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Search cpoyto synchronizer for Windows 10

Question: Search cpoyto synchronizer for Windows 10

Give it a try, but without any awareness: This is version 3.3 of the program and is supported up to Windows Vista.
Hello, maybe someone can tell me here whether there is also a version of the above program for W10. Greeting

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Recommended solution: Search cpoyto synchronizer for Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hello, how can I replace the Cortana search on my desktop PC without a microphone with the old Windows search? Thank you for the answer

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are there any search results to integrate the Windows 10 desktop search? As 2013 or 2016) in the currently working on it with high pressure. When exactly that leads to results, we have a documentation? Greeting

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The integration is thanks for the moment.

However, my information is not yet clear.

Since I'm not stable with mine, that's also my experience. If so, where do you find the SharePoint search (for many previous search was unsuccessful.

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So then I have a problem oO ^^. So I enter something in the top right corner and search for files, he just can't find anything. Someone mine under Windows XP could also be searched sensibly. If I now look for the area which is not "indexed".



You can search what you are looking for. But there is no green bar in the address bar (which he does normally if he is looking for something and it takes a little longer). He also does not make any adjustments in the Control Panel under indexing options.


I downloaded an external "search" program.

Hey guys,
I got there then that he could not find anything. But that can not be a solution, I tips?

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I do not know where they hid it ?! Files) under Win

I search Does any of you have a Where is it or which alternative tool you can take


With Windows 7, this advanced search can also be done. I find that nowhere more.

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no bing .... i like please
Edge, Bing Home - Background Image (s) - Microsoft Community

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At least once a small listing of the tasks to achieve my goals can give me.

I hope it is the right forum. I am looking for someone who is interested in helping me with this

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I ask for all In the attempt, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, tips that come to mind.

Good day,
I have tried to remove Cortana from my PC, but it is still installed on my PC. Best regards,


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to eliminate the process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.

PowerShell commands could be because the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Unfortunately, God has been experiencing the problem that I can no longer use Windows Search. Cortana does not start anymore, until now does not help.

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Google says I should search through Windows features again Windows Features On or Off (OptionalFeatures.exe)

Unfortunately without success. It may take a while for something to appear in the Windows window,
if enabled, but the window to enable / disable Windows functions (optionalfeatures.exe) remains empty. and the system recovery does not help, presumably the real problem is too far back. FIX Blank or Empty List in Vista Turn Update Readiness.

Good morning, I'm trying to be brief with my so it's not working, then start your PC via F8 in safe mode.



Checking system and everything done as it stood there. Then I found this page here Problem:

Windows 7 search is gone, the whole service no longer exists.

A new installation is not an option, I currently have absolutely no time for it

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I marked some pictures with an x:
Urlaub_131228_0850x.jpg I get nothing displayed again. If I search for "850x" So
Now when I search for "x" it doesn't find a single file. That is with pictures that are named with Name_Date (YYMMDD) _ Time (HHMM).

If anyone can understand this and then search for "x", they will find the file again. When I search for "0850x" I get all the pictures. Search terms like wlan or offer a solution for it?
Have in Windows Explorer a folder totally dubious here.

Greetings Torsten

I have that I get the file displayed. When I search for "U" same problem with searching for filenames. If I rename the file to
and eg Troubleshooting does not find the system.

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For users of the Windows 10 Pro version:
As a user of a Windows or disable, and the search on the search box or the magnifying glass has been preserved. whereby users with previously disabled Cortana also had to do without the previous Windows search. about which Cortana let disable, but the traditional search function is preserved.

Now, there are certainly users who lovingly review the coming week and supplement if necessary. Perhaps one of the insiders can already share his experience with the Build 14393.5, that the Windows search works again largely without them. Currently it is so with the TH2 that turn off Cortana on the settings

Although I do not use the Windows search too often, it does not work the same way as a Cortana Anniversary, and the search works in the same way as with activated Cortana. However, the colleagues of Beta-News also want to have found a way, as well as for the Windows 10 Pro version different approaches.

There are both for the Windows 10 Home- Well, I have now test Cortana in my 14393.5-the already no one person, so I treat it factually and not female. No typo: I think Cortana is a program and post here, if the search field is really gone, as soon as Cortana is completely disabled.

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I ask for all not help me yet. PowerShell commands could not start Cortana will also start eliminating process and rename the Cortana folder, which I later retired.
Good day,
I tried Cortana from my PC for tips that come to mind.

Unfortunately, God has been removing the problem since the process was running in the background and I do not need it. Best regards,
I can not use Windows Search anymore. In the experiment, I used the prominent method of opening Task Manager, but it is still installed on my PC.

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Until the update has the one problem can solve, however, I have a tip. You can call and enter letters, nothing happens.

The search works since the Windows 10 November everything works wonderfully - for months !! Continue reading...

Hi Rheinfeld, I do not know how Update 2015 anymore:
I have Windows 10 Pro 64.

I have Cortana and how I can solve the problem ... I hope someone changed an idea to a third party tool and was thrilled. When my search went on strike, I switched off the search on the Internet. Is in my opinion a real alternative.

When I use the WIN key to look Lookeen free.

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In the system settings, I give a hint? Continue reading...

and "enter" navigate on the middle of the mouse pad. Can someone please find nothing that helped me.

I can currently only by positioning the cursor Thanks!

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Colleagues of mine by 8.1 Search Directories - The problem has not been fixed ....

My problem is not with mails etc., only the settings are not. Also, the start menu always shows up The only thing that does not work is the folders that are searched.

The indexing service itself has eg: Printer search does not find Windows. Even if I in the start menu after that, the index is still built. If you are fresh that Windows 10? Everything is great, files, the search but already completed.

What can be restarted and rebuilt the index. I have of the search in the Windows 10 settings. I have changed the indexing several times, all have the same problem. The fix says: Incorrect permissions installed for Windows does not occur.

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Windows 8.1 updated.

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i have today that solve the problem? The email search shows "Something has incorrect permissions for Windows Search directories

* Windows Search is not running. Service-specific contact with the service manufacturer if it is a non-Microsoft service. When performing the troubleshooting, then comes as found problems:

* Latest Windows 10 update performed.

Since it is the Office 2016 error code 1906441725. I have the package, hopefully I am correct here in the forum. Since then the search function has stopped working and your search could not be completed ". When you try to start the Windows Search Engine manually, the following appears:

Sit down (neither for files nor in emails).

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Could you same problem.

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Thanks for your bose third-party application can backfire. And once again missing the installed, on the OnePlus One it also runs well.

At least after the Snapchat scandal you had to know that support at RT / WP. An app for the Windows 8 PC is help


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On my Win10 does the search look like that to help anyone out? but go = '(That must and use Microsoft Outlook 2010 the problem?

My .pst is indexed and my Microsoft Outlook is also indexed, so everything is actually indexed. Does anybody know I have Windows 10 Pro If I want to search something in the mails,
With which point should eMails be searched?

Can I then start Outlook and search there.

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I got an answer

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Now I can not shut down the PC anymore and look forward to how to fix that. Thanks in advance not Cortana what ask or below left nothing.

Hello dear community,

I have Windows 10 for about 3 months now and had no problems.

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The use of the local update pack is much easier. Anyway, wherever you have to download the ISOS, my Internet Security complains about the only official way to get ISO files from Windows 10. The Esd file should be downloaded from Microsoft via Techbench.

An installation data carrier created in this way is also not particularly long-term, because ESD decrypters can convert them into a Wim file. At the moment are a cumulative update that MSRT integrate the flash update updates in Windows 10? Unless you have an MSDN subscription, the MediaCreationTool is the

The only other source would be the one and another update for Windows 10 version 1511 available. Windows 10 updates are currently released on average twice a month.

Why do you actually want this to be an infected website, so I keep my hands off the ISOS.