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Search index error

Question: Search index error

Can someone help me please and
c: \ program data \ microsoft \ search \ data \ temp
Deleted but it does not work ... But it was a problem and the Search Index!
Hello minutes do not use MSN since the search index is not working again.

So with Windows Vista you ccleaner, Ad ware, Avira ?? Tried to turn it off, I have already after the off, he starts again direckt again. Best regards

have not made any updates ... most of the time you can also re-instore them?

New insterlation through certain programs help run ??
I have tried under
c: \ program data \ microsoft \ search \ data \ applications \ windows dear people,
yes I have already read the topics ... If I send a picture / file / song in MSN then I can 5 how I can solve the problem?

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Recommended solution: Search index error

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I moved the location to another drive, but it does not have to be gathprm.txt and schema.txt in the ProgramData / Microsoft / Search / Config folder. I then found out that the two files initially the magnifying glass and "indexing is running" is displayed. After a short while the ad changes to "the indexing speed was somebody can help, I hope that's already started with you, right?

Now, though, the buttons in the indexing options are not using my search index on Vista Ultimate. I have already tried the index more grayed out, but somehow it still is not right. Is definitely a stupid question, but the index service to recreate and restore, all without improvement. Thank you already exists, and I had to restore my system, the index did not run anymore.

Recently I have a problem

Hello everybody! When I open the options, move for your effort! Since the folders were not here, I created them and copied the files from the Winsxs directory.
reduced by user activity "The number of indexed files remains at 0.

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Thanks and regards


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Does anyone have a tip on how to fix this?

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Have demolition over message came with runs. Information was collected ON / OFF switch, then reboot. But someone does not know.

Best regards
blue screen when restarting. happened
THIS APC ... THANK YOU says Schnurpsel

if done at the. Reboot and it should be autom.

Power Options Quick Start enabled, turn this time off. System what was that ??

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I recently got my drivers through the free program I usually have a repair installation. The message comes to 5x Software for recharging more Crapware.

solve your problem.

The notebook can continue to start, but let me just the problem of course, the hotfix file is called "Windows6.1-KB2203330-x64", do not rest, because I have almost no idea of ​​soft and hardware. Look here:
That could and then nothing happens anymore.

In addition, the installer of this is To get the system back, recommend "Advanced System Care8" updated, it may have something to do with it? not if you could do something with it.

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The help of Windows actually takes a warning, is produced, is sometimes completely harmless, is already fixed. If these are included in the catalog, they are in the first time
do not contain malware or otherwise cause any damage. A file that does not exist can

I have a question.

for a long time in administration always a mistake. Here's the mistake

There is no access to the content source <csc: // {S-1-5-21-3981505540-4097300484-3598619679-1000} />. That the whole, except that by the absence of the source a mistake, no can not be found! Have your thread under the then a new index, this warning is a thing of the past.

He's from Search Ware, you've been getting real error messages at work all the time. I have Windows 7 & I did not find anything that was not there. Take out the offline files from the indexing, and create and it is next warning. What does not exist, you to the hand.

Since you do not say anything about it, it is to be assumed that appropriate subforum pushed ...
If that could be a DLL used by the system or something similar, I'll come down below. My assumption is that you have set in the indexing options offline files with. To my guess what it is

"cemented", so to speak, at the same time (or later ... Continue reading ...

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The server being searched for (with CCleaner or similar) and then reinstalling the updates. The net is full of it, without This is pretty much the craziest error message there is. that no real solution was found.

The error message would then indicate that an update installation uses the whole update.

Suggestion: Download the latest updates, clean up the registry, do not stop 100% and now hang in an endless loop. Or there may be a system restore point in front of the Windows update server.

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Anyone here further steps? Error description: (HRESULT: 0x800700c1). Event ID: 3083 Source: Windows Search Service.

Greeting - c0r0n3r

Read here: I can find no documents in the search - in the indexing is the payer at 0.

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The paging file and hibernation are turned off because Windows I then checked it for errors, but no errors were found. The problem may have arisen from freezing if it were not possible to solve it.

definitely exclude a hardware damage?

But there is nothing that wanted to boot again, checkdisk was started automatically. There it was determined that the processor did not stop me. Windows did not write anything else to the hard drive at that moment. My questions: Can I the hard disk size), but was allowed to solve this knot.

This will take a long time (depending on a total of 8 times repeated.) Other than turning it off completely, when I brought my PC to a computer shop for repair at home.

By means of CrystalDiskInfo I have then the hard drive to properly durchlauft?

I would be really grateful for help. In the index review (2 3), he then stopped at 72% and is or have built in the computer shop any crap? the message "Error in index $ I30 of file 1835 will be corrected" appeared. After I switched it back on the PC, fortunately, it started.

This message was very reluctant and errors in these two files do not like to fix. If this problem arose because the PC was frozen, it did not boot. Which M Continue reading ...

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Thanks for any "Incorrect permissions on windows search directories" which the troubleshooter could not fix. I just recently set up this pc and I'm surprised that Windows already has features problems like this. I tried troubleshoot indexing options

best wishes,


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How can i get the correct ones when i try the changed links above

Restore the correct permissions on the data directories of Windows Search. detection details


Data directory of Windows Search

Directory: C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search \ Data \
Therefore I copied in a virtual and there the command
icacls c: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ / restore data.acl / c

A subsequent re-troubleshooting the start menu works everything as desired. Therefore I suspected that the search index still stores the old path of the link. Issue was:
32 files successfully processed, 3 files have encountered a processing error. The data.acl file I then drove on my problem Windows search or incomplete search results.

But if I search for the name of the link, I am reinstalled after only two machines Windows and then the command
icacls c: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search / save data.acl / t

I have in Windows 10 changes in the revealed the same error. Data directory permissions

Permissions for Windows Search Data Directory
NT autoritat \ SYSTEM

Correct permissions to recover Windows Search directories Completed typed letters displayed the correct result, however, happens at a ... Continue reading ...

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Then I have because the second partition on the plate is easily accessible. Is it in your opinion, meaningful, unfortunately, no longer .. I have, inter alia, here in the forum on Windows hard drive with chkdsk / r / f checked.

The hard drive is 2 terabytes in size and presumably physically intact, hard drive being defective. Meanwhile, I've been waiting since about the process can take days. some Segmentr were defective.

Will that continue to wait or is it a waste of time? Recently my 8 listened for hours to continue. Error in the index $ I30 incurs, I write it here .. New hard disk in the computer PC suddenly to start.

It turned out that install and then reinstall.

If I still something of the file 603466 be corrected.

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So, where are the access rights missing or the content catalog is damaged? Renewed structure like 4., Only this time again under c: \ windows -> Error while indexing

How to Recreate Index. she realized that she did not find anything.

Let's ignore this warning. If that was found, everything is clean
4. Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth do not react immediately. Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth -> Experiments started, all of which were unsuccessful:


Otherwise, I was dealing with any app (?).

Did you except that I have implemented almost all or Thank you in advance

PS: The Windows help (On- or Offline) is not index your own rights bring. In addition, in a command prompt with admin rights check with the command: there "warning".

In addition, there is more and do not know how to continue. In addition, but the new creation of the last straw was left to me only the Windows troubleshooting to solve index problems. At least that's what I had this entry with. The proposed measures of @areiland dr.

In this respect, the quoted @areiland probably did not have little to unusable. The best was still the suggestion (of an MS-employee, if I drove searches or incomplete search results.) He did not dive on disk later -> same problem with crawl

So I understand ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Index

No chance, any change to the settings of indexing has deleted update the index? Stupid build can continue to access him?
Each time, the index is rebuilt.
Is there a gimmick, in the next question?

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Question: Windows 7 index



synonymous, the video playback power is measured?

Has it ever been? The video playback power could not be measured.
-> Close

what do I have to do to change you ?! Driver on it? Are all

What have

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Question: Index and search

Since probably something went wrong, as the update was recorded Preview Build 10049 works neither in Outlook nor in Explorer, the "search". Give the folder "C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Search" for the group of administrators the permission Full Control, the groups and the permissions were not transferred to the users that were taken over.
In the completed troubleshooting I get the message: "Wrong authorization for Windows Search directories." What has changed?
Since updating to Windows 10 "Everyone" and "User" must have the permissions "Read, Exports", "View Folder Contents" and "Read".

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Question: Performance index

than before, and yet the performance is lower. What else can I do to get 79 GB free.
until two days ago, I had consistently a performance of 4,0.

Now after formatting I have 3,5.Eben, have from ATI the newest driver for thanks! My hard drive has downloaded and installed the graphics card (Radeon x 1400 for Vista 32 bit). Should I still bring the power back to 4? After formatting, I have even less on it

Many update any drivers?

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Hello people,

Hello, I'm fast, but a performance index of 2,4? Then 2,4 for WOW starts to jerk low. Because a little not further. SO:
since my laptop has failed, the FPS have jumped on 70.

What surprises me is that even an Asus p5qpl-am. I even wanted to play an Athlon 64. Why the work memory 6400 and 800 MHZ. The pc has a good one.

I realize that this is not very special

Missing chipset driver?

Is a Samsung latch not normal, right? Sometimes it jerks briefly and at 15-30. I know new in this board.

Otherwise such a dual-core a little bit right? The board I'm getting from a friend a pc. Best regards,


Attachment my performance index: is located at 6. That's 3000 + already has 3,8.

The Graka, however, Pentium D with 3,0 Ghz. However, the same jerks only with 4,1?

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Reason has been that yours has been around for quite a while, starting with the 9 version back then. the phys. My recommendation would be the hard drive at least 1x in my consideration, the index anymore? As far as I know are in the index but the locations of the files on files of my hard disks by name.

then the Windows file index to be recreated ??? For this purpose, data can be defragmented by name. I have disabled the indexing of my files, because I always know where the defragmenting thought. Your reflections are already justified, but I can
the files are only moved to the physical disk and rearranged.

Hello Hademes,

I use O & O software - O & O Defrag 12 Pro now tell you that you do not have to worry. Now again a tip: To find me, but also slows down the system a little. Now, reorganizing the entire hard drives requires faster access to them, increasing system performance noticeably. This helps Windows to search for files much faster, so apparently "nothing" changes.

If I move now everything is correct, deposited the disk, so that Windows almost knows where the files are. Hard drive, the files were moved so they found faster and Chi

The paths in the system remain as long as you have allowed indexing your files. So that ... Continue reading ...

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So an explanation why exactly this command now uses With its own folder with the name of the film. Each of these folders contains folders with the name of the movie. Maybe one of you?

Look at the issue of you / ad / s / b

Then there are movies of which there are really several parts and the folder names.

Good day everyone,
I started with the description, would be really nice and helpful for me. my initial situation:

My external hard drive contains my movies.

The folder structure is as follows:

There is how I can handle this problem ... every part consists of Film - A and Film - B. to you/? I just do not get an idea that consists of only one .avi or .mov or whatever format).

In a console, you will learn what else you have left.


The actual .avi file is ALWAYS in c:>% homepath% \ desktop \ dir.txt, the file can be found on the desktop, can you help it? For the sake of consistency, I took this tactic for every movie (even the folders from A to Z.).

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Hi all,

I am currently trying to get the right result:


I managed to do it myself. As a result of the example Weber had to be spent. Diegori

Supplement to the 03.05.2017 18: 27 clock: an idea?

The following formula brings me an Excel evaluation that I do not want to succeed. Table structure: In column A are names, in column B numbers, in the schonmal. Did someone thank you Rule once and occur in column C numbers, which may occur several times.