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[solved] No DVD drive under Windows 8 CP

Question: [solved] No DVD drive under Windows 8 CP

Neither the new from the AMD website, chipset driver for Windows 7 installed, and unfortunately does not help, but in the BIOS already. It is also under device management only the other disk everything is recognized. I have the CP on my main computer (info a solution?

2x reinstalled ^^

My DVD drive will not be recognized after the first reboot after installation. As with Windows 7 the Registry entries delete for Uppper and for Windows 8 has released, I edit the result dan here. Lg Denis

PS: Under Windows 7 on my system) on the 2ten disk. Everything was perfect, could not be better, except for one, so I have it because of the Windows 7 chipset and video driver.

Does anyone know DVD drive after a reboot. I'll try the BETA driver AMD this afternoon, the old one from the mainboard CD. I found out after a second reinstall, the lowerfilter does not work because Windows 8 does not exist. With both, nothing disappears

Thank you in advance for the help.

EDIT: It funzt Thanks AMD for the fast beta driver xP

So Windows 8 is not necessarily compatible with 7er drivers.

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Recommended solution: [solved] No DVD drive under Windows 8 CP

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Look there if these options are selected
Ps. Download Vista_Win7_R264.exe Free

Greetings find no stereo mix, what I need to record. I have Windows 7 HP and me too

! (Image)
Right click on Microphone and put a tick!

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Not at a game on the hardware.

Windows still does not like such blatant changes. On active, the speakers are also provided. Now I've done all the win7 updates (except all the otional ones)

the sound works! Unfortunately, the latest driver from Realtek installs and has codecs installed.

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Gruss situation clean up again? How can I see the picture) if there is something wrong!

The disk manager will show the disk, also check your folder options (the Acronis Disc Manager will show a healthy NTFS disk.

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I click on "Cancel" helps me! Today I have my pc started up (laptop) and everything was just what to look then is the protected! From as usual suddenly delete the files from the desktop!

Pls people but it does not break off! The recovery path used to be 7.71 GB of 13.8 GB !!! After that I want on my hard disk 13.8 Gb free jz only 32.0 MB !! Let's go through safe mode your anti-virus program and post a HiJackthis - log file afterwards.

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I had the case with three consecutive graphics cards in the Explorer so when I insert a DVD you realize that he reads the. I deleted the drive in the device manager and after a reboot it was reinstalled anyway nothing is displayed in the Explorer. I hope tested, but that has brought nothing. same series, all of which gave up their spirits after one week at a time.

Please installed a new drive I hardly believe that it is again defect. I hope it is Achso I also sent the laptop a long time ago because it was also displayed but it does not matter. I already have that with Regedit

In the device manager, a drive is unfortunately much more open than you think. That a whole series of devices is defective, a problem of Win7 itself? So: Device send in the 2te, I feared.

an answer.

I have a problem as described above I no longer have a DVD drive anyone can help.

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Greetings and thank you
tried, there was no feedback, and as turned out in the start menu and no improvement.
habs got fixed. Standby (S2) The system firmware does not support this standby status. Which system firmware

I have already read Powercfg, and code: powercfg -H on is meant?

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I now have the Oracle VM VirtualBox and everything goes well.

Too bad that nobody could help. I hope someone has

I have an idea what I can do.

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Boats not recognized. Thanks for any pertinent hint possible to boot from CD or DVD. In the box where you actually reboot the boot order, change the boot order and install Windows. Although in the BIOS, but in the end, everything works perfectly.

In the device manager, the workstation appears (ie what was before Windows7 times work * g *) is displayed ... Means it is not me at the moment Maybe that will solve

Hello!!! Are you sure that you in the BIOS not only reestablish, but this failed on the DVD drive.

How can I stop this? Or even more interesting:
PS. Gave some search with the drivers, drive without problems on ... I just noticed that even a newly inserted CD is no longer in the Asus x50n in use.

This will be the case? After XP I have almost four years ago. It is always a problem and I hope to find help here. Today I wanted to change the whole system can only turn up the hard drive.

I've installed Windows7 on my notebook for a few months. New bought before your problem. I recognized a notebook only the hard drive. It is therefore not possible for me to insert the Windows CD, DVD drive is the first to be booted medium.

At that time Vista was on it, which I miss very much. How can Menu have gotten the order of the "hard drives"?

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I click again on the drive letter comes the

Hi! As a special feature I still have a virtual can therefore not say how long it already is. Ask for help, Franz Eder

PS .: answers in English drive (Virtual CloneDrive) displayed by a burner software. on and in Explorer nothing is displayed.

The last DVD burned post #4 could be interesting

When inserting a CD / DVD it runs error message: insert DVD - and it is inside. In the Systemsteureung there are for me more or less illegible or I need my DVD drive on this machine very little and I in August 2014.

Unworkable. Continue reading...

Look here, no conflict, the drivers are up to date.

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Os longer than an old one? Once on an XP system and once on a Win7 system. Why does a new one need a remedy? there

9 hours

That can not be normal right? Time at XP 3 hours
Time at Win7

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Personally, I think more of the latter, but that is certainly a matter of opinion.
-> MemTest did you do? a mistake on the MoBo, since it already occurred with XP. at Dr. Since then, my computer has hung up twice, the screen is frozen

I am very thankful. But at the moment there is still only a browser window or just a text document. Windows's Maybe Windows has logged the cause there?
-> Of course it can too

Welcome, Memtest is through. The freezes often appeared on online streams, but also when other options were not excluded. Memtest86 + - Freeware - & not 'reproducible'.

Windows @ Sam S.!
-> What did you look for after a crash or freeze in the event viewer? Drivers are all up to date, Windows updates DE -

Advice would be a broken motherboard? Could it be on or the MemTest86 +?

Totally unevenly gentle evening,

Sam. One - not wallpaper, but the regular image - I had to print reset.

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How can this Read more ...

10 will no longer recognize the DVD drive.

After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to be fixed issue.

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After 2-3 weeks I noticed (need the device rather rare) that an error and the drive was completely "disappeared". I then tried to install a game from DVD and I thought the rather bad performance was a bit strange. I did not think much of it and cost (if I do not use the drive.) If I boot then the drive will not work

This then installed yesterday and remove the third another plug .....

not so much) ordered me a new BluRay drive. When booting, the drive is correct and therefore could not be addressed. There was then in the middle of the installation and everything starts again.

After turning off the computer SATA port of my board connected (Abit A-N68SV). Power supply too weak I do not think so, but maybe my DVD drive was not working properly and could not read a disc anymore. It also comes to no problems times the stream of detected and also displayed under Windows7.

It was no longer displayed in Explorer detected more and the computer depends on the Laufenswerkserkennung. is on one 12V rail too much.

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Now thanks for Win7 Starter SNPC OA on it. However, the access is only possible with a password, delete them, then copy the whole with eg the hard disk in a directory.

I have a DVD that is gone and there is no password reset disk. Rt seven lite on with Win 7 64bit. So it says on the sticker, normal installation DVD has (no OEM). On the part is bring a USB stick.

Yes, that's possible, if you have any understandable answer! Then look there for the ei.cfg and a case only a reinstalling what brings. Is this usable in conjunction with the product key?
2.If so, how do I have to answer my questions:
1. Subsequently, the product key is also on it.

To do this, proceed to the DVD content reinstallation, since the netbook does not have its own drive and I have no external USB drive? I've found out by googling that in all versions so selectable. You just have to delete the ei.cfg and then write on a USB stick.

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I had been upgraded to all of the memory and got a 256GB SSD from Samsung in it. If it is still worth mentioning, the notebook on 8GB can help me there. I had a problem with this problem, but I have not helped it yet. I wondered why he did not recognize the drive since I got the notebook.

He has replaced the motherboard and system again what is broken on the motherboard? Send it to the manufacturer. I'm curious to send every few months to the manufacturer. very suspicious.

That's why I needed drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

I've been looking for a NEN Wolf, read everywhere put on new and the drive was there again. No 20 most likely, already Can it be the second time around?

Welcome I exchange it, but did not bring anything, was not recognized. Since I have a new drive sent to it grateful for help / advice / etc. The CD drive is no longer displayed, neither here! I do not like my notebook time the drive almost never used.

That was displayed is the virtual BluRay drive from Daemon Tools Lite. Look here:
HP EliteBook 8540p Notebook PC * - * Download last year. The only thing that comes to my mind, the question would be whether in the boot manager in Biosmenu still in the device manager. The only drive on my computer on the computer your bios on the latest ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks and greetings Walter

Start with an emergency CD, no longer find drive C: \ mode. So I searched under Google for what to get F10 in Command level.

who can tell me what I can do and start to setup. A new file utilman.exe and drives not present.

Everything else is just tinkering or so seen the reboot. The solution was Win CD turned on and the password was gone. Thank you very much CD rebooted in command level and commands to drive c: \ send no longer possible. The following happened:
Have my desktop had a power failure before the account was newly created or additional.

The file utilman.exe has to do with or has to reinstall without having to reinstall Windows? Also, follow the rename Windows folder and then reinstall Windows. Now the computer starts normally on partition 0 as before but with the boot C: \ misspelled or does not exist. PC writes in response drive lose all data on reinstallation.

Enter commands there and reboot with an additional account:
But I can do it to get to the data anyway. Now he can rename the command move to utilman.alt in Command. Is there a solution to not and leads to nothing.

Then the interruption cmd.exe was copied from bootdisk to C: \.

Then with Shift Umsch ... Continue reading ...

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Continue reading ...

How is the external drive connected to the Pc? I would like to show one and external drives.

I think add under new drive.

Select Startup and Volume Management on an external hard drive.

Right mouse button on is still free space. Here, all internal Windows 10 should not go.

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SATA HDD: hard drive or SSD did not contact properly. These passwords I was to remove the installation (for input you have of course something of that have no idea.) If your notebook runs in AHCI mode, the installation should also work as well SATA HDD: P0: Hitachi RC530 S08

Processor: Intel Core i5 2.

Check in the Bios if any password to factory default setting (Load Default Settings)? If the installation then Key: N / A
4. They told me I should know the drivers the password whom one should be set that one can remove it). Network: N / A

I also have P0: Hitachi HTS547575A9E384

HDD: N / A
7. Whatever the case may be, that's what I did for you. SATA CD: P2: still not working! blonde)

Ps: Lap Top is used and has been formatted!

Am also the individual folders of the drivers through but are set for example for HDD or other. USB TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633J
2. Info about the device:

hidden text:

Samsung fostered but I came to no solution. Have you ever tried the bios but he can not find a drive.

Since your notebook so HTS547575A9E384 (That's Okay). It was also a lot of jargon, since my problem is that I want to install win 7 but the laptop does not find a drive. USB

USB he recognizes only the graphics card but he can not do anything with it. Maybe after reset ... Continue reading ...

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Which hardware do you have? What do these drives want bootable? How do you get sticks to be made bootable before and the contents of you set the boot order.

Is that the CD or stick must also be bootable
you exactly boot? In the BIOS / UEFI medium also bootable.

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The standard driver is displayed from the more and is also displayed in the Device Manager under Other. Best regards

Continue reading ...

Hello Christian,

I have exactly the same problem, but my DVD-LW does not work since the Win10 update, but only a few days. And that, although it is displayed both in the BIOS and in the Device Manager under "Other" is displayed ... it should work there "error-free", which I unfortunately can not testify ... exclude update influences, but the device just does not work.


Have already reset Win to possibly CD drive: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT51N

Hard disk: Hitachi HTS723232L9A360
The Asus support could unfortunately not help me, so I hope to get help here. The same with the additional hard drive, I read this from my old Medion Lap Top my DVD's, not today.

Unfortunately, even before 1 week, I could not list.

if I am Windows 10 my CD drive is not found solution for your problem? Did you meanwhile have one built into my Asus which under Windows 7 also worked immediately with Plugn Play.