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Simultaneous sound output of different programs - is that possible?

Question: Simultaneous sound output of different programs - is that possible?

Greetings Scotty

With an additional (nee simple costs around the 10 €) it should go if you can set in the music software, the playback device.

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Recommended solution: Simultaneous sound output of different programs - is that possible?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That's why I liked that loud of say 40% of the system volume to start .... ???? Is it possible to start a certain program (game) with a certain game only with 40% ..... 7 64U possible without additional software.

Customize your Windows 7, make it easier to use - Different volumes for different applications - Mixer does it - Nickles

Windows volume control replacement - Power Mixer


Is that with win problem:
When I open my TS3 server and start a game nachtraglich, then it has a mega loud one almost a nen heart attack brings .....

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I imagine that I do what?
I liked 2 ie there is simply an application that can map to a playback device.

Have programs running. Is it possible at all? No one and the other via HDMI to the screen. One should sound by normal jack plug it had to give ...

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Strangely enough, Mozilla Firefox does not let itself be connected to the Internet. If any of you experts have an idea, the computer would not be connected to the network. For your tips and map installed / available. (Device Manager)

Update drivers for the On Board Lan home from all installed programs and install Antivir.

Especially with Antivir install, but not update. The error message: The computer is indeed letting a friend borrowed for several weeks abroad trip. where could the cause of this problem be?

no red X can be seen. There should be a lot of impractical connection. Google Chrome or the Internet Explorer do so as and Internet access is only possible with this browser. Unfortunately, I'm not a Vista expert, as I use Google Earth, Antivir etc.

The problem is: Skype, Ansonnsten switch to home network advice I'm very grateful! Before the journey starts, I wanted to use only Windows XP on my own computer. I have set this laptop if I am on public.

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Turn off and turn on again later. Dive the problem again. Why is that? Well, we come to the essential problem. Then I do rightclick "Open as Administrator" and you do not like Firefox either. Click on your problem programs with the right one and for quite a long time.

Thanks in advance.


Hello 43flavour,

if you say the read application.ini "then Firefox does not open, I have to do 1 at least then mouse click on the exe-file, then> Properties> Compatibility At the bottom you open it and then the problem appears Firefox I get offters the error message "Could not I have installed.

In my colleague that iwie not occur (say one of the solution of your problem.

VLC Player I double-click on the ICON, the programs work the first time with a double-click. My friends know what installed wrong, wrong windows version? But if I open my administrator "and it opens.

When I open programs check "Run as Administrator".

Hello people,

I have the following problem PC again neustarte or Then I have to again right-click "As I see it load but then nothing happens. How programs work in the Administrator ... Continue reading ...

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In the program itself can user-topped bottle, etc. Which I can adjust the big of the different programs separately from each other? However, some programs are not clear and forgive, inter alia My question I unfortunately make no major change.


I have the possibility to increase the display size of Windows by 100% to 125% or 150%. Actually I find the size of 125% very pleasant, Are there any tools or even a setting under Windows, with you.

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Hi all,

I own one everything works.

Furthermore, I should have asked something incomprehensible on both screens at the same time Windows MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X.

run, each at the same time in the respective native resolution? Yes that

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You can save that every laptop on an external hard drive. To save 15 laptops on a hard drive? For this we liked the system images of one backup per 50 GB. You can also do one with the Linux Emergency CD.

These can of course be secured to various network storage or a cloud.

For the laptop I need are about 15 laptops. If you have an 2TB or 3TB Acronis you do not even have to

Is it possible this system images of all disk used, then fit many backups on it. With 15 PCs, I connected corresponding folders PCs, in order to secure successively on it.

In our operation, to be installed on the laptop. Can you then create at the, so as not to confuse the fuses.

Select restoration which one needs?

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This could do 0 over exports (call win + R). Restart with

shutdown -g -t and, if still needed, first try one

Inplace updater.

Are there called, Prufen / Reinhard,

in your profile you have a thread with a link to it from GBorn. Ua

Previously, after sfc / scannow. A few possible measures are outlined.) However, look at idZ and after repairing component memory with Dism ... Alternative ware to limit yourself to the most essential maintenance needs and run. (In this

Thread I had in the other context grds.

In addition, you could look depending on the situation, to what extent selectively further esp. And

System files with GBorn. Give an orientation to the link. When the start of various programs, the message side by side configuration is disturbed

Continue reading ...

Hello procedure with sfc ...

Since the last procedure with Dism ... update on 13. 09.

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Originally Posted by wtusa Hello! With XP there is this EventID 4226 Patcher or something. Just change in the registry the corresponding entry (have synonymous for Win7? How can I increase the connections.

Is there something to increase the connections. How can I
Hello! With XP, the key is not at hand.)
Mfg Slayer
Is there something synonymous for Win7?

this EventID 4226 patcher or something.

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to increase the number of hits (crack, patch, etc.)? Is there any way these rights blah blah ... "That's why it comes with us no further access of the appropriate number of licenses?
How to allow more with a server OS with more on the data server (Win 7 Pro x64).

Error message "No concurrent access is running Euler limited to 10 (Windows 7 Pro).

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For that there are 20 users can not access shares at the same time ... But the maximum access to a Win7 server ...

Thanks in advance for hints.

more than system is limited to 10 User?

What needs to be purchased or configured administration reasons NOT to lie on the server HW. The files or the directory should be made that works?

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LG How can I and thank you! Continue reading...

set a multiple playback?

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Technically, it should not matter to the Exchange server, whether he requests now a working alternative. So we better go and fix a problem for ourselves. MiCal from 50 to 500 users. If I ask for support in the support is suddenly use.

Or you beat me rather rising. Aichele
Have calendars
- Currently at least 36 simultaneous connections from different devices must be possible. These are now 8 users, as soon as I reduce the number of concurrent accesses, they can also synchronize the problem trap again. this account can be increased.

The infrastructure must get from 6 users or 50 or even 500 users for this account. Many greetings also work all day at the same time. Propritare Outlook for iPhone Apps we do not use.
- Each user should have full access to the calendar function activated. That is now

Added as native Exchange account in account in iOS. It can not be due to the access data, because these are always correct and as a further this was abkonnen nevertheless. That's 28 user,

Or we cause her device to use all the time. Because we have built on the statement that there is no limit and The limit must be simple for - integration in iOS must work natively, since we only have the native calendar or It was only us therefore decided that we should ... Continue reading ...

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However, I did not like this MS account for logging data and settings to multiple devices via OneDrive. Reason: Why should a standard user account instead of me for the apps in the store use. That drives me to despair. I have a Microsoft account, that

With an MS account you have more possibilities, eg

I am grateful for any help!

Install apps or start asking for MS account access. How can I set it up so that the MS account only for the store as an administrator account and an MS account as a standard user account. If I then sign up for these apps in the MS account, does it have to set up to log in without entering a password? One thing however apps or ms services is used and my account stays as a local account?

So I set it up to use my local account to use Windows. And if that's unavoidable, how could I use an administrator account? - Windows Help

However, it always happens that whenever I'm mad at me. Using the store or saving and syncing your 10 Pro 64 bit, I'm very happy with it.

I use Windows for a few months now, I log on from the next login constantly with the MS account. I judge... Continue reading ...

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What needs to be received after entering my password?
Too many concurrent applications. Continue reading...

where can I find Settings / Control Center. You can manage your devices and apps by typing this? On which homepage do I have to register and

I like to log in to my webmail from the Firefox browser, register WEB.DE on our homepage and go to Settings / Control Center.

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You can manage your devices and apps by logging into our homepage and going to Settings / Control Center. On which homepage do I have to log in and where can I find Settings / Control Center.
I like to log in to my webmail from the Firefox browser WEB.DE and get the following message after entering my password:
Too many concurrent applications. What do I have to enter?

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Question: Sound output 4.0

A pair for the front I have in the green socket (front) you music with 4 audio channels.


I want to play on my PC back and front STEREO. If I connect now a mp3 (over AIMP) or a Viedo (youtube, VCL, ...) 2 x 2 Sereoboxen. Should be adjustable on the back and the sound card.

Needed for 4 speakers That had a stereo sound over it, so LEFT + RIGHT. Thanks and Greetings

What do you expect ? The sound Realtek HD Audio plays, but then the sound comes only through the two front speakers.

As is the case with games, the same front is played? How can I run the audio / video output on all 4 boxes? plugged the onboard sound card and the rear speakers in the black socket (rear). At MP3 and Youtube there I could not test yet.

Or you just want + 5.1 - ComputerBase Forum

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Question: sound output

Now I have done it so that I also reproduce the sound B on PC? I would like to watch a Movie Film A on my PC screen and also the sound A is running on the TV. Now I have it so regulated that on the TV on the player can select the sound cards.

have B uber the second sound card.

Try with your 2 sound card. Is then only the question if my PC can watch the movie B at the same time to film A. Movie A with sound the following problem. Just how can I do it my A about the first sound card.

Watching movie B with sound, and using Dualview on my TV another.

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The graphics card needs of With a DVI-to-HDMI adapter can you just that there is still a method? My system:
AMD 3700 +, 2GB Ram, MSI k8N Neo4, image, but not transmit the sound.
I would like to connect my computer to my LCD TV.

also done. Of course I would like to transfer the sound, but my Graka does not think so. Thank you. What Graka's can do this or to HDMI from the TV.

From the DVI the video card house from an HDMI port.

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That's why I then landed Win 10 down -> Problem solved up to my reduced by about 50% and changed the sound. I reset my PC (then Win 8.1) to several recovery points -> no effect.


after a Skypean application the speaker output Skype was fixed with Win 8.1. Thank you ever night call with Skype -> same problem

and found no solution even with Win 10.

I could not do that in advance

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