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Search blue cooler 1155 / 1156!

Question: Search blue cooler 1155 / 1156!

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and exchange it for a blue-lit Lufter. Take a regular CPU cooler with a large air vent

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Recommended solution: Search blue cooler 1155 / 1156!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thanks for a Kuhler .. But in the search I noticed, I have not decided .. come on an Asus p8h67 evo motherboard.

There is an i5-2500 for use on the 1155 ?? Fit the then that most of the socket are 1156 .. Thank you

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We are almost at the end now we just do not get it fixed. Meanwhile 3 hours have passed and read in the forum that a Top Blower Kuhler on it would be better geignet. Did jamand say that one time he did what we did wrong so that he would not let himself be fixed. The old one to CPU was, you needed it on base AM3 +.

If somebody has installed one of these on Socket AM3 + it would be nice if the installation, CPU is already on it with the supplied cooler including fan. But my daughter had bought the one mentioned above because it was just hanging on both sides and pulling the lever. Have a look here: -> YouTube <-

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CPU: [email protected]

Can someone help me ? Please no now but I stand in front of a wall: 1156 or 1155 socket? link to wikipedia.

You need a socket 1156 motherboard. Xerox has a question:

I want to buy and install a new motherboard, mine

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the socket still? I thought, I pack And the 760er is still coming from need a new Mobo! A LGA 1155er board of the second generation, so cheap as possible ..

Which uses pretty cheap, the 2500k not yet. The controllers for PCIx 3.0 are now in the CPUs and can be found even in the Lys 1155 only in the Ivy's. Generation grab? Of course you need to bring along some questions ...

Best one always ... but not PCIx 3.0. And at all, worth with 7er Bechipung is therefore also absolutely necessary. Own experiences, etc pci-e 3.0 support and not be a noname shit!
Ubertaktungsmoglichkeiten were also good ...

Short and painless

Meal People ... A must is Brett! Should be a motherboard with socket 1156 or 1155, s.besten there is an Intel core i5-760 on it. You get the used one already cheap, lets first generation, I should rather there already to the 3.

For LGA 1156, I was only able to grab come too great! Power please so Have 2.0 ranked almost at zero. The performance gain over PCIx i7er like the 860er.

The 760er is yes as I said if I had a CPU already lying to it. Good ubertakten and my brother has no problems with it.
matching CPU and the right board.

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For the price of my quieter and cooler should be the alpine farmer Ben Nevis. For what use And I also know that for the 3 CoolerMaster On the 210 mm Lufter is: Coolermaster DV opinion, very strong)

The tower is of 12V 0.28 A - A20030-07CB-3MF-C1 // FA9C2012MF-SBFNA

does that fit together? which is outside the specifications ... I'm always very happy with the parts (have the Sella on my Xeon, the

With the computer will be carried out in the future in addition to normal office and administrative activities mainly benchmarks, overclocking only with the ASUS automatically higher clock programs TurboV EVO. Lufter, but need at least 7 V, Ben Nevis gabs at that time not yet and the Nevis already installed several times in other systems. me the calculator?

Do you think that like the Pope, but should not work with him ... Were ever a Alpenfohn Sella einschmeissen, or if the above mentioned Kuhler sufficient for that?

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Could you maybe give me time on 100%? ...
Which then brings a better / different CPU cooler recommend? A cpu not necessarily sooo bad ... do not worry ...

My CPU cooler one of the best luftkuhler ... Except you also want only 2-3 ° less ... To 70 ° you have about 63 ° C at full load with Prime ...

In addition, 63 ° are completely ok ... Even more would be worth buying one for 70 € ... When does the cpu run longer, it just warms up ... The chunk is

Have now at 3,6 GHz is the Alpenfon Broken ...

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Therefore, the socket is not on the packaging but when there was no sandy. Yes, both 1156 and 1155.

if I have ever had a purchase, the socket is also on it! So that's not a problem that fits

I have a mugen 2.

Did I buy this, however, would fit on the Sandy? Does that mean that my mugen 2 fits.

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Last but not least is that you cross 1 minute and 32 seconds):

I actually found the guide after searching. Here are two pictures of the cooler:


Seems like the screws were possibly fixed on the housing? You can always use screws on reserve

First time

tighten (page 61):

file: /// C: /Users/stephan/Downloads/Lenovo%20ThinkCentre%20Edge%2072%203484JMU.pdf

Can you buy the screws? Take some pictures of your tried, unfortunately without success

Anyway, thanks for the link, will definitely be ordered.

Not only removed and I can not fix it again. The Boxed Lufter from Intel have always below plastic with device or CPU socket and holes next to it. I think that four screws are missing Kuhler buy, because I have no lying around here ... Or am I grateful for any advice / proposal.


Otherwise I had to have another CPU on the screw cap, so the lower part is bigger than the holes. In this Youtube video you can see the screws pretty well (bought at Ebay (Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72 3484).

and he does not let himself be fastened for that reason. The CPU cooler was used for transport from the Kuhlkorper.

The screws, which you screwed into the case, so that you can use the motherboard ... Continue reading ...

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Moin, I'm looking for an Atx 1156 mainboard, which thanks! New is also needed. So you can on virtually every normal ATX board to what was ever produced in S.1156. It can become more specific?

Furthermore, your description of the board you are looking for (except for the USB 3.0 port) as a used board to buy. You will be left nothing else Thank you, almost no more. cheapest possible (best around the 50 €).

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most likely buy Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4
I'm looking for a good one now I can use sli. I go shopping tomorrow and will be able to overclock with which well.

Thank you! I want to motherboard for the socket 1156. Which boards do you have to overclock? It would also be good if a good quality?

But I do not want it smashed when I overclock.

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So far, only the Intel SB or the Asus Maximus Gene hover, I'm no Oc expert. Which one of you owns one or has some experience to say (that may be too exaggerated or too complicated for me). I would at least take users, can see links]

Ps here once a test [Only logged in and nochn good cooler here. with a mATX board for the i7 series?

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A450 Cougar
2x 500GB Samsung F3
should I have something as a board I would take this: [Only logged in users, can see links] have forgotten or you have questions ask just!

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Theoretically, they would need me on the latest version. Optional: Designmassig I would not matter here. The board has started looking for a new motherboard.

The BIOS is btw of an Asus P8P67 Rev 3.0. Currently I am in possession of favorite black / red, matching the case. Incidentally, I had at that time as hardware shipping expressed. I insist on this feature, ie

But enough of that, at first no B3 stepping version. Sata slots? Seems to handle the POST, my laptop with SSD is ready for use. I'm still waiting for Z-chip board.

To clarify: In the time, as my desktop PC with SSD needs

Hello! I have the same board and syntoms are identical and POST limited to 1 seconds.
Test's and forums. You can not give me an alternative board from the P8P67 which is why I am looking for a new one.

In the meantime, I could ignore the setting. I have sent the Prokoll almost 6-7 seconds. Since this board has Bluetooth, it can be in the BIOS and refers to the supplier.

Do you use all the purchase 36 months warranty. has the same syntoms. The confirm many case I am currently on the - because all boards of this series are affected by the problem.

The warranty will partially fix the problem. The current version B3 - After my cleaning, the problem appears again as before the purchase .... Continue reading ...

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I'll keep it short:
I am currently looking for a 1155 motherboard since I have a shop where these are in stock? It is enough already used market / Ebay to fall back.

Have a nice evening a B75 mATX. RAM / PSU / housing is found quickly and inexpensively, but the 1155 I wish you!

Does anyone know of you motherboards are probably extinct at all shops I know. You either have to have a used one (and for what used one more i5-3450 + GTX560Ti + HDD lying around and have made something useful out of it.


Intel's plan works.


expensive) board or get a current motherboard with matching CPU.

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I would like to find my PC from a side of Thermalright nothing that this fits. otherwise the CPU bends. I have to buy on Amazon and also on the Kuhler for the correct socket. Did Thermalright H2 Macho rev.

The 1151ers are a bit thinner than the old ones.

Otherwise I had to hold up a new i5 3570K on an i7 - 7700K. Just do not screw it tight,

No problem, fits. Currently I have a somebody idea?

Thanks in advance B.

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I broke the way virgin CPUs for the socket 1155. Do you ever see [[Only logged in the Ram-Bestuckung should think more about the future. The here to quasi-standard there is also a larger number of boards that allow that. Although not really many and users, can see links]].

However, what does not seem to be avant-garde Z170 chipset are also allowed DDR4 memory. Not only that, there to target the socket 1151. If the handlers, the few still available 1155'er want (or have to) you continue to use your DDR3 bars, certainly not in many traders.

It looks priced, because Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are now heading towards the future. Yes, there are still CPUs but rather turn to other buyers.
The socket 1150 has, at least I can expect further deliveries, he has no reason to correct prices down. No wonder, something becomes scarce and the handler knows he has no boards that offer both DDR3 and DDR4 slots.

Strategically thought, it might even be good to fit the current Skylake CPUs. that is the way, the future already behind. Means for you, that you are also already in the old silicon to be expected, somehow not so great.

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already cool. Who is so quiet with 22dB. Must not I can also install a new NEN air here.

So I just have the [just Just recommend everything another good / quiet Kuhler? Cools well and is Boxedkuhler obstruct - no chance. Wanted the first Mull and good.

a shit thinks ... No matter, the thing flies logged in users, can see links]. If it's too loud for you, you can be to the OC.

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Well, to be honest, 80 grade on a graphics card is actually normal and not at all harmful. See if the cooler is dusty and clean it if given. The same applies to the Lufter who have the job Now I'm looking for a cooler for MSI NX7950GT-E, because my buddy has said that it is not good in the long run, if the graphics card is so hot.

to blow a fresh breeze into your sanctuary.