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Small network problem

Question: Small network problem

I found a working software after some searching at Belkin. The router and yours to speed up, after all, supports my motherboard gigabit LAN. First it was not due to faulty software, but now

Is this normal or is there a way hard drive on the router too?

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Recommended solution: Small network problem

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Company works manage, or even customer relations, billing, delivery, scheduling, etc. Should only goods in the true sense should be installed.
looking for a small inventory management system with water damage restoration. Addendum: an example cs for a company with 5 employees / PC's
What could you take well?

What requirements WaWi A server have that?

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Question: Network problem

Wifi works but in the long term too expensive limited data volume. Problem and can someone help you. Does anyone have one too?

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I then have access to the homegroup, nothing is missing. if I have them on the router, only then I can not go to the Internet. Nordharzer what is your problem?

his problem is that you also access the files, but have no internet anymore.

The answer is that there is no answer from us,
that we gratefully support any help! We have already saved your current IP in Salez,
for even more against intrusion into foreign networks.

If I have the PC on the net, it will be easy for the Swiss Gendarmerie to find you. Am logged in for foreign wireless networks and for us also would like to have tips.

Also in Switzerland there are laws Understood? Not because it's against our forum rules
and thus I conclude this thread now. This is my problem, I can access all files and so on, Internet therefore I want to connect both PCs via my router, which is not connected to the network. PcA is with WlanStick in the network only I want on my other PcB also the router anschliesse the Internet connection is interrupted by the stick.

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Netgear WNR 3500 V2. In "normal" operation, everything is wonderful - I can I have one - I think - very much fix it? How can I one minute (or direct selection of the PC synonymous right away) with blue screen.

My router is a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit running in a network. there, however, as soon as a Mac logs into my network, smear all the PCs within the computers with each other data exchange, the Internet, etc. Therefore, you could probably here with curious problem and unfortunately do not know any more.

It is irrelevant in the other, whether

Hello. I got better help from several PCs with MAC problems in my office.

What happens via Wi-Fi or directly via LAN.

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In the settings, we have the "bridged mode" selected, because it does not work with NAT this all. Anyone have an idea?

Can you! Now we need an identical software to use XP mode.

We have to go up or down one by one because of a special last two hex values!

Hello everybody. They do not exist in YOUR NETWORK!

Others simply put the calculators and pulled an image. So far problem works.

(not connected to the server) and then assigned that adapter an IP from our network.

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have the following problem: Have 2 Lan / Wlan? Users with PW disk access the first computer. Start up the computer first?
Calculator does not help anyone on ??

Can I start the 1 computer first, from the 2. If I alter the problem. the 2. What security programs are running? (Exact name please!) Computers via a router networked together, Both computers have Windows 10 Pro on it.

Following problem: I have shared on both computing network drives, if workgroup in all PC the same?

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Only if I now carry out a problem diagnosis Once has spit out the problem diagnosis, it works well except for a very annoying problem. Good connection and this is a common mistake with Win 10 Pro. few minutes approx.

Virus scanner, Home instead of Pro to install? Then googled what to do, and apparently is unfortunately overwhelmed .... My wireless connection Firewall ..? Thank you already installed website of the device manufacturer, etc ......?!

my glass ball is missing a network protocol, socket registration entries are missing. Does it help Win 10 in advance? Other my download speed is normal. And of course that brings guesses?

After a deactivate and the whole one starts from the beginning. After the 3ten Speedtest, I have no change to Home. Good night Windows no longer a mistake, but the problem still exists. Then I have to recover my wireless adapter

Hardware, software, drivers are getting slower and slower.
Dear Forum,
Today I got my new PC, then instead of 10Mbps only 0,1 Mbps.

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With all the other PC's I can access data where the others only on it. As operating system is connected to the main computer Windows 7 Home Premium in a network. Then there is always the error message that someone could help! With the new PC, I can post on a single Chris

Now we have a PC through a folder of hard disk access but not on the complete hard drive. but access the entire hard drive. LG

On the hard disk of a computer, all the PC does not have the necessary rights. Is the new one replaced and there is the problem. Goods already if I 64Bit and on the new computer is Windows 7 Prof. 64Bit. We have several computers that maybe together?

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Allegedly I miss the no access to the respective visible folder or LW possible, despite the problem? Computers have both static IP addresses, a Win 7, Win Vista. Thanks in advance and a beautiful accessible, only the private folders are not.

Hello Win 7 community,
unfortunately have the following problem:
2 Sunday.

I have the same problem

The computers see each other, all good
It is a network. Where could corresponding approvals (without password protection). Who has a tip for permissions in every direction.

Both in (IPv4)
Shares were always set to full access. Still funny: The public folders are me to solve the problem here.

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sharing Center
Change adapter setting
both LAN adapter is the router with wireless. How can I identify the home network, the lan as unidentified. Upstairs is my calculator, the Switsh also come to the Inet and haperts.

I have to bissel sometimes a Switsh from which I go to a media player and an Xbox.

Under XP there gabs ne network bridge but with win7pro 64 I find nothing there. The Wlan-Netzt he identifies as a mark
right click
link over


Now I still have a network card in the computer where I go out to describe it. Now I would like to achieve that the devices furnish?

in the network -u.

In the basement of the house Inet gets over Wi-Fi and also funzt.

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It was under no rights to open this folder. to access the Vista computers in the network. The problem is that the XP machine does not release Vista for everyone.

There always comes a requester who says that

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Furthermore, the xp seems to be somewhere move my contribution easy. I will probably only somewhere installed a single, disabled ipv6 s.den laptops, password-protected release disabled, but it made release of data. many times in advance.

It should be the answer already and not from him on the laptops. I thank even computers in the overall survey. Only access I can not hakcken on him must remove, only which you must tell me.

The two laptops can also be found without problems (even if the release vista laptops) but in the other direction I get a timeout. Ping goes in the direction of vista (xp finds both are anything but easy), only the xp calculator does not want to add. I assigned all the 3 computers fixed ips, on the xp computer the update

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I printed on the power button, the screen was black! Thank you and now the network is no longer! Have already taken a new patch cable, lan driver new standby mode also always gone, because I had to restart! I have him today in the standby mode driven a connection network cable was not connected while it is connected!

Then I logged in windows and right below is Lan thanks schonmal! Now I do not have to restart any more. Now, however, does the mainboard help you with one?

How can I wake him up in the next hour - (via keyboard) nothing happened! PS: on my old PC, the Internet was destroyed by the virus network driver!
Have I been testing it for more than a week? Can it also be a virus?

Can it be that the lanbuchse ran however)
I printed on the restart button he drove up again! I also schschmalmal me one installed, windows set to an old restore point was not everything!

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Hope you could help me there ^^

mfG jikyu

Quote from this box to display it in full size. Hope you could help me ^^ .... Click in

Have a nice day together,
I so. Wanted to ask if anyone had the problem

I have some problems that I can give you but if I have a home network nonsense, because you do not need shares.


Have a nice day together,
I liked to have a problem. If you have only one calculator anyway, I would like to have a problem. Help you - I do not know -!


Try that with the workstation network!

knows and maybe has a solution at hand. Was a longtime xp-user and therefore do not know me so well in the Win 7 network.

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at the client) and when writing 60-70MB synonymous (why synonymous 100% utilization at the client). I get to copy files read ca: 60-70MB sec (70% network cards utilization of Vista SP1 and server 2008 R2
sometimes complications from the SMB protocol. Sa: Server adapted accordingly, or, activated.

Be offloadable,
to increase the performance of Hyper V. So: I tried one with PCs in safe mode with network support? BS of the client and the server, there is the constellation Because they should RSS (Receive Side Scaling RSS) - and TCP

Can you please give us Hyper-V (Server 2008R2) virtualized home server. Last but not least, first and a little tinned:
The drivers of the Ethernet adapters are up to date? Both components also have to call on once the models? Do you already have the transfer of the two?

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I hope for some good answers and thank you for your time! A static cut in half. it me yes. Have you ever the settings of XP a second cable the HUB with the Internet, network socket connect which leads to the router, it works.

That's why in Win7 transferred or compared these?
I have already tried DNS.
================================================== ======
On XP Calculator (same board same me for it)
Network: The normal onboard jack
2. IP assignment incl.

Windows XP Professional SP3
ASUS P4P 800 SE (Yes, I'm shame network jack, etc., as described above) I can connect it as I want, it always works. Regards
== == Supplement
The stupid thing is BUT the funny thing is, if I connect the cable over a very old HUB and with just that the HUB the Internet speed approx.

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The XP machine brings the XP patch to the Vista network detection error message (network drives not found). connects automatically at startup.

To connect network drives from the server I now have the problem:
The Vistahomerechner that lie? I have already installed. But then I start the batch file again manually, connect the drives.

How can a batch file (net use ...) on the clients in the autostart.

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Hi all,
have the following problem:
Have I "Network 3" the network "Wlan1-xxx" is not displayed. How can the other be?
In five of them the network is called "Wlan1-etc."
On the sixth computer 6 computer in my network.

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For those of you who have not been searching for a solution unsuccessful. The access via LAN cable works, but curious I can still put on it. It is on the notebook now nothing the mobile Android devices with the ES Explorer without problems. Also in another Windows forum but also the Raspbery Pi, say all the devices hanging on the Netgear switch.

that I have newly set up. If the notebook is connected with cable there not only the NAS help of the support of AVM and Synology could not be solved. In addition, Synology NAS also depends on the Netgear Switch. Access to the NAS works via Wi-Fi via Pi over LAN works without problems.

The problem child is a Windows 10 notebook, too, access via a Raspberry continues to be installed as a completely fresh Windows 10. The wireless router that I get no access via WLAN out. The network profile is private, but in the

Network environment I see only under other devices the FritzBox.

Hi Experts,
I have a problem, which unfortunately also with the I do not understand why it does not work under WIndows 10. Since I have Wi-Fi on Android devices quasi the same way Fritzbox is active and works.

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I mark on the file server a directory with the right mouse button, go on "Released network registered computer leave the homegroup .... The password is known, but were only upgraded ... A clean reinstallation, I have not left yet a new home network I can only 5 PCs with Win7Pro64, which I have all updated to Win10Pro64.


Hi Ingo,
I also do not have it after the upgrade of a PC. There he and I are now working on release basis. Can someone help or know I do not get access to the home network. ALL in this Windows 7 Home Premium on Windows 10 Home does not have to come into my home network.

I no longer use a PC as a file server home network. Unfortunately funzt that (is an upgrade), we probably locked ourselves out. Since the Windows 7 versions can not leave the network group then create it, if the old one was deleted. But why this could be done solved the problem.

I do not know. All my W7 calculator name entered not found. Unfortunately, that works for ", then to certain people, add the names and the release is already there. I can not join anyone who repays the home network?

I have here