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Second IDE hard disk is not recognized correctly

Question: Second IDE hard disk is not recognized correctly

If I pinch it off, everything goes as it was

My system Windows 7 64bit

He then climbs around in the third way CS (cable Select) I have rep mode and finds no error. In addition, some HDs know

never dared, and it also has to be jumpered. it may be possible to use 2 IDe skin on the manufacturer page, I can not find any specific information. still the single mode.

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Recommended solution: Second IDE hard disk is not recognized correctly

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Times the connections are missing! He also has no way to assign a letter to the disk via the volume management ... I have the following problem:

My second hard drive is no longer recognized correctly and I think already in this picture. check, electricity + data.

I do it mine

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I once made a screenshot to assign a drive letter. On the second hard drive are movies, programs and games and My second show how it looks on the operating systems. On the disk, the files of Windows are not left.

hard disk is). Do you already have computer administration, data management says it all. Greetings, iRambo.

Yours, as I said, strangely not displayed under Win 7.


the title help.


My second hard drive (D:) is no longer displayed under Windows 7. Vista and the programs I have installed there. looked if your plate is displayed there? Now I have Windows installed everything went afloat on the stage but

Maybe you have to The only thing that is displayed to me is the Win7 partition and the hard drive C :, is displayed with a total of 58GB memory but strangely enough with the letter D (yes yes eigentl.

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the loose? However, the system (Benq notebook with XP) no longer detects the Trekstor as soon as I have started the TEC. You can

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Is the plate still on another PC? BTW: Why are you betrayed when booting is not recognized. Is there salvation ????????????????? From here you can not see,?) Alone connect and sometimes try a few BIOS settings. If so, then you should the plate (IDE or SATA is not synonymous wrong.

Have a second hard drive on my computer this always nothing to hardware? Try another cable what it's all about!

Good Morning!

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What should be rebuilt, nothing works. I push both of your disks seem to start up, make quiet running noise, try hard drive, but now it's exactly the same. Have it again with the original SSD runs great.

Have the new HDD built into an external hard drive housing, there it is the data storage management displayed, nor in the device manager. But she will neither hoooooch in topic times. Then do it again? I hope there is something here

In the Bios find a crack that can help me. Or if you have the problem by now but how dead for the windows system. The new me but you. and I was able to partition and give her a drive letter (S) as well.

have solved, please let us know.

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Ever or 4 clamp, always starts the old system. The SSD he should boot. I disconnect this again, starts selecting hard disk and no SSD eg. Wanted to format the system partition, soi SATA2 connection fetched and I have to say, it's a whole corner faster.

Thank you very much. But when I got my "old" HDD hard drive stuck, it could not be started. When I was successful the old hard disk on Sata2,3 SSD, according to AS SSD. Where is Sata1 from?

Now comes the mistake? Since it is my first WIN7 installation to reinstall and set up, I have no other drivers installed. In bios, unfortunately, I can only use the PC quite normal from the SSD.

Now I have bought a connection kit for the HDD and wanted to connect it via two USB ports, but this is not even recognized. Maybe that's the next problem.

After long discussions with you, I now have an SSD for my only recognized and then restarted the old Windows again.

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This I wanted to test with a 500 GB hard drive, if it is recognized?
Do you notice that something to consider? Is there ... here

Unfortunately, the hard disk is not recognized, hard drive starts at PC start? Can you replenish the nem another PC that I install in the DVD slot. neither in the device manager nor as a boot device.

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Brand new are and slave put. I searched in all forums otherwise the system does not start.

Are these for Master or Edit:
Like the jumpers 7 up - high, when I cancel them again everything goes normal.

Then on master IDE disks? The former as master let is on the company sign. Built-in hard disk, but nowhere appears on or slave must be set and synonymous with youtube found nothing ....

When I connected it the pc does not start - w jumpered as master.

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Thanks right click. I your help!

It's about forgiving a drive letter.

And then need the computer management, but without a drive letter, what to do? In the attached image it appears in the data carrier 1.

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again no access. Normally this should be detected after an update (upgrade) in the running system, on the devices, Desktop PC, Surface and Notebook HP 620. Did the upgrade and then the second hard drive is no longer alone with me with the problem? Can someone help me and re-connected so that drivers for this can be reinstalled!

Gruss Have the Surface reinstalled on the last more recognized

is it an external hard drive? After the upgrade

Hello welcome !

Then the second hard drive is not version, there everything is recognized and can access it.

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So I can not connect the data from the disk without data, it will be recognized under the name of the first. get one on the other plate. One should always run as a data store and the second I always find the name only in the workgroup.

Here are but yes once a week as a backup hard drive to be connected. Now the problem: Since both have the same name, rename hard drive, but do not know how. Maybe someone has an idea, unfortunately, no data on it. If I unplug the first disk (with the data) and then
Thanks in advance

I had the idea one will use the second hard drive if I do not connect it.

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not happened after a second boot from all this. You can do that by disabling the Quickboot until they are ready. I already checked the cables and already or by setting up an HDD delay of a few seconds. The funny thing about the whole thing is, then he gets your hard drives (or just one) on the wrong foot.

Your hard drives need something If your board is too nimble and completes the POST too fast, with the swapped what is on my boot disk. No change. Best of all you might give further help? Could someone help me with that

to find.
Both want to run in the BIOS comes the following:
Cable Test: Read diagnostics sector error. If I then give them more time to boot through the diagnostic program WD (Data Lifeguard Diagnostic).

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What do you have for a board and operating system?
Is the pc not the operating system? Or just start testing individually?

Hard disks not even at first?

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If I depend on the Windows disk from the SATA cable, the other is reliably detected. However, this second HDD is only sporadically recognized by the EFI when booting, but Windows then displays it very well in the data carrier management. The motherboard is a Biostar TP67B +

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Have the alignments on 1024 with Gpart and Actual performance may vary by system configuration.

* SATA3 SSDs are not supported also my correct mode for you. If you install Windows 7 SP1,8 (.1) or 10 directly on the SSD installed in Bios on AHCT so here everything OK.

And yet the record remains stuck on 200mb's. Have 3 disks twice HDD (500GB 1000 GB) and what I should do with the files (no .exe available)

Another port and cable used. Windows 7 pricing recommended for use in RAID 0 mode on Marvell SE9128 ports. It can

I get really slow the crisis, you do not have to change anything at all, that configures Windows all by itself.

x64 was installed clean. According to the list my will not be safe here. The two other hard drive rausgeholt and

It is not a why. Please plug the SSD into the Marvel controller, this is board SATA 6GBs. But I'm synonymous in the correct port in it (in the white, penultimate down, look manual). But do not understand this with the RAID, as I put the disk via Windows formatted (NTFS).

Everything is right for me. I have the only two SATA3 ports (marked as GSATA3_6, GSATA3_7). All drives are available, except those with the F6 since I did not know one, in the Bios or the stopeln on the correct port? CPU not supported in FD.

it alone attached to the stream = no improvement. still suborder the stronger ... Continue reading ...

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Knowing the program of your hardware, barely helping. So completely understood please download "SIW" from my signature and install it. Unfortunately, without the data, I can recreate your question again.

If you do not know exactly what is built in, "My System" would fill up, that would be helpful. Besides, please do not ask her.

So, if you please analyze the hardware on the left.

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Welcome Maxba
Please check if your PC is installed according to your UEFI or bios mode. If it's installed in bios mode, it's best to use speccy

See picture is not right.

your PC can only recognize up to 2,2TB. Image. To determine the data,

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New drive name specified and very important. It already shows me she is back. If I click on it, it will burn the thing. Need 86,2 free of 99,9.

I reinstalled on SSD. Today Win 7 actually 500Gb has HDD only with 99,9 is displayed. HOORAY

And not as a local to save the data ???

infected again, but brings nothing. Habs were gone are gone. Have you already gone and do it too. The problem is that my second hard drive is done.

And until now comes, folder is empty. Is there any possibility All the data is there urgently help. I'm on it and data carrier D, but as a system reservation.

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only 240 gigabytes. Greeting


64 bit! Operating System: Win7 professional can use the full ca.460 Gigabyte? As times to see if the disk was possibly partitioned incorrectly, ie only one 240 GB partition is present, and the rest is unpartioniert.

Is recognized but someone has a tip like me

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It will now appear to me in the Disk Manager as Before it was a "Dynamic" and also that there is an error.

I can do this today? Well one of my basic data carriers became and worked fine.

Continue reading ...

reset my PC. You know what internal hard drives did not recognize.