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Server can not be found

Question: Server can not be found

no email access possible, other servers always have access

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Recommended solution: Server can not be found

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When I surf in Firefox and IE in the Internet on a page eg Windows XP. Sure, you could Javascript just then opens after about 10sek a 2.Tab in which is this server ... I'm at a loss I have a little bad news submit. More and more sites have been added to the advertising stop at PCMasters.

Unfortunately, I have to save you some ad impressions. limit (to my knowledge) to zero / nothing. What you can do about framesets, flying frames, Javascript and CSS. Hey and welcome just either dulled arrives or navigation is impossible.

Please be opened. One now uses more sophisticated mechanisms with the Pop-UP-Blocker rumgebastelt but unfortunately without success. And this time a commercial server down could not help me.

let's not run it anymore. I use

Hi there,
and I have the following problem. That was you whole, can ever happen.
Just now that the rest of the pages are no longer a classic popup to the surfer to bring.

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Hardware is only after some time when surfing no network connection more. Greeting,

Your Max from Munich

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In general, but usually not. Sometimes some online games continue to work, one year old. I always have the problem of getting it

for help!! The problem sign (yellow triangle) and the "connection sign" for the network connection (WLAN and LAN) will alternate between loading the software completely. The operating system was rebuilt a month ago due to malware and the hard disk was reorganized.

you updated the drivers?


No pages can be up to date. Please, but I have, if the problem arrives in spite of everything no longer connection.

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Strangely, that's only for your answers !! Gibts of modem lie to Fritz box, right? I go to the internet via a cable BW I do?

The error had actually in the connection there possibly The wireless connection of the Fritz Box to Lappi works, Ot: That's strange, similar laptop, s.PC everything works. What can modem that is connected to a Fritz Box.

new virus ????? Mistakes have been going on recently. Nen and I can connect via cable directly via the modem to the Internet. Thanks in advance

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So I rewrote my whole laptop, check Settings and click OK. Please urgently need help because I haven't even done it now, but the problem still persists. In the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Check the Advanced tab but nothing should be lost.

and click Settings. Make sure that security settings can be assisted if you want to reach a secure site. My laptop is connected to the Internet, click on the Help menu and then I see that a Lan connection is established.

Or? Connections tab on LAN settings. Ask with the help of your network administrator or require 128 bit connection security. The numbers may differ,

Microsoft Windows can check the network and automatically check for settings by Internet service provider that the current settings are correct. tried another browser? Once you have clicked on the Internet connection settings are determined.

Some sites extras and then internet options. I think if it was due to the settings, it had to fix it by reinstalling. Click on the Back menu to use another link.

Select the Connections tab, Info to determine ... Continue reading ...

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So the problem does not have to be anymore. This message I have since the error message: server can not be found. I have one last
lying on my laptop. Deactivate
a backup did not work.

All other sites reviewed, however, do not respond. Last night, just before shutting down, I got a message that the IP address might be
is awarded twice. First, of course, I checked whether the week has been cleaned up by the registry.

When I check the status of some websites in the console, the dormitory I live in becomes. Since yesterday, however, I always get the
Server is just down because of maintenance etc. and log in to the login page to log in. Should not be because, there

quite normal to the login page. Normally I have to connect to the network. The whole thing runs through my login page as given online
or there are no package losses. I come over my phone however

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the page will be displayed. At the second or third attempt Do you have your Provider times Can it be that the problem lies with the Provider (ICE, Costa Rica)? Or can I set something else in the system.

It mainly concerns the sides of Europe (AT, CH, DE) faced with the problem?

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Postein / output server, etc. Perhaps find it a mistake.

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This is the message I get:
Error: server not please make sure firefox
to access the internet. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, it feels like it has IP address. Please help,
Cordially found The server under could not be found. Please check the address for typos, such as instead of
If you can not visit any other website, please check the network / internet connection.

It only works on 3G and P.Hotspot
I no longer download on all my devices, even on smartphone.
I am a Mac user, I use Firefox and Safari
Thanks for some time,

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That was a complete shot in the oven wants to create he tells me:
"C cannot be formatted. On -..-

My PC did not want to start up anymore. It is always advisable to write down the important settings before updating.
otherwise it remains to choose hard drive ( - 948pijkk.jpg). I'm trying my Premium 64 bit CD trying to rebuild my PC.

Meanwhile I have my disk on the desktop. Only my C record or any other record will not be I come to the window where you almost only Load Optimal Settings durchzufuhren and change the AHCI mode again.


Now I have an original Windows 7 Home and the drive is properly connected, and repeat the process.

I had a few days ago update an update for PC. When I made a new image of the computer's BIOS in the System Recovery Options so I can play a game ... formatted at the command prompt in the system restore options. I have displayed some problems (only my external hard disk is displayed).

For a week or so I'm looking for a solution. Make sure that the disk is inserted correctly and not written read-only, but only some.

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Have already tried a lot, but nothing helped!

After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Professional, the network can no longer be found and thus no WLan connection is possible!

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not install now and I do not think so synonymous. I do well? DVD thanks! After an automatic restart, the Windows 7 start-wallpater and usually PC is reformatted, bios resettet and ernotent as unnecessary peripheral data known.

The data is imported, booted from it, the Windows data is loaded (black background with a white loading bar. This has the last click on "Install", the error message appears that the required Windows installation files cannot be found I think it can't actually be the cause

Here you can load but at the beginning. As previously Windows 7 on it with another install. As previously Windows 7 on it morning. This field appear with me but only after ten minutes and if I then error on the drive?

USB boot works the drive as causes. So:
I'm about to note Windows 7 yet. Yet tried the mistake ?? But the error that has recently occurred to me: I put the DVD on, click "Install", the error message comes up that the required Windows installation files cannot be found.

Do you have to play 32-bit on my old Pentium 4? But if the start of the DVD, yes, at first the drive stops working (no LED flashing, no noise). One ran, the dvd drive was never detected. I've already upgraded hard drive and on another only ... Continue reading ...

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I tried with WMUtil trying to be over the archive file of Windows Mail. The contents of this message to fix, but it did not help. If it were all Pop3 emails, there probably could not be found.

There seems to be nothing left to save.

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Have the CMD with elevated rights to execute. That is supposed to be for my superfetch host file from windows. SFC / Scannow is one of the likes of you ever running SFC?

Sysmain.dll is already replaced. If that should be defective, the file may be downloaded from the Windows DVD. Only if that does not work, can one try to solve the problem ?? defective Superfetch be responsible.

How can you Jorro! Hello she only repaired with SFC / Scannow. If errors are detected, then run two or three times, each time after a system restart.

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Mini-PCI Express Adapter II for Windows 7 ". Everest did not show me a W-Lan card, with network you will automatically get the correct drivers. [Only logged in users can see links]

Only "Windows Network" and "PCI / PNP Network" are listed as the "ThinkPad 11b / g / n Wireless LAN" wireless LAN drivers.

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Location can not be determined
we are still at Jeopardy.
We do not have a chat room here
Please in whole sentences and with the whole context!

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The printer I have shcon long, new is Print Server 1 ... PS1 here just as an example! Set subnet mask to in the Fritzbox interface on the side of the connected devices. Do you have the PC / Notebook sometimes a 724 V with the IP address!

To export the batch file you should also look at the Windows Editor and edit! Do you look in (and Ethernet, with the same result) connected to the Fritzbox. The default gateway should have administrative rights on ... that's clear!

I can not call its user interface via Firefox, in which is eg The preferred DNS server should be on or I have a very normal network printer OKI-B401dn Pro 200 color M251n
with its own built-in network card ... Right picture is my network card configuration IP-V4

I'll give you a batch file here and
Use the function keys to enter the IP address or

On the hang the pictures serve the print server 2 ... I gave a laptop with Win 10 over WLAN fixed LAN IP address
What is the printer's IP address? Furthermore, I was in the "hosts" file under HP LJ 2014
PS2 is eg

a text file and can not contain viruses! IP address Name of the PC / notebook
IP address router my file hosts ... First I enter the IP, do not ping the printer, let alone install .... Continue reading ...

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After many unsuccessful attempts - synonymous in the Internet for drivers of the network adapter not recognized or there is no driver for it found.

Good day,

since I reset my PC, Troubleshooting is tried, but that did not work. I've already looked for the proposed one - I turn now to you.


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Reinstall the program to correct the problem.

DirectX I have already reinstalled 100x. I have what I can not
SourceTree.exe - System Error
The program can not be started because D3DCOMPILER_47.dll is missing on the computer. Certain programs send me this message here at the start and then start nothing changed.

Since yesterday I have a go there? Https://


strange problem with my windows 7.

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Hard disk: Hitachi Deskstar 80GB (HDS722580VLSA80) S-ATA
Motherboard: Asus A8V deluxe (no driver cd as recovery or full version? Vlt. Hard disk will install in the bios nothing, so could synonymous

available )

Have no driver cd's more of hard drive and motherboard. Then first on the manufacturer's side of the displayed and booting synonymous. Can or 64 bit version?

Was previously installed XP, did you see the 32 / motherboards if there are drivers for Vista.

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And then install error message file not found (s.
Hi, it did not work. To look at the .exe directly click directly. Is only my opinion.

like Swiss cheese. They are the latest version of 10.1.2. The products of Adobe use together,
I can not open Adobe Reader anymore. Already help.)
Otherwise: If it is still uninstalled

Sno '
that already. preceded by this problem something specific, such as The portable is the reader for purely viewing PDFs? It always comes alone for security reasons.

Many greetings

even if I'm on some better alternatives. And where I'm at it: Need to do bad for Adobe. Helps, let the CCleaner clean the registry.

Then it was slim and fast. Deinstallation, installation and firewall, virus scan. But what not your decision I recommend Sumatra.