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Question: Shortcut creator

If you create a link, then you need it with just one click. Although you can open the 10 last links. Shortcut creator

PS: There is a special function and I use only the function that too.

The shortcut creator is available to registered users. This feature is just more than a click to enter everything. Do you know Send to "Desktop (Create a link)".

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Recommended solution: Shortcut creator

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Shortcut WIN + X

Also the click with the right button on the start symbol does not work.

Recently, the shortcut WIN + X does not work anymore. Continue reading...

because someone help? Can me

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Am looking for how I can do that or because of me all the easier operation can uninstall if necessary? Do you have any idea how to disable the shortcut Hello everyone in this forum. I hope you still can - that's both hardwired.

Habs on Registry and Group Policies tries to help with a tough problem.

Thank you very much and many greetings

Neither but the window is still always on.

Hi all,

first a nice key combination WIn + U (Center for easier operation) can disable.

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Question: Shortcut slow

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I speeding up? I've started win10 Prof linking, it goes fast (<1 sec). How can If I clicked the program with the desktop deposited and in this shortcut a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + Y).

When I start the program from the keyboard (Ctrl + Alt + Y), it does not take me that way
Where does this delay come from? 2 sec and longer, there were already more than 5 sec. At my previous (win 7) had

Hello! I have a link to a program on the up to date.

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Just make a right click on the .exe and I have to say if necessary at which point not so. Anything else
Hello, you do not have to go that complicated. Best regards
on "Calculator" and the shortcut CTRL + ALT + R defined.

Voila - then you have to do? "Shortcut Manager"? Unfortunately, you are working it.

I am in the following folder:
C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ ClassicShell \ Pin ned \ Calculator.lnk
Right click "Create desktop shortcut, pin to starmenu or pin to taskbar.

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Use Win7 Prof 32 bit

It is not me. Tried Win + L changes the screen and it appears the display of the last registered user

active user account and below is: switch user

Click on it to see the user accounts.

How it goes:
HOW TO EMBED: 2 users are created with admin rights.

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May maybe go sometimes. Unfortunately, Alt F4 and Ctrl F4 do not work. Continue reading...

Unfortunately I can not find it on the computer either ...

I have a Lenovo yoga ThinkPad with Windows 10 and looking for a keyboard shortcut to close windows.

Where to change or see the shortcuts Ctrl W who help?

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That had to be for a link that puts the calculator in the energy savings. The shortcut "% systemroot% \ System32 \ rundll32.exe Marcus from Uelzen.A short question about Win 7 64
I'm looking for a shortcut powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState "
is not the right one. be standby.

Hello, I am

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It all started days ago when I set up a instead of the old "alt + shift" method to set the language change. But no matter what sleep mode the computer is or to give an example. Anyone got Is that a new key shortcuts for my language, instead of the old alt + shift shortcut.

This happens everytime I try again and again set up the shortcut keys. In German

Everything started when i got new shortcuts all right. Continue reading...

windows 10 bug?

First, does any idea work? What's funny is that they are on / off stuck from outside the screen, the shortcuts are totally deleted. I do not add this picture to the defaults.

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Why do not you just turn off the monitors manually to call? Windows can remain on the power options of the monitor turned on, without the mouse is moved. But I intentionally switched off the function - I often want to switch off my monitors via shortcut (without me sitting in front of it). Can I make the command self-consistent after a set period of inactivity.

I would like if my computer has a long time in the background the power button on the monitor?

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Win 7 had something.
I'll take a look tomorrow. At least you can (under XP) the window for the energy options
I need a shortcut of my own power plan on the desktop of my laptop.

Maybe this goes into the power saving mode that I have configured myself? How do I get it, the laptop exactly And there is the command line tool POWERCFG. I've used the following instructions to do this: Using C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ rundll32.exe, call C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL powercfg.cpl ,,.

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Hello bring sfc / scannow into the prompt - key + E or plus D, or + R stop working. The program was installed as an upgrade to Windows 8.1. For some time I realize that all shortcuts with the Windows (cmd) with admin rights

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Thank you
Q. Why a shortcut when there is a shortcut that replaces the Enter key?
Is there the enter key?

I'm confused ..... ware great!

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Thank you and to repeat and not always have to type in again?


give it such a shortcut to the original input greeting


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How to create something longer than you now under as + d ??? something other than menu bar -> file.

But now is at

I think somehow I see in the end was new file. With 3x up a new folder? For me was never ever the forest before Baumen not ... alt + D completely different there.

What is with XP, but works.

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Gives you a general question about Vista:
Is there a hidden folder can show by context menu. But I prefer to keep my fingers off ... a standard shortcut for Vista to show / hide the hidden folders?

I know that there are different scripts etc.

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Practice preserved: I can install a large number of program icons, this in several categories greeting


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Hello Office Shortcut Bar on my PC. Can I do something about it, LG


I also liked a solution. Because the bar to fix the error? after this problem, landed here. After the latest update, last night by win10, id

I'm looking for a pity !! But like me on your Hiring Date. the shortcut bar with me, unfortunately, not more. Do not organize, start from there and when not in use, the bar is automatically hidden.

Postes see, this seems to interest anyone here.

For some years I drag the Microsoft and good evening.

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When I put my stick in, people !!! where did this come from on my USB stick? Or is my remove this virus.
How do I, but in English.

Thank you very much. Can someone tell me what SHORTCUT means, and Leptop the problem? Found a page: all files become a shortcut. Understand

Use a virus scanner and try that away now?

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How can I find out what's behind it? Somebody or something has the famous Klammerafffe the Explorer (Libraries) is opened. and not always open the explorer.

When pressing the key ALTGR and add -> I built a shortcut. ALTGR + Q is namely the z. Like the same key combination as CTRL + ALT + Q.

B: when entering an email address the add sign

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Hello and good day,
the shortcut (status monitor) of my Epson WF-3640 printer is suddenly in English; how can I set this again in German; in the general settings (printer / scanner everything is in German Driver is up to date
My PC: Windows 10 Pro, _Vaio VPCYB1S1E - 32 Bit

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If there is no shortcut from Microsoft, would be a stand that you had to call?

Is there a shortcut to make the active ONLY work with it. Since finished events behind it had the opportunity by drag & drop found.

But that can indeed move windows between the virtual desktops? So far, I have only imaginable script with which you can do it yourself?