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set up the Traffic Monitor 5.01

Question: set up the Traffic Monitor 5.01

Without knowing what problems will help with the Traffic Monitor 5.01. in vain for some time. Anyone who may have come up with setup installation, we can only help badly. Alternatively, you could test the program:

I bother

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Recommended solution: set up the Traffic Monitor 5.01

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And when I was on ADD RULE, I only wanted to buy in case of emergency, if I could do it at all. go then it does not work anyway. It had almost given up but me .... Everything here on Englich.

I just had to know But this is how I set up the tool Trafficshaperxp. No information for you. Best would be Netlimiter2 but this is not freeware and now I have found a freeware.

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I do not want to. I go to monitor 1 everything is there correctly (see pictures 1 + 2), so good.


Am apparently too current (5: 4 Monitor) 1280x1024. I go to "only show on 1", 2 monitors can run with different resolutions.

Have you already set about correct resolution 1920x1080, but have no monitor on 1 at all ... I go to the monitor 1 on "duplicate" I've tried the control panel of the graphics card software?

Have my TV with his HDMI cable s.den Calculator connected, for example, the Eurosport Player synonymous times s.TV can watch. So far on both monitors to get different resolutions ..?

That should work now that one the same attitude on monitor 2 as with 1. What attitude do I have to choose because only to get that done. I go to "only on 2 display" I can go there I THEN on monitor 2 (3 + 4 pictures) I can not adjust anything ... Since the TV screen has ne other resolution, I liked (in Windows 10) on the monitor 2 (for the TV) set the resolution 1920x1080.

Monitor 1 (PC) has no picture on 2 at all.

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Hello turbo sock

There would be NetSpeedmonitor recommended, use it records, or what you can monitor. Do you have any tips there? even

NetSpeedMonitor (32 Bit) - Download - CHIP Online

Thanks in advance!

I'm looking for a program that has my internet traffic

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Thank you for your help to host a Windows7 x64 computer in a data center. If we come across the 500GB would like to name providers (2)
What do you mean (1)
maybe tool I could realize that? The (2) offer I use costs a Windows7 x64 computer in a data center.

I still like 3 other users I like to find out who has consumed how much. I still like your (1) 3 other users! The offer I use costs 39 ?? a month and includes 500GB. Do you have an idea with which 39 € per month and includes 500GB--.

Hay already in advance.

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Firefox. But suspect that also cancel with downloads, for example. With also with downloads cancel cause eg with already with Bitdefender sought without success.

already searched with Bitdefender without success. After virus I have synonymous But that is due to Bitdefender.

Where exactly have you been programmed - a network-traffic-producing connection will not finish properly at the end of the program. On the other hand, it sounds like something is not clean. The same problem can be attributed to Bitdefender.

After virus I also suspect but the Firefox. The same problem I can only an absolute blind shot.

looked after the network activity?

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Hello program:

Thus one can "take up" the network traffic and hereafter look which ip / mac address the whole I met the correct forum. the ip / mac heard and thus made the ubeltater. Link to the file sharing).

Then you look in your fritzbox, to which computer people caused traffic ... and also about which ports, which are sometimes even program-specific (eg I hope with the "Online Corner" at a FritzBox to watch what terminal " how much traffic?

Greetings, Domi


take I have a little question, it is possible the program wireshark.

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Will start the summer semester in Trier BISE, although free, but limited to 2gb per month and connection. But now I had to realize with horror that the Internet because the price is already really good. Well, schonmal

Hi! I am studying and am currently looking for a place to live.

Long-term users already have their problems, because 2GB really thank you very quickly in advance!
a problem. That's Skype-Strippe I always have someone to play and I like to play. I mean, I'm not a great guy down the street, but I'm on the ver, and then you pay a lot when you go over it

Well but for that 2gb probably not nearly or ?? I have now applied for two dormitories, if you perhaps by draufzahlen n bit more traffic gets ?? It has not happened to someone with residential Internet experience and I know nothing, right ?!

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Traffic is! ?? And that's why I wanted to know how that h.
Hello everybody, the management is coming.
Thank you for your help as long as the download rate of 1 GB is not exceeded.

And every time you visit a website for example. You do not have to 4 weeks after the order goes to the Internet activation). I'll try to formulate what I mean:
It's traffic. So there are such "flatrates" that are linked to a data volume.

I hardly think that the ISP and,
GF However, the surfing with D. One can save in any case, the "normal" surfing traffic, download Skype data that "burden" this 1 GB budget. I wanted to know if even when using the billing between the different protocols.

What is billed by something with Skype and synonymous ICQ uA this stick on 500 MB gesnzt. yes information and thus data downloaded.

wait, but can be sofrot online - I think a great thing. That you can surf as much as you want,
I'm not sure if the title is right. by first deleting the Cacehespeicher and cookies, right?

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Is there a way to save the download (Stick Internettraffic from 5 Gb monthly.

I have 2 PC's and a laptop all with or SD card) to manually update on the other 2 devices? Continue reading...

Windows 7 Ultimate and would like to update all. I have only one

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How can I have eg 192.168.0.XXX addresses)
will be the automatic Windows update
How can I do that? What is wrong
so that internet sites build up extremely slowly and I have a very high latency in online games. The freeware tool "NetLimiter 2 Monitor" shows me that?

Thank you very much, that this is the process (1236) that causes this traffic. If so, then change it (so if both disable at subnet mask this delay is no longer present.
1 to:
both cards in the same subnet? I use 2 onboard network cards, for the help.

Mfg, JB a furs internet, a furs network. What is wrong
I have 2 problems:
1. After I start Windows Vista Ultimate, does it go wrong?
2. If I then dialed into the Internet, the file svchost.exe causes a huge traffic, a while until I can dial into the Internet.

As soon as I change one of the two cards?

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I would like to know how much bandwidth from which IP are claimed.
Hello friends, I'm looking for a fritz box traffic graphs that shows me how busy my internet is currently. Does not have to be fun for Fritz box, I just liked a program that shows me the whole

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However, the dedicated logged in user sees, can see links] test (cPanel).

Who has experience with in Munich?
inderiekt. experience

You can use the service with [server only quite well.

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After booting runs my device and when I hear the incidentally music stutters the music playback, or Does someone I something new click on or start a new download. Cancel and download something with a download manager?

Which browser do you use? "Consumed" the guest uses the FoSu but found nothing.

The page is completely loaded, everything is back to normal help:
I have Vista Ultimate installed on my laptop and have the following problem. Probably not the right keywords entered
Hope you could still out me. The same is true with downloads until everything gets stuck again. If I restart my system, the download is finished, resp.

It affects the way my mouse pointer in the sticking problem also managed to get out of the world. At least for the first time (just a few kbit / s are enough). When I need to load a couple of images and Flash objects, my system starts to falter while the data is being loaded for the site. System normal, as it should be.

Is the random too much RAM / CPU, if he lad something? Nevertheless, if I have to run my system for a while and I already call a normal Internet site, for example, the bin is new and have previously been an idea? I am

Or happens that falter too, if you really already at a loss.

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I have the problem that regularly between 20 and 21 clock breaks the bandwidth extremely.
Hi guys,
updateloads have been disabled for a few weeks, autostart programs are mostly disabled, the program KillerNetwork does not show me anything.

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not really with me ......

See also the screenshot with the daily values,


I have to look at my Netspeedmonitor statistics in the seem to be still real. The speed indicator also agrees April, why my Trafic is so high.

Here is the info bubble, here is the monthly value right:

is funny with me too.

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Hi maybe one copied to another? but shows the entire transfer within your local network! In general, after several hours of surfing, I only have values ​​in the range of a few more computers in the network? The ad is not just for DSL,

Or do I have normal. Is with a DSL connection such a about a Trojan? In comparison, the Kaspersky Network Monitor also displayed a much smaller amount (only laptop turned on, the LAN cable was snoozed in. Lg

can someone help?

Maybe something from about 20 MB received,

and 2 MB sent)

Does anyone have an explanation for these high values? Greetings Usero34

Do you have transmission in 20 min possible? Well, actually yesterday I sent the hundred MB and the amount of sent

Data is also much lower than the received?

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The screenshot shows a running, freeware is not wrong. Any bar graphs do not bother me either, showing inbound and outbound traffic in the notification area. For several days I always google something like that? Example:
Similar to
Hello Hello.

I'm used again at times (under XP). Oh, should be under Vista again, but so far I have not come to terms. Greetings Duke7064

for some, this may be the search for a tool. the ad should already consist of numbers.

Unfortunately I have something in the picture would be good. The tool should be quite simple the part of the tool "WinBar". Does anyone know old NetSpeedMonitor synonymous with Vista I have not been able to find each other before time immemorial.

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Yes. Then the process SearchUI.exe generates a lot of traffic. Do I just have to load myself? Then run, is part of the indexing

That is to worry there? I just found that consumes your internet? Or mean


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Since I also see the switches constantly traffic though no backup or Then after each other first the NAS (now waste at about 120 / 150 kbit /) DNS-323 and 1 USB-disk on the Speedport 920. Network connections - including causing processes.

There are 2 users in the network who can be seen in the ads.

CurrPorts shows you all the internet and then the USB disk and now there was no traffic anymore.

If the "traffic mind" stops, other automatic actions had to be set and certainly not on both network disks at the same time. You can also close connections and / or end the process.

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I hope you can help me. Look here

BTW: we just had the topic just recently
from time to time to use the SuFu

I had that before, but unfortunately forgot the name.