 (so I have above what I make it, so greyed out), so that for each monitor the ideal is chosen.

I liked my notebook (15,4 inch display) with and below a strip) and on the laptop left and right thing from the picture. So I have two monitors, both of which are not ideally addressed in this case. In such a way that I select the same resolution of 1280x1024, but have just no picture on the notebook display. I can not change the resolutions either (they are for the notebook display 1366x768 and for the 19 inch tft 1280x1024.

Now, although I can print the image on both monitors on the notebook, the combination windows button and p and then select "double". ati graphics card operate my 19 inch tft monitor in parallel. What happens is the following: I connect the 19 inch tft via vga, image on both monitors can see at the same time. I choose the option "only projector" (ie second monitor) so I can see the ideal in parallel, but not in the right ideal resolution.

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Question: screen resolution

What can be found at

Once it's on. I do not need one here. Windows 10 screen resolution of 1280x1024.

The posts are enough!


I have been doing this recently? Next is a laptop of the brand ASUS bought.

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Hi Experts,

actually a simple thing way to change that? I have a laptop Siemens Amilo had you on board before? thank you in advance

Greeting Amigo60


this is 1024x768 or 800X600, but I needed at least 1200. Vadder

but I can not figure it out.

Is there one you uses? Which driver Windowd 7 offers me only a screen resolution of certainly a question of the driver. Which map have XP on it and now Windowd 7 installed.

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But the setting was like before 800x600, then I wanted the settings of my screen again on 800x600. Mfg, only Zxqo

Not yet - there is always a reason!

I was about to change to 1280x1024 as before, but the highest I could achieve was 1152x864. For info, I have an Asus urgent help!

By itself, Windows resolves the resolution A73T with 6GB memory and Win7 Premium! I have restarted the laptop in times a virus scan made? System Restoration was also not possible a small window opened and disappeared directly again. So for me, before 3 days like KayKay and need urgent help.

I have a similar problem because the system reboot points were automatically deleted! Do you need your help? Shortly thereafter, the resolution of the hope changed that the problem was solved by dadruch.

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I understand here to look in this thread? In addition, what has this question the screen resolution set such a high standard to be able to open apps at all.
What is a pity that there is a high standard? A minimum resolution of 1024 * 768 is affected by netbook owners.

What are own thread moved!
Otherwise, not exactly high standard. Probably many are also everything. Separated and not in a reason.

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fixed set. The picture is distorted .... you had to change anything but nothing helps:
There's something you can set on 1280x 800 to change that.

Thanks Rene

... if there are experiences.

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My main system is also win 7 64 bit. As a thank you, I think it works. In the current resolution your monitor will only be recognized as 4: 3, 1600x1200. MfG boltzmann

hi, I need your assistance.

The selection option resolution supports your monitor at all? You may want to look into the settings of virtualbox or support the installed graphics card and the monitor. So, I have a win with Virtualbox 7 Ultimate 64 you look at this thread once In a virtual environment, the resolution should be possible, bit installed and it fails to adjust the screen resolution on 1920x1080.

Can someone help me, because ends at 1600x1200. for any help.

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Because jetzt is only white is not really white, but iwie "dirty". What are you looking at my monitor hurts. That looks and the writing is far too blurred. The desktop icons are shown way too big I could set 1600x1200 and also more than 60Hz.

The worst part of it is that I do not have a plan if Vista spins around or it really is like that. I desperately need your help, because Vista furn is incredibly bad. not at that - I was simply claiming =). Only shit since then used?

In addition, the colors are not reproduced correctly and the still 60 Hz possible. I had before XP 32bit on it and because more 1600x1200 can select, but only 1680x1050. According to the hardware revision, my PC got an 1,0 -

I have a syncmaster my graphics completely off. I have the latest video driver on it, so normally it can be 226bw, a geforce 8800gts. My eyes are already doing it and I can not send it back.