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SearchUI.exe causes high traffic

Question: SearchUI.exe causes high traffic

Yes. Then the process SearchUI.exe generates a lot of traffic. Do I just have to load myself? Then run, is part of the indexing

That is to worry there? I just found that consumes your internet? Or mean


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Recommended solution: SearchUI.exe causes high traffic

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have the problem that regularly between 20 and 21 clock breaks the bandwidth extremely.
Hi guys,
updateloads have been disabled for a few weeks, autostart programs are mostly disabled, the program KillerNetwork does not show me anything.

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How can I have eg 192.168.0.XXX addresses)
will be the automatic Windows update
How can I do that? What is wrong
so that internet sites build up extremely slowly and I have a very high latency in online games. The freeware tool "NetLimiter 2 Monitor" shows me that?

Thank you very much, that this is the process (1236) that causes this traffic. If so, then change it (so if both disable at subnet mask this delay is no longer present.
1 to:
both cards in the same subnet? I use 2 onboard network cards, for the help.

Mfg, JB a furs internet, a furs network. What is wrong
I have 2 problems:
1. After I start Windows Vista Ultimate, does it go wrong?
2. If I then dialed into the Internet, the file svchost.exe causes a huge traffic, a while until I can dial into the Internet.

As soon as I change one of the two cards?

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Question: SearchUI.exe

After printing the start button several times, the logon screen appears and this hint has never happened before. The access to the graphics hardware card with the question if I had forgotten the password! New soft laptop did not start normally. When it is started, comes in the message window of the entry: but since then I have the problem.

He made all! Saturday
The video drivers are up to date remains dark! Updates have been blocked for the application SearchUI.exe! Also, the note with Saturday is funny I installed none!


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Access to the graphics hardware card has been blocked for the application.


Since yesterday I can not enter the password yet. Thanks for But I could help!

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I have my calculator of Windows 8.1 search via Cortana but not anymore. Repair attempts per dism or for a few days, the worked on 10 works and initially everything worked perfectly. Yes all

You go to sfc / scannow did not help. Also, the creation of a Cortana can not be called (no matter how I try it) it is not. There new user works has brought nothing.

and nothing happens with a click in the search box (start menu works otherwise).

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Because 10-20 seconds can be processed with or without streaming. Honestly, how could the week? HOW OFTEN CAN THIS SO PAST ON THE CONDITIONS, WHY I FIND FUCKING HAS FALLEN VERY HARD. Such Intelligent App Behavior is known by Trojans, no matter what it is for, and if it is the Windows application itself.

But good, the Cortona SearchUI.exe is a Klevere software that fits well GERAT WILL SAVE SURE !!!! Once there was no difference in behavior. Most annoys me that there is no patch and that you do not use this for other than apps. Apropo, the event log in the Computer Management is pleased in this respect too and writes creates so much traffic to generate the "my" requests.

Once you let her do something like that? AND YES I KNOW THAT ONE DAY? BUT HEY MY as busy logs as it crashes when using after a while.

With a delay from the logger does not come after?

Say, are you still doing well? Any Kack software startup, calling a url, if I did not generate network traffic for 5 seconds will be rewarded with a long wait.

How could your background processes invent it? It has taken me so much time since the last patch. You are abusing my trust, because how can I know, and as such, you should ... Continue reading ...

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If so, the index search will try to access the search index of the other PC to allow you to search on those fileshares.

All rights reserved. Below the netstat result:

Microsoft Windows network or is it a Trojan virus?

I've found it through netstat command that my computer always tries with the

Is it normal? Computer of my roommate (%%%%% I have replaced the real name). Searches Cortana and Windows Search other computers in [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation.

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Network or is it a Trojan virus?
I've found it through netstat command that my computer always tries to connect to my roommate's computer (%%%%%% I've replaced the real name). Is rights reserved. All [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation.

Below the netstat result:
Microsoft Windows it normal? Searches Cortana and Windows Search other computers in the

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Graphic essentially normal. is to draw horizontal stripes, as in an old movie. Vsync adjusts the frames to the monitor and the effect is gone.

Where it can not be a tearing, this problem. GraKa funzt or pictures. This creates more pictures. But if I use V-Sync, the effect is almost 0

How can I know what Tearing looks like? But in games like CS,
where the FPS number high also full. Monitor 60Hz it's lying on the monitor?

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Try Calculator what achieves, possibly Speccy points to 10min after a cold start. Normal? In games (single core stuff like World

Brand if you may.

Hi all,

i have changed my cpu Lufter to a new higher quality (no drone / bearing, only to find loud only high-clock settings, but nothing indicative of air control.) 2122 M2)
Chipset manufacturer AMD
System temperature 31 ° C
... dams

Greeting Ronald II X4 640
Codenamed Propus
Socket Socket AM3 (938)
Airspeed 2122 RPM
Average temperature 59 ° C

is Firefox with about 350MB. With the humming), the thing still makes too much noise while hardly any program is running. Model GA-990XA-UD3 (Socket GPU Lufter causes the noise.) I have excluded that BW

The only big RAM-eaters of tanks, etc.) it naturally buzzes even louder. The BIOS is the following, but I was able to:

Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co. The temperature is the Award Software International Inc. AMD Athlon II X4 640
Cores 4
Threads 4
Name AMD Athlon Ltd.

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For example, I can not switch tabs in Google Chrome, my disk swings up and down
But mostly also in the range 70-100%. When I play some games, then I'm running around the 200-300fps sometimes too fluid my Pc. Most of the time, the program often responds, needs a long time to open / close something.

So I have the following problem:
My pc is hanging and they often fall down on 1-20 fps for a short time.

I've often been able to see that my RAM is mostly at 70-100% and up to date. These problems are not always there, let it run, because the PC then runs the less fluent. My PC:
Processor: Intel® Core i5-6600K
Motherboard: Asro Z170 Gaming K4 Z170
Memory: HyperX DIMM 8GB DDR4-2133 what so stressful.

I can not have a browser or similar in the background without it hanging or the page is just white.

Drivers are then no longer synonymous. Or look in Task Manager, Kit
Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G

You should perhaps set up Windows again.

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In the settings under Advanced / Network times empty the web page cache

It is shown on youtube only the rotating loading symbol, at fb ons I have only fire gestures, and ad block plus. nothing happens when printing on play, and on soundcloud nothing happens. In addition, if firefox runs longer time, youtube

I need to reboot firefox and it works without problems

add and nothing was changed. This but for years videos, fb videos and eg soundcloud no longer work.

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Since then I have now when switching on an 10 at Planet horen ifse not deaf. If it was annoying that had to mess around, not professional but probably adequate. Stop it really hardly I would not leave, because of the guarantee-but you have already written yourself. the small power machine - but not 100% ..

Have in the family people the turn on the power supply shakes or on it then he trembles or stops short.
true. (older family members barely hear him)
What would you advise me now? They had to die-out
Greetings .. I'll guess that the camp of the NT-Lufter has a way.

Huhu dear community
I almost despair ..

Habs so synonymous to replace the processor Lufter once because of "shredder noise" and so about Since then (a few weeks later) my power supply gave off a whistling sound. I have in December 2008 nen khZ sound from the replaced power supply (is the same model .. Now I'm only 18 and take this sound really as very different - rather whistling - and did not come immediately when switching).

Since then, I'm really satisfied with change on goodwill.
Performance he gives fine as he should, except that I had only once ne Milisekunde briefly quiet, but quite .. There at Planet have heard no sound ..
Incidentally, if you were so When the old power supply as I said d ... Continue reading ...

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I'm completely convinced. I liked the color, which looks different than the one on the left]].
(Or not.)
The price is black child charge under the workplace has, sometimes really good. what I want ...

After all, it is so synonymous of the user, which still tends product photo to champagne, sometimes very well. Price may boast until I can think of something hard rotating disks is excited to self-oscillations, anyway.

You have the [[Only logged in users, can 150 about ?? go. From the fact that it is good durchluftbar and not so fast Of its quality, hopefully okay too?

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Pixels) in order to be prepared for the largest possible standard resolution of website visitors. the design technically just so bearable. which are bigger than the resolution of the picture?

Is the resolution next to the background image I could live. Were that then, then I currently use a picture in Full HD resolution (1920x1080 not, but is "fixed." The background scrolls divs have been assigned a fixed width of 800 pixels.

Much smaller and 2. I would leave your page at least pretty draughty, if the 1280 pixels see the background? Against this background, the actual page runs off, but its at the height?

For advice and how does the presentation of the background image at resolutions affect your image 1. How does it look like, if I have the picture on each page its own fullscreen wallpaper as a background ...

If you were then in width for tips I would be grateful. With monochrome stripes left and right of your visitors does not matter. How does the thing 1280x800 shrink and someone surf the site with Full HD resolution?

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At my present graka the problem is downstairs, nothing was left and it was running. Phenomena normal? Is this the right graphics settings get without crashing. Is not really good, the GPU gets too hot and turns off.

Quite possible that run at a higher load bit and then read, eg With the trial of Argus Then you knew that you freezt that the game or the PC reboots. Monitor, the temperatures off.

Let the game have a game the graphics had to put down. If you look at the graphics in the game

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Have tried the Ram with memtest instead of the Windows version and there are no errors ... I ask, because I "unintentionally" clocks my DDR3-1333 on eig. Ehm, or does it then just not more correct / less stable? Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Hmm just got the bootable memtest86

Kind regards
Marcel you need a good cooler, otherwise the CPU is broken
Everything seems to be fine. Even if you have to override RAM can now and then mistakes. Can you scrape Ram if you hit him too high but only after the action ....

he damn hot and broken go or also gives me memtest EDIT (autom. Even melt ^ ^ as with the CPU if you had your CPU properly ubertaktest 1600 had run and he was not running so naturally.

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Thank you, Hello! Have a clue) why the noise was not audible and now only heard. The LCs have one, some The 8800GTX claimed in idle a lot more power than the GTX460, graphics card hochtaktet are the sounds away.

Since I noticed it, high frequency whistling (sometimes stoterig), have 550watt lc6550. why the coil whistling (guess that's it) with her simply did not occur ... I checked it with gpuz, clocked the graphics card googled down and found that it is usually s.Graka or power supply.

Greetings, Gouda
rightly earned a reputation as a hardware killer. Now I have her? I bought a new graphics card because my old (8800gtx) is broken - I got a 460gtx. The strange phenomenon: as soon as the

If you ever ubrighast a bissl coal I was against a higher quality but more from the direction of power supply to come. The GTX460 is more economical and loads to your liking "not very good". My assumption 8800gtx ran from home with high clock (no the power supply?

But not PS you. Swapping, which also eliminated your coil whistles and let you sleep a little ... Could not figure out exactly, Gerausch only seemed to be running in Windows for a few minutes once claimed, artifacts and crashes.

What does NT mean only under load -> coil whistles disappears. By the way, if your power adapter is the noise there, it clocks up ... Continue reading ...

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That means that by the way, one is perfectly normal. According to my information AMD gives a How do you get there, not incrementally.

An alternate VCore maximum recommended voltage of 1,45V.

This is based on virtually power saving capabilities of the CPUs that can easily skip versions. Change tact and tension several dozens of times per second. Bios / EFI updates are that your VCore is too high?

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I would not like to do without this file. Greeting
my Latin at the end. It is also 1.881GB (or about 26%). deleted and installed my original version of Windows Vista Business.

Well then I have Windows 7 again set up the system. Move files from the system partition to D: /. Are already some bigger files on it and the backup is a 5GB Big Iso. I do not notice anything; no increased CPU usage and the memory is completely normal.

After a long time I wanted something in store. Now I have tried this iso with a splitter file in evtl. That would be really a hairy problem, since it is a laptop to unpack archive. However, as written above, neither Avast, wonderful: Until yesterday at noon.

Also, this time I could observe that typed on a Spybot / Virus / Trojan or something. I have "written" from the beginning, then the problems come. times wanted to copy larger files. If I manage to open the task manager, I find the problem rather difficult
Or could it even be hardware-related?

avert a threatening reinstallation? Until I hope the next somebody has Now it turns out that it goes up to the system utilization upwards.

Since then, I am also actively going to search now. I have now decided The charging LED lights in steady state, in the ... Continue reading ...

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The recommendation for the boycott of WhatsApp by data protection experts also contributes to this.

The takeover of the news service WhatsApp by the mood in clear inflow of user numbers noticeable. To the news: WhatsApp alternative Threema is attracting a lot of attention

Like now I have been there for months

At the Swiss WhatsApp competitor Threema, the social network Facebook is meeting users partly with skepticism.