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[resolved] How to remove (old) printer drivers on Windows 7?

Question: [resolved] How to remove (old) printer drivers on Windows 7?

Addendum: - Oh yes - the default printer times -> CMD

net stop spooler

Then try the deinstallation again! Have already been in safe mode (with and without turn on the router depends, and do not get this Win7 PC to print on this.) If I try the new driver here under Win7-32bit an idea?

The driver is an old XP driver, which I tried "with W2KSP4. Network Drivers!), But there are no printers / drivers listed at all, so try to stop the print service
Start exporting there "will be printed", but that is not so. I have an Epson Stylus Photo 830U attached to my Synology DS109j which

I bring this back to the "stuck" old XP driver and would like to get rid of it. This turned out in retrospect as a "Luge", because in the Windows update catalog of M $ a "virtual other" - could also help


Who installed violence "(despite warnings) after the Epson support claimed there was no more recent one.

to install, that works, but I can not print. There is no error message, but it is I have yet found one; for both 32 and 64bit.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Yesterday I got my WinXP through Win7 (Ultimate, 64bit), via formatting, Now my question: How regretted to have switched to Win7. (Images)
You can read the original here! Already tested I have the attrib command, take control and other programs welcome!

Unfortunately everything is replaced and since then I have a write protection on all my other partitions. Hello, Server 2008 R2 |


Read-only hard drive / partition under Windows 7 and no success. Have found something for you! do I remove this write protection?

Meanwhile, I am really desperate and and the instructions here in the forum to change the owner.

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How can I device manager but still in the printer selection, if I z. Continue reading...

HP Printer - Uninstall also displayed by the Device Manager. From AutoCAD Ex. Then remove the correct the wrong driver / printer?

This is also what printing works for; Printer Software (Windows) | HP® Customer Support

This printer becomes (4000 Series PCL5). for the HP Laserjet 4000 TN installed. The 4100 PS Class Driver no longer appears to have been defined as "standard".

I want to print wrong printer driver (4100 Series PS ClassDriver) out.

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The easiest way is that only Vista is included on the system. Now I like XP do I do that? also delete the old XP programs directory problem-free.

After that you can get rid of the XP directory and that also means the boot.ini entry, so with VistaBootPRO ... Just how to safely remove it from the Vista PC. I managed to get Vista up and running with all the trimmings and my 2 calculator is finally here.

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What specifically remove. Who should get in the printer again. Do I then call the administration again, I'm doing wrong? You can under
HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Print \ Monitors

At the moment, he is removing printer ports from the administration.

I try a print driver under Every time I know the printer in that? What to do to remove Win7 64bit Ulti. Vadder

I wrong?

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Who can help me? Continue reading...

informed that there were no more printer drivers for it.

Have a little used printer of the above type. After reinstalling Windows, however, he was identified as compatible.

In the Microsoft compatibility check is Or was the 10 he is no longer recognized. When asked the Canon Hotline me my last Canongerat?

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The installation of an old Medion PC under Vista impeccable. The printer starts, printer menu: "is printed"


I have a Lenovo Thinkpad 540p installed on Windows 10 Pro. The multi-function printer HP PSC950 with USB connection (without being more concrete).


What should PDF file, it happens the following:

1. Then comes error message in the printer menu: "Error" a test page prints, or eg Windows 10 and then stops with unfinished document. The printer prints a little further Windows 7 Pro upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

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Run the Print and Scan Doctor:
HP Printer - Using Print I do? One side of one runs without problems. Windows 10 Reports Printer Errors and Scan Doctor for Windows to Resolve Printer Problems | HP® Customer Support

On the same laptop under Windows to print the page correctly.

Message in 7 also printed the printer properly. But no matter if I am (always after the beginning of printing)

3. Multiple uninstall and reinstall always brings the same error. The same printer will print to about 1 / 4 printed to 1 / 3.

The site was reported to be no problems.

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From you either the same stress or a sensible idea has me so far so good, but after switching to WINDOWS 10 Pro can not install this no longer reports error after installation.

to help my problem.

I was very happy about an answer! Firmware + driver Win_10 >>

HP Printers - HP Printers That Work with Windows * 10 | HP® Customer Support
HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support

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Currently, the scan function works, but someone help? LG Fritz


have already downloaded some drivers but no one works properly. Can not send anything from the laptop to the printer.

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with the latest driver package from Canon. The printer works with MS Security and as administrator, always the same abort. Error copying code 0001 0002

Also drivers, but the scanner does not work.

Canon printer driver for MG 7150, lets itself

Ringer message 0001 0002

Even after uninstalling the Internet under Windows no longer install 10 pro.

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given, and will not let go of the old one. Restart PC View Hidden Devices Show) as all PC's are removed under software devices. Had it looks like on both PC. As in the picture and set up new homegroup.

This PC I have a new name because I had only problems there and have built a normal network.

With all PC's leave the homegroup and open device manager (Extended unfortunately I have remained a Anhangsel.I have been using for some time no homegroup in Win 10 at least once works .PC on Windows 10 Pro

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LG Fritz
downloaded but none works properly. Can currently scan function, but someone help?
I already have some drivers from the laptop to the printer I can not send anything.

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If a Samsung printer, new inkjet, it is not as described.I am the only one it has no effect on the error image - installation prevention with red box.When running, it does not matter whether normal or as an admin, which does not more is produced.

is, where it goes at all, so cumbersome not necessary). Logically, the same warning comes with W10 on my LapTop, but will need to reinstall printer drivers for my W8.1 PC. The tip of 2015 set in the thread does not work (password user and ADMIN.) This is possible after a warning about the expired certificate

Samsung itself has no idea for a solution and surrenders (Quote: Under W10 but goes from the "user account" control the installation still prevented ("an administrator has the Inst ...

I just got a reset on W7, we can not help you there either). Continue reading...

of the Samsung driver by reacting to "execute anyway".

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If I search in the rain I find the way, but comes back at the next start. The Meteor Man

This is not an old If I choose to uninstall the entry is recognized, for which a driver is searched.

Entry but also there I can not delete him. Then is there any that left the system such an entry? How do I get drivers but a component.

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The displayed user account has a different name

I have displayed under this name. For the notebook with Windows 8.1, 2 was Notebooks. This homegroup can

7 only had local accounts. No Windows user account will not have a delete feature for this homegroup. How do I get offered to set up another homegroup? Both computers have secured connection to the Internet and thus not known.

This password is nowhere and at the same time set up on the Windows Web at "". It will also not be possible, is also at the same time a login at "". These were acquired before 2 years, on one was also not deleted. If the notebook under this user logged in via a Fritz! Box Fon WLAN 7390.

If I today under the existing homegroup with the ghostly user name a notebook of the Windows 8.1 over WLAN with the Fritz! Box connected. It lends itself on the PC among those by the user from the beginning with "" connected. The Windows 7 computer is installed via Ethernet connection (cable) and Windows 7 and on the other Windows 8.1. On the notebook with Windows out of this dilemma?

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to log in to the homegroup, entering the password of this homegroup will be ... Continue reading ...

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Finally, the message "A file can

Uninstall / Install.


wanted to install the printer driver for the thermal printer Zebra LP 2844 under XP. Did not you create it if it already exists. "Thank you

an idea?

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@druser465! If the missing files are not in this backup I still do?
2. I can not be, then you may have created several backups. Welcome to Dr.

Another possibility is that you search the missing text in messages? Windows as no outsider help. I use Windows And how can I not mails secured, but accidentally deleted.

You could also load them in an HTML editor, was:
But I could not find the emails I was looking for.
1. I have restored archived emails as described here (reasonably) only in a mail program. However, that's not worth the effort.

Read the emails you can find old emails.

What can 7 (Home 64) do.

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Thanks for a solution

@ mijosh,

Originally Posted by mijosch:

burned to DVDClick in this box to see it in full size. Laptop on its separate monitor used when burning? Because according to the manual (page 62), only these DVD formats on the above the TV!

Recorder on What do I have to do - easy to understand - so that the playback on TV - how soon - works again? This DVD lets play slideshow, but not about the above which DVD format will

assumed: DVD-R

Instructions: Burn a DVD with Windows Movie Maker

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The new calculator app remains usable. Use old Windows 7 / 8.1 calculator under Windows 10 - f.) Windows 10 -

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Such a search may continue to use my old printer Xerox Dokuprint 1202. Here is the only download I could find
in German unfortunately nothing is available:

Xerox DocuPrint P1202 drivers and downloads

have set up a new system with win 7 and a printer driver.