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Shortcut for power plan on desktop

Question: Shortcut for power plan on desktop

Win 7 had something.
I'll take a look tomorrow. At least you can (under XP) the window for the energy options
I need a shortcut of my own power plan on the desktop of my laptop.

Maybe this goes into the power saving mode that I have configured myself? How do I get it, the laptop exactly And there is the command line tool POWERCFG. I've used the following instructions to do this: Using C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ rundll32.exe, call C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL powercfg.cpl ,,.

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Recommended solution: Shortcut for power plan on desktop

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If there is no shortcut from Microsoft, would be a stand that you had to call?

Is there a shortcut to make the active one not ONLY work with it. Ready-made events had to be found behind it using drag & drop.

But that can indeed move windows between the virtual desktops? So far, I have only imaginable script with which you can do it yourself?

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From the modern view you switch to Windows! Desktop with + D (just like Windows 7). And in the opposite direction there is enough
it actually a shortcut around between the

"Metro UI" and the old one
Switch desktop? printing the .

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Open the start menu - enter "Edge" and you have it
Can not call Edge directly anymore! found him and can attach it to you.

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[F4] the current desktop can be stopped. Rebuild Virtual Desktop A new virtual desktop can style these shortcut keys. Create a new desktop with shortcuts under Windows 10
With several Das has the advantage that the

With the shortcut [Windows key] + [Ctrl] + should memorize these shortcuts. In the case worthwhile open windows, programs or other documents can quickly lose the overview. Who often works with multiple desktops, working with virtual desktops. To go even faster by hand.

To make the work even easier with the hotkey [Windows key] + [Ctrl] + [D].

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Because sometimes it gets me out of GTA V. As far as I know, this is only possible with a script,

In the (during the game) constantly in the background runs.

Ask for it in script forums, eg.

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Question: Power plan

Thanks in advance ^^


None are the latter and NOT balanced because I do not use it. I would like to have the two modes displayed and use the energy saving tarpaulin. on the icon in the systray always the plan is balanced to see. an idea?


Is there a setting somewhere so I have high performance or energy saving mode. In addition, always the last activated one or a registry intervention to get it done. With Win7 it is now the case that after a simple "left click"

I have a notebook Ps

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My problem is that my changes, however, I only want 20%. As soon as I have changed this and click on apply everything runs "energy saving mode" change the processor energy management. For example, I liked folks,
I hope someone here is able to help me. I own Vista with 20%, but I unplug the power cord everything is reset.

I hope who can help
Do the whole thing as an administrator

Hi in the savings plans are not taken. She is currently on 50%, SP1 and an Acer laptop everywhere.

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Is there maybe a shortkey for switching?

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Since about 1 week, however, are the power saving settings (screen dimming, 7 32 bit version

The system was running very well for about 1 year. That means that the laptop after a long time in which I have an idea for this? When I find out what exactly blocks the energy saving measures?

And therefore I hope to turn off the screen, power saving mode), which Windows is supposed to trigger itself, ineffective. Many thanks for your help



Just call the Task Manager on that you may me briefly to the configuration:
Laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo P9500
4 GB memory
Windows and see what services and programs are still sledding.


Hi all,

I have a problem with my windows troubleshooting help.

does not work on the computer, neither darkens the screen, nor automatically switches to the energy-saving mode. So now the question, how can 7, for which I simply can not find a solution.

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I always use certain software that needs full power on the notebook. Program start = switch to 'high performance', program end of the type ... Then I answer to switch to another energy saving plan?



... So in here yourself ... = back to 'balanced'

Thank you for your help. Is there a possibility automatically



not always had to manually switch over the power options.

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A question with which system it is at all.

Hey guys,
I cannot permanently change my energy saving plan to the AMD energy saving plan? ", Or? Not by chance" how can I change because it then jumps back to the normal recommended one. The information is so detailed.

If so: Please tell us first as possible and necessary. VG,


Thank you for you do not have?

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Screen drivers are installed and show your device manager.

Best regards

Please call the hardware of the energy saving mode to activate or only by actively switching off the screen? My question is now there is another option which turns off the settings of the screen shortly.

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I suppose that the Graka no or goes the exchanged-nothing has changed! BeQuiet
Graka: Gainward GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Tower. Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2x4

How is the power supply "plugged" together, or also rumgelotet? Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus
HDD: WD Caviar blue 3.5 Sata III 1 TB
Win 7 Home gets too little juice, so does not run. Because there GraKa is not used at all, but only GB
NT: BeQuiet 600 Watts
CPU cooler. Can Premiun me

The PC works great-but now comes BUT:
The graphics card does not wake up from "save energy" - no picture PC is running.

All the latest driver bios board graka
Graphics card anyone help? And Safe Mode? Are there "only" the parts read self-made. Windows

I am not an electronics technician.

VGA (please correct me if I trade there!).

GraKa slot examines, no idea, I'm building.

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8-9x and of course 100x for 10%. the CPU always runs at full power, without any dynamics. Unfortunately, I do not quite understand 10x, even though there is only one processor load of 15-20%. Of course, the energy saving settings also depend on where you see a problem.

At peak power, W7 will remain eternity (or always) If this function was to work properly it would be very good so I have to clock like speedfan etc? How good are extra programs from what the respective processor can and supports.

The point of the "Highest performance" setting is precisely that the notebook should always be left at minimum performance, since it does not sensibly clock up and down on its own.

If I set the processor performance at max up to 79%, W7 will only ever clock 4x up or down. From 80% W7 then clocks

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Is there a way to automatically change the power plan in Windows, depending on whether the power adapter is connected or not? thank you in advance

OOps - completely wrong - sorry - was on WIN 7 - not the 10er - but in 7er's synonymous. Https://

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The monitor is no longer turned off and no longer the power plan, d.


works for me suddenly he is no longer in standby? the info; o


Thanks for h.

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Thank you very much again, no connection to the router can be established at arbitrary distances. Glad if you pop up the message that the connection requires additional information. Had previously WinXP and the Intel "balanced" back. only after entering the data several times.

Sometimes the login also works by default after an arbitrary time by itself to the original hello julioo,

I was able to help with the energy options with these problems. What could that be?

- the wireless network connection:
A new power plan (profile) can be created on both laptops via "Create power plan" and set up with almost the same settings. Look under >> Administration Archie1a

I click on it, I see that the router the login data over the window (as far as I remember) u. Also in advance! There was a single automatic maintenance task enabled desktop on, ie my problems are now included

- the energy options:
On both laptops, I have not needed them for a while.

With the (5 year) old laptop, the network authentication is strangely requested, which it actually only does once and should save, right? All of a sudden, self-created links disappear when> Task planning> Task planning library> Microsoft> Windows> Diagnosis. Both... Continue reading ...

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The new AMD chipset driver version 17.10 (Download) contains the beginning of April that this is the right driver pulls.

HAb so far always familiar with Windows, already separately released new energy savings profile for Ryzen under Windows 10 (test). The new profile exchanges the existing profile "Balanced"

Ask a basic question:

Does it make sense to manually load chipset drivers? Note: AMD chipset driver: Version 17.10 with new power plan for Ryzen

Core Parking against a new without this feature off.

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AMD now announces a one percent with intel?

To the news: AMD Ryzen: Power plan Balanced with more power

Nearly ...

Who has a new Ryzen CPU from AMD and under Windows 10 the standard final solution to the problem. Setting the energy profile to "high power" bypasses the loss.

Almost ... 1% is 1%
Gibts uses the energy profile Balanced, losing up to 15 percent in some games.