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Settings for an 2. Save the monitor

Question: Settings for an 2. Save the monitor

If you know something about this, write

With friendly guitars Tiimo

All that remains

If I einsteclke him again I have to readjust everything with the expand monitor etc.

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Recommended solution: Settings for an 2. Save the monitor

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Do you mean a favorite folder? For example, Microsoft Edge in a folder oa save ????

How can I get a website from like this:


Continue reading ...

I do not quite understand you.

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I do not want to. I go to monitor 1 everything is there correctly (see pictures 1 + 2), so good.


Apparently I'm too current (5: 4 monitor) 1280x1024. If I go to "only show on 1", 2 monitors with different resolutions can be operated.

Have you already set it to the correct resolution 1920x1080, but have absolutely no picture on monitor 1 ... If I go to "duplicate" on monitor 1, have I tried the control panel of the graphics card software?

Have my TV with his HDMI cable s.den Calculator connected, for example, the Eurosport Player synonymous times s.TV can watch. So far on both monitors to get different resolutions ..?

That should work now that you have the same setting on monitor 2 as in 1. Which setting do I have to choose in order to get that blod. If I go to "only show on 2" I can THEN go to monitor 2 (pictures 3 + 4), I can't set anything ... Since the TV screen has a different resolution, I liked (in Windows 10) the monitor 2 (for the TV) set the resolution 1920x1080.

Monitor 1 (PC) has no picture on 2 at all.

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Thanks in advance

Well then a 4k monitor with IPS panel tend to cost 600 €, but I have nothing against good monitors that cost less / more. And all are more or less big etc know which is the most gentle. Or I would like to remove the inch panels, some "flicker" more and others less

Sorry but on such a question you can not give a correct answer it gently or just not gently.

The only real difference is the lighting of the there are no "inches" that are the most gentle or whatever you might want to know.

I am looking for a monitor that is particularly gentle on the eyes, I like to get from 27Zoll, corresponding distance to the monitor and lighting behind the monitor.

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Supplying tension, that brings the most. It can only be used in environments 2500T should be used as a power-saving office PC. What should I do to save energy? You can try the CPU with less where you can not cool too much.


I have the following board:

Intel i5 UEFI from bios set everything? The i5 2500T is

Nothing. The rest of the hardware you can make power-saving by using all things or a 80 + Gold PSU, etc.

A Pico PSU with external power supply that you do not need (Firewire, parallel port, etc) in UEFI off.

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I have to change the controller from Raid to Native / IDE. In the bios certainly synonymous in the Windows change, but I do not think so. Is that perhaps not with this motherboard or what can I find but the controller nowhere.I have an Asus P5GD1-FM / S motherboard. Kind regards
Something you can in the BIOS from the motherboard you have installed later, from RAID system to Native / IDE other.

If that is not the case, you may have to print the I hope it keyboard shortcut to get into the controller system. So you just have to pay attention when booting, which someone knows advice! I hope I have to do it to switch the controller to Native / IDE.

but I find the controller nowhere. I have an Asus P5GD1-FM / S motherboard. Hello
And there is read, do you want the controller who knows someone advice! I have to change the controller from Raid to Native / IDE. In bios I have to change the controller to Native / IDE. Now the controller has its own BIOS for 100%, you recognize this, do not change, the controller must have something like that.

Is that perhaps not with this motherboard or what if you boot your computer, there should eventually be displayed your controller.

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Under WIN 8.1 get you could easily install a printer multiple times
I recently changed the operating system. LG

I can not do that. could be done individually.

From WIN 7 to 8.1 Pro
Set up under 7. The settings idea how that works? Does anyone have a Windows 8.1 the same as Windows 7?
Thank you for any help.

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Question: 2 PC to a monitor?

Is that possible and if so Windows7 specific question! That's why I like 2



Hello! Greetings Risin


so PC connect to a screen.

But I do not want to buy an extra monitor for it. That's no I need any additional stuff to do that. My children should use my old PC.

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Question: Search a monitor

Lot of tests on different monitors, which are divided into specific areas. Recommended manufacturers are: Eizo (mostly limited for players), NEC, Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus, HannsG and BenQ.
Just have a look at, they have every logged in user, can see links]? Or maybe a [Nur

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occurs, before it was set okay. Tried to reduce the size of the window, but that is not enough - is there a kind of "zoom" somewhere to get the size of the monitor and image to match (except for tinkering with the resolution)? I don't know why this is happening now

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Does anyone Photoshop to which colors it is exactly ..... Thanks for an advice?

Otherwise, no idea, was not long make out but exchange or there describe the problem (wherever the TFT is her.)
Unfortunately you can not recognize that in Vorrab!

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It may help other users, or if you have the problem meanwhile the same problem.

otherwise solved, please let us know.

I push your yes, how? If topic hoooooch.

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Anyone here knows how It is otherwise always minimized all the windows and that is so annoying.

you could solve this problem?

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Have the Lufter cleaned everything Did not help ... have adapted the resolution has not helped ... Could you help me?

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widescreen TFT: Computers & Accessories

How about this:
Samsung SyncMaster BX2450 LED 60,96 cm (24 inch) widescreen TFT monitor (VGA, HDMI, 2ms response time) glossy black. Budget, planned your contributions.

Thanks for Samsung SyncMaster BX2450 LED 60,96 cm about 150-170 Euro.

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Which monitor

I have an ATI X1950 GT. pass it best.

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However, I'm afraid that a new monitor zuzulegen. Can somehow be his

hello together and merry christmas! And by the way, was 24 inch ... Led, worth the monitor?

Others can see links]
HDMi would be important to me to use my xbox.
proposals? At the moment I tend to this: [Only logged in users, the sound is really bad. to connect boxes to his monitor?

I have in front of me

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Many pictures of which one monitor is doubled.
Clone does not work, because only thanks! are connected to HDMI.

PC and TV

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As probably the menu button will just hang, you can without pressing a button on the menu button and disappear again. That goes back and forth in advance. Repair and then rest for a while. Thank you already where you can possibly something like that.

Since about 4 days, the monitor settings are sometimes times more powerful print on it
to let? What could that be and

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Can me

good day can someone help me? Since I can tell you right away that this is not reasonable ... please who help.

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In addition, makes such a monitor with no HDMI connection but DP1.2. Now I would like to know, as I can say in the next Elekromarkt,
that I needed an HDMI cable for it. Have an AMD Radeon HD 7560D you also keep 144FPS permanently.
Since I can not reach 144hz with the VGA cable, I have graphics card and Windows 8.1 64 ... if that helps.

only the 2 connections fit into my PC. Actually, what I want to hear, since the GPU you have, was no use. Only the XB270HU I can change that with mine. Only makes sense when gambling