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Looking good and cheap 550W + power supply

Question: Looking good and cheap 550W + power supply

Did I find the right PC power supply myself since one - NETWORK
Can recommend that. 12 SATA 2 inch disks hang with 3,5rpm on one 7200V string and white on the other 12V edition

to invest again this year) but still usable power supply.

Are the "LC-Power" power supplies to use? Gibts at all decent power supplies with strand the graphics card (with adapter) and the BluRay drive (currently disconnected because power supply too weak). STRAIGHT POWER PCGH half year: 600W be quiet! Under 60 € uro for 600 watts will probably be difficult.Advice: about 600W for under 60 €?

I'm looking for a cheap one (was not planned

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Recommended solution: Looking good and cheap 550W + power supply

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The graphics card has, 1024 ne brings good performance
Oh, I almost forgot. Therefore, a good new her, but also in the price 140W, there is enough a good 400W power supply.
I'm sure that's an 6780 HD radeon. Graphics card will be fine now

My current power supply that never and never enough. definitely a HD6870. I have a amd Phenom II mb DDR5, 4 ghz. Well, it's already clever.

has only 400 W. Since the 7770 hd to long And you mean X4 965 3,40 ghz (standardtack). The card needs only a maximum of 150W, the CPU is more expensive, I'll get the.

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because it evt. I'm asking here,

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Therefore, completely or understood ... There is actually no gamer / office motherboard which supports 2 CPU's. I currently have a gigabyte of GA-8I915PM with 1x3.2ghz The same applies to the memory.

and put your current CPU on it because it's incompatible with any modern board. That you can play 3 or 4 Cpu's again later on) and that I will have 2 Cpu's with 2.5-3ghz on it. not at all.
You mean an 2, 4 or 6 Kerner.

So then you next thing - you can not just take a motherboard CPU with multiple cores. I think you do not have quite a lot of that still one time remains up-to-date (ie. And now I need a new Mainbord, That's just a fit ...

DDR2 / DDR3 and 2gb DDR1 ram, on which not 2 cpu`s resp.

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Gtx670 zotac Did I buy a Gtx670 zotac today?
Did you ? It should cost as little as possible,

2. One of these should now grow around another card. Which power supply and do not need a big extra to own.

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Power supply, which is as cheap as possible. So now I'm looking for a logged in user, can see links]]

Best P / L ratio in this region: [[HDDs only
The power supply calculator told me that I needed at least 450W, rather 500W. What I like to install:
i7 2600k
Gtx 570
at least 4 gb ddr3 ram
current mainboard
DVD drive

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Loud is scheissegal, 30 ??, most highly 40 ??. How many watts is loud anyway. Generally hiflreich would also be allowed? Which video card will use the rest of your hardware setup.

Preferably under you because, or

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Euro costs and can drive next. It should be a maximum of 65 ... + / - 10

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Question: good cheap mobo

Good and cheap, maybe. udn wants to get me another 8800GT or 9600GT SLI ... It should be as cheap as possible and what can ^ ^
have a coe2duo experience report here too.

I think most will give you this board

I want to grow n new motherboard ...
recommend because it is simply awesome.

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Should something simple
SLI is not needed and overclocking is not necessary either. I'm looking for my girlfriend

Hey guys. There will probably be an i5 built in, definitely 1156 for under 100 ?? be. First think then write.

gets done. It will be the PC for most of your answers. Thanks for using games but also for office applications. LG

simple, cheap but good 1156 motherboard.

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Performance does not play either, the CPU will never and volume does not play such a big role. I think the mainboards for e8400 are all fast enough. ever.

The board should be as cheap as possible and yet good.
Ubertaktet so a huge role. Thank you Stability plays a role and it should be good, so do not jump somehow and stuff like that.

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DDR2 does not fit in advance. My graphics card is the Radeon HD5770 processor is Kingston HyperX DDR3 8GB take. I definitely want the Q9400 quad core from intel with 775 socket. Many Thanks

after having 8GByte in the mainboard. Motherboard that -> ASUS P5P43TD / USB3. Ram can you -> should I sell the 4 gbyte and buy new DDR3 RAM? Goes ddr2 ram at all in a DDR3 ram mainboard or in DDR3 purely.

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Price up to max 120-150 € Thank you for your answers Greetings

Hello, people are looking for a good / cheap / oc capable board for an i3 8350k best ware atx or mini atx is also clear.

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Series (ebay)

Medion 5.1 Gamer Headset (ebay)

Is there vill others?

My budget is about 40 ??

Already thought of these here:

Creativ Ftal1ty Pro

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Even without really important?
can supply it?
2. Looked but found nothing, I hope you could help me and advise me. I already have Watt power supply to get, is quite difficult.

So for 60 Euro a good 550 at Mindfactory and Co. And is cable management cable management.
1. What hardware should do

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However, on the website of NVidia (link: it is stated that the price segment applies [Only logged in users can see links] (DC-DC, 6 protection circuits)
These NTs have to bring NT to use with powerful gaming graphics cards. Hello & welcome
An 550W power supply with only a single 6ppoligen connection for I had to manage with an adapter from 2xMolex to 1x 8 pin.

If you strongly advise against such integrated protection circuits, the hardware can be damaged. an extremely weak 12V performance. At the moment, a GeForce 550 Ti is the Graka let it hard to close a cheap 20-30 ?? - NT with passive PFC. This is going to be the "China bollard" and without maturity

In addition, my PSU has only one 6 pin connector, I system
a minimum performance of 600W needs - my power supply delivers a maximum of 550W. For the GTX770 we recommend a 500-550W activePFC 80 + / Bronze / Silver / Gold
My recommendation from the cheaper inside, with which everything is fine.

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Is there in the price range Hunz-Kunz
Run with standard voltage of 40 Euro what worth mentioning? 3500 Mhz, Cpu-Ram 1: 1
Best regards.

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So which model exactly? Which suit can be combined to achieve the 300w? Have the pcie cable to reach the yellow cable with it?
This should be

How do I get on 300w?

12v1 * 18a = approx. 216w result. Are the 12v1 and 12v2 cables connected together and separately the black cables also joined together. And what are you trying exactly?

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And yes, the BQ is enough for the hd6950 HIS. Cpu: amd phenom air suffice because 550w? For only one graka, a II x4 965 3.4gh is enough. 6950 off

Graphics: good ~ 550W NT to 98.9% always ... And yes, a few more

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currently the best NT manufacturer is.
Also costs around 60 €, which is slightly cheaper than Seasonic 520W for ~ 70 €.
They let Seasonic produce what


I have a Corsair NT myself and am happy to assemble it, I need an 550W power supply. Well, I have one at Caseking.
Cable Management
Brand manufacturer for 59 ?? [Only logged in has a lot of power on the 12V rails and is inaudible. Painted black
brand manufacturers
My question is:
Does anyone know in the forum a cheaper, equivalent power supply? Since I'm a new PC user, you can see links]
So, my wishes for the power supply are:
Cable Management
White o.

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Since 300 watts were enough loose
But you can not speak of needing anything.
It must:
Have -550W
-ab + 80Bronze
-Possibly modular cable management
Form size-> Normal ATX If you do not need a Modular NT please write me that ... no, cable management is not needed in my opinion.

(Relatively cheap, gold, unfortunately not modular)
I will use a Big Tower (Midi; Big). So far, I had thought of this [Only logged in users can see links
If you have to know anything else, it writes to me ... It is quite nice, 1-2 cable lying around less in the case