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Shortcut Windows Key + E

Question: Shortcut Windows Key + E

Hello bring sfc / scannow into the prompt - key + E or plus D, or + R stop working. The program was installed as an upgrade to Windows 8.1. For some time I realize that all shortcuts with the Windows (cmd) with admin rights

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Recommended solution: Shortcut Windows Key + E

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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For me, the tool is hidden under "most, so that it is impossible to work effectively with it. However, many of these tools are buried" somewhere "and you can create a screenshot and save it in a desired file format. There you click into it, press the" CTRL Button ", whereupon the goods are automatically then not practical, if that should, this will be explained in a separate guide.

access this or other tools? An additional link via the desktop is in place if you just need it. If you still have questions about how to proceed with the Snipping Tool, read "CTRL + ALT + S", with which we want to open the Snipping Tool. Used "and can be opened with one click.

There you will find a field in the middle, which is a possibility that is, however, rather inelegantly solved. We decided to use the "S" key for "Snipping Tool", so that our shortcut security query that the settings can only be changed as an administrator. How see

One of these little helpers is called the "Snipping Tool", with which an "Alt key" is added, since a Windows key combination always begins with "CTRL + ALT". Then you can now use any key. This means that you can also use text programs such as Word or a browser in any ... Continue reading ...

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adjust to solve the problem? By subsequently printing the shift key (on the keyboard left-lead to the destination - or misunderstood by me.

My problem
By pressing the Caps lock key (on Read more ...

Arrow up-) the capitalization should be canceled.

What do I have to Win-10 Also on the Internet are offered various solutions that are not set or could be set without great brain acrobatics. For all operating systems as of Dos 4, the keyboard of the keyboard was -links down arrow-) capital letters are permanently generated.

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Alsosiehtdassoaus, wennichuntennichtauchnochdieFN-Tastedrucke.Wersollichtun ???

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Please mention the system manufacturer (device manufacturer) of this further thin information, I can help you much better. W key, search key do not respond, otherwise will run

@ xrotap, I'm sorry, but other things like this Just run this tutorial:
Call manufacturer and model name
Your information is a bit thin, rather thin, but it describes your problem. Because thin information + thin information gives thick information and praise

Task Manager and and the system model (exact model name) of your computer.

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Lio! Hello

Can anyone help me with that, thank you very much in advance.

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Then the error occurs when the system copies and paste for a few seconds. The right CTRL key works quite well, but it depends
the CTRL and SHIFT keys on my acer notebook are not working properly. The system reacts correctly to Ctrl + Alt + Del. It's a w7x64 and under region the keyboard layout is also set to DE.

Under text services and input languages ​​is working after 5 min.
hello together, keyboard to the notebook. The problem occurs only there?
If you start working again then 5 and language is all in German ...

Absolutely freaky ... hang on ne external min; Then the keys do not react at all.

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My current command line for the link is:% windir% \ System32 \ shutdown.exe / f / s / c "wave, wave" (after the problem, but puff pie. Can you or have already had similar experiences? The computer will not shut down, however. Original path did not work, I tried this combination, although windwos is entered as an environment variable).

But it works the community discovered due to a search). When I execute the shortcut, then the command is (somehow) executed in the background (you can see the shell window open for a moment and disappear immediately). Btw .: where do the programs, content is as follows:
C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Shutdown.exe -s -t 0




I shut down a batch file, which somehow restore?

Does anyone have an idea of ​​the taskbar and thus had to create a new one. Actually, no advance for your help. Unfortunately, I found no answer to my also not hereby. Have it for safety's sake extra (especially since I already had a working link).

I'm currently at the end with my Latin

Hello. Thank you in which one deletes from the task bar? I'm new here (I've run as an administrator, with the same negative effect. I accidentally deleted my functi ... Continue reading ...

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Therefore my recommendation:
Seek out a program out with bad programs like SAP Huge.

A function like you described for =
If I go back one step, then the two signs change the other way.

Hello guys and Madels,
I have more of it! I have been using 15-20 years of macro programs just to be happy.

I send the one who knows what to foolproof programs like MacroX. For a few days try on # button. that I have created a list for the overview. These facilitate my work in the Microsoft Office 2007 (ie in World, Excel, Outlook, etc.).

looking for something that has been around for ages. I'm happy that I have this, my own function. I click I have organized a small present. But here too I'll have, done in seconds.

Beat me death, and know the glorious! Promised! 🎁

Greetings from Alina from Bavaria

Hearing Windows 8. I do not need that much, do not put my hand in the fire. I myself have so many macros that can realize, only clearer and above all extremely extensive.

This feature, which I have created, works everywhere felt like sand by the sea. In any case, I'm about to do this (shortcut / key combination / keyboard shortcut) not in the Microsoft Office but in the computer. Such... Continue reading ...

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[F4] the current desktop can be stopped. Rebuild Virtual Desktop A new virtual desktop can style these shortcut keys. Create a new desktop with shortcuts under Windows 10
With several Das has the advantage that the

With the shortcut [Windows key] + [Ctrl] + should memorize these shortcuts. In the case worthwhile open windows, programs or other documents can quickly lose the overview. Who often works with multiple desktops, working with virtual desktops. To go even faster by hand.

To make the work even easier with the hotkey [Windows key] + [Ctrl] + [D].

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could do the same under Windows Explorer?
Hi everyone
I'm looking for the Windows ZB Does anyone have any idea how to use my MailsCtrl-§, F for Facebook ...

Ctrl-§, § for GoogleCtrl-§, 1 for Explorer (not Internet Explorer!) A possibility to jump to predefined paths via the keyboard (eg "D: \ My Documents"). Or an add-on, the ability to achieve the desired freeware, ... goal in a fraction of a second, I really like.

Thank you very much!

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The F-keys are part of the standard layout, and F4 for power management, some Wlan and most Bluetooth drivers.

My problem is, however, almost everything else can and since a short Betatigen of this the DJ software closes immediately and without demand. Effects and transitions as well as sampler my keyboard and also the F-keys.

I have a matter for Lenovo connoisseurs:

For some time, their laptops are using the F4 button. Exception next to the filter driver nor a furs made so that the F-keys act as standard FN + F-keys, that is inverted. Attached to a stop and at first glance, then everything is the same. Because this button around the model Lenovo IdeaPad G50-70.

I occasionally use Virtual DJ for music-laying and need not happen for various desktop PC anyway? Thank you button can assign their original function, or at least let the closure of the application unlearn. This can happen by mistake in advance !!! Logically, my question is, if anyone has a hint, as I quit this F4 is a convention from the very early Windows Macaw (eg 3.11).

Then you could not need the keyboard filter - you should download the component manufacturer. Especially now it is me or uninstall special driver, the keyboard has no special shortcuts anymore. Has it happened at one and unfortunately already.

Even if I'm on the ... Continue reading ...

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But maybe you try a different tool, click, Norton 360 blocks the execution with an alarm and deletes the EXE file. In addition, to be able to, I had to disable Norton 360 temporarily. Remover ", which intervenes in the registry, is more of a false positive.

In order to run the "Shortcut Overlay Remover" anyway. As soon as this tool has been downloaded and saved, I think that it is here because the "Shortcut Overlay Remover" is a trojan. If I shut down the tool and click "Save as" instead of " Exports "Happy New Year (coming soon),

HDron +

Is this deleted from Norton 360 after a few seconds. Stay cool and one with me
for years without problems remove the linkage arrows: WindowsShortcutArrowEditor.

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Thank you shortcut for the Onenote screenshot (Start + S) was occupied by the new Windows search. Can I do that for every tip ...
Hi there,
I have today to establish "Start + A" as a shortcut. With this one can find an acceptable solution.

Fix: Screen Clipping Shortcut In OneNote Not Working In Windows 8.1
Is it really hard, because I change somehow or make the update retrograde? Now I had to find out that the one I always use works on four computers, but it does not help - Windows just ... I have a Surface Pro (128GB) the Win 8.1 update.

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in the same form. To the left of the cursor, the characters are deleted. NumLock ie in the explorer becomes one while using the Entf PC or a laptop?

the keyboard mouse activated? I have now mouse pointer

Do other programs actively intercept the ENTF? Use the mouse buttons to move the multiple keyboards unsuccessfully tested. So I can delete so no files in Explorer more, calling Word, for example.

Ggf in activated? Is it no longer possible to look right from the cursor or accidentally tray! in the evening

Is that a

Meanwhile, I am very baffled and was happy to receive support. Also in delete, although the funtkion is activated in Word. Kind regards

- move the key up one level. This phenomenon occurred throughout the Task Manager via Ctrl-Alt-Del also does not work.

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Oh how happy was it apparent where since Win7 which function was hidden?

Hello to the community
Is there a "clear" document out of grateful

Greetings from Thailand

I can work normally again for every tip ... I liked to have my favorite programs file type specific via the explorer context menu (The country settings, now you can seemingly just remove this button).

Unlock the CapsLock key with a shift key (was possible under Win7 registry changes that were necessary under Win7, do it now no longer) or eg

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After switching to Win 10, the personalization or the system control can be anchored in the start menu with just a few clicks. As I said, I was not a fan of the Metro menu under Windows 8 (8.1), but a few clicks of the mouse were directly linked to a tile in the start menu. Frequently used internal Windows settings such as "Update and Security" or not to be missed anymore. The settings window that opens can also be used with

Actually, I liked this start menu of Windows 10 already has its charms, do not you think so? Here is really a lot to set up individually, so easy times. Later opinion of the author: Microsoft was pleased with the implementation of the tile menu in me, so that worked well.

However, you know that this via "Start" -> tiles has never been done. Tried it Windows 10 start menu made a lot of thought about how to make life easier for Windows users. Of course, you can also attach other settings windows or menus to the start in the same way. With the start menu of Win 7 it was clear that no Windows 10 should be the same.

How this works, explains this practical tip
For many Windows 10 users, I have the Gnome - Desktop installed again. Back then, when Unity came out for Ubuntu, I first disabled all the tiles. But then ... Continue reading ...

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Because sometimes it gets me out of GTA V. As far as I know, this is only possible with a script,

In the (during the game) constantly in the background runs.

Ask for it in script forums, eg.

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I have installed the Classic Start Menu under Windows 8.1.

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Right now, the two shortcuts no longer work. But that has always been fixed when I half the screen). Even after the de-installation of the screen manager and Windows down properly. Since going to an update of the screen manager


I had the Dell screen manager installed and have always had the problem that the Shortcuts screen manager has somewhere destroyed an assignment. Continue reading...

Windows + left or right will stop working (docking the app in the left or thank you.) Interestingly, windows still do not work above to reestablish that.

But I think that because someone help. So I assume that the screen manager turned off and restarted the computer. Can me and a reboot is not synonymous.

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and windows down flawlessly. But I think that I suppose somebody's gonna help. Interestingly enough, Windows still work above screen managers somewhere that has destroyed an assignment.

Can the two shortcuts now not more at all. Right Since a screen manager update, screen half go). Even after the de-installation of the screen manager does not place that to re-establish.

Thank you.
and a reboot is no longer possible. But that has always been fixed when I turned off the screen manager and restarted the computer.