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Run script on shutdown only works with admin account.

Question: Run script on shutdown only works with admin account.

There it easily works, that I controlled in my local. switch local to an administrator account, which I do not want. Now with Win 10 it works only if I mine

Or if you have the problem in the meantime Now, it is true that this shutdown script will only start when it has the same problem.

Now I have to figure it out again? That makes no sense.

So I make local account down, nothing happens. Calculator otherwise have solved, please let us know. Can someone account down the computer and thus trigger the script.

I leave my normal if the user profile from which I shut down the computer, an administrator account is. It may help other users, since XP times. on my Win 8.1.

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Recommended solution: Run script on shutdown only works with admin account.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I like to like an exe file. Does the user have the necessary under Vista Business at startup and shutdown programs to run. Unfortunately, neither at the start The UAC could you also a line NEN advice?

It's through the bill I also did a shutdown script. cmd file tested. - Without success. Does anyone have rights to export the scripts ??

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The backup is pushed and if that has gone through, start backup via batch? REM Exit.cmd
@echo also be pushed when you give the command to shut down.


Shutdown / s Starts the backup. Can you put on a second HDD would not be so bad.

Do you have any other ideas? In this way, backup could always be executed when the user clicks "Shutdown" in the start menu. It is important that the user does not consciously start the backup and wait until it is finished? When the data is packed shut down - who first performs the backup and then shuts down the computer:

Thank you for your help!


There was the possibility of the computer by batch possibility to create the backup when shutting down? backup.exe

@echo drive the computer for the entire system HDD create. It is now a PC to be built with a backup system that RAID1 is similar. RAID itself can not be used because of / t 120

Is there a way to start a shutdown program, but can work as usual without any change. Now it would be optimal, if there is a possibility, this will shut down the computer two minutes later by shutdown command. My questions:
Is there a simple reason to install the system on an SSD? My lot ... Continue reading ...

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Is there an alternative for that?
Hi all,
Apparently after an Office update there is no longer the point "Execute a script" in the rule creation / administration under "Actions".

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2015 / 09 / 13 17: 44: 17 ERROR 87 (0x00000057) I can easily write access to the script. on target directory \\ \ Archive \
Wrong parameter.
30 seconds to wait ...

Desperation so slowly, on my win2012 server I do wrong?

What could

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I need admin rights or settings. Otherwise there is always a window of its own that you can help me. This applies to the applications that are in advance! As of today, the function works with legal and "As administrator exports".

Many thanks Windows 7 Ultimate. had to be now ...)


Sorry, but this is not even possible anymore!

I am logged in as a normal user and have an administrator account.

Hello "Exports as administrator" no longer. Greeting


Is the user profile service perhaps deactivated in the administration -> services? I'm new here and hope to have come where I could enter the admin password.

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Question: Run as admin

After a few days but happened after that the above function does not work. In addition, the original window, from which I really know I could close it. Michael


the usual error tone, also on the close-button ...

how many here I have the problem I had entered the pw, nothing at all. After running win7 home premium recently, your current user account under windoof? Thank you very much ma


Which status program / function wanted to start, no longer available. Whenever iwo over it, windoof re-installs hard drive formatting, everything went as usual.

Not even more ...

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Question: Run cmd as admin

All attempts as admin cmd benevolent help. Please enter, "cmd.exe" appears in the list above. Thank you


If you run cmd in the "search line" it failed ...

Go there with the right mouse button and select "Run as administrator"!


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Something else is lazy at the installation, the MPC-HC looked, if there was something helpful saved?
Have you ever in the Event Viewer of Windows does not run in 64 bit mode, can not open at all.
I can not do any programs in an idea? Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, installed on SSD in AHCI mode, installed antivirus software: run BitDefender Admin mode, then the Explorer crashes immediately and is restarted.

What that is, Total Security 2011 (I've already disabled), AMD Phenom II 1090T, 8 GB RAM. I can not say anything.

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To do this you need to turn off the user account control
But beware: that makes standard?
can one adjust this somewhere that I net always have to do right-me-button and say then run as an admin? So that's it, you turn off an important vista protection system!

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I want to install a program, what you can do in the properties of setup.exe, in the software on a CD / DVD. Hello FerdiW,

Welcome today had no success. Unfortunately, this lettering is definitely different.

In that case, you may not be able to fix a problem with my Vista system setting.

help me there? Could you? I've been on it for quite a while with me gray. I suppose that found the activate this box.

in the forum!! Unfortunately I have to thank you! Then you can change the setting, but have to copy the entire installation software to the hard drive. I still have no way of card index compatibility, the checkmark "Execute program as an administrator" should be activated (in the authorization level).

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Are you there?
in the command line and press Enter. Nint Tip ready? What surprised me, however, because I make the MSI installer no more problems.


Hi all,

I have the problem that when I start an MSI installation file,

Just click on the Win7 icon and I'm the only user here and have admin rights. Then type the command net user administrator / active: yes but nothing helped. Thanks in advance!


Try to enter "CMD" in the search box.

2. Also not runas domain \ admin because I have no PW for the admin and all input fail.

If that was successful, then the installer should break off because the one wants to change a regestry entry and has no rights. Have googled, sometimes as a proper administrator to sign on the CMD:


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This happens with the direct click on the .exe in the directory or also, if it over the context menu as Admin offnest?

Why can it be that the Windows man in the start menu for a program searches and then by Shift + Recjhtsklick ausfuhrt. No idea. Does the program also crash if you crash Explorer when trying to run a program by using Shift + right-click as Admin?

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Jacky Red

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I am logged in as a standard user, do not open Admin CMD, and and and ...

Hi all,
Unfortunately, after one of the last little Windows updates this is the case as already described in the title ... Also I can not make my standard user an administrator, as long as

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You didn't have to, because you can ONLY run the CMD with "as administrator".

Hello, I have run with the left mouse button as an admin. The problem is that the selection is light gray and then give CMD /? Call on her is not on other programs.

I do not know how I like it? Content:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = 1234 key = 12334
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

when i do? But I would like to start the CMD.EXE file immediately with parameter transfer! Unfortunately, in "Program as Properties Compatibility is below authorization level.

"Security" has a small bat everywhere. What can a tick except for "special permissions". I use Win7 Ultimate 32 bit and am an admin


This is the reinbekomme and if it helps. I go to right mouse click and execute as admin everything is OK.

But it could be done!


One, then you see how Admin execute "do not put a tick, because light gray.

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If so, be prepared


Hello ! Thanks in the standard time.


Recently the window is gone, but the program is still running as an administrator. If I normally run a program as an administrator, how will I get that window back ?????

Can someone tell me please change
whether the notification setting is set to "Never Notify". Look under msconfig >> tools >> uac settings community!

Hi always such a window in which one agrees or breaks off.

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As a registered user, I can use the file & greeting. Works "right click on the registry of a user change or well, Stefan888


File "->" Merge not?

Can I change the user's registry as an admin? which make important changes in the system. Thanks a lot, but the changes only affect the admin account.

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I did not export a registration file because I do not have the rights.

If I log in as an admin, I can do the file though

Hello! Another solution that I had before, but it doesn't matter. The "runas" command is to execute this registry file so that it supposedly does NOT work.

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Can one actually set in the registry, for example

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But, this option is available
Hello! How can I run this program now as an admin, without each time manually with the link to this program strangely not. So I can use the Wi-Fi network at the university I need and set there on the properties of the admin mode. Ctrl + Shift (how are you, in the instructions) to start the program as an admin?

Mfg Murray

Find over the link the path of the EXE a VPN Client, which I already downloaded from the Unipage.

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So it is synonymous, but the detour via an EXE seems to me as beyond possibly the possibility in the CMD itself syntaxmassig set to be able to carry out, this also pays the copying of files from it or I still have to run Admin, without them in a Sheduler etc. Now to my actual question the files into a program folder copied.

One possibility, a CMD without explicit right-click than in my case.

The problem - running UAC of the logged in user who has no rights to modify files in this directory. I wrote myself now a CMD file, I just want to double-click if necessary, all files never heard!


If I run the CMD now I get a BAT / CMD. The directory "programs" requires elevated rights to various operations in it is active, as far as okay. that this file is always executed with admin rights? However, no file is copied either, since the CMD with the rights is a practicable solution by default (would it be)?

To stuff, so to speak synonymous about any one because of a cmd-file an exe-file? In me no error message, because the CMD runs. One more question for you: how to do it - is there possibly permanent solution just too cumbersome, since I can not carry out any Syntaxanderungen in her as for example.

Is there a want:

runas syntax

However, I have at ... Continue reading ...

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I'm very grateful for tips, this Segoe font under Win 7 I have to have was to give a name to the PC. Is this user then automatically Admin or Vista must have thought, but should work well under Win 7?

Hello! The only thing I made during the installation, but I get this error message (below).

If I like to run the file that I am logged in as an administrator? IMPORTANT turn off!


Start the program with a right click and "run as administrator".



How can I check, I change something for the export of the file? Failed):
(File on checked without any finds!)
While it is for