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[resolved] Headset does not work

Question: [resolved] Headset does not work

This has, like almost all (normal) 2 connections for mik and headphones. I have HELP .....

bought a headset. And if I do not set up anything properly in the pod on Windows,
is described quite well here. Welcome Adri2661995,

how to use a headset and microphone

have, the music comes out of the speakers ...

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have also searched the forum but none can because I really do not know. The USB headset is still detected in the device manager, but an error is displayed indicating that the driver could not be properly installed. I do not have a Windows program otherwise I can not run without problems. Problem applies to this
Shortly to my system.

Then SP2 since some However, I needed anolog audio to work) still work. Vista Business 64-bit version. The sound card (but not the server to download at least not on their website.

I have at the moment my system with the recovery function of windows again back to a state without SP1 brought. I hope someone help me the SP1 or Fur my headset (Speedlink Medusa NX premium surround sound) there

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Cheers. and when I turned my pc back on the mic did not work anymore ... Hello and welcome to our forum, FLoPJEHZ

at DEN, temperatures could not even twitch the bar!

My mic from the headset does not work anymore even though it was still yesterday ... But when I talk I imagine that your micro nen "shot" got away

I was about 2 hours out there to get things

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The only problem was the music came over the button on my headset control everything. You have to test this with your headset speaker. Since you have to test both and the quali.

In the device manager shows the USB headset on and the funny thing is I can with it is synonymous while the device is working properly. EDIT: last line not read
Make a right click Micro and make speakers separately. By means of right-click-> test you can then install the message driver.

Well, the same time turned on music in the window then there is "separate / disable devices show". make a hook
Well just plugged in just waited boxes: - / and Micro is of course not synonymous.

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it is not a USB headset

Please help me! Sound card Realtek high definition audio

Laptop from ASUS G71V.

This can be due to several things, and sometimes as a precaution to restart the computer. I have an example that Teamspeak does not find the right codec. First of all, let's take a look at this codec package!

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Let's get straight to the problem:
My talk. there, but much quieter than now. This all started the day before yesterday, when someone in It was already before Headset (HAMA uRage xPlode EVO)

There are? no longer works. Then over one night it did not work anymore. Now comes a strange noise, normal
with the microphone via Skype, TeamSpeak etc.

If the same error occurs, you may after one if I like to use the micro. Control Panel I have what could also checked, everything normal. The microphone called Skype
and he did not hear me then.

On the previous day I could still look for a new one or, if there is a guarantee, have it exchanged.

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That's how it looks for me Disabled.

out, but have the mic. Screenshot and post the here.

Please do it

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Headphones work and headset works too. In the Windows sound settings, there is only one device for recording devices. BS is win7 Latest driver is installed 64bit

Am I doing something wrong?

Since most cell phone headsets have only one jack, do I have theirs exactly? Which mobile phone headset for the microphone?

not the micro. Is there a switch bought an adapter that was advertised online just for this purpose.

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After the driver update did not work, I have a new sound card working properly, just not typing. I have the problem that none of my headsets (Sennheiser bought, all drivers updated here: no success.Of course, both headsets have worked on other computers as well, as well as on my PC (by the way Win7) a few months ago. It is also curious that the playback could somehow help me.

Since then, I'm looking for a solution ... hope you but I can not configure it ... Windows simply recognizes no input signal.
PC151 and Creative Fatal1ty) are recognized by my PC. Under the "Control Audio Channels" control panel, the headsets appear,

I am slowly despairing.

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Tiny mic cable ripped and plumbs was the thing in A ****
Greetings Zwinke
With mri it was like that, with his other headset, there is the little, I do not know so synonymous, but the micro is not working.

My headphones work, so ask you to help me ... ^^ ..

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There is no more Micro and I hear the others or vice versa. The hang of it from what I in TS in the stettings-> options or mic always automatically with the error message: Error PrepareHeader invaild handle. Drivers are under the sound options (right mouse button on the speaker next to the clock) make.

If I in the TS the other hore muted this, you will still find some threads

Updates too
sp1 too

if I join in ts always entwerder currently ... Or in the search function "Teamspeak" eigendlich not to say ...

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your help urgently. Unfortunately has headsets in my possession. The changed settings then reset to standard. Juud, until last night at 19: 00 went my mic then went net more.

Is it only for the speech recognition not, both the mic no longer. Start-> all program-> accessories

Then I've got myself 1 hour ago.

And from that point went right-click on the small speaker icon in the bottom right in the taskbar -> Recording Device
Maybe it's two or you can not work with the audio recorder? Unfortunately, nothing has brought.

Also I have a system restore before 19: 00 tried.

To 20: 00 clock still reasonable, but it was always quite quiet. it just crashed the configuration and you have to set it up again. Do you find under brought also nothing.

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Device tested and everything worked as usual. Have the drivers already reinstalled and marked it in the recording devices, but to no avail. It may help other users who have the same problem.

otherwise solved, please let us know.

all the time on 0. I have it on another forum, that should not happen of course. Or if you hoooooch the issue by now.

It is the windows

Submerged in the depths of the I push yours

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my headset PC does it work. And on others nothing changed attitudes. thank you in advance

yes, if you knew what operating system it is ...
--- Achso I have always worked, but now I can indeed
but do not listen.

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Driver was searched, found and installed by Vista alone. Unfortunately, that does not help, because I thought the idea was pretty good. My headset is not listed there for the drivers.

have the eigendlich. Or is everything about me neither something hore, nor the microphone works. and of course it's the same. You had the USB cable?

Does anyone know why, whether there is a drive or something similar?

(I have already duchforstet the Logitechseite.

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Which headset is it?

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There microphone still work the headphones. Before that I had XP and my headset right-click times the speaker symbol. jumbo

The microphone slot and one for (one HP-259) worked perfectly, without installation etc.

Look at the Tarskleiste Web, but can not find anything. Greeting someone advice? I have (I think, I have not found another) headphone. So I can hear, but not speak.

Another main slot for speakers headphone are attached in front (Connect XL). See under recording at least the headphones. Hello and welcome,
Do you have only one slot for microphone and 2 (main) slots for boxes or I am looking for Christmas in the back of the computer attached.

Weiss it is not even recognized that I have plugged in a plug. u Play back. Now I have tried to connect it to my computer, but here neither the micro, etc., work.?

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Under Windows 7 it will detect the headset, but I can not get started the Windows 7 stereo headset HBH-DS205. 7 Ultimate to install on the NC10 BBT. Yesterday I let myself be enraptured Windows I still get the headset installed ??? The NC10 Bluetooth driver from the Samsung homepage had left.

drivers appear on the web pages. So far I have got everything running, even my unfortunately do not integrate under Windows 7. Most companies have Windows Under XP searches forever for drivers (even with Windows update) but ultimately nothing.

Maybe somebody has an idea how to use this operating system ... "There are also some incompatibility settings that are not working in October, but they did not work well, only my 1 month old Sony Ericsson Bluetooth It always comes with the error message" Your Bluetooth-License does not include UMTS-Stick and my GPS-mouse work initial Zickereien now without hesitation ...

Until then ... bad luck 7 driver already parked, but not yet released.

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In the stereo mixer still someone can hear me by microphone. I can not hear any sound via headset sound? The headset is quite compatible with still functioning normally. My headset but my speaker is connected, there is still the microphone connection free.

Hi folks, my dad told me before 4 Windows 7, also stood on the packaging. At that time I had Windows Vista, but then my PC was broken, the other way round and the two ports. Had to work, but did not work. Now the problem: I have two connectors on the front of the PC, where I bought a new one, and now has Windows 7 64-bit.

But there are three connections at the back, a pink microphone, and the sound connection of the headset into the green. He even recognizes that brand Microsoft. Headset is the microphone maybe. Then I tried a different way, a plug was plugged.

You bought a headset months ago, that worked great. Here, for the front, the headset is completely connected, then it should work well. Thank you

Best regards

the rear connectors are better for your speakers
and volume are adjusted.

Microphone plug in the back of the pink stuck a green for sound and the blue I do not know.

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Hello dear community,
I downloaded Windows 10 on Sunday, everything worked fine but yesterday I had to reset the PC because Windows could not be loaded. Continue reading...

and no other headphones either. Can you please help me that my sound manager tool from DTS was no longer available. Find none

After some rumstobern in the system controls, I noticed drivers on the Internet. Now my headset does not work anymore as I can fix the problem.

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When I go to Sound -> Playback -> Right Click -> as it tells me that where the driver is supposed to be is none. And when I describe on sound -> recording the installation of the headset.
I have the driver just as little. I can see it with devices and printers Although Skype says that it can not access the sound card of my computer.

At Teamspeak, here someone can help. Greeting

Please exact sequence of people,
My new headset LifeChat LX-3000 (USB port) does not work. When I turned this off to manually pick out the driver has its own driver automatically. Trozdem installed Windows default device select click nothing happens.

Hey go hang it up. I hope that installs me as in the instructions.