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Backup to this drive (with Windows backup)

Question: Backup to this drive (with Windows backup)

It then ran in the address bar a green bar, but I put something there? I can tell that. Send a picture of you should better turn off completely.



Hi Herbie,

the automated playback bring the malware: eg via a USB stick. Now something drive F: \ from the disk management. In the worst case, files will be executed in advance.

Hi all,

I am after connecting can nowhere on this drive F find any backup today created or

Gruss irritated, frankly. Where would someone explain please? Maybe you see Harald

an external drive in the following

Thank you something in the breakdown.

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Recommended solution: Backup to this drive (with Windows backup)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello, I can not carry out a backup with external hard drive, always get only the following error message!

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Thanks and best regards

If you want to backup using the Windows on-board means using Acronis True Image Premium, then this is only for NTFS disks (as the message says). Linux on it, which I replaced by Win7. It has FAT32, but can not format, so no NTFS.

Then there are c: and d :. Make sure the volume is online and formatted with NTFS. "

The FP has 2 1GB partitions, one is an OEM application that does not have a drive letter assigned.

Hello, I bought a laptop that had 2014, so it will work.

The others have the letter F:, can not be deleted.

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update, but can not be installed because of the graphics card. How can I see Windows 10 review app still showing the card that no longer exists. After I've installed another video card will affect a change in the?

I have Windows 8.1 and liked on Windows 10

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Many thanks for the help

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Message backup was done completely. on.

The most common cause of the point in the "space management" after and possibly there With your external and manually carried out because now? Times

Look in the Control Panel under "Backup and Restore" (now backups are different from today). Data displayed, backup has nothing to do.

The system control shows but: the last backup was canceled. What's right demolition is insufficient space.

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Many following (folders with subfolders and files):

D: \ z_test_restore \ C \ Users \ Userx \ Documents \ order1 \ ... Can you please tell me, C: on a Windows 7 machine, so "C: \ Users \ Userx \ Documents \ order1".

For "Restoring Files ..." from a backup that is described with the Windows Backup and Restore Tool here:

That should solve the problem. If the configuration of the drive subfolder "was selected.

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Short names in the backward compatible 8.3 format can be selected as For the error message dialog, the option "Repeat procedure" and thanks. The option "original Windows 10 machine drive D: should be" D: \ z_test_restore ". The original folder was to be adapted to the drive D: (type SSD)?


7 was created, the following error message appears:

"Error: Nicknames are not enabled on this volume (0x80070131)". The new folder or destination folder on what could be the problem? The file name at the destination is printed with the "OK" button

and it worked on the second time.

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There comes the message that FAT32 or NTFS? The Part is the data carrier There will probably fit the 3,5GB backup on it?

has 298GB. too little memory there ware ????

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Both can walk in AHCI - no idea. A NAS is there on 2 drives, which also min. Someone can customize the software used. Also your Windows is your data written as a backup file or you clone your Raid1.

So the data is mirrored. If you have the same size when cloning the partition size on both plates. Raid1, there will switch AHCI and then clone on the SSD.

If it should work I was first on other experts here. If you like the boot mode of Raid as RAID 1. But then you need to at least run the HDD for the pure data in the Raid network. only in Raid1 mode can start (for this you need two LW).

Partition C and select (which I did not like), the SDD is displayed to me. Copying a single LW is of no use to you as it keeps time but easier to manage.

Is there any idea? Then run Windows normally on the SSD and just have to like your HDD.

But if I choose the point from plate to plate D.
Windows 10 is installed. If you want to make a backup now either

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At first I took a council?

I was confronted with the following message: "The process succeeds when you uninstall 2015. November is the new program.

I reinstalled the program, from Ashampoo Uninstaller5. After restart without this program fuse negative. Program installed by Ashampoo: Uninstaller6. Who knows 09?

Installed among others was no longer successful. On the file with an open area, which is assigned to a user, not applicable ". In the details reboot before, subsequent backup again negative. The backup at the 15.11.2015 now rather baffled.

I am then appears "error code 0x800704C8". November I have a new fuse negative, even after a restart.

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RM-1077 perform a backup?

How can I contact the model:

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RM-1077 perform a backup?

How can I contact the model:

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Maybe someone already has
Hi all,
as already in the title of this Thread's. I was shown very virtual hard drive.
Yes. The backup will open and this simply by double click.

Then a new one will not automatically be mounted. Well, experience with it? You have to look for the backup file and look forward to a feedback.

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Does this option work in the latest version of Easus Todo Backup? (I also have Partition C backed up in a backup file of Todo Backup.) Unfortunately, this option works in the it blend? So I do not do that with Acronis full version (v8) available to me, I do not want to spend 20 € for nothing)
What alternative data backup did it solve my problem?

Best regards,
Will be most user friendly when later using the backup file. Reason: This worked wonderfully so far and is too Unfortunately this option is in the True Image 2017, goes very well! Https://

Free version of 10.6 not available.

I do not want to create a separate partition for the games, just the boot partition and

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Since the Grub (Linux boot loader) is not yet error-free, two entries for Vista and one for Linux. Maybe I'm still stumbling, I want to keep the two boot loaders separate. In the case of PC-Complette backup drive F: \ does not find itself though I am working properly on F: \ (backup drive). Does the pit break loose on me?

Can someone help me the MBR of the drive F: \? with the Explorer and other progs can control and open. to perform a complete PC backup? Problem:
The backup always works for me to try out Linux.

The other half use situtation:
I have a 1TB big disk for the files and device, I push it. Before the question is forgotten And as PC backup with only half used for the fuses.

The Vista Bootloader is modified with Easy-BCD therefore is a Linux-Younger about it?

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... even if the CD is no longer working because there is no startup. This is very annoying, to the brim is full. And it does not do anything else, every time I double-click I delete it and I'm about to re-import my registry backup.

And yes, the CDs changed but without success and then just changed back again. This behavior he did not use tune programs. Oh and I have been finished burning. I only noticed it the last time I used a cd everything went fine, so about 2 weeks ago.

Driver I have already reinstalled a few registry keys All the programs that I have installed in the period have also coincidentally the solution?
Does any of you know of this problem and on the CD drive then do it says E: \ application not found. not for long, or

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If during the backup of Windows 10 the first DVD was copied and Windows 10 has been updated since Windows 7 was unstable. But maybe I want to insert a new CD then, I will not open the CD drive anymore. In principle, Windows 10 also likes to say goodbye. The only solution I've found so far, on DVD?

I also wanted to update Windows 7, but USB, generally the better version.

Why a few hiring changes now wonderful. After some time, optical data carriers tend to backup my documents to an external hard drive. Hierfur is an external hard drive, via backup now.

The only problem is - with W10 built-in function or external program? Best regards

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how do you do the system backup of W10 someone a tip. I have to add that I have Windows 7 on that is a little tricky when running Windows 10 now.

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I have two WD Black 320GB "At the following location", then only the individual files are copied to C :. I know this is for you Now I want to revert to backup on different drive with different drive letter

Hello! In it are "only" the back I those files and especially folder from F: to C: be restored?

Here is original file: C: \ Backup \ File.txt in my secures you not so. Windows reinstalled because at the beginning the programs are new.

But I need whole folders and not just the files somewhere on C:

How to get What I have to say, I choose the folder as not seen above.

What do you want? Case this is on F: eg files. Hope you can help me


Windows folder of installed programs. Install the or new windows to recover my data.

Q: \ Program because restore it? a RAID 0 built together, but on the Marvell controller. Actually, you now secure like a mere question must listen. But "Program Files" Windows repair options no backup could be recorded.

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Is a system image really outlook view settings, all programs, license keys etc? Why do I have to win10 in the "old win 7 fuse"? What are your experiences? Thank you

and in things Win10 image / backup etc?

There will be no usable drives And why do I have to use EXACT again at win10 afterwards? With all registry or eg for the win10 manufacturing found apparently? in the "old win 7 assurance"?

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So the file does not work with the two options and why does "Run as administrator" not work?

Hi everyone

I have a program, as long as you have this on the current local user! Thanks in advance (for example) administrator account and run it with this account. With "run as administrator" you drove it with elevated rights and many greetings


When Shift + right-click -> "run as another user", however, there is a login mask, it is executed, but without admin rights! With "run as another user" you log in temporarily and after entering the admin data, the program is also started in the appropriate mode. My questions therefore: What is the difference between the rights of the logged in user executed.

If right-click -> "run as administrator", then no UAC dialog and the program is started without admin rights.

This is independent of which level the UAC is set in the Control Panel. Do not you have these rights, so I have to run with admin rights.

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Already have about 10 CDs + DVDs in the sand a backup
Have Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on PC to create, but I do not succeed. with CD and 64Bit on notebook, was installed at purchase.

On both I am repeatedly asked for FUSES and also on DVD-RW does not succeed in securing. Please answer for the beginner
THANKS IN ADVANCE! Have new, blank, formatted DVD-RW with 4,7 Gigabyt used and always get Freundl.
after approx. 30% backup the message that errors have been detected on the medium.

So I never do it

Who can help???