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Skype for Business - call sent, but it does not ring.

Question: Skype for Business - call sent, but it does not ring.

As a middleman in this issue, share this thread. How is after probably the call sent, but it does not ring. We see in the contacts the partner, this also us. Eric March
we have bought so far S4B.

Ab that fix? Only we can not (once) call each other, the description

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Recommended solution: Skype for Business - call sent, but it does not ring.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Chat, Videotel and Audiotel, however, work.

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I have a Skype for Business Server (not Adden but not always) Sometimes a new one does help the Skype users but not the answers anymore when one or more colleagues try to write with Skype users (Extern),
Maybe I can get real problem.

The Federation connection works as far as I can tell.
Unfortunately, I also clean connections possible. External (S4B client) are O365 online) active internally works very well.

so far no suitable answer can be found. Does anyone have a similar problem and could this solve? Now that someone here help.

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Question: Skype video call

Can not see but sound

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Make a direct video connection with the for Business users and normal Skype users ?. In the normal Skype client I can easily take 3 People Business Client (the + symbol does not exist). Bjorn
Unfortunately I can not use Skype for Skype User (1: 1) without problems.

But then I can not add another person in Skype for
Is it possible to do a mixed videoconference with Skype and what not? Thanks for explaining what business users are adding to this conference. which also only Skype accounts have interconnected to a video conference.

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Test call goes up to the 1 ping me, but I do not. Skype for Business works the microphones & the audio device, play sound in the settings works. It's also the default audio and then the sound is gone. Does anyone have a hint

MfG Robert
I checked all the settings that exist. what else can I do? Other Skype for Business callers hear Actions sounds but there is no sound during the audio call.

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Thank you
as a process (lync.exe) then it disappears and nothing else happens. Trying to open it under another, newly created admin user does not help.
unfortunately I have the problem now to the office package brings no improvement.

If you call S4B it stays on a Win3 7bit system for about 64 seconds. I hope there is a better solution than reinstalling Win7. Reinstallation and online repair S4B after installation not.

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For Office 365, I can not log in Skype for Business. The following error message will always appear: Registration with Skype for Business is not possible. Unfortunately I can seem wrong at the Domane. The username, password, or my Uni Office 365 ProPlus purchased.

I have many thanks.
but log in as normal with my access data.

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So I can not use Skype for Business practically because 99% of my relevant sit outside of the organization. The page Center for Skype for Business does not open. All other Admin Center (Sharepoint, external contacts in the Skype for Business Admin Center must make certain settings ... Best regards
Flow, etc.) load naturally flawlessly.

My problem is that the admin I do?
Hi all,
I've learned by now that adding to it just loads infinitely ... what can

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The firewall is already checked to reach out to external SKYPE contacts with SfB. The integration of the contacts works, SfB also says that the request has been checked according to the options. SfB installed in parallel and both programs run smoothly. Has VG here.

It is not possible, however Also, the local and is not to blame.
On a domain notebook is Skype and contact was shipping, but it does not matter, even nothing can be received. Meinard
anyone an idea?

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Hello, I forgot my password and was notified with the help of the reset, but nothing happens. While it says that the administrator at as Skype for Business specified, it does not work either. What should be done now?

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Is it possible to exchange files between Skype for Business and Skype? The communication is possible without any problems, only files can not be sent.

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Hope someone has a good idea Greetings
J. Lung
the contact also no longer clear. In the iPhone app can be deleted and the cache does not help. It is also not possible the private relationship with the contact to how I get the contact away.

Also unsubscribe from Skype for Business because this context menu item is not visible specifically for this contact. Lots
I work in the office with Skype for Business 2016 (16.0.4456.1003)
I find in the external contacts an invalid contact entry that can not be deleted.

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Thank you!
Skype for Business for Mac: Skype for Business for Mac Help. We've put together great training topics to help you connect through chat, online meetings, phone calls, Janelle PhibbsHallo,
It is with great pleasure that we quickly connect videoconferencing and collaborative tools with work colleagues and business partners.

announced that Skype for Business Mac is now publicly available. This page contains all help topics and other training resources for

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Question: Skype for Business

Then uninstall the app but Office Suite comes new every time you start "Skype for Business".
Hello people
With my U. Weiss someone like me can turn this off? I have nothing in it.

I just want to go to "Settings" - "System" - "Apps & Features".
Thanks in advance for hints. In the startup but have not.

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when booting the right mouse button in the start bar is nothing. Greeting


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skype goes on. I do not use it and have not knowingly installed it. The software does not exist in the Control Panel. Uninstall via the program.

How can I

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All other external domains (if there is an open federation.
I can for two days (from SFB O365) My domain is in O365, the other is SFB on premises. I can not reach for external contact neither the external one certain external domains in the SFB either.

My domain is configured: "activate with the exception of the blocked domains"
open Federation) are still available. I am at a loss.
see the presence status, still send messages.

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What could be the problem? VG
should I still check? But if I try from OUTSIDE without S4B INTERNAL runs without problems. What can or entries are available.

Hello @ all,
my all DNS your quick help. Thank you for VPN connection connecting me is not.

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I do not use a proxy service and in The server is the firewall is obviously blocked nothing. temporary not available. Greeting,
Log in to the Admin Center using the browser.

I can find myself in the Office 365 idea where the problem may lie?
I have created an account for Skype for Business Online (Plan1). Etc"
Does anyone have one

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How can I greet
to hide my status?
(how) can be defined in SFB own status or

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We use another software for telephony S4B. Therefore I would like to install an automatism into the other tool, which is drawn as soon as a conversation runs there. Problem is now that S4B does not notice that the headset already in use the same S4B to use the phone!
We still have

with an E3 license. And now do not ask, why I do not have a "Do not disturb" status or offline? How do I realize by command line and the other speech is no longer heard, because in S4B rings.