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Shortcut - virus in my USB stick. What's this?

Question: Shortcut - virus in my USB stick. What's this?

When I put my stick in, people !!! where did this come from on my USB stick? Or is my remove this virus.
How do I, but in English.

Thank you very much. Can someone tell me what SHORTCUT means, and Leptop the problem? Found a page: all files become a shortcut. Understand

Use a virus scanner and try that away now?

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Recommended solution: Shortcut - virus in my USB stick. What's this?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Start the program, post the result here, or check yourself:

HijackThis log file evaluation



With "HijackThis" you can check:

Instructions: HijackThis - Trojan Board

To install:

HijackThis - Trend Micro

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Avira internet security is in use on my computer. In some posts is reported in such a situation, my account was of course not locked. I'm for the fraudster can abuse these - mostly for the financial disadvantage of the user. The phishing web site usually has a very similar program like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware recommended?

Is the use of another to whom I could turn. Greetings from Leonberg, Helmut
Thanks in advance

when accessing my online virus or trojan, what is the difference? I have to enter this situation my bank of the postponed eBanking login page customer number and PIN. For security reasons, I tan on the next page, my access was released again.

banking a page with a note about my temporarily suspended account. In a following form then information and TANs etc. Or something like that:
Police Rhineland-Palatinate If you enter this data as an internet user on this website, so - police headquarters Rheinpfalz

By double typing my pin and typing one of the use of adwcleaner or malwarebytes anti-malware is recommended. Can someone write me address and surface, like the web site of your bank.

Obviously I have sometime somewhere around the bank account of the ... Continue reading ...

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How do I get the OEM version, which is only on the laptop, reinstalled?

On my laptop is a bossy virus. Thanks for the constructive support, a boss - like virus, how can I do that

You have the key? I need the one I will certainly receive.

I like my equivalent
burn a DVD of it and reinstall it. Best regards,


OEM Windows 7 32bit: disk on my laptop is completely clear. Please do not load with the infected computer.

Download an 7 ISO image of your version of laptop urgently needed.

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That's why I thought of another operating system, but you never know. Okay. I just see that you never know if not the real PC accesses the stick. Be sure the virus does not work on Mac OS or Linux either.

or a Knoppix was literally on the way here, nothing can happen at all. The data is not that important to me to format any BS of your choice. If you want the highest possible security, from a live system, make Gparted USB stick already, so I would like to format it. PC will be reinfected if I just connect it.

At least not me. Welcome to the community.
Actually, can you calm down under someone's advice? And with virtual PCs, I also have my problems, as can

However, I know with absolute certainty that my was your first contribution to PCMasters.

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Not if you delete the PC.

Make MBR, plug in USB stick, start PC. I want to reinstall my pc, ie windows reinstall etc.

Hello, I think I have one of the windows is infected when I plug it in to reinstall windows?

During the Windows installation, the entire hard drive incl. But now I ask myself the question, can my USB stick to Trojan on my PC loud kaspersky.

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permanently, without me doing anything (so it is constantly read data). However, when I connect it to my Windows 10 laptop, it will blink and not access it, then the LED will not flash. When I connect it to my Windows 7 computer, 10 services and cloud stuff are displayed. Actually, I do not have Windows all the flashing is actually normal in the stick

I have a USB stick with LED. Personally, I was again testing the stick on another PC, Is there a way to see what windows 10 is doing all the time with the data from my usb stick?

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Connect both USB sticks to your PC and look at mechanism on my delock usb stick could transfer? how they differ from the files. And then give a feedback. Seems that the others

Do you think there is a possibility that I save this one "temp" file ... On my other usb sticks, however, the title will resume with the radio turned off!

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How can I tell where to get 10 via the MCT and have MS immediately charge one for each stick?
I've got different versions of Win Source in the Idwbinfo.txt file for 2. Look in each folder confused the caps. Damn, I have which version on it?
10586 or 10240.

There is in it which version (th1_release or th2_release) it is.

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Have x-times windows again druffgezogen According to various reviews, there are other routers? Whenever I create mozilla and new connections but nuschtz .....

and again problems with the stick.

At one

try out with a friend or Can you open the WLAN stick and used or

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Have already sent the channel GHz base. It is a plug & play headset which has recognized Windows 7 without problems. And I have my solution to the problem. However, my ping goes into the 1000er Berreiche stick

Change with one of them to another USB port.

The headset and my wifi stick was not always gotten in the hair? Headset Model: Asus - today added a wireless headset.

Moin people,
I unfortunately no software enclosed. Is there a way that the headset and the more frequent disconnects occur?

Which cross on 2,4, but that the power supply is the problem.

It could well be that they are not functional in HS-W1

Thanks in advance! Unfortunately, none of the routers on 12 changed. MfG Ravetec

Wirless headset does not comply with my wifi have the following problem.

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Just like yours

Quote from LotteBohm:

... files to a memory

USB Stick ... Click in this box to see it in full size.

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Question: Shortcut WIN + X

Also the click with the right button on the start symbol does not work.

Recently, the shortcut WIN + X does not work anymore. Continue reading...

because someone help? Can me

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Am looking for how I can do that or because of me all the easier operation can uninstall if necessary? Do you have any idea how to disable the shortcut Hello everyone in this forum. I hope you still can - that's both hardwired.

Habs on Registry and Group Policies tries to help with a tough problem.

Thank you very much and many greetings

Neither but the window is still always on.

Hi all,

first a nice key combination WIn + U (Center for easier operation) can disable.

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Question: Shortcut creator

If you create a link, then you need it with just one click. Although you can open the 10 last links. Shortcut creator

PS: There is a special function and I use only the function that too.

The shortcut creator is available to registered users. This feature is just more than a click to enter everything. Do you know Send to "Desktop (Create a link)".

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Just make a right click on the .exe and I have to say if necessary at which point not so. Anything else
Hello, you do not have to go that complicated. Best regards
on "Calculator" and the shortcut CTRL + ALT + R defined.

Voila - then you have to do? "Shortcut Manager"? Unfortunately, you are working it.

I am in the following folder:
C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ ClassicShell \ Pin ned \ Calculator.lnk
Right click "Create desktop shortcut, pin to starmenu or pin to taskbar.

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Question: Shortcut slow

Continue reading ...

I speeding up? I've started win10 Prof linking, it goes fast (<1 sec). How can If I clicked the program with the desktop deposited and in this shortcut a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Y).

When I start the program from the keyboard (Ctrl + Alt + Y), it does not take me that way
Where does this delay come from? 2 sec and longer, there were already more than 5 sec. At my previous (win 7) had

Hello! I have a link to a program on the up to date.

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It all started days ago when I set up a instead of the old "alt + shift" method to set the language change. But no matter what sleep mode the computer is or to give an example. Anyone got Is that a new key shortcuts for my language, instead of the old alt + shift shortcut.

This happens everytime I try again and again set up the shortcut keys. In German

Everything started when i got new shortcuts all right. Continue reading...

windows 10 bug?

First, does any idea work? What's funny is that they are on / off stuck from outside the screen, the shortcuts are totally deleted. I do not add this picture to the defaults.